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  1. Ah! Got it! Thank you... I wasn’t certain if it was a part in the driveline or what!
  2. Hi Bill, thank you very much for the leads for Jim in Ohio and the ebay posting. I actually found the exact part I needed today, about 20 mins from my house. I am grateful for all of the help on the forum and for the person who helped me with the part today!
  3. Thank you Fr. Buick! What is a 'DF'? I am not familiar with that acronym... Thanks a million for your help!
  4. i am hoping someone on the forum can help me with this. I am in need of the speedometer great that mounts in the back of the Dynaflo transmission next to the front u-joint. The gear has a chipped tooth and I am hopeful I can find a replacement. Attached are a couple of photos of the part. The number inscribed is a bit difficult to make out... it is: 7T 1340430 or maybe 1344099 I have tried Buick Farm and Old Buick Parts but have had no luck so far. Thanks in advnace for any help!
  5. I removed the torque ball/propellor shaft/torque tube out of my 1950 Buick Estate Wagon, but I do not rmember there being any issue getting to all of the torque ball bolts... unleass there is a different set up between '50 and '52... Can you post some photos of what you are up against... hopfully I or someone on the forum will be able to help.
  6. Happy New year Bill! Thanks for posts, looks like you are making great progress!
  7. Happy New Year fellow Buick enthusiasts! I am looking for a set of four 1950 Buick Super Estate Wagon wheels for my car. Straight, rust/pit free wheels are preferred. Attached are some photos of the style of wheel I am looking for. Thanks in advance for any help!
  8. Thank you s_hilmoe, I will definitely check them out. Thank you for the link!
  9. Al, thank you for this... exactly what I was looking for! I ended up purchasing an S 18 on Ebay for parts... the shaft on mine had cracked and would not stay in position. I am hopeful of just scavanging the parts I need for mine and address the adjustment issue. If you have a part # or any details for Buick spotlights, please let me know. I had no idea there were so many variants made. Thank you, Chuck
  10. I saw the tool, but did not see any other information. Do you have one of these tools that I could borrow?
  11. Folks, I have a NOS driveshaft, balanced and ready to go back in the car. Does anyone have any guidance, tips or tricks on installing the driveshaft on my 1950 Buick Special Estate Wagon? Thanks in advance for any help!
  12. Hi old-tank, I cannot seem to get the link to work on the safe driveshaft installation...
  13. Thanks, I’ve got the old driveshaft off (which was already bent) and checked the pinion, perfectly straight. I have a new driveshaft coming, are there any tips and tricks for safe installation of the new driveshaft?
  14. Folks, I am hoping someone can help me with this. I have a searchlight on a 1950 Buick Estate Wagon and the housing has cracked and the light/rear view mirror portion does not stay 'set'. Are these items still available? Does anyone repair them? Thanks in advance for any help!
  15. Thanks old-tank, Buick Farm came to my rescue with an NOS driveshaft and should have it next week. I will definitely have it checked for straightness and balance. Good catch on pinion straightness, I will check that as well. The method of removal was to support the rear end and drive shaft at multiple points so no bending moment was on the pinion shaft. Drive out the retaining pin and use a dead blow hammer to remove the driveshaft from the pinion splines (rotating the driveshaft after each hit). Did not need to use heat or anything like that to get it off.
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