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  1. The misfiring sound is just my cylinder burnt or something, I don't have $1,000 to fix the 1 or 2 cylinders that are misfiring. Idk what I can do, the car is going to be done probably soon or it will blow up or the engine will be irreparable and I'll need to pay more than $1K. So Its done, thank you everyone for the responses and your time.
  2. This is how my car is and you don't see a catalytic converter.
  3. The engine is from 1974 there is no place for an egr valve, its a non egr manifold and my friend has proven a lot of people wrong. I'm not trying to be disrespectful but he has worked with my car and I for awhile and recently hasn't had time, he says it's pre-emissions and that's what I am also getting from research but I can't argue or agree or disagree with most car crap because I don't know anything because I haven't been taught it. Still, I am grateful for everyone's responses. Thank you.
  4. My mechanic friend says my car doesn't have a catalytic converter and its pre-emissions so doesn't need an egr valve too apparently. And the red wire is the electric choke.
  5. Compression test has come back good. Now to check catalytic converter another day, as well as accelerator pump, and timing, correct? I'll be back tmrrw. Thank you for all the help !!
  6. Do you mean the vacuum advance looks bad and needs replaced maybe ?? The round saucer/bowl to the left of the distributor?
  7. How do I disconnect coil wire ? I took the distributor cap off. Is it under that? I should get service manual later today.
  8. Mileage isn't correct but it says 76K miles. Idk timing right now, doing compression test today now. I feel with what you've all said that it may be the catalytic converter but idk how to test that. Don't have the experience. My old mechanic friend can't work right now buy says that the compression last he checked was good.
  9. It's my daily driver car. Fuel filter is good. Just fueled up earlier today. Air cleaner is good too. Ah yes 2bbl carb. Unsure about timing and fuel pressure. Thank you for the quick response.
  10. I own a 1975 Chevy Nova that has not been accelerating as quickly as I think it should, could be a vacuum leak, granted it is Carbureted. I'm changing spark plugs tomorrow and just got an oil change yesterday. The engine is a 350. What could cause the engine's power to be suppressed like this? Unless all the problems are with my carb. (I've ordered service manual, arrives tmrrw.)
  11. Looked on that site for chevy 75 and no nova showed up. Also couldn't find any arm rests like that one.
  12. Wellll that sucks. Because its on both doors so that will be $200 yay. Thank you guys.
  13. Anyone know how I could place my arm rest back on my door panel ?
  14. Anyone know how I can attach my resting arm back onto the door panel too?
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