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    1941 Plymouths; pre-WWI Eastern European recordings; archaic musical instruments; and the NEQGCC. But why is my gender relevant?

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  1. What am I working on now...well, joining AACA. Hello from the noobie (with the raggedy manicure: nice nails and old cars don't mix). Last week I was dealing with broken wheel studs on my 2010 Prius. This week more interesting (and less need to Get It Running NOW!) - it's time for my 1941 Plymouth P12 to pass Mass inspection again, and...the horn's been flaky, and the headlight I used a modern NAPA connector on wasn't working. So I've got two old original connectors and I am redoing the headlight and horn wiring. Right now, just enough to pass inspection. 6 volt systems aren
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