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  1. Hello Mark, Thanks for sharing this link. I didn't know that it existed. I really appreciate it. Ken
  2. Hello Craig, Thanks for the info on Evinrude outboard motor trim. I would have never guessed that. I really appreciate you letting me know. Ken
  3. Thanks Keiser - That makes sense to me.
  4. caddyshack & roysboystoys, thanks for the education. It is very interesting to learn what the notches are for and the tool used to tighten the cap. Thanks again
  5. Roysboystoys, thanks again for answer my question. I really appreciate your time
  6. So I have another question on this trim I am hoping someone can help me with. One is approximately 14" long and the other one is approximately 13" long. So I don't think they are matching pair. The shorter one with the black paint has additional ribs I think I have confirmed is for a 56/57 Chevy. Any thoughts on what the other trim application is for would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. Hello TexRiv-63, Thanks for the thoughtful reply. I really enjoying learning about these parts I find and their application. I found the quantity of the points on the crown especially interesting. Thanks again
  8. Lump - my question could have been clearer for sure. I was trying to figure out if indeed this was a hubcap and what year it is for? Lump and DFeeney thanks for the reply and sharing your thoughts with me.
  9. Lump and Roysboystoys thanks for sharing your knowledge with me. Thanks - Ken
  10. The trim was in the same box with a piece of trim d Lark
  11. Thanks 28 Chrysler & Mark Wetherbee for sharing your knowledge with me.
  12. Hi Mark, Wear would install this accessory? Thanks Ken
  13. Prewar40, was kind enough to confirm the manufacturer years and models of a head lamp I had in a parts lot. This mirror was in the same lot, and some research shows this mirror might go with a Durant 610. I have seen similar clocks in a panel without a mirror. I am wondering how these were used in the car in addition car model and year it pairs with. Thanks for your help - Ken
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