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  1. Thx CS2K, I'll never use this again and learned from you and others the benefits of a gasket!
  2. Thx again for help and suggestions. I had not used any multiviscosity oils until another owner convinced me of the value in making starting easier. I was using ND 30wt and changing at the end of a summer season [which most times was <100 miles.] I'm now better equipped to deal with an issue I never had before.
  3. Thanks to everyone for suggestions. Happy to say pressurizing the system from the exterior seems to have solve the problem. I used a suction gun [similar in construction to a grease gun, but for suction for anyone who has not see one]. I put 1/2 qt of oil in it and with fittings forced the oil into the system as Rusty and others have suggested. Started it up and 20 seconds later had pressure. I haven't reconnected the original dash pressure gauge yet and can't definitively say where the problem was, but really happy to move on. Thx again!!
  4. A very thin coat might be OK. Following directions of 1/8 to 1/4 inch bead against 2 very well machine surfaces and then tightening to "req'd torque" in 5 minutes or less results in full surface coating and glue effect. Thx Phil
  5. Not sure if it would fit- I'm not exaggerating when I said the film was less that a sheet of printer paper thin. I got this stuff apart, but wanted everyone to be ware of the danger of using it on the wrong surfaces. Thx for coment
  6. Sounds like a great idea- will advise how it goes.
  7. Yes the car has been running. I think within 10-15 sec one would see oil pressure.
  8. Pan is back on. I like your idea of the grease packing , but will try to back fill with oil so I don't have to pull pan again. THX
  9. I also bought a cheap add on gauge, even though the dash one was working. This is temporary for use in trouble shooting. It's near the oil pressure reg so I can monitor.
  10. Hi John, Using 15w40. Same as was in there before pulling the pan. Now put 30 wt non detergent in, but the viscosity isn't really that much different as when pouring it.
  11. Just an fyi, I thought I was going to have to pull the engine and have the pan surgically cut off and machined /resurfaced.
  12. Thx John, I have used RTV formulations for gasket making in the past and never ran into this. I too was extremely concerned about breaking the AL casting [since they are not easily replaced. ] I would never consider this product again. There was no room for anything like a putty knife, sharpened chisel, etc. Plus the entire seam had to release at one time, not just a corner and then work along it. This seal only has to keep oil from dripping out the edge so SUPER "The Right Stuff' just isn't called for.