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  1. True, the picture isn't very clear , but I thought if the vertical pipe was tilted toward the hood that the throttle rod would have enough clearance on the engine side.
  2. Lots of PA info in this issue Charlie
  3. This is from a 1984 issue of the Plymouth Bulletin. Does the vertical section look a little tilted toward the hood side or is it my imagination?... Would the slight tilt give enough room for throttle rod?
  4. How about a second generation with the same car. 1977 me and my bride and 2005 daughter and husband. Same cars ,same church.
  5. Read a quote once that said (paraphrase) " 90% of my gas problems were electrical." I once worked on my 1921 Paige carburetor for months because of poor running. Turned out to be a bad spark plug wire.
  6. Thanks for responding with that informative and thorough answer. You always seem to take the time to answer forum questions that way. Charlie- 31 Plymouth
  7. I am curious as to how engines and carbs got matched. Did the engine manufacturers go to the carb companies after they designed the engine or did the carb.manufacturers have carbs already made that would best fit the engine. My 1931 PA Plymouth uses a Carter DRT-08 209s but per CarbKing there are many (more than 20?) variations of the DRT08. So what came first ? The chicken or the egg? engine or carburetor.
  8. Looks like a 31 Plymouth in the earlier dealership photo. Right in the" Plymouth" window
  9. Sorry, no low speed tube. In a phone conversation Tom said there were some other low speed replacements for the 120'S
  10. Hey Tom, I have attached a few pictures of my choke cone collection. The 58A-38's came from my DRT- 08 209S The others I extras I had . I think I destroyed an RJH a long time ago and keep some parts. The 58A's are little bigger in diameter and have 2 small vertical slots in them . They are 58a-38 but my DRT08 209S illustration shows a 58A-37S
  11. Is the owner of this car around. Once owned by Hal Denman in NY. I have a Hershey show card from 1955
  12. Found this old newspaper clipping the my father may have saved. Late 50's early 60's
  13. Remember. It is no disgrace to shift to a lower gear. 3rd line of suggestions The more experienced driver could use the foot accelerator. I could never get into third if I had to figure out these instructions From the 1921 Paige handbook
  14. Helping a friend sell. From a 1924 Paige 6-70 . $1600.00 engine block- head- crank(removed)-pistons- water pump No generator No manifolds White Plains NY
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