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  1. What ruined it for me was when the auction ads started to dominate the classifieds.
  2. I wouldn't want to be found dead in either of those cars pictured, and would decline to accept either one as a gift. It reminds me of the '78 Corvette Indy Pace car with "Limited Edition" decals on the front fenders. Who came up with that bright idea?
  3. On Ebay, I found a rough one that was described as for a 1.5-ton Ford pickup front axle, 1934-1939. It appears that it was also used on the 1940 model. I'm not sure if it was used on any of the one-ton models during those years.
  4. Thanks for the additional information, Hugh. I really appreciate it! Jim
  5. pretty amazing models! thanks for posting
  6. Jim Skelly

    REO hubcap

    thank you for the replies!
  7. Hugh, Thanks for the additional information. I had assumed that people painted some of these hubcaps when restoring their cars just to add a custom touch. Did some of these come from the factory after 1925 without paint, or have most of these had the paint removed since a lot of the paint had worn or flaked off?
  8. One thing I've noticed from different Internet sites is the hubcaps vary slightly from front axle to rear axle on some cars.
  9. Hello Hugh, Thanks for your response. The one I have is aluminum. I looked at various years on the Internet from 1922-1928 and some had painted hubcaps, but most were not. A few cars had the wheel rims painted to match the body color.
  10. I found this in tall grass in the late 1960s along the side of a farm road. It had been there a long time. It appeared to be painted flat black and I showed it to my Dad, who said it was oxidized nickel! I ended up cleaning it with chrome polish. It is nickel plated steel, 5 5/8" diameter. I saw a photo of one once, and it was on what I believe was a 1937 Ford truck, but I couldn't find any photos today of such a truck using this hubcap. I painted the Ford script because the old photo I saw had it painted. Thank you.
  11. Hello, Was this cap used on all models from 1924 to 1928 that didn't have wire wheels? Thank you.
  12. I picked this up at a swap meet years ago. I think it was only used from 1922 to 1928. Can anyone verify the years? I have noticed some have the background painted to match the wheel rim. Are they supposed to be bare aluminum? Thank you.
  13. Jim Skelly

    REO hubcap

    I bought this hubcap at a swap meet a number of years ago. Most of the black paint is missing. I think it was only used for 1912 and 1913, and would like some expert to verify that. Should I repaint it and if so, what paint should be used? Thank you.
  14. I liked the SSR, and it certainly looked better than the Aztek and Rendezvous. But that dark gray/black interior with no other interior color choice, plus the Corvette price, killed most potential sales. Maybe GM could use a modified Colorado frame?
  15. I agree that any method of selling uses a lot of a person's free time. I've donated car literature to the Detroit Public Library's Automotive History Collection, and they sell duplicates to buy other items they don't have. The AACA library does the same thing, and I've gotten some stuff from them as well. The Early Ford V8 Foundation in Auburn, Indiana accepts parts, manuals, brochures. They don't necessarily have to be Ford items. But contact them first to see if they are interested. They sell these items on Ebay (okay, sorry!) and in their half-scale Ford Rotunda's store.
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