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  1. Sorry, no low speed tube. In a phone conversation Tom said there were some other low speed replacements for the 120'S
  2. Hey Tom, I have attached a few pictures of my choke cone collection. The 58A-38's came from my DRT- 08 209S The others I extras I had . I think I destroyed an RJH a long time ago and keep some parts. The 58A's are little bigger in diameter and have 2 small vertical slots in them . They are 58a-38 but my DRT08 209S illustration shows a 58A-37S
  3. Is the owner of this car around. Once owned by Hal Denman in NY. I have a Hershey show card from 1955
  4. Found this old newspaper clipping the my father may have saved. Late 50's early 60's
  5. Remember. It is no disgrace to shift to a lower gear. 3rd line of suggestions The more experienced driver could use the foot accelerator. I could never get into third if I had to figure out these instructions From the 1921 Paige handbook
  6. Helping a friend sell. From a 1924 Paige 6-70 . $1600.00 engine block- head- crank(removed)-pistons- water pump No generator No manifolds White Plains NY
  7. I gave up. Maybe with all of this downtime I'll try one more time.
  8. I miss my 21 Paige 6-66
  9. This is an attempt to transfer 8mm to video. In the late 50's my father worked for Paul Willet in White Plains NY.. Paul worked for GM but also had an auto body and upholstery repair shop in White Plains NY. At some point Paul opened a car-hop drive in Yonkers NY My father always enjoyed taking 8mm film. Paul Willet , a license plate collector and GM road salesman traveled thoughout the country looking for early licence plates At some point Paul opened a car-hop drive in Yonkers NY . He decorated the outside of his car-hop building with his "junk" plates. According to my brother (as told by my father) after Paul sold the car hop business and building, he went back to take his plates off of the building. The new owner said they were part of the building and he could not take them. I have another clip if I can find it of my brother and I in one of Pauls Model T fords . He also had a 1912? Metz
  10. Is it the horn or the button? Check continuity before dismantling that button
  11. Thinking that heater option may have been rare in 31-32. Not sure. 31 Deluxe had them but late in 31. Surprised that the Master parts book only lists 1 part number for 31-32 i think I may have another pump with a heater bypass on it. Have to look around a little. I'll try to email Plymouth Owners Club Tech advisor for PAmodels. Don't know if he follows AACA Forums Wash your hands
  12. Wow , Just located my 2 water pump backing plates. One had the D hole and the other didn't. Sorry no pictures
  13. I remember in the 60's the National Enquirer always had one issue with pictures of the new model year cars. They were "secret" pictures
  14. Plymouth Master Parts list gives all the same numbers for PA and PB water pump. Also same number for water pump cover plate if that's what it is. I have a couple of water pumps that are not on the car. I will see if they are different May be a few days before I get to my garage. Could that D hole be just a corroded hole?