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  1. Hello there, I did get a set of 5 but, one is a little “thin” along the edge after sandblasting the rust away. I figured I would use that one as the spare in the trunk and hope never to have a flat tire or a need to use the spare. tell me about what you have. maybe, if yours are in better shape, I should think of casting this one aside. cheers
  2. Hi cpwalter, Thanks! Let me know what you find in your stash, once you've had a chance to rummage around. I looked through my stash, and didn't come up with any. Let me know what else you have. BTW, your profile picture is of Walter, and a very early Chrysler car... are you into the early cars? (1920's vintage)
  3. going to try and post a photo here. while I was taking the photograph, I looked at all the door switches and came to the conclusion, there are "left" and "right" side to these switches. (I thought they were "universal", but they are not) As you'll notice, the switch has was appears to be a "drain" that lets water from the wheel well weep out of the bottom of the switch. So... I would need the left side of the car... or the driver's side switch.
  4. Does anyone out there have a few door jamb switches laying around? I need one that is in working order. My drivers side front door switch has stopped working, and I need a replacement. Cheers
  6. Hello, My 1953 Chrysler New Yorker has the same set up. When you raise the trunk lid, the light automatically turns on. There is no "switch" that I can see in the system... So, I've often wondered if it has a mercury switch hidden in the line somewhere in the lid supports. Over the years, there have been times when I've raised the lid, and the light fails to come on, so I give the lid a rap (Kinetic Maintenance) with my hand and it caused the light to shine. But, even this doesn't seem to work anymore. If someone out there has a wiring diagram and could post it h
  7. Another thought to share: The mustang had a tremendous amount of build up and hype, from the time it was "discovered" moldering away in a garage, to the time it made it's way to the auction block. EVERYBODY was talking about it, and EVERYBODY had heard something about it. On the other hand, (just as 1937hd45 said above) this white Lincoln was hardly the topic of discussion anywhere in the car collecting world. Not enough hype/advertising to cause it to climb to the 500K the auctioneer was hoping it would fetch.
  8. The FB Listing has this one marked SOLD! Someone out there just picked up a fine Buick
  9. The person posting the ad on CR PULLED the listing a few days ago... I wonder who will be showing up at the H. H. Franklin TREK next summer, with this beauty!?
  10. I hope I'm in the right forum to ask if anyone has some 1940 Buick Steel rims laying around and would sell me a couple? Cheers, Bill
  11. Hello, Does anyone out there have 16" rims for a 1940 Buick? I have a very rusty one that is in need of replacement. Thanks
  12. just found out, this car has been sold.. "sight un-seen" and will be going out of the country to Germany.
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