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  1. Well at least it’s not like me. After I asked this question, i asked a million more and you couldn’t get rid of me. 🤣
  2. Thanks Frank, yes, the Spyder. I did already buy a fuel pump. I think I’m going to have to sideline this project for a bit. In the meantime I will work on getting correct parts. I appreciate all the info from you and the rest of the guys also.
  3. It’s a Corvair. We plan to get a new tank, fuel lines, sender and probably a carb.
  4. Every time I moved a car I told the insurance company the address of where it was. Ask the insurance company and get it in writing.
  5. Thank you! My friend said he couldn’t even blow air in the fuel line.
  6. Has anyone ever found a black, tar like substance in the fuel line? This car has been stored 30+ years in a hot summer climate. (Central Texas). Could an additive do this? Plan to replace gas tank, sender and fuel lines as well as the carb most likely as next steps.
  7. IMHO, Crankshaft is way better than Hemmings these days. I grew up with Hemmings and frequently read it as a child, but it’s just not what it used to be. OTOH, Crankshaft may not have car ads (don’t we all look online now anyway?), but it has beautiful page stock and photos along with several articles about all kinds of cars that are sure to peak almost anyone’s interest. Also of note is that the advertising is kept to a minimum. It’s truly a classy publication and I encourage everyone here to subscribe.
  8. Honestly, I was surprised myself. I have a standard 2 car in my 1995 home. I tried it the first time because I didn’t want it to get stuck and not be able to get it back in my garage. Turns out I’ve had very little issues with the top aside from one time when I had to manually close it. Jack did some adjustments a couple years ago and it’s been good since. The folks at the Skyliner Club say that they are more reliable then most think. I do want to have the mechanics for the top gone through and a few things replaced soon though. It appears it’s been a while. It’s been in the family s
  9. I can raise and lower my Skyliner top in my standard size garage also. 👍 I’m pretty sure it was easily ordered back in the day. There was a manufacturer making repos until a few years ago. I should have bought some when I had the chance.
  10. Thanks for letting us know how your trip went. I was searching for this thread to see how it went.
  11. Yes well I probably should have kept all the NOS parts, but same. Selling them they way we did was probably for the best. Would have been different if I’d have lived closer. Hope your doing well. Thanks for installing the tub and all the other stuff you’ve done on the Retractable BTW!
  12. This isn’t my car, found these pics on Google that show the rear tub and luggage. BTW, if anyone has the luggage, I’d love to find some. 💗
  13. I’ve seen fender skirts like this on some cars. Not factory. I’ve heard this areas is notorious for rust, so likely done to repair the area. I can tell there was some work on my car in this area also.
  14. Oh, my mistake, I stand corrected.
  15. Curious what you did with all the tune up parts you got from me? I know you sold the cabinet, but didn’t you keep the plugs and other stuff?
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