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  1. I have a set of skirts from a 65 Bel Air which I believe would fit an Impala' $50 plus shipping
  2. Is that "CONN" for Connecticut?
  3. Could even be a 72 Monte Carlo. The big change came in 73
  4. The way it's made to clamp onto a rain gutter leads you to believe it's after market
  5. The enclosed version is known as a "Carryall"
  6. Those headlights have a front and back rim, features of Hudson and some others
  7. I thought the gas filler was on the left on those Chevies
  8. I had heard the story but it wasn't well known
  9. Sealed beam replacements probably for 37-39 Ford or similar oval headlight opening
  10. The center medallion looks like it says LTD but all I can find with that slot is this 68 Torino
  11. If you had two 4 ohm speakers you could wire them in series to get the same result as an 8 ohm
  12. Looks like a 51 or 52 F1, with the bigger back window than the 48-50
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