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  1. Parts carb for 1926~27 Chrysler 70. Jon.
  2. More good news, is that your power valve probably did not function with the Rochester pump, and should with the correct pump. Jon.
  3. The pump on the left is a modern (1964 or newer) Rochester pump, not a Stromberg. Obviously, the work of Dr. Goodpliers (the evil twin of Mr. Goodwrench). The pump on the right appears to be one of many different Stromberg pumps. Jon
  4. Unless someone replaced the points with an electronic whizbang, then yes, points would be in the distributor. If the points go out of adjustment (wear, burn, etc.) that throws the timing out of adjustment. Improper timing can cause an intake valve to be open when a cylinder fires, creating a backfire. Jon.
  5. Do a compression test, then an ignition test before throwing rocks at the carburetor And while there are some really sharp folks here, and we are glad to have you; there is a site specifically for the I.H.C. that might have folks that own similar vehicles. IHC website Jon
  6. Awk - please don't remind me of octal. My place of employment about 45 years ago used a Burroughs mainframe, with Datapoint intelligent terminals scattered about the state. NO INTERFACE FROM DATAPOINT TO BURROUGHS! But there was a Burroughs/IBM interface that generally worked and a Datapoint/IBM interface. The B/I interface would not transfer reports. Had to write a conversion from Burroughs hex through IBM hex to Datapoint octal. Still cringe when I remember. And you are a year older than I, I must respect my elders! Let's return to cars Jon
  7. Padgett - I love hex. Before my last birthday I was still in my 40's. Jon.
  8. While the item was not invented in my lifetime, the need for the item evolved in my personal lifetime. Locks Jon
  9. There are 10 types of computer folks. Those that understand binary Those who do not Jon.
  10. Zenith HN Jon
  11. If you can find the stamped identification number, a kit should be no problem. Also, can furnish the 1931 8-64 carb, but not the heat riser. Jon.
  12. I have wrestled with trying to answer Narve N's question without offending anyone, and this is the best I can do: The 6 universal Carter type BB-1 carbs I mentioned in my first post have been in demand for 50 years, and pretty well completely dried up (I have been out for at least 20 years). But there is a demand! So some folks are reproducing tags, others are reproducing the adjustable main jets, and still others are buying the reproduction parts, adding them to non-universal BB-1's, and selling them to unknowing folks that look only at the bottom line. The internals o
  13. I had to go back and read the entire thread, as I remembered someone was concerned about fuel mileage, but I see it was Narve N. LPG has an AKI (anti knock index, a.k.a. octane rating) of 104. It will perform best in engines with at LEAST 10 to 1 compression, more than 10 is better. LPG has an energy content of 91,500 Btu/gallon, compared to 117,600 for gasoline. And yes, I DO HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH LPG as a (haha) motor fuel, enough to last 100 lifetimes; but no, I have no experience with LPG and your engine. Good luck! Jon
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