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  1. I really tought this was 3rd world bureaucratic government issue. In Brazil, expiry dates of driver licenses and car yearly registration were extended, but our DMV here is back to the normal slow and neverending process when a in person verification is needed. However, one good thing happened, yearly tax registration process is now totally digital, no longer paper registration to carry with the car, now it is online in a DMV app.
  2. I believe restoration project car prices are already droping over time, as the profissional services needed to repair them are becoming more scarce.
  3. That’s a very nobel start indeed, JV Puleo!
  4. Perfect timing to join this group, Constructionlaser. I started to be interested in antique cars as a teenager, and bought my first one at the age of 24. A 1928 Chevy, that I still own. I have always found prompt support, guidance and mentoring from this AACA forum members, as you certainly will.
  5. Restoring an antique car has been a continuous learning process for me, since I started in this amazing hobby in 1999. Try and error is very common for me, once sometimes there is no written reference to go for it, or there is no avalibility of the proper professional service to help. The reality is we are very dedicated people, passionate about our cars, and we keep making a repair until it is right. I am not a mechanic, so I share the same experience of many here, work repetition is common. My list is long…
  6. Terrible news. I hope Bob comes back to the road soon. I wish him prompt recovery. The lack of patience in general traffic is very dangerous to normal drivers and pedestrians, but even worse to an antique car driver, where braking and turning responses are much slower, and safety systems are very limited. Unfortunatelly, we need to double the attention in the road, and keep lights on during daylight also, so better have our 6v systems in good order.
  7. I believe Sloan dedicated lots of time organizing Durant’s mess, so the Olds V-8 was discontinued at end of 1923 , however, for some reason he was convinced back when he launched in 1929 the short-living Viking, nothing more than a V8 Oldmobile. Is there any connection between 1923 light V8 engine and the Viking V8 one?
  8. Hi Studeq! Any of these 13 roadster has folding windshield posts? My 1926 EP roadster has them, and the botton piece of the windshield is missing. Any windshield pictures for this model will be very helpfull for me. Many thanks!
  9. Very interesting story, is there any book about Barney Pollard and his automobile collection?
  10. JRA

    Hagen's Auto Parts

    I had good experience with them on hard to find ignition parts for my Marmon and Studebaker, as other parts too. Very good support and interest from them on searching for parts I needed. Very unfortunate loss.
  11. Scary reality…material fatigue or natural deterioration are fundamental issues on pre-war cars. Unfortunately, in general, these problems are hidden and silent for long periods, increasing dramatically our risks.
  12. I had similar issue when I bough my 1929 Chrysler 75. I have worked on the brakes, suspension, cleaning oil pan, changing all lubricants, flushing radiator, steering box, then I was happy doing my first ride. Just 30 minutes later, lots of steam coming from the engine compartment... There was a rust hole in one of the water jacket covers. When I removed both of them to fix, I got very impressed with the amount of mood. I have used high pressure water jet to clear everything, it was mess! After that, I no longer had problems with engine overheating. I did this 10 years ago, so maybe I should now try an evapo-rust preventative treatment, what do you think?
  13. I will not, but certainly there will be people owning, restoring and preserving such cars. The "collectibles" virus has no limits, at all !!!
  14. I own a 1929 Chrysler 75 roadster and I have also a good quality reproduction of this b&w photo. I enjoy them both!
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