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  1. All - right now, and subject to being invited, it looks like we will display the car at the Kissel Reunion, at the Wisconsin Automotive Museum in June, the “Eyes on Design” Concours in Grosse Point, Michigan in June, and the St. John’s Concours De Elegance in July. I will have four of our Kissels at the Wisconsin Auto Museum one including this car. thanks, Ron
  2. All - I have the now car in Homer, Michigan being upholstered by expert Mark Larder. see his picture below. I also bought a small industrial cart upon which I will place the black removeable hard top when I display the car with BOTH tops at Concours and shows. I plan on doing the Concours circuit next year with it, showing it with its wonderful convertible top on it with this cart with the black hard top next to it. I had to build a framework on this cart to hold the wood hardtop for transport to exact dimensions. Should be very informative and elegant. Ill spend this winter before next years' shows dressing it up with curtains and an obligatory spotlight. Thanks, RON HAUSMANN P.E.
  3. OldIHtruck, i will buy it. Please email me address. My email is thanks, Ron
  4. B Jake Moran, the largest car show in the world is the Detroit Woodward Dream Cruise. It’s held August 17th and the week before. A million people and thousands of cars. From Eight mile Road to 18 mile road. Hot rods, classic cars and muscle cars. I drive my antiques in it. If you make your trip last till then, you will be amazed since you can’t describe a ten mile long , ten lane wide, moving car show. Ron Hausmann P.E.
  5. All - as of beginning of June, 2019, have delivered the car and top to Mark Larder in Homer Michigan for upholstery and recovering convertible top. Convertible top will be a dark ruby red exterior and black top interior. Interior upholstery and walls must be grai Ed leather to be correct as it was an open Kissel. Found excellent black leather hides at Detroit Leather / Reed. I’ll recommend them if you ever need true old style tanned and dyed leather bulk hides. Here are pictures of refinishing the convertible top hardware and top sockets after having stripped the old fabric. Ron Hausmann P.E.
  6. CRAZYCARS - I have used "Mark Larder Auto Upholstery" for three of my cars and have been extremely satisfied with his work. He only does high-end or interesting old cars and is definitely not a hot-rod guy. Very great quality. Here are two examples of tops that he has done for me. Unique. RON HAUSMANN P.E.
  7. I buy my 6V batteries from "Tractor Supply". They are strong enough to work on farm machinery and trucks, they certainly seem to be great for my antique cars. Tough, durable, and same sizes as teens and twenties batteries were. never had problems with these. Ron Hausmann P.E.
  8. Looking for two Oval Porthole Windows for a Kissel Sedanlette. These are the small side portholes in the side "windowlettes. These would measure approximately 4" x 6" or 3" x 5" or similar. See picture. I don't need windows just the frames, but if you have windows too, that's great. Before I have these made I thought to ask all of you. Ron Hausmann P.E.
  9. All - am fitting patterns for Kissel Sedanlette “windowlettes” or side panels as shown. Using pictures to get proportions correct. Still need to locate correct oval metal portholes or substitutes. Ron
  10. RJP - I actually have spare number 5 hubs, six peg drive type that you want. Do you need fronts or rears? Do you need brake drums receivers? Do you need hub caps? Two brand new fronts without races or two fronts used but excellent shape with races are available. These are NOT cheap (hens teeth). Might have two rears will check. Message me if interested or call 313-510-8463. Ron Hausmann P.E.
  11. Titles are often wrong. Some states like Michigan have only a limited number of car types in their DMV TITLES lexicon. I tried getting a title for a "three-door" car of mine and also for my "Tourster" awhile back. But the nice lady said that she couldn't put those correct words on the title, because the DMV computer wouldn't let her alter the fields. So I now have a "three-door" car titled as a "two door" Sedan, and a "Tourster" titled as a "Touring". Go figure. Ron Hausmann P.E.
  12. New convertible top has been mounted on a jig and stretched out to check dimensions and plan for proper Kissel Sedanlette “wondowlettes” on the side. I’m just beside myself that this top was located and available! Ron
  13. Hursst - The top has a few aging ares and some rips, although I don’t know from what. The inside fabric is starting to discolor unevenly but the real problem is the cotton(?) stitching. It’s turned to dust. When unpacking, I pulled on a couple stitched pieces and they deteriorated in my hand. I believe all of the interior stitching is bad. Just due to age and humidity. Besides all that, my wife wants a cognac colored fabric top to compliment the blueish body. And since Kissel colors wet “optional” for $20 back then, why not do the bling thing? Thanks, Ron Hausmann P.E.
