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  1. The Belvederes P28-3 series all used the 6 cylinder 230.2 motor
  2. Do you have an engine head for this car? Need one for my 56 Belvedere. I'd consider the whole motor, too. TY.
  3. I own several mid-twenties touring cars all with worn out tops. Anyone have any experience or suggestions where to get tops made?
  4. Only info I can give you is that the starters vary in size from Star and Durant. I replaced a 27 Star motor (6 cyl) with a similar one from a Durant. Both the Star starter and the Star distributor were larger and did not fit the Durant motor. Don Schilling (Starman) in Texas may be able to help you. email him:
  5. excellent condition. issued by Connecticut for 1939 Chevrolet, 4 door sedan, Master 85. In original mailing envelope, has not been transferred to a buyer. $30 free shipping
  6. There are plenty of places that will recone your speaker for a reasonable price. Had mine done, good as new.
  7. Has anyone ever heard of fitting an antique car with an external, electric oil pump to supplement/replace the original gear driven pump? I was considering this possibility for a 1920's Continental motor with a worn out pump gear drive.
  8. Anyone know where I might be able to purchase an in ground, single center post garage lift? I am trying to avoid having to use a two post lift because of space limitations. Also, the old style, in ground lift, with the adjustable arms is ideally suited for running board cars. The arm ends can be fitted with raised extensions to reach the frame but not crush the running boards. All leads much appreciated.
  9. Just saw this. I need a Star 6 cylinder motor. Is yours still available?
  10. I have a very clean, large, 1996 Olds 98, 4 door sedan, no headrests, with bench seats which I would be happy to rent. can provide pictures if needed. Car runs very well, no issues. Just checked: car HAS headrests!! sorry about that!
  11. These old Dodge cars are real bull dogs! Ya gotta love 'em.
  12. These are wonderful cars (I have a model 50) but parts are kind of tough. Maxwell is often very different, too. It's possible that another pressure plate might work. I had mine rebuilt and was surprised to see that it wasn't all that different from other cars of that era. Is yours totally missing or just not functioning. These can be rebuilt. Your best bet is to check with Jay Astheimer in Pen Argyl, PA. He deals with exclusively with parts for these cars and there's a good chance he can help you out. 610-863-6955.
  13. you need to use a pressure bleeder. This will solve your problem. Been there, done that.
  14. rebuilding services are available, too
  15. My question is: did the charge last? I have bought near dead batteries close to 100% but the charge dies within 24 hrs.