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  1. I think we have pretty well pinned the timeframes down despite the lack of date, but I agree it would be nice to know for sure. Dad continues to have a bit of a rebound. No telling how long it will last, but I’m enjoying the visits while he’s doing better. I know he may not be with us much longer. I believe he had an infection, followed by a stroke. They don’t know for sure and they don’t really have a specific cause for him becoming ill, but he did suffer a fall before he became sick a few months ago. It’s an emotional rollercoaster at times, made more difficult since I’m the only family member involved. My new job is going very well and I can work from home, so that is making life much easier than when I was working a much more demanding job 5 hours away from him. Plus I’m helping Seniors have a more secure retirement, and it’s really gratifying to see the relief it brings them. My former realtor and lender clients have been referring a good stream of people for me to share the program information with. I’m glad I moved back to be closer with him. Thank you for asking. Thank you very much for the prayers and support for him! Here’s a pic I took on his birthday, the 11th of August.
  2. These are sought after but I agree, post on bring a trailer or eBay to find a lot more potential buyers!
  3. Can anyone ID any of the cars? This is McMinnville, Or, where I live. Many of these buildings still stand on 3rd St.
  4. Welcome back. People were worried about your absence! 😎
  5. It’s such a rollercoaster. I think I’m loosing him, then he gets better. I’m sorry to hear about your mom.
  6. Thanks and I know it’s worth it. The lapse has more to do with being overwhelmed with responsibilities and putting my wants on the back burner. I will call tomorrow if the don’t answer my email. Thank you!
  7. It’s called style tones and I take it that it’s not very common to find. Also, today is dad’s birthday. He has improved significantly in the last few days. I never thought I’d see him this well again. 💕
  8. I solved this mystery. The code is ZEZ. (Bottom, middle, roof) per color codes from jerry’s website. He is the premiere restorer of these cars. Read in small print lower left.
  9. That doesn’t even include me because I’ve been having trouble getting into the site to renew and it’s kind of been on the back burner. I emailed them recently to fix it. I miss the magazine.
  10. @JackM, the front looked pretty good when I cleaned it! I hear what you are saying though. Beautiful car.
  11. How many feet? How much age and wear on the tires? When was the last time the breaks and bearings were maintained? Look on Craigslist and FB for comparable sales prices.
  12. Very similar in Oregon and as someone in Title insurance over 15 years and very familiar with insurance regulations, you are 💯 about them varying by state. ✔️ I’d recommend that the original poster get info from his insurance company on such an important matter.
  13. And the Model T community obviously knows and trusts you as is evident by your Facebook page. ✔️
  14. In Oregon, my truck insurance also insures the trailer and contents, even out of state and even with my dad’s cars and trailers. I checked with my company and tried to buy separate trailer insurance. I’ve been stopped multiple times hauling a car. None of the cops questioned the car or the trailer. They probably could, but is it likely? Does anyone know anyone where that happened? FYI, stops were for driving in the wrong lane while towing, loose license plate on trailer (one bolt went missing and another for speeding. Luckily I got warnings each time. Then there was the one stop with @JackM in Texas with no trailer, but my son owns the truck, not me. (I’m on the insurance but the cops can’t tell from the insurance card). No one cared. Interestingly, however, driving a Tundra in TX with Oregon plates and a cover on the bed, makes you a drug dealer. 🤷‍♀️ Also no ticket.
  15. And the contents even if they are not yours? I have JC Taylor’s for the antique cars, but my trailer is not an antique and they won’t cover the cars once on any trailer. Just curious.