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  1. The one at Hershey looks to have a green body like mine did. Biflex bumper too but I don't think mine was on the road at that time..Tried to take a screenshot. No luck. Is it a Larchmont or Lakewood? Another far shot at 3:11. I need the CSI guys from TV that can zoom in an clear up a picture enough to see the license plate from 200 yards away.
  2. I sold my 1921 Paige partly because of the scarcity of parts. I was always afraid something would would happen either mechanically or accident (body parts) . It was the only 1921 Larchmont II in the registry. I was told "you can get anything made". Give me your checkbook and we'll see how that works. I still have my 31 Plymouth after 50 years, but if I get another car it will be a Model A Ford just because of the availability of parts.
  3. My 31 Plymouth has leather covers . There are 2 pieces ( 1 set)for each end and the two pieces are held together (sewn) with wire. A modern split CV boot might work
  4. I know of a Continental 10A engine block for sale. Block, head, crank ,cam, pan, water pump,pistons . No manifolds, No starter, no water tubes. Now asking $1500. White Plains NY
  5. I know of a Continental 10A engine block for sale. Block, head, crank ,cam, pan, water pump rods,pistons . No manifolds, no water tubes, no starter. Asking $1500. White Plains NY
  6. I know of a Continental 10A engine block for sale. Block, head. crank ,cam, pan, water pump, rods,pistons . No manifolds, no carb, no water tubes. Now asking $1500. White Plains NY
  7. https://forums.aaca.org/topic/337264-1932-31-pa-got-here-and-the-sorting-out-begins/?do=findComment&comment=2007581 This is a link from a post showing a picture of the setup. Most of the topic is on the rebuild of an original carb
  8. Plymouth had a promotion in 1932 that let you have the car painted in your school colors. ($10or $20 option) This car was painted in Princeton's orange and black.
  9. I saw this car at Hershey a few years ago. Having owned a 31 Plymouth for fifty years now I can say this car was done RIGHT!
  10. That's my firewall. Jalopy31 was looking for pictures
  11. Tried to take some pictures of my sedan firewall. I don't think the roadster firewall should be much different
  12. Hard to imagine that a roadster with all that woodwork sold new for $535 and the all steel (very little wood) 4door was $635' Was the cost of steel fabrication that much more than wood? The wood looks a lot more labor intensive.
  13. I hid an ahooga horn under my 1931 Plymouth because so many parade spectators wanted to hear the horn. Beep Beep didn't do it for them. Parents love it but it can scare the little kids who don't know what it is.
  14. Tell us more about the auction. Averaged about 1 minute per lot. How many bidders on site? I could see from some of the auction pictures and agree that most cars had incorrect parts and all described as not running'
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