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  1. It might be overpriced now. I wasn’t thinking my Skyliner was worth that much. To me, it’s priceless, of course. I agree the first post was a deal.
  2. Oh man, that Sunliner! 💕💜 Too bad it’s not still available. I’m guessing @Amberly would have liked it.
  3. I have researched Jeepsters and sold a project to Jack that I want to buy back when he’s done working on it. It does have a following and caught a lot of attention when I had it. (I had it but didn’t drive it). Jack, how fast does the 48 go? What kind of response do you get when you drive it from others? Is it a conversation piece in crowds? I’d imagine it is. Many stopped to see it outside my dad’s garage. I love that thing. I also have a Corvair project similar to the one you posted, but a 63 Turbo Convertible. We must have similar taste. You will get honest advice here, but remember, buy what speaks to you and take your time. Some like common cars (there are tons of tri-five chevies and mustangs at shows), but it’s so much more fun IMHO to drive something a little unusual like the Corvair or Jeepster. These are great guys and will comment on any car you are interested in and help you evaluate the condition. They helped me sell many of my father’s cars. As for value, we sometimes disagreed and I always stuck to my guns and often got more than was expected when I sold. Point being, value depends on what we each like. Just something to keep in mind that we are all prejudice in our own ways on value. My advice? Watch the rust and get something not messed with as others said. Buy what really speaks to you, even if it’s not a bargain. Then enjoy it!
  4. This is beautiful. I hope it found a good home.
  5. He called it “repositionable”. Is there something I should ask?
  6. Good to know. They do both but say the vinyl is easier on the car and cheaper. Thinking of putting “Let’s Go To The Hop”. On the top and cut off later?
  7. I found a sign place that can do removable vinyl for the doors. (It’s a relatively new process). A pair for $60. They even said we could put “Welcome to the 50’s” at the top and they’d cut it off later! The same place wanted $150-200 to add a logo to a blank tire cover. I called back to ask about vinyl and that’s when I found out about this new process. i wasn’t sure about magnetic signs. Does anyone have experience?
  8. Does anyone know where i could get a cover for this kit that I can get a logo on. I didn’t see that option on JC Whitney. I found plain covers, but don’t know if they’d fit over the metal cover. I’m looking for a way to advertise a company without harming the car. Several of my coworkers are going to a 50’s themed industry event in poodle skirts.
  9. Which cars were the really good ones that sold? He had so many in Austin, I can’t imagine what else he would have had. What a collector. It makes me sad to see this place closed. Here is a pic of dad there.
  10. The pops ups are from the Hill country website which is where I found the link to the auction. It has nothing to do with the auction. Sorry guys.
  11. The pop ups are not happening on my iPhone. Sorry about that. Here is a link to the first million in assets being auctioned off: The remaining 10 million will be auctioned at a later time.
  12. I brought my father here and have been back a few times.
  13. Although I am not well to do, the value of the car means nothing to me. In fact, I lost more of my money than his cars where worth, to take the time off work and find them good homes. This was his favorite, so I’ve been getting work done on it to keep it in good working order. I feel like it’s my duty to preserve it to his standards. I can’t bear the thought of selling it, and even pay to store it since I had to relocate to go back to work. I am trying to enjoy it, but it mostly comes out just to maintain it. Rarely I take it for a cruise. My father is still alive, and it’s a bittersweet reminder of his condition. I adore the car because of his affection for it. I have always shared his enjoyment of classic cars.
  14. Here’s another ‘57. I saw this on a movie tonight.
  15. I don’t send Christmas cards but I have this on my desk at work.