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  1. I started out with a 56 Ford Victoria 2dr hdtp for $35, a 58 Edsel 2dr sedan for $60 and a 55 Crown Victoria for $75 all running and usable, for a while
  2. It was inevitable. I heard they will give you a choice of your money back or put it in a 6 month CD for you. CDs are paying maybe 1% so my $240 (for 3 spaces) would earn me $1.20 at maturity. WHOOPEE. Better than a dollar pile. Seriously, let's just hope it comes back to anything near normalcy in 2021
  3. Correction: it wouldn't be an Airstream trailer, no aluminum skin.
  4. I tend to agree with Dictator on this one. 36 Airstream (might be an Airstream trailer too). The bustle looks bigger and the headlight is longer than the Plymouth. Also the skirt.
  5. One of my peeves is whenever somebody is giving a price and they say"only" or "just" right before the price it's always exhorbitant.
  6. And then you have Shooting "Brake" which is the "Breaks" problem in reverse
  7. Love the picture. All out of the weather. See how all the tires are gone as rubber was more valuable than metal
  8. Nice looking car. Is it the one that was on Copart?
  9. Put that on an energy absorbing bumper
  10. Although they look generally like model A and so many are around, they don't have the cutout for the exhaust pipe. Possibly Model B whose exhaust pipe angles back.