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  1. Dave Mellor NJ

    1932 Ford Model B Pickup - $15,500

    Ford sold some Model As well into 32 but I never heard of a B from the factory with an A engine. What would they do about fuel delivery? they didn't have electric pumps and they couldn't have gravity feed.
  2. Dave Mellor NJ

    1932 Ford Model B Pickup - $15,500

    Besides the head the breather pipe looks small like an A also. It's easier to tell a B engine from the other side. Look for the fuel pump and lack of the valve cover/ oil pipe.
  3. Dave Mellor NJ

    Dorothy with Car c.1930

    Most of the house shaped rad shells are Essex while most Hudsons are rounded and most Essexes and Hudsons are closed cars with suicide doors in that era. This car is labeled as a 26 Hudson Super Six
  4. Dave Mellor NJ

    Dorothy with Car c.1930

    Hudson and Essex have those double rim headlight buckets around 24
  5. Dave Mellor NJ

    Field Find, what is it?

    You might see a date stamped into the driver's side fire wall. Other signs of a 28 are the drum tail light, the placement of the emerg brake(in front of the shifter), no front motor mount,the engine bolted right through the cross member, some of which were retrofitted to a motor mount but the earlier cross member still has reinforcements, big funnel upper radiator outlet,windlace goes in and out of holes in the grill shell and I think a shroud on the radiator. Headlight lenses were fluted but these were converted to sealed beams
  6. Dave Mellor NJ

    1932 Ford Model B Pickup - $15,500

    Is that a Model A engine?
  7. Dave Mellor NJ

    1920 open drive limo - or taxi cab?

    That running light on the B pillar looks like a miniature street light. I doubt it's standard equipment
  8. Dave Mellor NJ

    More Australian Cars

    4th pic is a 35 Studebaker
  9. Dave Mellor NJ

    Need id

    Model A wheels have 4 spokes
  10. Dave Mellor NJ

    What is this Bumper Guard off?

    "What is it?" is hidden in the Photo and Video forum. It gets much more traffic than "Technical".
  11. Dave Mellor NJ

    Parking Lamp

    Looks like a back up light,a lot like the one on my uncle's 50 Chevy
  12. Dave Mellor NJ

    Unknown stainless trim piece

    If it's small it looks like the end of a robe rail
  13. Dave Mellor NJ

    1940 ford deluxe tail light bezels

    Is there a difference between standard and deluxe? I mean other than some standards having only one tail light.
  14. Dave Mellor NJ

    What do these Headlights fit?

    37 Olds lights hang on the sides of the radiator cowl. These look more like 38s which are fender top
  15. Dave Mellor NJ

    1933 Ford AA Engine

    It probably is a 28 crankshaft as it's a 28 serial number. I'd say it's a 28 AA truck engine but being incomplete it's not worth too much