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  1. Just finished writing an article for Plymouth Owners Club about my 50 years with my PA sedan and my 50 years with the Plymouth owners Club. Bob Mcmulkin on Long Island was a great source for technical info. when he was Tech advisor for the Club. Bought a fuel pump from Stan in 1972.
  2. Auto zone will not have parts for a 32 Plymouth. Where are you located? Maybe there is an AACA member close to you that can help. Could be many reasons why it won't start. Do you have any pictures of the engine?
  3. Make sure you join the Plymouth Owners Club.
  4. Someone one these forums once said 90% of all of my gas problems were electrical. My 21 Paige 6 cylinder drove me crazy for close to a year. Idled nicely but broke up under load. Took the carb apart at least 6 times. Turned out to be a bad spark plug wire.
  5. I visited the Nethercutt a few years ago. Grand Salon was amazing. The music collection was like nothing you will ever see.
  6. Thanks, Picture is from White Plains NY.
  7. Trying to identify the car in the foreground. Studebaker? Year? Is that the model on the right rear fender?
  8. Always reading about many museums of all types closing because of financial problems, I'm just happy to see this place (Gilmore) still expanding. I thought some of the buildings were paid for by their national clubs. Should these clubs spend money on the structures rather than the displays? I'd hate to see the place become financially burdened by spending too much on structures. Harrah's was in airplane hangers with the cars all roped off. I thought the Gilmore was fantastic. Can't wait to go back. Maybe I'm missing the point of the structures and grounds conversation.
  9. These were on a file of White Plains NY photos.
  10. One of the reasons I thought the Gilmore was better was that the cars were not roped off like the Harrah collection. My memories of Harrah's from 40+ years ago
  11. My first old car was a 1931 PA Plymouth and I still have it 50 years now! First Hershey 1970. The AACA forums have been helpful during the Pandemic giving me something to do to pass the time. Why do they have to keep showing people actually getting the injection on TV news?!!!
  12. So what year do you think this was filmed? Late 40's? Not many pre= 1936 cars .Is it because it's NYC? A different discussion concluded that people only kept their cars for 4 or 5 years. I'm driving a 13 year old car. What a boring film this would make if filmed today.
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