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  1. My boyfriend had a Chevy van and he almost tipped it over coming down a steep and curvy mountain road! 😱 He was going too fast.
  2. @Robert Street That is Lovely! How kind of you to make someone’s day even more special!
  3. I read these scenes were ad libbed and Harvey Korman laughed so hard in the dentist skit, that Tim said he peed his pants. He said you can see it, but my phone is too small. 😂
  4. As far as the ad, just want to remind everyone that some Russian dude was stealing pics off eBay and posting them for sale somewhere else. One was a car I posted. I sued him and won, thanks to an attorney friend. Pretty much looks like a similar thing here. Reverse search for Google images is an easy was to see if a pic was stolen.
  5. Just curious why the Kaiser Darrin is so valuable? I don’t know much about them. Not my personal taste, but obviously they have a strong following.
  6. What a beauty, love the color. You are not late, some areas are just starting to see spring like weather.
  7. More than once I’ve said I wish dad had one of these instead of the Retractable. Love this year Tbird! (The Retractable has grown on me though).
  8. My father was an avid Vette collector back in my childhood with 7 total. Although the 58 remains my fav, even topping his 63 sw, I do like the style of yours a lot. (The 80’s vets were ugly!)
  9. Yes, Oregon right now, but spent time in Texas, so I hear you. We’d love to see a pic.
  10. Wow, some beautiful drop tops. Thanks everyone for posting and keep ‘em coming. It’s so fun to see pics of everyone’s rides! 👍👏👏