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  1. I didn't know the '64 Riviera promo was also available as a radio! Thanks for posting that. Here are the Philco made radio model cars from '64-'68 that I know of: Chrysler Turbine Car '64-'68 Thunderbird hardtop '66-'67 Mustang fastback '65 Dynamic 88 '66 Impala SS '64 and '66 Riviera (don't know about a '65) '67 Ambassador Only the FoMoCo radios had the Philco name on the On/Off switch.
  2. AMT made the Riviera in 1/25th scale from 1963 to 1969 as a promo (pre-assembled) and kit. The '65 and '69 have been reissued a few times, but none of the others have been. A '66 GS version was released as a kit and promo many years after the original '66 came out. A radio version was available for '66 (made by Philco). The '69 came with a molded-in vinyl top.
  3. I wonder if the owner will be charged for the road repair
  4. another big change in HMN since then is so many advertised cars in the non-display ads are cars up for auction instead of by private sellers
  5. Is anyone reproducing the plastic pieces used on both sides of the armrest on the '67-'70 Eldorado with bench seat? It's supposed to be a hinge, and incredibly cheap of GM to make it out of plastic. This was also used on the Riviera and Toronado. Something similar was used on other Cadillacs and possibly other GM cars of that period. The '71 Eldorado went to a metal hinge assembly.
  6. Hi Vince, Without more photos and a more detailed description, it's difficult to say whether it would be better to sell whole or part out. It really depends on how rusty it is. If the roof, quarter panels, floor and trunk pans are in good shape, it's probably better to sell whole. If there is severe rust, there probably isn't much to salvage other than the chassis, wheels and glass. I really like these and have an example of each of the first two generations of the FWD Eldorado.
  7. Besides the Studebaker Land Cruiser, National Products also made '34 Chrysler and DeSoto Airflows, Hupmobile and Graham. All of these were 4-door sedans. Banthrico bought out National Products in the late 1940s.
  8. Marvin Yagoda died a few years ago, so he can't clarify anything.
  9. That is a '68 Oldsmobile color (code S), and was available on the Riviera but not on other Buicks. It's a dark green color with gold metalflake in it. Our family's '68 Vista Cruiser was that color. Buick's Burnished Saddle (code M) was also available on the Toronado, but not other Oldsmobiles. Our '68 Wildcat was that color. GM did things like that back then. Now you typically get several colors to choose from instead of the 15 back then.
  10. Hi Pete, Do you have any update on this situation? I was wondering if you could salvage the original floorpan's transmission shifter area and have a new one fabricated? My grandfather bought a '63 Wildcat 4-door hardtop off the showroom floor. It was a cool car. Dad ordered a '63 LeSabre 2-door hardtop to replace his '57 Bel Air 2-door hardtop. I drove the LeSabre in high school until Dad sold it.
  11. factory model in '62 and '63; dealer-installed kit in '64
  12. Andrew, The large '64 brochure's illustration of a Special Deluxe coupe does not show chromed or stainless window moldings, so they were probably optional. The text indicates the following items standard on the Deluxe: foam-padded seats, instrument panel safety pad, carpets, dual armrests - front and rear, dual horns, door-operated dome lights (plural), and deluxe steering wheel. The door panels and upholstery are different, too. Of course, the brochures are not 100% accurate, but it looks like the Deluxe has some features that I would have expected to be standard on any Buick.
  13. That's a beautiful car I don't recall ever seeing. My third grade teacher had one that was pink with white top. Mathews' showroom could hold 3 Cadillacs - barely. It closed years ago and became a Dodge dealer for a while. The building is still there, but somewhat modified.
  14. Danbury was the other big diecast maker of these models. I bought my Dad the '34 Packard and '42 Town and Country wagon. Both were very well done. I saw a lot of these at one table at a model car show a few years ago for $25.00 each. I prefer 1/25th scale, so I didn't buy any, but I should have.
  15. John, The first generation Riviera promos sell for a good price, but the second generation don't. They were made from 1963-1969 by AMT. There was also an AM radio version, most commonly seen on the 1966. The radio was actually made by Philco, which was owned by Ford!