  14. All - As of today, May 9, 2019, we received the NOS convertible top It is a “Higgins” top, similar but not the same as the more common “Goulde” top. This specimen is in better shape than I had ever hoped for !! Although the 102-year old fabric is brittle and deteriorating from never having been unfurled in all that time, the fittings and sockets are shiney brand new, and the bows are excellent !! The original beveled glass portholes and frames are fantastic. And because the top is all there, my upholstery guy can use it for exact patterns for the new fabric. As this one-of-a-kind, unique, first ever convertible-hard top nears completion, these are the upcoming work items which will be documented ; A. Radiator needs to be lowered by de-shimming to better fit the hood. B. Hood latches and hood will be mounted once radiator is adjusted. C. Upholstery on interior of hard top and main body is scheduled for June. D. Handles and trim need to be applied. They are. Wing nickeled now. E. Once hard top interior upholstery is done, hard top will be dismounted and put onto a wheeled display dolly. F. Once hard top is upholstered and dismounted, convertible top will be mounted for fitment. G. Convertible top will be recovered to original pattern with cognac colored fabric. H. Newly nickeled convertible windshield will be mounted. stay tuned. Ron Hausmann P.E.
  15. A Dixie Flyer top is identical. Socketed tops were made by suppliers for car manufacterers back in the teens and early twenties. Proportions of what parts of body and tail light we see could be Dixie or other cars. Thoughts? Ron Hausmann P.E.
  16. 1950 panhead, One of the best, if not THE BEST English Wheel / Classic Sheet Metal artists in the USA is Mike Kleeves now in Carolina. His company name is "Automobile Metal Shaping". High end classic, antique, and sports car folks are aware of him. He did one Kissel car for me and his work was magnificent !!! He's not cheap but you certainly get what you pay for !!! I was at his shop in Michigan before he moved to Carolina, and watched his crew working on big Lincolns, Lagondas, and several great sports cars - - all metal artistry . On balance, for a special car, I would heartily recommend him. i'll use him again myself. My opinion. Ron Hausmann P.E.
  17. Gavin, Kissel manufactured some really beautiful production speedsters, as did Daniels, Stutz, and Marmon. Google "Kissel Speedster" and you'll get a lot of pics. Below is a picture of what is said to be a custom built 1918 period Kissel Speedster. I cannot determine if it is actually based on a Kissel, but its neat! Ron Hausmann P.E.
  18. John - Yup, I was certain that someone out-of-the-blue would show up with a 1918 Kissel Sedanlette top and fittings in NOS condition. Happens all the time - - - RON
  19. Don’t look so close. Wood was hard to get. This one will be covered with original padding no and leather! thanks, Ron
  20. All Coincidence never ceases to astound me - out of the blue yesterday, I was contacted by a person who has a complete NOS, yes NOS, convertible top for a 1917-1918 Kissel Sedanlette. It has never been mounted. Yes brand new101-year old convertible top.The fabric is somewhat deteriorated due to age, handling and humidity, but the sockets, and top bows, AND all top rest hardware unique to Kissel, are there. It’s perfect for everything and pattern. It even has the Kissel rear portholes. I just bought it outright. How could we not? Here are some pictures. I will have I reupholstered in wine -colored fabric next month once I get it. Wow - what are the chances of this occurring? Ron Hausmann P.E.
  21. Tom, On Monday we tested my wiring job. My wiring was fine but the original ignition switch was bad. Upon inspection it looks like the brass contacts are loose and my modern solder just causes havoc with the original leaded solder, so I couldn’t resurrect that switch. Luckily I had several externally similar switch knobs so we canabalized one that works. We aren’t done yet but we did “bump” the ignition system and the engine turns fine. We should be driving very soon. Below is a picture of a correct KisselKar dash with unique ignition switch that mounts in, not on, the dash. Ron
  22. All, - This is how she looks today. Essentially done, except missing interior upholstery and some door and hood latch trim being nickeled. I have started working on convertible top sockets and top bows. Ultimately, I plan on displaying her in Convertible guise with the removeable (black) hard top next to it. Ron Hausmann P.E.
  23. Dear LCK81403, There was a beautiful Daniels Speedster, circa 1921-ish, at the Meadowbrook Concours several years ago. They would have the owners contact info. Only one I’ve seen. Daniels’ lines are very similar to Kissel Gold Bugs but didn’t have weird suicide seats and all Daniels were eight cylinder. I have nine complete Kissels, mostly running and eight parts car piles and Kissel engines. Mine are 1918 thru 1927, including three 1923s, a 1924, and a 1925. You are welcome to schedule a trip to Detroit where the cars are. Airport is a Delta hub and is easy to access. There are also two other award-winning Kissel Gold bugs owned by other lucky Kissel owners nearby, a 1925 model 6-55, and a 1927 model 8-65. Below are pics of the 1918, 1921, three 1923s, and 1924. Thanks, Ron
  24. Mike , Not a silly question. The aluminum panel trim strips are L-shaped. The hidden sides that surround the panels are flat and drilled and countersunk for small trim screws to anchor each piece to the sides. lot of work. Thanks, Ron