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  1. Just saw how bad the pictures are
  2. This is an original bleeder. I don't know if the bleeder hose is available. The outside screw is removed and the hose threaded into where the outside screw was threaded into the larger bleeder valve. You keep the master cylinder full and loosen the bleeder valve to let air and fluid into the hose( someone pushing the brake down slowly) and into a jar . Keep the hose in a jar with some fluid in it so you dont let air back into it when you close it. There are plenty of videos on how to do the bleeding. I did not have much sucesss with the one man vacuum pump. You can replace the older valves with the newer one piece type.
  3. I don't get that with my stock PA. 50 thousand original miles. I've hit 50( for a short time) with no major engine vibration. Got the "death wobble " once at a lower speed. Scary.
  4. A day late posting. Per the Chrysler Historical records my 1931 Plymouth was built and shipped on July 18th 1931. Shipped to South Salem NY. I bought this car 50 years ago a few miles from South Salem. I found out last year that the dealership that sold my car was in business from 1914 (started with Dodges) and sold cars until 2008 when they lost their franchise due to the economic downturn. The grandson of Tator's Garage is still at the original sight and works on Vipers. There is a rather long youtube video with Chuck Tator. It gets a little political as to why they lost their franchise. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJwLljA_2hI
  5. I don't think that is a horn ring. Possibly a reflection on the passenger glass.
  6. until

    Can't find an address for the show field on meet events.
  7. Just checked inline tube.. They go back to 1932. Damn! Have to check my books to see how much different they are. I know the 32 has a longe wheelbase.
  8. I had seen the brake hoses from luchonota. I was hesitant because of coming from Argentina but I'll give them a try. Got my new cylinders from Bernbaum yesterday. Going to start on the brake lines soon. Thanks for your input
  9. I can only hope that my local Napa would try to match the hoses. I'll probably stick with Dot 3. I've seen some line bending tools online. Not to expensive and didn't look too difficult. Want to get this done so I can take the PA out for a ride on her birthday. July 18th build date per the Chrysler Historical records.
  10. Where did you order brake lines from?
  11. After driving my PA for 50 years I think it's time for a brake system rebuild. I ordered new brake cylinders. After seeing cost of reseleeving and discussions on brass vs stainless steel, I decided to try new ones that are available. I have honed and rebuild my originals or replacements a few times but would like to try new since the old ones seem to leak or seize after a few years. Questions: Does anyone have a part number for a Napa or other supplier for the brake hoses? I see them on ebay for $80.00 for 3 but seems a little pricey. Can I replace the old lines with new pieces if I get a brake line bender? Difficult? Should I use DOT 5 if all new? Anything else to consider? Thanks
  12. My father used to work in White Plains , NY for Paul Willett in 1950's and drove his 1912? Metz in parades and other events. Does anyone know of this car. I have no other information. My brother is trying to locate a picture of Paul and my father at the opening of a bridge on the NY Bronx River parkway. Paul was driving a Model T and my father was in the Metz.
  13. Just finished writing an article for Plymouth Owners Club about my 50 years with my PA sedan and my 50 years with the Plymouth owners Club. Bob Mcmulkin on Long Island was a great source for technical info. when he was Tech advisor for the Club. Bought a fuel pump from Stan in 1972.
  14. Auto zone will not have parts for a 32 Plymouth. Where are you located? Maybe there is an AACA member close to you that can help. Could be many reasons why it won't start. Do you have any pictures of the engine?
  15. Make sure you join the Plymouth Owners Club.
  16. Someone one these forums once said 90% of all of my gas problems were electrical. My 21 Paige 6 cylinder drove me crazy for close to a year. Idled nicely but broke up under load. Took the carb apart at least 6 times. Turned out to be a bad spark plug wire.
  17. I visited the Nethercutt a few years ago. Grand Salon was amazing. The music collection was like nothing you will ever see.
  18. Thanks, Picture is from White Plains NY.
  19. Trying to identify the car in the foreground. Studebaker? Year? Is that the model on the right rear fender?
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