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  1. Ok, So we know who won't be reproducing parts. Any suggestions on getting a small part reproduced that might be beneficial to many Chrysler product owners (1928-1934). I was trying to see if they could reproduce the "winged" part of the radiator cap(cap to radiator filler) used by many of the Chrysler Corp products. It's unique size and shape locked the wing onto the bottom of the cap so the it wouldn't unscrew. The "wing" was held in place by 2 little tabs that prevented it from moving ( another screw held it in place). I have an original NOS repair kit from a DeSoto and it fits my 31 plymouth and 33 Plymouth caps. I have seen other Chrysler caps for sale on ebay that all have a badly disintegrated "wing" I thought this part was simple enough to reproduce and would have benefited many. Pictures attached.
  2. Helping to sell this for a friend. I came with a 1921 Paige but was never repaired/ restored or used on the car. This may be fitted for other cars if some work was done. The attaching brackets are shaped to fit an open Paige 1921-1922 6-66 model . One of the brackets look original , the other looks remade or repaired. It folds in when not in use . The original roller shade is included for measurement purposes. $250.00
  3. I agree keiser31. We were limited in the amount of pictures we could send(1) and they never even followed up with any questions. We were never asked for drawings or more info. Should have been more clear up front about what they were looking for. My part was small and could be used on many different Chrysler products from 1928-1934. It was the winged part of the radiator cap that went into the radiator. I have seen many Chrysler product caps for sale and this part is always half gone or in very poor shape. It had a unique shape that locked into two tabs on the bottom of the cap so that it wouldn't come loose when turned. I thought it would have been fairly easy to make and would have been useful to many Chrysler product owners.
  4. Yikes, another month and no updates.
  5. Anyone hear anything in the last month?
  6. Is it known yet if Bulgari will only have some of his cars on the show filed or will spectators be able to view more of his collection at the campus?
  7. 3 different shells for 33... Model PC ,PD and PCXX.. Make sure you get the correct one . You probably have ad PD. I haven't see a fiberglass PC or PCXX You should probably post this in the Plymouth section of Chrysler products forum
  8. Why does it seem that a 1/4 grease fitting is smaller than the 1/8th size. When ever and where ever I see them for sale ,the 1/8 is the larger? I'm referring to the threaded portion. What are they referring to 1/4 vs 1/8
  9. Try ,try ,try to get to the Gilmore Museum if you are going that far. I went to the Dearborn area last September and the Gilmore was well worth the 2 hr drive from Dearborn
  10. I have an email address and phone number that is a few years old... I will try to contact him and give him your info.. I don't want to give out any info without first contacting him Charlie--- former 21 Paige Larchmont II owner
  11. I'm sure they will make good choices but I was somewhat frustrated that I could only send one picture .I had searched the internet for pictures of various Chrysler products of different years that used the same part in a much deteriorated state. Also, I'm not sure if my whole narrative of why I thought it would be a good part to reproduce was seen.
  12. Has anyone heard anything about the status of this project .
  13. Lost my email that said when they would get back us on submitted forms. Anyone get a reply yet?
  14. Did anyone who submitted an application have problems uploading more than one image for questions that said upload "images" I could only upload one image