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  1. What am I working on now...well, joining AACA. Hello from the noobie (with the raggedy manicure: nice nails and old cars don't mix). Last week I was dealing with broken wheel studs on my 2010 Prius. This week more interesting (and less need to Get It Running NOW!) - it's time for my 1941 Plymouth P12 to pass Mass inspection again, and...the horn's been flaky, and the headlight I used a modern NAPA connector on wasn't working. So I've got two old original connectors and I am redoing the headlight and horn wiring. Right now, just enough to pass inspection. 6 volt systems aren't a problem. Good grounds, good connections, and big enough wire is all you need. The first two tend to need attention. Every iffy ground, loose connection, or short piece of 18 gauge in the circuit adds to the voltage drop. It's a long run to the headlights, and you need to have clean "pipes" and solid connections so the electricity gets there. (Or worse, it lets the magic smoke out!) I have lots of pictures of sections of wiring, but it's all for study now - pictures later, I suppose. That said, I think a relay for the headlights is a good addition. Half the voltage is twice the amperage, as Mx. Ohm said. I do think I am going to give up on the 1965 Cub Cadet project.
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