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  1. crazycars

    48 Chrysler speaker

    There are plenty of places that will recone your speaker for a reasonable price. Had mine done, good as new.
  2. crazycars

    Electric Oil Pump for antique cars

    Has anyone ever heard of fitting an antique car with an external, electric oil pump to supplement/replace the original gear driven pump? I was considering this possibility for a 1920's Continental motor with a worn out pump gear drive.
  3. Anyone know where I might be able to purchase an in ground, single center post garage lift? I am trying to avoid having to use a two post lift because of space limitations. Also, the old style, in ground lift, with the adjustable arms is ideally suited for running board cars. The arm ends can be fitted with raised extensions to reach the frame but not crush the running boards. All leads much appreciated.
  4. crazycars

    1928 1929 Durant For Sale Complete or Parts

    Just saw this. I need a Star 6 cylinder motor. Is yours still available?
  5. crazycars

    Looking to rent a 80s/90s vehicle

    I have a very clean, large, 1996 Olds 98, 4 door sedan, no headrests, with bench seats which I would be happy to rent. can provide pictures if needed. Car runs very well, no issues. Just checked: car HAS headrests!! sorry about that!
  6. crazycars

    This is why you should have spare parts

    These old Dodge cars are real bull dogs! Ya gotta love 'em.
  7. crazycars

    Engine and transmision swap.

    These are wonderful cars (I have a model 50) but parts are kind of tough. Maxwell is often very different, too. It's possible that another pressure plate might work. I had mine rebuilt and was surprised to see that it wasn't all that different from other cars of that era. Is yours totally missing or just not functioning. These can be rebuilt. Your best bet is to check with Jay Astheimer in Pen Argyl, PA. He deals with exclusively with parts for these cars and there's a good chance he can help you out. 610-863-6955.
  8. crazycars

    29" DeSoto brakes again

    you need to use a pressure bleeder. This will solve your problem. Been there, done that.
  9. crazycars

    Wanted to buy vacuum advance

    rebuilding services are available, too
  10. crazycars

    Battery Reconditioning

    My question is: did the charge last? I have bought near dead batteries close to 100% but the charge dies within 24 hrs.
  11. crazycars

    Mystery Head Bolt?

    Usually there are only one of these on the rear left side of the head. Ground strap is attached with a smaller bolt to the inside of the odd bolt.
  12. crazycars

    What Do You Use in Your Parts Cleaner?

    Used a home made parts cleaner made from a 55 gallon drum sliced lengthwise, many years. Have had good luck with plain kerosene. Tank has baffles that come up half way and trap the greasy stuff. Kero lasts quite a while and isn't too expensive.
  13. Wow, I cannot believe that you would buy a car like this and no so amazingly little about it! Is this a joke or actually a serious inquiry?
  14. crazycars

    How Many Are Enough?

    Gentlemen, In my defense, I can report that I have made every one of my cars driveable (some were really stuck, too). No vehicle remains exposed to the weather. Problem is, being maxed out, I know I can't buy another and that is torture! (Picture is in jest. I'm nuts but not that nuts)
  15. crazycars

    How Many Are Enough?

    At present, I am up to 15 antique cars ranging from 1915 to 1930, all in need of "something". I have several acres of land and a huge barn which houses most of the cars but have found it necessary to set up four Harbor Freight portable garages to house the rest. My place is starting to look like the circus came to town! Some guys can't walk past a beautiful woman without stopping. I can't walk past an old car without buying! Luckily,I am a pretty skilled amateur mechanic and have a well stocked shop but... Is there a support group for guys like me? an old duffer