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  1. Looks like a Dodge Brothers. early 20s?
  2. I almost agree with NZ but this 36 Olds firewall has a slight indent for the back of the engine
  3. It's actually a 28-29 Model A Fordor body with a later steering wheel
  4. the early 30 truck carried the 29 styling over
  5. 6 banger just has a straight line
  6. The V is for V8 equipped
  7. 46-48 Ford car without the finish bar that goes on the top. Here's a dealer who doesn't have one in stock. Perhaps you could contact them and make a deal. http://richardsclassicparts.com/index.php/car-parts/trim-moldings-grilles/1946-48-ford-car-grilles.html
  8. They started charging for "Services Offered", skilled trades, last year. I used to run ads occasionally for electric side work. That was the end of it for me
  9. I don't need the seat. I had a friend who looked for one for years. They are very hard to find.
  10. Note also that it's a sport coupe but the cowl forward is the same