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  1. The FB Listing has this one marked SOLD! Someone out there just picked up a fine Buick
  2. The person posting the ad on CR PULLED the listing a few days ago... I wonder who will be showing up at the H. H. Franklin TREK next summer, with this beauty!?
  3. Excellent Picture Bob! Thanks for posting!
  4. I hope I'm in the right forum to ask if anyone has some 1940 Buick Steel rims laying around and would sell me a couple? Cheers, Bill
  5. Hello, Does anyone out there have 16" rims for a 1940 Buick? I have a very rusty one that is in need of replacement. Thanks
  6. just found out, this car has been sold.. "sight un-seen" and will be going out of the country to Germany.
  7. just found out... the car has been sold and is going to Germany
  8. Hello everyone I'm encouraged by everyone's expert knowledge and sharing your experience with these 1940 Buicks. I have wanted a convertible in my garage for almost as long as I can remember... I have an appointment to see the car, but the way schedules and work/vacations are planned, it will be 2 weeks before the calendar lines up to make this happen.... I hope it is still available when the time comes for me to drive over and see it in person. I've been told it is an "amateur restoration", with some issues... But, aren't all old cars going to have an "issue" or
  9. Hi Ben, Perhaps you are right about being mis lead... But I remember reading about the Specials being a slower car in the Buick part of this forum, when there was a fellow looking for a 1937-38 or 40 Buick... and the advice being given to him was that he should look for one of the larger cars, because the Specials are slower running cars.
  10. But... As a SPECIAL, aren't they slow (45-50 mph) and clumsy to drive in traffic? I keep hearing "if you want a 1940 Buick, you should get into the upper series cars"... Century and the like.. those are the ones that will get into traffic and move along with it.
  11. And, That my friends, Is why there is Vanilla AND Chocolate ! Blah ha ha.... Happy motoring!
  12. Arctic White? Sure beats the usual Dark Green, Dark Blue or worse yet... Black.... that shows every bit of dust and dirt, and bird poop.. LOL
  13. Hello Keithb7.... Thank you for posting the video of adjusting the valves! That was/is awesome! I was reading the shop manual today and was confused when it said to adjust the valves with the engine warm and while it is running! I thought they must have made a mistake in the manual... But, you just expertly showed how it is done! thank you. The manual for the 48 also mentions taking an inner panel out in the wheel well area. Cheers, Wm.
  14. Hello Everyone, You've given me some easy things to look for... And I will try to get through them, to see if it turns out being something easy and an "inexpensive fix" and will let you know how it goes. On the other hand, with regard to the #6 valve not closing... and perhaps a weak or broken spring, or perhaps, it just needs to be adjusted properly... I looked at the engine, and I can see there is a sort of "wing nut" hidden behind the manifolds that holds the cover in place... This looks like you have to be a very flexible contortionist to get in there and work on setting t
  15. Hello Fellow Chrysler friends, I've started having problems with my 1948 Windsor, and can't seem to track down the issues, and make the car reliable for driving and touring. When I start the car, it runs and idles beautifully. But as I get out of the driveway and things start to warm up,(not even a 1/4 mile down the road) it loses power, backfires through the carb, and generally can't get out of it's own way. If I let up on the gas, it will run and idle really well. Put my "foot in it" and it starts backfiring and seems to "bog down". I also know... I have either a bur
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