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  1. They came in sets along with a record. The projectors were linked to a turntable explaining the filmstrip
  2. I've heard of some early tubes made in segments like a string of sausages. Perhaps this is what you have here, each with its own stem
  3. Looks to be a fuel door in the lower skirt of the trunk
  4. Known as a "Boulevard Cruiser".
  5. Dave Mellor NJ

    tail lite

    To "unloosen" is actually to tighten
  6. Of all the woodies, the 49-51 Ford is the easiest to re-wood but among the lowest finished value(in my opinion)
  7. That seam that runs parallel to the outside edge could make it Plymouth or DeSoto around 30. There were other cars with that seam but not Ford, Chevy or Packard
  8. It looks too small to be a 37. Possibly a 38 DeLuxe
  9. The trailer isn't too big to pull with this chevy
  10. 53-56 Ford trucks are all basically the same. The few 56 only features are the grille with concave rims on the headlights ( these can be easily installed on any 53-55) and the wrap around windshield (which makes the vent window rectangular). Other changes are internal, 12 volt electric and a new dashboard.
  11. Kari Keen trunks were known as milk can carriers and were used on Model As and similar vintage cars. I think what you're looking for is a potter trunk which were on 33-34 cars. In 35-35 cars were starting to have built in trunks with opening hatches. External trunks would block the trunk lid
  12. Good news. I found a picture of the hitch. Call on the number in the PM if you want it. If not I won't have to dig it out, Dave
  13. In this picture of a 26 Hudson touring it has a two bar bumper like the Model A. The spacing might not matter