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  1. Looks like a 51 or 52 F1, with the bigger back window than the 48-50
  2. Those headlights on the Willys-Knight look right with the rim in the back but it has no tie bar
  3. Chrysler products, lie this 31 Chrysler had those dual vents in the cowl
  4. Model C was never an official name from ford. It was just natural progression from Model B plus it has a letter "C" on the head which actually is to designate balanced crank
  5. After Model A they had the Model B in 32 which was an improved 4 cylinder. Also in 32 they had the V8 which was designated Model 18 (first 8). The 33and 34 were a Model 40, the 35 was a Model 48 and the 36 was a Model 68
  6. I had a friend years ago who fondly recalled his 56 Mercury "Phantom". I told him it was a Phaeton which was Mercury's name for the 4 dr hardtop that year but you can't tell that to somebody who knows what he "remembers".
  7. I had an old sign ,from Kendall I believe, that proudly said,"The Thousand Mile Oil".
  8. I dreamed I was eating a 25 pound marshmallow. When I woke up my pillow was gone
  9. You can also tell a cabriolet of any year by the lack of an exterior visor
  10. Here is a 50 Lincoln. The trunk latch is clearly different so the subject car is a 49
  11. Looks like maybe a bug deflector for front edge of a pickup hood
  12. I doubt that tie rod would last too long
  13. Looks like a larger lamp was put on the cowl lamp arm
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