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  1. Let me first say with sincere respect that I appreciate the consideration that went into this difficult decision. All things being equal, though, I don't understand why this ultimate decision could not have been made until the end of July, or even by the traditional August 15th car show registration deadline. We would have so much more empirical evidence between now and then to make a decision, based upon the facts and experiences we would have learned from and lived through during the next 60-75 days. It is a glimmer of hope that the Saturday car show is still "on" for now; as one who drives my classic 300+ miles to take part in the greatest car show on Earth, that is the crown jewel for the week for me. But my attendance will depend upon several factors, including the extensive round trip for one day of activity instead of four, and the pending thoughts of my roommate who will also make a value judgment whether it would be "worth it" to drive a distance for the show only. I don't know if it is worth commenting on at this point, but my two cents are spelled out before me as I've composed them, so I guess I'll hit "Submit Reply". In closing, a sincere appreciation for what the Hershey Volunteers and everyone involved with the Week have done for all of us these many years.
  2. Just made an investment into a “60K” 12-Volt Reproduction Battery, which is an “Absorbed Glass Mat” (AGM) battery. As these are quite expensive, I want to make sure it lasts as long as possible. I did get the attached paperwork regarding this type of battery, with the warning not to use a standard battery tender. I have learned that there is a specific type of battery tender that can be used for these particular batteries. If so, what can anyone who has had a successful experience recommend? And yes, I can plainly read the recommendations on the paper what I can do per their recommendations. I am exploring my options and again, am looking for the solution to the best long-life care. I live in an area where the cars are generally stored from November through March. Thanks! Mike
  5. Screen grab from the Hagerty Insider App, showing the various condition values for a 1967 Lincoln Continental Convertible. I did not have enough “screen” to show the caption that indicated to add 10% to the value of the vehicle if it was equipped with factory air conditioning...
  6. Re-listing this vehicle; was originally asking $18,000 negotiable; now asking $15,000 negotiable. Thank you, Mike
  7. Listing for a friend in the Chicagoland area: FOR SALE—1962 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight Holiday Coupe. Willow Mist with Provincial White roof, 49,000 miles, air conditioning, power steering, power brakes, Safety Sentinel speedometer, vacuum trunk release, padded dash. 394 SkyRocket V-8, 330 hp, everything on the car has been replaced (some NOS parts), rebuilt, or serviced, including engine work, fuel system, brakes, suspension, differential. Transmission serviced, dropped pan, new filter and seals. Also has had work on interior, trunk, and has new tires. A/C system ready to go but empty, new owner can decide upon either R-12 or R-134(a).Solid 20-footer if not better, car has been refurbished over several years and garage kept during that time, with all receipts kept on work that has been done for the duration.A good driving car. Asking $22,000 negotiable. Call Dave 708/297-0821, evenings best, otherwise leave message.
  8. Is there a source for someone who either remanufactures, or perhaps refurbishes the glove box plaques that adorned the Lincoln Continentals during the 1960s? These would have the original owner’s name on them. Would ideally like to keep the original one with the first owner’s name and have a new one that would be exactly like it, or perhaps obtain another one from a vehicle that is no longer extant and put the new owner’s name on it. Specifically, I am inquiring about one for a 1963 Lincoln Continental Sedan. Thanks, Mike
  9. Arriving in Hershey Tuesday afternoon, hitting the swap meet early morning Wednesday through Friday, then up at the crack of dawn Saturday morning, to the showfield with my 1962 Oldsmobile Starfire coupe. My favorite time of year...
  10. Just to verify, you’ll do a lot of walking. But it’ll be one of the best ways you can get some exercise!
  11. My friend asked me for assistance regarding the application for this show. I let her know that I would be looking into it. That is where I am at now. If anything eventuates from this, I will provide details provided that is her desire to do so. No feelings hurt. I asked a question, I expected an answer, not a rhetorical exercise. The reasoning behind the "why" the question was asked is irrelevant. That being said, no apologies necessary. Ready to move on from this.
  12. Now that I am on my iPad instead of my iPhone, I see it plain as day! Thanks for taking the time to address this.
  13. Thank you John. People have NO IDEA what her situation is, other than what I’ve stated. And no, you cannot always go by material things. Looking very much to Fall Hershey and perhaps seeing you there once again. One month from today I’ll be on the road towards the greatest show on Earth...
  14. Let me try this again. Since there are no italics for emphasis that I am aware of, I am using caps. I am not screaming. But if replies like this keep up, I may start. As I said. I AM NOT FAMILIAR with the show, for the reasons outlined above. I AM INQUIRING AS A FAVOR TO A FRIEND (which I have learned is cause in itself for suspicion of ulterior motives). I ASKED FOR ANSWERS. Not snark, judgmentalism, or an inquisition. But, If that’s the playing field, I guess I’ll strap my helmet on and go at it as I apparently must. You know, George, there are different, more tactful ways of making your point rather than the “how is it that she and you thinks she has a chance at being selected for the show?” route. WE. DON’T. KNOW. Which is WHY I AM ASKING. Got it?? You could have made every one of your points previous to that—which would actually be informative—without the cross-examination at the end. But, I guess this is 2019, the internet, and whatever else keyboard warriorism does to massage egos.
  15. Really? Nothing like looking for the best in people. How many posts have I made here, and for how many years? I also happen to be a Life Member of the AACA. Were you able to glean any of that? Not going to get into it, but I’ll elaborate this much. I am asking on behalf of a widow who enjoys classic vehicles, has several of them, as do I, and does not want to be taken advantage of, and who knows that I have been a tremendous help to her in this area for years, and entrusted me to check this out for her. So here I am. If you want to help with an answer, fine, and thank you. Otherwise, keep scrolling and don’t waste any more of my time.