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  1. Looking for any 1.75" dia or greater bore master cylinder similar to the picture. I will retrofit as needed. I also need the firewall mounted reservoir. It's a long story but with 4 wheel exterior band brakes with 1.5" dia cylinders, the larger bore master is needed to get ample travel on the wheels to relax the bands and not have them drag. These pix are from my 1927 Kissel [Brougham] with similar setup. These are original and work great. Also easy to bleed with higher mounted reservoir.
  2. I don't know where the verbiage disappeared to, but with the pictures was the following- Yes it's a splash/ pump system. Diagrams from 1818c 6-38 Parts List No. 57 100 Point Six and Parts Kit 1916 6-38. both show an external [regulator\pump?] driven by the cam on the side. Oil coming from the center drain plug & filter assy. Mine doesn't have the filter and tubing, but does have the big oversized plug. The modified pan on my 18 with the folded metal corner was made to accommodate the new pump style. Gear driven and in the back. Newer pans had the bump incorporated in the stamping.
  3. Hi all, I have a 1918 Kissel Roadster 6 cyl that is running excessively high oil pressure. The oil simply can't drain fast enough from the dam at the main bearing caps into the pan and thus it overflows and creates a puddle on the ground. This is both front and rear. The dash [and external gauge I added for confirmation] shows 50+ PSI right at start up. The manual says not to let it get over 5PSI! It stays very high while driving or at idle. After full warm up, it finally drops to about 7 psi at idle. I pulled the pan and removed the gear type oil pump. No relief system on it- even tho
  4. Thx to all for suggestions. The fuel does not overflow all the time. It seems to happen randomly on startup. Another time it happens is when the car has run for 30+ minutes and then is stopped. Start it up 5 minutes later and it might overflow. I really like the idea of testing it with the car fuel pump. I can make a tube to fill it off the car and observe with top off and try to reproduce the issue. Maybe rotating the needle [which has a very very slight ridge on one side will do it.] Then the problem is easier to solve. I'm big on getting a new seat and needle valve and hope Ro
  5. The play is 0.096 " as measured with a dial caliper. The needle pivots under the retaining screw cap and when in position, and float is up, the float seems to be level in the bowl.
  6. Just measured the float on a good postal scale- it measured 1.0 oz. Thx for suggestions.
  7. Hi, I keep getting an overfill on my updraft Schebler Model S carb- even after cleaning and filtering the gas. I had a rotary 6VDC Carter pump and dial type regular and was measuring about 3-4 psi at the carb. This even with the regulator dialed to 1 psi. Thinking this was too much for the float needle to hold, I changed to 12 VDC Carter rotary which when running on the system 6VDC, puts out about 0.8psi. This seems to be close to the theoretical vacuum pump head pressure [gravity at 1.5 foot above]. That pressure is about 0.92 psi. I put it all together today and got the same overflow.
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