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  1. Arrived today zip 77659. There was no postmark on it but the cover card inside the plastic sleeve said it was mailed on 5/7.
  2. Still no magazine I guess I need to call and ask for another one. I don't care when it comes as long as it does. I enjoy them cover to cover. This much time is strange though. I belong to some book swap clubs and send and receive books via media mail, which is really cheap so I assume travel via the USPS cheapest means of transportation. I've shipped and received books to and from all fifty states probably, and nothing in my memory has taken as long as these AACA magazines seem to take?
  3. You aren't the only one Bob. We've been going for eighteen years setting up a table with dual quad setups on it in the swap area. Space #2.
  4. Decide what you want and go to Carfax, plug that model in, the max mileage you want to see, the max distance you are willing to drive to pick it up, and then click "go". I'm on my second certified used Duramax pickup, both with under 13k miles when I got them, and will never buy another way. I saved thousands on each truck.
  5. I just received an issue of Antique Automobile in the mail but it is the March/April issue? Just now I looked at the online issues and the "current" one that can be viewed by members is the January/February issue. Obviously the online issue needs to be updated. When will the May/June issues be mailed. FYI I renewed my membership late this year so that may be why I received the March/April issue just this week?
  6. I went the other direction and bought one of these ten or twelve years ago and no regrets. I think it was $1499 when I bought it but it is up to $2299 now. I store early 60s big Pontiacs on it and while I've changed out transmissions under it I also have a 2 post so it is 99% for storage. It is Chinese. https://www.gregsmithequipment.com/4-Post-Deluxe-Automotive-Storage-Lift
  7. I just delete emails like that and hang up immediately on all of the extended warranty, credit card service, medical insurance, etc. etc. calls I get. Wife does the same.
  8. What the folks said above nice machine, restore it and get it running, they have a following. I wish I were closer to you I would try to talk you out of it.
  9. This fellow repaired a '60s Pontiac cast iron factory performance exhaust manifold for me and did a great job. Not cheap. Click around on his site and look as some of his past work. https://www.therestorationshoponline.com/
  10. You never did give us the dimensions? I have a FedEx account and put in 30lbs from Miami to Clackamas and it was $42.45 FedEx ground. I ship car stuff from SE Texas to all points and have never paid over $100 for anything. Two Pontiac heads are about $85 no matter where I send them.
  11. Put "1966 Fairlane site:craigslist.org" (or "1967") in your search engine there are a number for sale online right now. Scroll down through probably ten pages of listings. I looked last night and there was one very nice red one but I don't recall where it was.
  12. Disregard my question I also put this on a Pontiac forum and someone bought it.
  13. I think this is a '50s Pontiac exhaust elbow but it could be any GM model? If anyone knows I would appreciate their telling me. $25 + shipping.