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  1. Yes the Pacific War Museum is really cool. There are 3 parts and I believe you get a 2 day admission. My father enjoyed it very much. We never made it down the road to the village part, but the rest of it was really cool. I bought my father a book about war airplanes in the gift shop that he really enjoyed. He retired from the Air Force. This museum is another must see if you have the time. My dads place was 20 minutes away in Harper and I love Fredericksburg. I plan to visit there again. You can get some really great BBQ in LLano at Coopers. It’s always on the top lists for Texas BB
  2. Hey man, he gets a new car, she does a little shopping. Sounds fair to me. 🤷‍♀️
  3. Take the wife, she will love the weather and the quaint shops in Fredricksburg! Also, Lukenbach is close by. I like to see the Riverwalk in San Antonio when I go also.
  4. I believe you are referring to “Street Dreams”. I’ve been there many times and I know they sell a lot of cars because the local DMV office is where I went regarding my dad’s cars and I saw the paperwork in their “inbox”. Yes, they have their own inbox at the DMV. The cars I saw all looked really nice and all the cars were high dollar. I asked them if they were interested in buying any of my dads cars and their offers were really low because obviously they want to make a big profit. I get the sense that you will pay much more from them then you would a private party. Austin and San
  5. This ‘63 Spyder had NH plates from the 80’s and sat in this isolated “lien to”, as my dad called it, until I drug it home with me last June. His ‘48 Jeepster Jack bought had sat about that long also. I feel like all my dad’s cars were barn finds because he forgot he had them due to his Alzheimer’s and I didn’t know he had so many. Some had more dust then others, but all had been sitting between 5-40 years. I discovered his second barn or garage more then a week after I got there and it had several cars in it also. Here are a few pics of how I found some. Aside from washing them and s
  6. My father was a big fan of many American made cars. Having grown up in Dearborn Heights, His first car was a ‘50 Ford when he was 14. He had hundreds of cars in his lifetime. Often buying rust free, mint cars in the south and hauling them back to NE on his empty flatbed. He’d then sell them when the right buyer came along. The biggest influence he had on me for cars was to buy American and a very fond love of his ‘58 Corvette, as well as classic cars in general. I do own a Tundra now and chuckle a little that it hauled so many of his American cars to Oregon. Although, it was assemble
  7. So after looking at pics of a lot of other cars with kits, I’m thinking mine doesn’t look nearly as bad. 👍
  8. Ha! I would not sit on it. I think it would break. 🤣
  9. I haven’t kept up with the area since I moved in ‘91 to the left coast.
  10. Thanks. It doesn’t interfere with the top. It’s just so big... I call it the “back porch”. 😆 I like the proportions of the car better without one. The car is already so long in the back to accommodate the roof. I won’t make any major changes to my dad’s car though, so it’s staying. I’m sure he would have taken it off if he didn’t like it.
  11. Hi guys, I thought you might like watching this video of Exeter, NH in the 40’s. Lots of older cars make an appearance. I especially like the fire trucks. On a side note, I grew up about 40 minutes from this town. It’s a neat view into life back in the day. https://www.onlyinyourstate.com/new-hampshire/1940s-nh-video/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=new-hampshire&utm_campaign=newsletter&utm_content=nltitle2
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