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  1. 1961 Galaxy rear bumper wanted. need not be show, just a driver. TY.
  2. one pair excellent condition headlight lenses from 1939 Buick. $60 plus postage
  3. Experimented with a rusty, gunked up Studebaker gas tank. Added a full gallon of white vinegar to empty tank, let it sit for four days swishing it around every so often. Drained it and washed it out well with the garden hose. Result: super clean tank down to clean metal in most places. Total cost: about $1.59. I'll let it dry in the sun for a few days and then I will add gas tank sealer. I honestly didn't think it would work but it did.
  4. looking for automatic trans for my 1961 Ford Galaxie with 292 Y Block engine. Cruisomatic 3 speed trans.
  5. Looking for automatic transmission for my 1961 Ford Galaxie with 292 Y Block. Cruisomatic 3 speed.
  6. Picked up a 1961 Galaxie project, 292 Y Block, missing the flex plate and the torque converter. Judging from the selector shift, appears to be a Cruisomatic 2 speed AT. Any leads greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Located a 1959 292 cu in Y Block motor from a pu truck and planning to install it in my 1961 Galaxy with AT. Would appreciate advice on necessary modifications, if any. Thank you!!
  8. From what I've found, the gentleman is right; Ford didn't put 312s in trucks. For 1956 it was: 223, 239, 256, 272, 279 motors.
  9. Any of you folks know if a 1956 Ford 312 truck motor could replace a 292 Y Block motor in a 1961 Ford car? All replies greatly appreciated. TY.
  10. Thank you. I will do a closer inspection. I'll bet you're right.
  11. I purchased a partially restored 1930 Standard Roadster a while back and I noticed that the rear fenders don't have support braces. There are no holes anywhere on the fenders or the body for the braces to mount. Did Ford ever make Model A's without rear fender braces? All answers greatly appreciated!
  12. Can a later model T Ford transmission be used in an earlier (1922) Model T ? I know there is a difference in the width of one drum but I don't know if this is an issue. All answers appreciated!
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