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  1. It’s a damaged 1927 Chevrolet tail light. It has a plastic lens which is correct as thes3 had both glass and cheap plastic. it’s not worth a whole lot. ron hausmann
  2. The Kissel silver special cap is indeed rare. There are no Kissel silver special cars which survive ! I have a few tokens and radiator badges for these cars but there are , unfortunately, no Kissel Specials!
  3. LCK81403 There is only one late 1921 Kissel Sport Tourster that survives and this is it. The windshield is as designed by Kissel for this model, which is much heavier and intricate than the one on a Gold Bug. The three foot long doors which service both front and back seats were a bad idea, because they stressed the frame so much . They were abandoned in 1922. Ron
  4. 1921 Kissel model 6-45 Tourster. late 1921 with fully crowned fenders. 1921 Tourster had THREE FOOT LONG single doors and partial running boards. 1922 and 23 cars had double doors.
  5. Hey LCK81403, Sorry, but both of these pictures are of Kissel model 6-45 cars, from either 1922 or 1923. They are definitely not 1924 regardless of earlier misidentification. The top car is a deluxe touring, likely 1922 or 1923. The lower car is a Tourster, likely 1922 or 1923. Kissel Model 6-45 cars had hood vents as both of these pictures show. These cars had a 123” wheelbase and a Kissel 6-45 engine. Cars made 1924 and a few years after had a Kissel 6-55 engine, and a 121” wheelbase. 1924 and later cars eliminated the hood vent. Kissel model 6-45 cars, in my opinion, are the prettiest Kissels ever made. These model were made only 1919 to mid 1923. Thanks, Ron Hausmann P.E.
  6. Right hand drive car. Likely British make
  7. In my opinion, ownership by a celebrity helps the value of a collector car from the standpoint of “provenance “. A good collector car with no provenance will definitely not have as much value as one with a documented history. I have seen this with several cars including my 1923 Kissel Gold Bug. My car was owned and meticulously restored by William Ruger sr., founder of the firearms company, and then owned and driven by murdered real estate criminal Andrew Kissel (no relation). Those stories and that history do figure in helping sell a collector car. That provenance has definitely improved my cars value. How much increase, I would just be guessing, but it is important factor I think. Ron Hausmann P.E.
  8. Robert, These models were in the 2600-3000 price range , depending upon options. Bumpers, headlight upgrades, Boyce meters, wire wheels , and other it3ms were options. Thanks for the picture! Ron Hausmann P.E.
  9. Ed - oops now I see what you are talking about. I put a 9x12 plastic sheet over our exposed aggregate driveway, underneath any of my cars when I have them displayed on our front drive. My wife will kill me if I ever drip oil on the drive. Yes they all drip sooner or late4! ron
  10. Ed - no plastic. Maybe you are seeing the bottom of the muffler or the pan. thanks, Ron
  11. Robert and JV - Wow. That is a picture of a 1917 or 1918 Kissel Model 6-38 All-Year Gibraltar Sedanlette. It’s a very rare convertible hard top model which came with an I pictured removable hard top. It had the powerful Kissel made L head engine that could cruise at 60 mph. There is only one such car that survives today and I have it after a seven year restoration. It’s identical to this pictured car but I mounted optional wire wheels on mine. This is a fun car! Ron Hausmann P.E.
  12. Flivverking, Are these what you need? These are from a later 20’s Kissel. Tube is around 3 1/2” without end caps. Mount holes are about 2” cc. Kissels used Lockeed 1925-1929. I don’t know normal bore. Ron Hausmann
  13. Ed - Period advertisements by Kissel indicated that two men could easily switch the convertible to its hard top configuration in two hours. That is BS. Here’s the process. It takes two men about an hour to remove the windshield, siderail caps, convertible top, and doors. Doors must be removed to attach the hard top. Then it takes three men to safely lift the hard top (or four to be really careful). Then It takes every bit of two men an hour to attach the top, assemble both halves of the doors, and reinstall the completed doors. All need to be within a sixteenth of an inch! Three or four men in three hours maybe can do it. I may re mount the top in some future time. But not now since I have that meat trailer. Ron Hausmann
  14. Thank you frank - another rare one!
  15. Hans1 It’s a Northeast distributor T - 10696 It’s a Northeast Model MAT 6089L6 Weird numbers ron
  16. Thank you Hans1 ! knew it was a rare one. ron
  17. Hans1 - another picture I have reads something like Model MA1 or MA7. Weird number. ron
  18. All - here s the second of my mystery generators for which I’m at a loss figuring out what cars they fit. This one is a Remy 943 generator with a Remy 637A distributor mounted integrally. Is it a 6V? What cars does it fit? thanks.
  19. All - have a few very odd 6v generators that I might try to work on my cars. this is a Northeast generator with patents up to 1920. What cars does this fit ??
  20. Lawrence, I have a Conquistador radiator cap as pictured for sale. It is heavy! I’ve been told by an expert that it may be a reproduction but to me it looks very original .I’m no expert. If you are interested, this is yours for $300. Ron Hausmann 313-510-8463
  21. All - finally got to exhibit our 1918 Kissel Sedanlette at the 2021 Concours de ‘Elegance at St John’s this Sunday. Here are a couple of pictures. Sighting on the golf course was cancelled due to heavy rains the night before, so show too place on the Inn parking lots. ron Hausmann
  22. Also, Kissel never pin striped their nickel era cars 1916-1925 ish. They simply wanted their body lines to define the cars. Any pin striping on nickel era Kissels is incorrect, although I’ve seen it and even used it once. Ron
  23. Alsancle- Wow. Awfully close but not same. Your pictured car has a second intermediate cowl, different rear body trunk area, and no door handles. Also doors are more rounded. Those characteristics differ from my car. But otherwise she is really very similar! Wonder what make she is? Ron
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