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  1. I appreciate that these are tabulated and published so promptly… https://aaca.org/images/meet_results/2021/2021_Eastern_Fall_Hershey.pdf
  2. This year’s edition of Fall Hershey was, in several ways, the most gratifying one of the nearly twenty October visits I’ve made to the best classic motor vehicle event in existence. Perhaps it was much sweeter because we were not able to enjoy things last year; maybe it was because there seemed to be some sense of actual normalcy, even though (sadly) our friends to the north and around the world faced restrictions from attending. But it was also the way things fell so nicely into place, regarding the weather prognostications that seemed to tell us we faced gloom and rains each day—none of which ever manifested itself, save for a brief fifteen minute or so light misty drizzle on Saturday morning, a couple of hours before judging commenced. Even the drive home on Sunday, which was also to be as problematic with rains as Saturday was supposed to be but never was, ended up being clear (well, cloudy and foggy, but no rain!) sailing. Finally, it was gratifying to spend the week with my good friends from Pennsylvania at the swap meet each day, and I am pretty sure everyone whom I knew was at the show who knew me, took the time to visit me on Saturday during the show, and somehow found me during the times I was actually at my car, and not galavanting around taking as many pictures as I could of all the beautiful examples of classics that I do admire and love. I could literally post hundreds of pictures, but I will limit them to a couple of my 1962 Oldsmobile Starfire Coupe, my pride and joy. And as always, while I am basking in the glow of another Hershey Week in the books, I am already looking forward to next year. I hope everyone had as wonderful of a time as I did, and made it home safely.
  3. The forecast literally changes every single day. Last week things for Hershey week were perfect. Then it was going to rain every day. Then this morning (9/30, see screen shot below), every day from Tuesday through Saturday (10/5-10/9) only had a 24% chance of rain each day (not 23% or 25%, don’t ask me why. And now, we are currently back to rain on several days. You’re better off flipping a coin, it seems…
  4. More outstanding clear color footage of the event from 60 years ago(!). The Hershey smokestacks can be seen puffing away in the background, and there are a few glimpses here and there of then-new and recent vehicles which would be a fantastic addition to the Car Show today…
  5. Found this on YouTube; says it’s from the Fall Hershey Show on October 8th, 1960. Some history and nostalgia to reflect back on over six decades later. Enjoy!
  6. Just tried calling Duke’s. It said the mailbox was full and not accepting messages. Not a good sign…
  7. I don’t live near the area, but I did check out a few of the places that we have frequented over the years; the only one on that list that says it was closed “permanently” was Duke’s at the east end of town. But I just looked it up again, and it says they are open? Go figure. All the others we go to seem to be up and running (Fenicci’s, Funck’s, Primanti Brothers, A&M Pizza; we’re maybe going to try A Taste Of Sicily in Palmyra). Maybe someone in the area can clarify the situation regarding Duke’s…
  8. Every year, someone starts a thread regarding what we are doing regarding our excursion to Fall Hershey, whether it be vending or taking a vehicle to show or sell, etc., so I might as well get the ball rolling. Should be a fun and lengthy list of postings by the time October rolls around and The Week is here. As per usual, I plan on arriving on Tuesday afternoon, and spending the next three days canvassing the swap meet and car corral, covering as much ground as I am able. Then, come early Saturday morning at the crack of dawn, will make my way to the show field with my 1962 Oldsmobile Starfire Coupe, as I take part in the greatest car show on Earth. I have attended Fall Hershey for 20 years, only missing last year, and five years ago when I was recuperating from knee surgery. I look forward to seeing everyone there, and reading what you’ve posted regarding your plans.
  9. Excellent, and thanks for the quick actions and response. And let me take this occasion to say (and speak on behalf of many, I am certain) that I/We FULLY APPRECIATE everything that you do to make Fall Hershey the one-of-a-kind event that it has been for many decades. It is a gargantuan effort, I am sure (having organized local shows is enough of a task, and that is relatively minuscule in comparison). Already counting the days until October! Mike
  10. Thank you Pat. Now, my dilemma. Can you or someone a.) please contact the Hershey Region AACA and obtain my registration and payment, and send the SASE confirmation to return to me, and b.) notify the Hershey Region AACA to update and correct the information that I posted above that clearly states to send Car Show Meet Registration to the Post Office Box mentioned in the attachment from their website? Surely others will do the same as I have done if this is not corrected promptly. Thank you; I look forward to the confirmation of my requests, and that my registration is obtained and accepted. Mike
  11. Thanks for the response; however, I already mailed the registration and payment to the Post Office Box above as requested and listed at the Hershey AACA website. So I trust that I (they) am (are) correct, or that whoever opens my letter will forward it to Rich Spina if that is indeed the case as Pat Buckley has indicated. Can someone involved with the Car Show Registration please clarify/confirm what needs to be done for others registering for the Saturday Meet? Thank You, Mike
  12. Did some additional digging by accessing the Hershey AACA site, and found my answer…
  13. Hello everyone! As I do every July 1st for the last two decades (save for last year), I go to the AACA website and register my car for Fall Hershey. Printed up the cards, and am ready to mail my registration and check in with my SASE for confirmation. My (dumb) question is: to what address do I send this? Seems to me there was a PO Box or different address than is being shown at the bottom of the “card”—and that address is immediately beneath the info regarding trailer parking, which is not applicable to me. For the Eastern Fall Meet car show and Saturday banquet, do I send this to Rich Spina in Pottsville, PA, or to another address? I do not see any other address on the Card. Thank you, Mike
  14. Let me preface by saying I don’t want to start or spread rumors or half-truths, but I am concerned about what the future holds for one of my favorite must-do excursions. Last week, I called the folks at Fall Auburn to place a request for a swap meet space for the event that takes place in conjunction with the ACD Festival activities and the auctions that take place at the Auburn Auction Park, at the end of August/start of September, for many years now. I was informed that they were not having a swap meet there this year, and was not able to get a reason why, or if this was for this year (again) only, or for the future as well. Over the weekend, I ran into a friend who is long involved with the classic car auction business, and asked him if he knew anything about it. He said that he heard some outfit out of the Fort Wayne area purchased the land, and that they were going to make a sports complex out of it, with various fields for baseball, football, and soccer, etc. He also indicated that he heard it would be the final year for the associated auction that takes place during the few days leading up to and including Labor Day weekend. Can anyone confirm or clarify any of this? Also, are there any possibilities that at least the auctions could take place at another nearby location from another company, and ideally, if the swap meet could be resurrected as well? This came as a complete surprise, and is quite a disappointment. However, my friend, whom I have complete confidence in regarding his credibility, says that Fall Hershey should not be an issue whatsoever for 2021. Let’s hope so!!
  15. I have updated this listing to highlight that the “Slim-Jim” RotoHydraMatic transmission has recently been rebuilt on this vehicle...
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