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  1. Hey there MCHinson, Thank you for your insight. I was wondering if the RE meant Re manufactured or Replacement Engine or something along those lines...
  2. The Number stamped is RE-148958 It is clearly stamped into the engine block. I'm really just asking if there is a reason why there isn't a number stamped in the usual place... But there is this RE - 148958 number stamped on the side of the crank case?
  3. OK... Here goes... The boss where the engine number should be is blank. There is an RE- # Stamped into the side of the block just above where the starter motor is...
  4. I will try to get pictures today and post them. Thanks guys....
  5. My un-restored/regularly maintained 1925 Franklin Sedan has a Copper fuel line from the factory... still works perfectly. Just thought I would mention it. Cheers
  6. Hello All... I hope I'm in the correct place to ask this question.... I've just acquired a 1940 Buick special coupe and have notices, there is no number stamped on the boos that should have the engine number on it. But, there is a number stamped on the side of the crank case: RE-148958 I've tried to take pictures, but my camera either tries to focus on other parts of the engine or it is too dark... Also... the engine is painted a turquoise color and not grey like I've read it should be... Could anyone shed some light on what the number means and the color the engine is painted means ??? Cheers, And thank you in advance to all you Buick experts out there
  7. Hello, Does anyone else have a early Chrysler with a tight (Frozen) Gemmer Steering box. Mine must have had problems before, because now that I have it apart... I can see where someone took a monkey wrench to the inner column. It looks like the die-cast bushing has started to "grow" and disintegrate and is "squeezing" the column, causing it to bind up. Also... how do you get the gear off the shaft, in order to take it out if I can find someone who will machine a new bushing Any suggestions for a repair to this would be appreciated. Cheers, Willliam
  8. Hello All, I'm new at posting in here, but have been watching other discussions for a long time. I've finally made the move to ask questions. I have had my 1948 Chrysler Windsor for about 2 years now. I keep working "bugs" out of it as I find them. I have the transmission shifting well, after someone told me how to take out the solenoid and clean the silver contacts. I've had the generator rebuilt, and it is charging wonderfully again. I replaced the vacuum advance (Old one was totally shot) after i discovered the previous owner took it "off line" and plugged up the port on the carb... go figure ! Now I'm working up the courage to discover why the # 6 Cylinder is making a "popping" noise back through the intake manifold. Under load or up a hill, the car sounds more like a stream locomotive ! LOL I Will check the valve clearance, as someone has mentioned it as a possible cause. There is also only about 42#'s of compression in this cylinder. Wiring is also an issue, with many splices over the years and things that do not function correctly. Oh, and sometimes the tail lights do not work, unle3ss I reach under the dash and jiggle some of the wires. Blinkers do not cancel even when the leaver is back in the "neutral" position, and the left courtesy light under the dash will blink with the turn signals ... Kinda funny.. but NOT REALLY ! LOL Brake light will not light up. Sometimes the car will just shut off (stall) for no reason... and if you hit the starter button, it will fire up again. There is a funny clicking sound that happens when the car is about to shut itself off... almost like the click you hear when you first turn on the key, and "energize" the system, before hitting the starter button... Click, Clicky, Click... then stall... Dimmer switch sometimes will have all the lights go out when switching from low to hi or hi to low beam. The gas gauge will read 1/2 a tank when I fill it to the top... and then sometimes it will ready 3/4 of a tank when I'm driving along for awhile.. it can't be trusted! Radio and Clock do not work... but that is pretty typical in a car as old as this. Right?!?! ? I always disconnect the battery when the car is "resting".... If I do not... after about a week, I have a dead battery. I have no idea where the short is, and I do not get a spark at the terminal when I reattach the cable at the terminal... so the drain on the battery must be very low. I'm not taking chances.. I pull the cable when I park the car. I love the styling of the 46-48 Chryslers, and have come so close to owning one of them many times through the years, and finally have one. Now I wish I could enjoy it on a longer trip or drive it more often in the summer... like to work from time to time. But, I do not trust it to get me there or home. How difficult is it to install a new wiring harness for a "novice" on a car that is not going though a remodeling ? Cheers All and Thank you in advance for any advice or leads on how to do some of the repairs
  9. Hey Guys, Thank you for your comments and advice. To Spinneyhill : I like the idea of starting my own "new" thread about my car's woes... but I didn't know how to do that, so I just went ahead and reached out to anyone who might have advice and insight through the existing thread that was already started. Once I get better at this, I will start my own. As for the replies that have come in... Thank you to everyone... your experience and helpful comments are really appreciated. I will try checking the valve clearance on the # 6 cylinder ASAP... not sure what to do about a stuck valve... and I know, if it is burnt.. then a replacement will be the way to go. With the wiring... Yup... there have been plenty of "repairs" made along the way with this car... and new wiring harness would probably help. How difficult are they to install in a car that isn't under restoration? To Rusty_OToole: About the radio: I have a perfectly working radio in my 1953 New Yorker, and love the rich sound it produces. You are right about drawing in stations for far away.. especially at night. I hope I can find a person to work on the 1948's radio and have it up and working too. Could you let me know how to interface or add the device that broadcasts FM, Sirius and the like... I would like to have it in both my cars for more stations selections. Cheers to everyone,
  10. I have a 1948 Windsor Sedan, and working out some of the "bugs" as I go along... I wish I could trust it to drive it on a trip or to work in the summer. I think there are wiring issues galore. The gas gauge reads 1/2 a tank ALL the time... except when it is shut off... then it drops to "E". But once in a while it will read full... WHEN I know the tank isn't full. The brake light doesn't work... tested the bulb and it is good. The interior light on the left side flashes with the turn signals ... and then the turn signals will say flashing even after they are "cancelled" ... until I shut the car off... then they cancel. ? The dimmer switch must need to be replaced... sometimes if I go from low to hi beam... the lights go out! The radio and the clock do not work... but I figure this is typical of a car this old. Oh.... and sometimes the car will just Shut Off.... But if I hit the starter button, it will start right up again... Go figure.... But, then this happens, the gauges all go to "off" position... even when the key is turned on. I also think the engine could use a refresh... rings and valve job... it has 89-94 pounds in 5 cylinders, and 42 pounds in the 6th cylinder.... and the 6th cylinder makes a Poping noise back through the intake manifold .... Making the car sound a lot like a steam locomotive going up a hill. And, there is hardly any power when going up a hill in hi gear... I often have to drop it down into low range. I would like someone to give me their opinion on some of the things I've listed here..... Thanks to all. I've already learned so much from reading through the other posts on these pages ! William
  11. how difficult it to change a Master Cylinder ? I'm having the same problem with my 1953 New Yorker's brakes. Everything is adjusted and there is fluid in the reservoir, no air in the lines... I think after all these years, it is time for a master cylinder rebuild or replacement.
  12. Hello All... Speaking of steering columns. Could anyone tell me if there are parts available for the early GEMMER steering box? My 1926 Chrysler steering is "bound up" tight as all heck. I've taken it apart far enough to see that there is a die cast/pot metal bushing where the steering shaft goes into the box, and it looks like the bushing is "growing" and has strangled the steering shaft. Not allowing it to turn. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Hello, Would the transmission in your car fit into my 1948 Windsor ? I have the Fluid Drive Transmission, and I fear it has failed. I changed the oil in it and found metal filings, and the darn thing will not shift from low to high when driving it. Cheers,