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  1. Hello Robert Do you still have the inspection light for sale? Is this model the proper part for a 1926 Studebaker Big Six, dashboard inspection light? Is there a dashboard housing for this light? Thanks Julio
  2. Hello , I am looking for pictures or any information regarding the folding windshield for 1926 Studebaker Big Six, sports roadster, model EP. The car is missing the bottom part of windshield, as can be seen in the pictures. I am also looking for the dashboard inspection light assembly, a picture of it or the actual part for sale. In addition, I want to buy a disc wheel, 19” 6 lugs, for this car. Any detailed pictures for this model will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Julio
  3. I have mant 6v cars with these cutout relays. I got them on Brillman. https://brillman.com/?s=Cutout&post_type=product
  4. Any pictures of the folding windshield? I have intensively searched on internet without success. I got unclear pictures of 1927 models. Thanks, Julio
  5. I have tried to reach Chad, but got no answers on that phone. Do you know if he already sold the car or parts? Thanks, Julio
  6. Hi Oldford, I believe that based on engine number and car external characteristics, it is a 1926 automobile. Aren’t your headlights for 1927 cars? Regarding to parts, I am looking for: - one disc wheel complete with rim, 20” diameter. - dashboard inspection lamp assembly - bottom part of the folding windshield. Any help offered will be very much appreciated. Thanks Julio 1929 Marmon 78 Touring Speedster 1929 Chrysler 75 Roadster 1929 Hudson Super Six Sedan 1929 Dodge-Brothers Six Brougham 1928 Chevrolet National Touring 1951 Plymouth Cranbrook 4 dr Sedan 1954 Willys CJ3B Jeep
  7. Any other parts available to sell for 1926 Big Six ? Any pictures to share? I have talked to Kevin in N/C Industries and he doe not have the pattern for the windshield, but could help if I send info and pictures? Any pictures to share of the botton frame piece of the folding windshield?
  8. Hi Wayne, I am interested on the set. Could you please send me an email, or share your email address? Do you have other parts available? julioalbernaz@hotmail.com thanks Julio
  9. Thanks, Wayne, just sent you a private message. Im looking for pictures of the botton part of the windshield, or any source of information about it. Regards Julio
  10. Thanks a lot, Studeq! Based on your information, it became clear to me that the car is 1926. I am out of town, so when I am back I will search for letter number series. About the folding windshield, any comment.? Regarding the EP model, do you know a good source of parts? I am looking for the set for the steering column (horn button and levers), inspection light with power cord that is inserted to the dashboard, botton part of the windshield, among others, extra disc wheel... Could you please share more pictures of EP rodsters? I need good references to use on the restauration. My email is: julioalbernaz@hotmail.com thanks a lot, again! Julio
  11. Hello Guys, I am strugling to define the year of this Studebaker Big Six roadster. I did not find any body or serial number. The engine number is EP39841, so EP is the 1925-1926 Big Six. However the car has some features that I umderstand are from 1927: front wheels mechanical brakes and two piece folding windshield (botton part is missing). The rumble seat has wood arms, available in 1926 and 1927. Disc wheels with 6 lugs. Cowll lights seem to be wrong. The books I have demonstrate the puzzle on the year identification for 1926/27. The engine number is quite high, so it could be an EP late model. I think it is 1927, because the front brakes, but I would appreciate your inputs. Thanks, Julio
  12. Just forgot to mention, the link under the front page image has a better quality picture of the car.
  13. That is the tricky part. I did this research already. By that time, the presidential car was supposed to be a Lincoln. I believe it is not a Lincoln in the picture. This is not the president's car. It belonged to the Church, as the Cardinal Achbishop went to the Presidential Palace to convince the president to leave the office and resign, instead of trying to resist to the deposition. The text in the newspaper tells that. Unfortunately I was unable to get any reference about the Cardinal's car. The hints in my view are the rear door hinges, the hubcap and wheel, the size of the quarter window, window moulding, parallel body stripes below windows, and the square type appearance of the rear part. Only this newspaper had the opportunity to take this picture. The other newspapers in that same day had the news but only had archive pictures of the president. This event happened late in that night, and supposed to be in secret, once the deposed president left to exile. This picture was taken by a clever journalist, that put a small tree branch on the car path, so the chauffeur had to reduce the speed to cross over it in its way out of the garage. So the doubt still exists...and this half car picture is our only source. Thanks, JRA