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  1. Rusty 12: YOU. NAILED. IT!! I will never understand the mentality of vendors who drive hundreds of miles, take hours to set up, then leave at the slightest bit of discomfort due to weather, let alone a pessimistic attitude about selling prospects for the day. And, as Billorn stated, the people out in the rain truly are looking for something they need, rather than something they can flip. Was talking about this at dinner one night last week in Hershey, and my cohorts shared in agreement with my lament: we have gotten SOFT. Man, in the old days, when you really had to deal with the Hershey Mud and all? This is, relatively speaking, a picnic as opposed to trudging around in winter boots and all...
  2. Annie, it was great (and certainly a stroke of luck) to meet you and your husband at the banquet on Saturday evening. One of those "small world" moments. And I did see he captured my car, (high beams and all) coming in for the show on Saturday morning. One of my most common refrains from over the years, that when I first bought my classic over two decades ago, I could never have foreseen how many wonderful people from near and far that I would meet through my old car. It is borne out every year in Hershey, where I meet up with old friends, and make new ones. As important a part of the hobby as the vehicles themselves. Good luck in your search for your new old classic! Mike
  3. After 10 am, the rest of the day was partly sunny (or partly cloudy, depending on the optimist or pessimist in you), and in the mid-50s. Here's what it looked like for most of the afternoon, up to the end of the show...
  4. Here are front and back pictures of the vehicle; note the location adjacent to the Giant Center, and that the owner appears to be from Pennsylvania, per the antique license plates...
  5. Once again, a wonderful week in Hershey, and a fantastic show on Saturday. Thanks to all who brought their vehicles in spite of the early precipitation, and for those who attended from near and far just to check out what was on the show field...
  6. You are, of course, indeed correct. Mind fart when I posted it. If I can edit the original post, I will. Thanks for the correction.
  7. Representing a friend who wants to sell this to a someone who will bring this luxury vehicle back to its former glory. Cameo Green, Ivy Gold interior, 62,000 miles, have original Vehicle Warranty Identification Card, some original documentation and maintenance, and Marti Report. 462 V-8, power steering, power windows, power vent windows, 6-way power seats, power door locks, air conditioning (not working), tinted glass, AM radio, disc brakes, limited slip differential. Recent work includes newly refurbished gas tank and new sending unit, brake and exhaust work, new battery, and general tune-up. Asking $18,000, negotiable. I currently am at Fall Hershey, vehicle is located in Battle Creek, Michigan. Contact me by email if interested or have any questions, at for more information. Thanks, Mike
  8. 1992 Chevrolet Camaro convertible, 305, five-speed manual, 36,000 miles, runs and drives beautifully, clutch and transmission feels great! Asking $13,500 or best offer. Contact Randal at 719-214-7892, Pueblo, Colorado
  9. Let's see--where was I at Fall Hershey... I know--all over the place!
  10. A friend of mine has had a 1963 Lincoln Continental for two years now, and only recently found that the gasoline gauge is not working; she had both the gas tank and the sending unit replaced after purchasing the car, which had sat dormant for about a decade and saw limited driving during the 35 years before. The gauge worked fine for most of the two years since, until she found that she ran out of gas with a reading of about a quarter of a tank in it recently. She has also purchased a 1967 Lincoln Continental convertible, and the gas gauge on it is not working as well. Would these possibly be grounding issues? Any troubleshooting tips would be appreciated... Thanks, Mike
  11. Moving this one back to the top; my friend has recently purchased a 1967 Lincoln Continental convertible, and has a stuck side window on the rear driver's side. Are there special considerations regarding the power windows on the convertibles during these years? Please offer any troubleshooting tips for either the '63 or the '67. Thank you...
  12. On the chance any of my many friends and acquaintances I look forward to seeing each October are reading this, unfortunately I will be at home (actually, my Mom's house), as I will be missing Fall Hershey for the first time in 15 years. Long story short, I slipped and fell while working in mid-August, and had surgery at start of September to reattach quad muscle tendon to left kneecap. I am recovering nicely, but on the IR list for the rest of the old car season, which includes my very favorite event of the year in Hershey. I will be thinking of everyone, and please ENJOY your stay in Hershey, and hoping for great weather over there this coming week. I hope someone will start a thread for posting pictures (and hey, even video) of the swap meet and of course the Car Show on Saturday, as that will be the next best thing to being there. ?
  13. The link below deciphers the Lincoln VIW Plate codes, of that is of help in answering my question. Thanks again for any answers or clues that can be provided...