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  1. All - I have a matched pair of what I have been told are Packard Twin Six headlights. I’m not a packard guy, but these look like the pictures so you decide. Buckets are good. One has fixable dent. Lower lenses are great, one headlight lens also great. Not tested. Hinges look great. $400 plus shipping for pair. Ron Hausmann PE
  2. All - Book says originals were cast zinc (pot metal) so this one may be a very early high quality repro. Still gorgeous and great for use on a 1931 DeSoto when replated. Price reduced to $ 300 Ron Hausmann
  3. All - i was told there were some high quality reproductions of this cast, so you guys get to judge if this is original or an old high quality repro. This one is bronze. I spent a few minutes on a buffer this morning to bring out details. See pictures and decide. There are no numbers on it. Ron Hausmann
  4. I also have a 1931? Desoto hood ornament with the sword intact and solid .detail is great .excellent restorable condition. First $350 plus shipping also gets this one. ron hausmann p.e.
  5. All - I have what is believed to be a complete original 1931 Pontiac hood ornament. The Indians wings are totally solid and the detail is excellent. I sold my 1931 Pontiac parts but kept this. Now it’s time to let go.. first $350 plus shipping gets it. Ron Hausmann p.e.
  6. All - I have what is believed to be a complete original 1931 Pontiac hood ornament. The Indians wings are totally solid and the detail is excellent. I sold my 1931 Pontiac parts but kept this. Now it’s time to let go.. first $350 plus shipping gets it. Ron Hausmann p.e.
  7. Doug, I’m inventorying my parts cache’ these days and I do believe I have these parts. I’ll go to my shop tomorrow to confirm. they were with a box of parts from the 8-75 chassis I bough in Texas. We’ll see. Ron
  8. Henry, This fan was used on other makes as well. Kissel Model 6-38 engines used this six-blade type. Probably from the same vendor. If you get $500 for yours, I will be happy to sell you four more at a little less each.! Ron Hausmann P.E.
  9. Al - not sure if this is what you are looking for. These are six peg disc wheels. Four complete with trim rings and two front hubs. No rears. Either 24” or 25” not sure which. One rim has a ding which is pictured. ron hausmann p.e.
  10. it appears to be a Kissel “Dreadnaught” heavy capacity truck. Mid teens. I’m not expert on trucks but the radiator and hood look Kissel. Ron Hausmann
  11. All, Here is the status as of December 2, 2020. Well over half done and now just a a few big things remain. A. Body is done except for front fenders. These come from my sheet metal guy this week. B. radiator fitment and hood fitting is done. I used a spare radiator shell to accomplish this. Real radiator and shell are at radiator shop being re-cored. C. Hood latches are done. Drilling thru frame was tough. D. Serial numbers on Hood are done. Regulation 4”. The first 2 means 1-ton truck? E. engine trim is done and awaiting engine. This won’t be done until spring.
  12. An observation. You don’t need to make an absolute choice between updraft and downdraft (After 1929) carburetors. My teens and twenties Kissels use sidedraft Stromberg carburetors - LB and OS model Strombergs. A custom Locomobile racing car I am aware of have three Stromberg OS-2 carbs mounted her. These are very very good feeding carbs.
  13. Hey 1910 Pickard, This post string got me thinking about building a Kissel racing speedster. Again. I own two stock 1920’s Kissel Gold Bug Speedsters. I can’t help you with Jordan parts. But as an assembled car, many independent subcontractor parts in your Jordan Were used on other cars like my Kissels Your drivetrain has the very common Warner T64 transmission /clutch assembly. My mid twenties Kissels used this. I have spares if you need. I also have spare axles, drive shafts, and chassis parts for The low-slung Kissel 6-38, 45, and 55 models which have wheelbases 116”
  14. Pictures of blanked off side of Kissel 6-38 engine and pictures of different 6-45 and 6-55 blocks at oil pump
  15. Doug, Your engine looks great! the original Kissel Hundred Point Six 6-38 parts book which you are showing in these diagrams show the oil pump mounted in the center of the engine, where it obviously is not. I have four Kissel 6-38 Engines and all of them have Have or had pump setups Identical to yours. And all of them have the central oil pump hole, shown on these above diagrams, in their blocks blanked off. See picture below. Additionally those 6-38 camshafts have a special unused cam that could have run a pump. So it looks like kissel originally planned on central oil pumps but
  16. Doug, Your car HAS the correct oil pump for a 1916 - 1918 Kissel Model 6-38. It is Kissel Part number 90457-1. No relief. Not designed for that. Later Kissel models 6-45 and 6-55 Used the pump with relief, parts number 90457-3 and 90457-10. You are apparently using a Kissel 6-45 manual, not for a 6-38. Those are the pumps shown in the manual. From 1919 up thru 1926 ish. With relief. The blocks on those Kissel cars 1919 and up are a touch different there on the side to accommodate the reliefs they were designed for. I have three of the later pumps inside my three spar
  17. Morning icons, It’s possible that these two cars were part of the Ruger collection when it was being sold off. If so, the yellow Kissel Gold Bug Speedster is mine now. Ruger had bought that greenish Kissel Gold Bug From the Autorama collection and restored it to proper yellow. After Ruger Senior died his collection was reduced with part sold off, including the Kissel and possibly the Wills St. Claire. BTW, as trivia, a criminal named Andrew Kissel bought the Kissel Gold Bug. He was later murdered and his assets seized by the feds. I bought the car from a federal agent at auct
  18. Definitely last post. This 1918 Kissel Model 6-38 Gibraltar Sedanlette was possibly the first true convertible sedan. It was capable to be configured by its owner Into three different cars; a sealed hard top, an open tourer with top up, and a convertible with top down. These are the three configurations of the same car. Only one with top that survives. Ron Hausmann P.E.
  19. Ok guys - Can any of you identify the manufacturer of his truck/ambulance? It’s from WW1. Thank you. Ron Hausmann P.E.
  20. All, Here’s our status as of today, October 9, 2020: a. Fender mounting has started. They are stretched, fitted, primed, and painted. Started on rear. b. Dashboard instrument panel has been completed and mounted. I had to drill several special holes in the dash for wire looms to go thru. It looks just great. c. Instrument wiring has been done. I have three wonderful Contemporary wiring Diagrams including the one in the Kissel Hundred Point manual; each of these is different! So I mirrored most of the old connections on the fuse panel and ignition and found that most of th
  21. Ed - no one has contacted me yet. I’m always interested in adding to my herd. Ron
  22. Apperson? Appersons were similar to Kissels, some having arched radiators, but longer wheelbases like the car in the picture. I’m not that familiar with them though. thanks, Ron
  23. All, It is definitely NOT a Kissel. Kissel did not use that style side step plate, nor wheel hub, and the hood vents, typical of a 1919-1922 Kissel Model 6-45 are not there. It could be a Revere but I doubt it. The Revere I almost bought was near original and had Buffalo Wheels just like my Kissels and the Revere radiator seemed more massive and a bit sloped as compared to this picture. This car has beaded fenders with massive curvature - that wasn’t common after 1920 or so, such that you other experts can perhaps narrow it down. Custom Cunningham ? Thanks, Ron Ha
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