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  1. The idle tube screw seems to be marked 11 102s It is probably soldered . Won't attempt to unscrew it. Don't know what' jet size is running on the car. I had my running carb rebuilt about 35 years ago . Runs and starts in cold New York weather .
  2. I have 2 drt08-207S . the one shown in the picture has 43 61S I have another one that is just stamped with 55
  3. I am posting this on this topic since so many are following the repair of the DRT-08. My spare went through a flood a while back. Does anyone have a suggestion as to what I can soak this in to remove the rust?
  4. Thanks for all of the replies so far. Hoping I can contact both brothers soon. Have to take it slow and not seen too anxious . I am also looking at the collection of a former member of my region who passed away a year or so ago. 5 Model A's and many parts. He was reluctant to sell any spare parts when alive and now his sons are selling everything. Model A parts are not bringing what they used to. When I got into this in the 1970"s , at least 5 people in my town were restoring A's. None now. Parts will not bring what they did years ago. I don't even own an "A" any longer but still have a lot of parts. Hoping I can convince the brothers that time to sell is when someone wants it
  5. A co-worker of mine showed me pictures of his father's 32 Pontiac convertible about 25 years ago. His father passed away and the car has been in my co-workers brothers garage for at least 30 years. We have both retired and I was able to contact the co-worker who said he would be willing to sell but would have to talk to his brother. How did you convince someone to sell? I'm sure $$$$$ is always a motivator but any other ideas?
  6. I have a picture of all of the components of a drt08-209S . ( from the 1928-1933 master parts book) I will be away until Monday eve. I will post a picture.. I have never seen any complete rebuild kits for DRT 08. I'm sure Broker len would love to get ahold of one.
  7. Did you contact the person who rebuilt the carb?
  8. Waldron makes exhaust systems by body styles for different makes and models and years. You can call them( they actually pick up the phone! ) for a price quote but the shipping cost is almost as much as the product.
  9. I have been running with the mechanical fuel pump for 49 years. I think I rebuilt the pump once because of low pressure. I don't see how it could be too much pressure. Lots of PA's running with that mechanical pump and no regulator. Also, I think my compression is about 50 psi . If it was running with the old carb,why would a sticking valve be suspect now. How many miles on the car?
  10. Why not post in the Buick forum?
  11. Where is the car/parts located?
  12. I did a week of shooting with about 25 other cars for HBO's Mildred Pierce. We always stayed with our cars. We got paid for parked car scenes and more if we drove them. We all did our own driving. My 31 Plymouth was also used in an Amazon production. They paid me a full day just to have the director look at it.(they flat bedded it to where they were shooting that day) They then paid me for another day after they flat bedded it to another location.( I followed) It was used for an interior shot of the back seat as if the passengers were in a taxi. This was done on an indoor stage with a green screen behind it . They later had NYC scenes outside the windows. After a six hour day ,the scene in the movie was about 12 seconds long. My 21Paige was used for HBO's Boardwalk Empire. Not driven by me or anyone else. Just parked scenes. No problems I guess you have to know for what and how it will be used. Also who will drive it if needed. I did not have any problems, but it can be a long boring day(or night)
  13. Nice find on that DRT-08. As many said hard to find especially with the small accelerator pump. Good luck
  14. By the way. That chicken wire I referred to was in the roof to act as a radio antenna. The Plymouth ( and possible other Chrysler products) closed cars had a wire attached to the chicken wire and it ran down the inside passenger side of the cowl behind the interior trim to be attached to a radio.