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  1. Listing for a friend in the Chicagoland area: FOR SALE—1962 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight Holiday Coupe. Willow Mist with Provincial White roof, 49,000 miles, air conditioning, power steering, power brakes, Safety Sentinel speedometer, vacuum trunk release, padded dash. 394 SkyRocket V-8, 330 hp, everything on the car has been replaced (some NOS parts), rebuilt, or serviced, including engine work, fuel system, brakes, suspension, differential. Transmission serviced, dropped pan, new filter and seals. Also has had work on interior, trunk, and has new tires. A/C system ready to go but empty, new owner can decide upon either R-12 or R-134(a).Solid 20-footer if not better, car has been refurbished over several years and garage kept during that time, with all receipts kept on work that has been done for the duration.A good driving car. Asking $22,000 negotiable. Call Dave 708/297-0821, evenings best, otherwise leave message.
  2. Is there a source for someone who either remanufactures, or perhaps refurbishes the glove box plaques that adorned the Lincoln Continentals during the 1960s? These would have the original owner’s name on them. Would ideally like to keep the original one with the first owner’s name and have a new one that would be exactly like it, or perhaps obtain another one from a vehicle that is no longer extant and put the new owner’s name on it. Specifically, I am inquiring about one for a 1963 Lincoln Continental Sedan. Thanks, Mike
  3. Arriving in Hershey Tuesday afternoon, hitting the swap meet early morning Wednesday through Friday, then up at the crack of dawn Saturday morning, to the showfield with my 1962 Oldsmobile Starfire coupe. My favorite time of year...
  4. Just to verify, you’ll do a lot of walking. But it’ll be one of the best ways you can get some exercise!
  5. My friend asked me for assistance regarding the application for this show. I let her know that I would be looking into it. That is where I am at now. If anything eventuates from this, I will provide details provided that is her desire to do so. No feelings hurt. I asked a question, I expected an answer, not a rhetorical exercise. The reasoning behind the "why" the question was asked is irrelevant. That being said, no apologies necessary. Ready to move on from this.
  6. Now that I am on my iPad instead of my iPhone, I see it plain as day! Thanks for taking the time to address this.
  7. Thank you John. People have NO IDEA what her situation is, other than what I’ve stated. And no, you cannot always go by material things. Looking very much to Fall Hershey and perhaps seeing you there once again. One month from today I’ll be on the road towards the greatest show on Earth...
  8. Let me try this again. Since there are no italics for emphasis that I am aware of, I am using caps. I am not screaming. But if replies like this keep up, I may start. As I said. I AM NOT FAMILIAR with the show, for the reasons outlined above. I AM INQUIRING AS A FAVOR TO A FRIEND (which I have learned is cause in itself for suspicion of ulterior motives). I ASKED FOR ANSWERS. Not snark, judgmentalism, or an inquisition. But, If that’s the playing field, I guess I’ll strap my helmet on and go at it as I apparently must. You know, George, there are different, more tactful ways of making your point rather than the “how is it that she and you thinks she has a chance at being selected for the show?” route. WE. DON’T. KNOW. Which is WHY I AM ASKING. Got it?? You could have made every one of your points previous to that—which would actually be informative—without the cross-examination at the end. But, I guess this is 2019, the internet, and whatever else keyboard warriorism does to massage egos.
  9. Really? Nothing like looking for the best in people. How many posts have I made here, and for how many years? I also happen to be a Life Member of the AACA. Were you able to glean any of that? Not going to get into it, but I’ll elaborate this much. I am asking on behalf of a widow who enjoys classic vehicles, has several of them, as do I, and does not want to be taken advantage of, and who knows that I have been a tremendous help to her in this area for years, and entrusted me to check this out for her. So here I am. If you want to help with an answer, fine, and thank you. Otherwise, keep scrolling and don’t waste any more of my time.
  10. Have a friend who wanted me to look into having a vehicle submitted for restoration on this “Garage Squad” television show. Generally speaking, with maybe an exception or two, I have sadly found almost all “car shows” on television, and in particular, the ones that have to do with “restorations” of older vehicles, are, well, horrible. And that’s putting it mildly. Not to be snobby, but the sophomoric fake drama (or even if it’s “real”, same difference, as the saying goes) of almost every one of these soap operas on four wheels is a real turn-off to a budding geezer as I am. And, almost always, to a purist like me (and I would imagine, most others here), a painful exercise in seeing a vehicle resto-modded into something it never was intended to be, rather than a faithful stock restoration of a car back to its former glory. My friend would want restoration to be 100% correct and to original specs. Would the people on this show entertain that, or do they have to go the Coddington/Foose route of leaving their shameless imprimatur on their project, regardless of the desires of the owner? And, what other terms or conditions would be required (the cynic in me would call those “catches”)? I understand that some sort of “story behind the car” regarding the “why I need your help” has to be submitted, preferably one that tugs at the heartstrings, something along the lines of a car Dad owner but never had the chance to finish, or for a veteran who no longer is able to complete the job, etc. Yes, I’ve googled, and done some research already. But before I have to sit down and watch several episodes to get a feel for what’s going on, I’d appreciate any feedback about this “Garage Squad” program—particularly if I’d be in for viewing something that would make my blood boil. Thanks in advance for any information provided...
  11. Rusty 12: YOU. NAILED. IT!! I will never understand the mentality of vendors who drive hundreds of miles, take hours to set up, then leave at the slightest bit of discomfort due to weather, let alone a pessimistic attitude about selling prospects for the day. And, as Billorn stated, the people out in the rain truly are looking for something they need, rather than something they can flip. Was talking about this at dinner one night last week in Hershey, and my cohorts shared in agreement with my lament: we have gotten SOFT. Man, in the old days, when you really had to deal with the Hershey Mud and all? This is, relatively speaking, a picnic as opposed to trudging around in winter boots and all...
  12. Annie, it was great (and certainly a stroke of luck) to meet you and your husband at the banquet on Saturday evening. One of those "small world" moments. And I did see he captured my car, (high beams and all) coming in for the show on Saturday morning. One of my most common refrains from over the years, that when I first bought my classic over two decades ago, I could never have foreseen how many wonderful people from near and far that I would meet through my old car. It is borne out every year in Hershey, where I meet up with old friends, and make new ones. As important a part of the hobby as the vehicles themselves. Good luck in your search for your new old classic! Mike
  13. After 10 am, the rest of the day was partly sunny (or partly cloudy, depending on the optimist or pessimist in you), and in the mid-50s. Here's what it looked like for most of the afternoon, up to the end of the show...
  14. Here are front and back pictures of the vehicle; note the location adjacent to the Giant Center, and that the owner appears to be from Pennsylvania, per the antique license plates...
  15. Once again, a wonderful week in Hershey, and a fantastic show on Saturday. Thanks to all who brought their vehicles in spite of the early precipitation, and for those who attended from near and far just to check out what was on the show field...