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  1. Pictures of blanked off side of Kissel 6-38 engine and pictures of different 6-45 and 6-55 blocks at oil pump
  2. Doug, Your engine looks great! the original Kissel Hundred Point Six 6-38 parts book which you are showing in these diagrams show the oil pump mounted in the center of the engine, where it obviously is not. I have four Kissel 6-38 Engines and all of them have Have or had pump setups Identical to yours. And all of them have the central oil pump hole, shown on these above diagrams, in their blocks blanked off. See picture below. Additionally those 6-38 camshafts have a special unused cam that could have run a pump. So it looks like kissel originally planned on central oil pumps but
  3. All, Well I finished my 1918 Kissel Gibraltar Sedanlette and am embarking upon my next challenge - a US Army Truck. I have accumulated four - five Kissel Model 6-38 frames, engines, and parts over the last five years. Although I don’t have complete bodies for them, nor enough parts to do complete cars, I DO have enough parts to do complete Kissel light trucks with wood bodies. Kissel did make US Mail and US Army tricks but none have survived. Some were based upon car frames. Pictures of these have survived. I am therefore going to build a 1917 Kissel US Army Truck, bodi
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