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  1. All - thought I would put closure to this thread on compression and electrical. Dumb me !!! I replaced all cables with new 00. Cables but while doing do, figured out the problem. I had the 6V grounded directly to the starter bolt. What I failed to understand is that the starter is bolted only to the clutch housing cross piece which, on a Kissel, is an aluminum casting, not steel. So the entirety of everything was grounded ultimately to aluminum. I’ll start it tomorrow. I grounded it now to the cast iron engine block. Dumb Ron
  2. All - back from traveling and back finishing the 1818 Kissel. As of today, October 15, 2019, the top body trim pieces have been mounted (see pictures), and Aluminum door bottom sills have been fabricated and mounted. Kissel Kar brass step plates go on these. almost done! Ron Hausmann
  3. My iPhone health meter measured 22 miles of flea market walking . That’s doing both sides Of an isle in one walk. That excludes any car coral walking. Ron Hausmann
  4. Buffalo and houk number 5’s are 12 threads per inch. Hayes are 10 . Caution because they look identical, until you try to put the nut on the wrong hub
  5. Hershey had two horse hair and leather vendors
  6. I have a radiator that needs to be picked up in St. Paul Minnesota and taken to Hershey Pennsylvania for the meet. Is anyone interested?? I’ll pay you to do this. let me know. ron Hausmann 313-510-8463
  7. Brad - Kissel introduced its “All-Year” top in late 1914 according to the Val Quant Kissel book. That could have been for 1914 or for the 1915 year models, since the Kissel model years started months earlier than the years. As to this pictured car, it could be a Kissel as it has the “look” and lines of a Kissel. However it has a slightly sloped windshield which is not normal for Kissel sedans. Also the Kissel removeable tops are usually more rounded in the few adds that survive. However, precious few pictures of early Kissel sedan pictures have survived and only one All Year removable top sedan has survived of any year. So comparisons are hard to make. Below are are some 1917-18 pictures of Kissel All Year cars. Ron Hausmann
  8. Thanks Dale. I’ll just keep looking for a balloon 1920’s tire dual wheel rear from the 1920’s or a dual-conversion kit for same. ill be using it with a Kissel Model 6-55 chassis and engine. These were used for the big Kissel cars and lighter truck conversions. My plan is making a period heavy panel truck, army truck, or mail truck. 121” wheelbase. Thanks, Ron
  9. Thanks so much Dale, but from the technical information that I've dug up, your rear end is too new to work in my restoration, and probably not able to be mated to my Kissel chassis. my truck is based upon a Kissel Model 6-55 chassis, which will use larger, skinnier tires in the end result. ill need to keep looking for something older. Thanks, RON
  10. Final car body trim has been shaped, drilled, and painted as of September 2019. Curtains for rear windows have been made with correct curtain bars. The end is in sight! Ron Hausmann P.E.
  11. All - still looking for a 1920’s or early 1930’s dual tire rear axle for a truck project that I am going to start. Or a dual tire conversion kit. Let me know. Ron Hausmann P.E. 313-410-8463
  12. Tinindian - not trying to be a smart a—s. Just thought to add this kernel of trivia. Those words are often misused. ron
  13. Sorry, but have to comment in the interests of civil engineering purity - - - - - There is no such thing as a “cement floor.” It is a “concrete floor “. ”Cement “ is the finely ground powder that you mix aggregates and sand and water together with to form “concrete”. So unless your floor is powder, you have a “concrete” floor, not a “cement floor”. Ron Hausmann P.E. (Civil)
  14. Pictures of carved wood sills being finalized for the he tops of the car body walls when the hard top is off. Hard three dim nsional carving. ron Hausmann
  15. DBKissel - I’m using a modern serpentine belt on my 1918 Kissel Sedanlette, except for shows. Like yours, it works just great, ron
  16. Here are my three Kissels that I brought to the show. There were supposedly 698 registered cars!
  17. Old car - Late teens and very early twenties Kissel Kars used Waltham rim-wind clocks such as you have pictured. Most were scavenged thru the decades and have been replaced with Pheeney-Walker rim-wind clocks used on Kissels in the mid and later twenties (as pictured). If yours is for sale, please PM me. Thanks, Ron Hausmann
  18. Gary - it was two or three years ago. Time flies! ron
  19. My three pictured Kissels will be at this years show. A 1921 Sport Tourster original, a1923 Gold Bug Speedster, and a 1923 Brougham Opera Sedan. Hope they behave enough to get onto the Field! Ron Hausmann P.E.
  20. All - need left front brake hub with let hand lugs or my 1931 Desoto before I sell it. Or a set of five left hand thread wheel lugs or that year. I think other mopar cars/years may interchange. I have stripped studs. ( I will sell the car for second owner. 32000 original miles. Ran great when parked - three decades ago). Ron Hausmann P.E.
  21. Just finished restoring the rear spare hub cap medallion. It was faded but managed to find a fine point paint pen that I used to blacken the field. Will mount it tomorrow. Ron.