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  1. Loosing my dad has been the hardest thing I’ve dealt with in life. All of the issues I’ve had to, and continue to, deal with makes it harder. I will be so happy if I make it through liquidating his estate and can recover emotionally. It’s been so long since I’ve felt like myself. It’s all been too much for one person to deal with. I probably would have been okay with loosing my daddy or dealing with his stuff, but both has been overwhelming.
  2. I had some fun but probably not as wild as most of you guys. 😂 My daddy raised me pretty strict.
  3. You might want to read this. Their business model is suspect.
  4. I actually did go out Saturday and have a couple teas with Brandy, honey and lemon. It was cold and it even snowed, (a few flakes) that night. My dad used to make that for me when I had a cold when I was a teen. For the record, I didn’t steal a cab and I didn’t go through any road blocks. My real life is much tamer than that these days. 😂
  5. I definitely do. I had a rough day today, missing dad. I often come here when I feel sad. I feel like many of you are my surrogate family. I am currently dealing with some serious challenges. I rarely asked dad for help, but I always knew if I did need him, he would be there for me. He unintentionally left me in a bind and he was the only one I could turn to on days like today when challenges seem insurmountable. I am grateful that I have you guys to lift my spirit when I need it. 💕
  6. 15” seems right according to this:
  7. I’m hoping for something closer. Florida is about as far away from portland as you can get and stay in the Continental US. Thanks though. Carl, he said that’s what he needs? 🤷‍♀️
  8. @Paul Dobbin, do you realize a power of attorney is not valid once someone is incapacitated in some states? I had to get Guardianship in Oregon to make his medical decisions even though I had medical power of attorney. Actually temporary and permanent due to an urgent medical issue. It costs $12k. Waste of money.
  9. @Dynaflash8, where are you located? How old are the tires? Thanks!
  10. Have a friend looking for a ‘50 Ford. I could trade used 14” bias wide whites if that helps. Looking in Washington/Oregon area. I know it’s a long shot but thought I’d throw it out there.
  11. It really depends on the situation. What if you don’t pass, but become terminally ill and someone has to sell the cars to pay for your medical bills? What if you’re too sick or have dementia and can’t help? What if your wife or other people you planned to deal with things became unreliable and another family member, who lives cross country has to put their life on hold and loose almost 1/2 million dollars in income to deal with your $300k estate of old cars. Each situation is unique, but please make sure you anticipate things like that.
  12. Enjoy your cars, but I beg you to have a plan in place for the person in charge of dealing with the sale of the cars on your behalf. I have PTSD as a result of all I went through for my father. Dealing with selling his collection to pay for his care, while I was grieving and caring for him and watching his decline, nearly destroyed me. It was a hardship in the midst of a very tough time emotionally. I’m still recovering and I suspect I will be for the rest of my life.