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  1. My cutout relay is no longer salvageable thus I need a replacement. Does anyone know where to find one or at least a knockoff that might be close in the fit? The Kissel parts book says it's Remy 912B [if it's still the original]. It is a 6 volt POS ground system and the relay is a 2 wire device. Any help appreciated. /Doug
  2. Ed, this is excellent! Once I find the true thread size, I'll be reaching out to them for the optimum part. Thx so much for the assistance!! I had no clue where to look. /Doug
  3. You are spot on- I need extensions too, Here is my set up with incorrect stems. Thx!
  4. It certainly could be! Didn't know that thread existed. Thanks to you and all that helped. I have the front cylinder off [again after many fixes] and will either find a machine shop to measure the threads or simply buy a 7/16 x 20 and try it. You guys are great to provide assistance. I hope some day I can add a few tidbits of experience. /Doug
  5. Hi all, I found a previous owner incorrectly installed a male pipe threaded insert with valve into the wheel cylinders on my 1925 Kissel with 4 wheel hydraulic exterior band brakes [Lockheed]. The cylinders have a straight thread and tapered seat at the bottom. I am trying to find the correct stems. They also are easier to bleed with the extension as shown in "B" in the picture. [The B item fits my 1927 Kissel Brougham with similar setup]. Any idea where to find these stems? For what it's worth, I tried a 7/16" x 18 tpi bolt and the pitch matches well to the A part. It almost threads into the cylinder-
  6. Thanks everyone for taking the time to help me out! I looked at each offering and went with the YnZ with black housing. Really good to know of these suppliers. I have created a file to be able to check them out for other items in the future. /Doug
  7. I am going to add turn signals to my 1925 enclosed Kissel Speedster and need the column switch. I have seen others who have added a bolt on lever switch assembly, but don't know the name or where to find it. Can anyone point me to one? Thx in advance, Doug
  8. Looking for any 1.75" dia or greater bore master cylinder similar to the picture. I will retrofit as needed. I also need the firewall mounted reservoir. It's a long story but with 4 wheel exterior band brakes with 1.5" dia cylinders, the larger bore master is needed to get ample travel on the wheels to relax the bands and not have them drag. These pix are from my 1927 Kissel [Brougham] with similar setup. These are original and work great. Also easy to bleed with higher mounted reservoir.
  9. I don't know where the verbiage disappeared to, but with the pictures was the following- Yes it's a splash/ pump system. Diagrams from 1818c 6-38 Parts List No. 57 100 Point Six and Parts Kit 1916 6-38. both show an external [regulator\pump?] driven by the cam on the side. Oil coming from the center drain plug & filter assy. Mine doesn't have the filter and tubing, but does have the big oversized plug. The modified pan on my 18 with the folded metal corner was made to accommodate the new pump style. Gear driven and in the back. Newer pans had the bump incorporated in the stamping. All that said I agree, it's probably best to live with it and maybe try 0-30Wt oil and monitor it. Thank you both for the time to provide guidance. BTW I did pull the bearing caps and found 0.0015 - 0.002 clearances with Green Plastigage- so probably someone did some work on the engine.
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