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  1. I don't know why I bothered to watch the Jay Leno clip ,but that t-shirt looked to have the "DB" from Dodge Brothers on it
  2. Looks like a 36 or 37 Lincoln Zephyr with the headlight near the top of the fender
  3. As all the others, I am so happy to get such good news that you and your wife were spared the ravages of that wildfire, John,and am heartbroken for all your neighbors who weren't so lucky. Hope to see you back here soon with all your wit and wisdom
  4. This hitch is made to go on the rear bolts of a Model A back bumper. Could be adapted to other period cars. $150 plus shipping. call 856-287-0826 for details
  5. Hope there's no spark in that exhaust
  6. I would list them on parts for sale here and also on Ford Barn-- Model A swap meet
  7. Your doors were originally made for the 26-27 Model T coupe or Tudor then were carried over for the 28-29 ModelA pickup. They are in high demand for the A pickup and good examples bring $500 or more apiece
  8. 37 was the first year for the steel roof in Ford cars including the sedan deliveries. The pickups started steel roofs in late 31
  9. Distributor is from the 30s. Flathead, goes right in front of the engine on the cam
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