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  1. Ford had 17 inch wheels in 33 and 34. The spokes are welded on both ends on Ford wheels. I believe they are the only ones who did that
  2. Pretty fair body. Those hump trunk lids are common
  3. Always nice to welcome new members. Hope you will become a frequent contributor but even if you don't we're glad to have you
  4. Looks to be a 30-31 Model A tudor next to that 36 Ford coupe
  5. Later Dodges and the "D" series International both have split windshields
  6. Cowl , Molding and vent looks like 36- 38 Dodge pickup
  7. If that bottom truck is a 40 then the 39 is the only one with the headlight mounted on the inner slope. It also still had the bulb behind glass.
  8. As Marty said, it's no older than 58. That's the first year for dual headlights
  9. I believe the Pickup is a 39 or 40. The headlight was down on the inner slope of the fender. In 41 it went up on the crown
  10. It's hard to tell the difference between 39 and 40 Mercs without the headlights. One way is the wipers on the bottom of the windshield on the 40(windshield doesn't crank out). Another way is by the tail lights. On 39s they looked like toilet paper cores sticking out sideways
  11. If you see a Duesenberg I'll buy the engine