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  1. Going to do testing soon. It does have a filter but I think I've already checked it and replaced it.
  2. I go to stop and the car gets a lot quieter, while driving if I accelerate even a little bit its good for a second and then pressure in the gas pedal just sinks and disappears, then I am basically coasting until I let off of the gas and wait a second and I can continue to barely touch the gas to keep it running smooth. I have turned the fuel and air mixtures, maybe that is the reason I am having so many carb problems, idk anything really so I need help. Also sometimes when I turn off the car it will do a rumble and shake afterwards. I hope all these problems are carb related and not cause from the engine. Vacuum issue too ? I just dont know. Please help me figure out how to get my car running smooth. I am sure getting it fuel injected would solve it all.
  3. Looked on that site for chevy 75 and no nova showed up. Also couldn't find any arm rests like that one.
  4. Wellll that sucks. Because its on both doors so that will be $200 yay. Thank you guys.
  5. Anyone know how I could place my arm rest back on my door panel ?
  6. Anyone know how I can attach my resting arm back onto the door panel too?
  7. Placed the pcv valve back in with the new valve covers. Used to have old ones. Another pic on next page for my arm rests
  8. My 1975 Chevy Nova's engine bay needs a few things but I do not know the names of them. Minus a cleanup... Can anyone see what is missing by a glance ? Has a 350 engine and 2 bbl carburetor. Right now I need a Moroso Grommet, pcv valve, or oil breather cap, or breather tube, and a new carb o-ring(not important). Appreciate any help completing this car. Thank you.
  9. Yeah, the fuel and air mixture is tricky. Think it was too lean so I compensated by giving it more gas while I was driving so it wouldn't die
  10. the engine has been rebuilt and mine is a 1975 chevy nova custom, the only manual i've been able to search for is around $80. thank you for the help. I think i have isolated the clicking noise in the engine to be under my valve cover. maybe the rocker arm idk.
  11. Only does it in drive or reverse and doesnt die right away gives it maybe 30 seconds sometimes. brake booster is good, checked that.
  12. I wish one day my car looks like your old 77. Looks amazing.
  13. 2 barrel. would rather get 4 but just the 2 for now because it is my first car and I have a lead foot. I could look for a 4 bbl now though. 350 engine. 4 owners now I think, I plan on being the last.
  14. Thank you ! The choke and carb have been rebuilt already, I would hate to do the carb again but I have had many issues with it. They have all been fixed besides this new problem with the car acting like it isnt getting enough fuel and dies when i go to slow down or turn. I have it running long enough too. I am tempted with saving another $3,000 to make it fuel injected.