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  1. I look at it this way.....It took me 10 years to restore my truck, ( DONE in 2102) in that ten years I had to take 2- 401K loans to finish the truck, lots of hours finding parts, working on it in my garage and at the body shop, It's not a Rare Vehicle but it's my vehicle that I spent lots of hours on to get it to the level it is, I want to get the next 10 years with my restoration BACK enjoying showing the vehicle and keeping it to (THE END RESULTOF BEING FINISHED) and by doing that I will be trailering the 56 truck to AACA and VCCA shows for others to appreciate to see the 10 years I put into the restoration..... Showing my truck Since 2105, when I see others that trailer there vehicles to National AND Grand National events I know what it takes and appreciate what they go thru to keep there restorations to the Day it was finished. Maybe it would be easier to drive a Restoration that was (JUST BOUGHT WITH LOTS OF CASH or the car wash inherited) I don't know... I know there is another side to having an Older Vehicle the (DRIVING PART), because vehicles were made to be driven, I do miss that...I'm just not there with my truck yet until I feel the 10 year Restoration Burden is of my back, until then I will Trailer to Shows and enjoy the fruits of my labor ….then I can say (BEEN THERE DONE THAT)…..STEVE M
  2. 2004 Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins.....
  3. Good for you Terry......May you have Happier times ahead......My wife and I will be joining you with our retirement the end of this year....Can't wait...:)
  4. Keeping that Standard is the main reason in all of this from the beginning of the restoration to the Last AACA show the vehicle gets judged in.....The AACA shows TO ME, help take all the Headaches AWAY I went thru to restore our truck, We are finally enjoying what was accomplished in the restoration by sharing it with others that have the same passion in these old Vehicles, there is so much more I hope to explore by either doing Tours or just venturing out here locally, Oh and maybe judging also, I'm sure everyone in this club goes thru this with there restorations over time, I'm finding this out talking and watching others at every Meet.........:)
  5. Steve, Thanks for answering my question, just getting to a Grand National Meet is an achievement having to get past the 1st Junior and a Senior... My Wife and I already have our room booked for next years Auburn IN Grand National Meet, It will be special for us for sure....We will be retired by the end of this year.....:)
  6. Steve, What you are saying does completely make the subject more understandable Thanks....The only difference the choice makes is the time frame which will only work if you have a real nice restoration that makes it to the Grand National in the same year and doesn't require any major changes to the vehicle that can't get done in that same year to get that Grand National award...I did notice one thing in the 3 years I have been showing, I received 2 Preservation awards before I got my First Grand National this year, some of that was because I was not able to get the first junior or the senior in the same year so I had to wait till the 3rd year to go to my first Grand National. My question is: Does it make any more difference having been judged more times before the First Grand National having More Judges eyes see the vehicle and possibly find more details that should be addressed, I found that having my truck thru 2 more shows because I had to wait for the following year helped because the judges pointed out some details that helped me get my First Grand National Award, if I could have done it all that 1st Year that would have been real difficult with the detail changes on my Truck and Time & Money. Having said that the Old Way worked best for me to get my truck thru to the First Grand National Award, which is Quite an achievement, I feel very fortunate to be able attend an AACA event and Show our Truck, Not everyone can Say or Do that.... All in All in the End it's been Very Fun going to the AACA Shows and meeting Good People that share the same Passion with Older Automobiles...I wouldn't trade it for nothing..... STEVE M
  7. Spot On....Well Said...My thoughts also....:)
  8. Just an opinion from a member that's been to 5 AACA shows since 2016: I put a lot of Time - Money and Hard Work into the restoration of my 1956 Chevrolet Truck, I didn't do it to go to any shows, I did it because I wanted to get that vehicle as close to original as possible in every detail. After I had finished it I wanted to do something with it because I Knew I couldn't just drive it like all my other Drivers I've had in the past, So I started searching for the Type of shows that my truck would fit into with the caliber of restoration that was done on the truck and to see it appreciated like I appreciate the restoration...I know I will never be able to do a restoration again. So I decided to take our truck to an AACA National Event in 2016, I didn't go thinking or expecting that I deserve every award there is to be had, just wanted to see how high of a level our restoration can Go at any AACA Events….So far I've made a First Grand National award, I don't believe that AACA gives you this just to keep you coming back to there events, I tried to cover every inch of my truck when I was doing the restoration, I didn't even know about AACA while doing my restoration , So during my first show I felt like I fit right in, (Heck I wanted to see if I was the only won was this finicky with Vehicle restorations), I wasn't, I can fully understand what people go thru to get to one of the AACA shows, We are very Fortunate to be able to find the time and Money to show what we have accomplished to others at an AACA event, I haven't been to a Concours Show but I'm not sure if they would even accept my 1956 Chevrolet truck just because it's a truck, most of the time it's older more expensive vehicles. So I'm happy that we are able to show our truck to an organization that appreciates what the average JOE Blow can do with his or hers money and time to bring back what a Car or Truck should look like from the factory....AACA lets you know with it's judging if you have accomplished that.....After taking it as far as I can go with judging I would like to try the Touring or Judging some day since my wife and I are retiring this year....STEVE M
  9. Here is another Video of the 2018 Grand National that popped up on YouTube recently....
  10. I received my parking pass in the mail Saturday....
  11. I would gladly trade rooms with you if I was on the lower floor but I'm staying at the Super 8 in Auburn on those day's.....STEVE M
  12. Victorialynn2, I bought my 1956 chevy truck from a couple in Hillsboro just west of Portland back in 2001, I had it shipped to michigan, the truck lived most of its life in that area. Some day we will get out that way, I here it is nice. Steve M
  13. The Cedar trees here in Northeastern Lower Michigan are shedding now....:)
  14. I decided not to buy the ford display....the display was just to big for my area in my garage collection, I really did want it thou kinda unique, so I will share where it's at if any one would like it, it did light up and work, it does need some adjusting where the shifter is, it's also missing a small piece of trim which could be duplicated, I even got the guy down to $350.00 out the door.... Here is the address and phone number: Antiques mall of Alpena Michigan 207 N second ave Phone 989-354-6036 John Henry It measures 48 wide by 50 inches in height....not very deep, I don't have that measurement...I hope someone can use it, there may not be to may out there...STEVE M
  15. Thanks Terry for the advise, your a 100% right, I was told they will take 10% off, I will do some measuring and see if it works in my collection, I don't have much ford stuff, but this is kinda unique.