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  1. Joe, you do not know how hard it was for me to find your magazine and hand deliver it! Enjoy and thanks again for the support!
  2. Well the last thing we need is a debate on this subject but Bill your answer is not entirely correct either at this time. According to the USPS's own website the following info is stated: The United States Postal ServiceĀ® does NOT guarantee delivery of Periodicals within a specified time. All I can tell you is how we go about determining if magazines are late based upon decades of experience. Our magazine publisher gives us dates for mailing at the beginning of the year for the entire year. Normally, they are dead on with those dates. Since they are a major publisher and ship a lot of titles they have their own USPS facility WITHIN their plant. After discussions with our local postmaster and others, we normally give it 20 days after the magazine has gone into the mail system, to handle any complaints about missing magazines. Fortunately, for the most part this is not a huge issue but it does happen every single issue. Just the nature of periodical mailing. It is frustrating at times as we have board members who report at times that they get their periodical copy BEFORE their First Class copy arrives!! However, all in all with the almost 200,000 magazines shipped yearly the USPS and our printer do a very decent job. On our end we will continue to do as good a job in meeting deadlines, etc in order to get your magazines to you promptly. Besides, we no longer have enough horses to do the Pony Express thing!
  3. No problem, the concerns were legitimate and I believe the current issue is now up.
  4. I have been unable to respond. Here is the full story. First , the magazine was not three weeks late in being mailed. It was scheduled for July 13th and was in the mail the 23rd through the 26th. Several problems contributed to this including staffing at our printer. As everyone here knows getting people back to work is no small task these days. We cannot guarantee when USPS will actually deliver your copies...most times it works pretty good but as well all know not all the time. The digital copy available to the public is supposed to be an issue or two old and the current copy available to members only. However, the straight answer is that we just have had too much on our plate this year with trying to get this building ready, our own COVID issues, the resumption of our events, etc. Staff is working very hard but it just has been overwhelming. We promise to do better in the future and our apologies.
  5. The McLaughlin archives are here at the AACA Library & Research Center, America's Automotive Library, they are owned by the Buick Heeritage Alliance and their full time librarian Spencer is here during the week. You can call him at 717-534-2082 or at spaterick@gmail.com
  6. The award has been in existence 5 years. Bob, while it presents a challenge to have so many diverse cars (18 this year) it is also a perfect example of how AACA works. Our awards are open to all and there is no design to take the winning cars from a certain era. That diversity is a strength of ours (yep I know you are an early kind of guy). So, a judging sheet was developed that offered other ways of looking at the cars. We combined several different judging systems with ours and then made sure we had a great group of judges with impeccable credentials. Lentinello and Van Bogart most of you know but we also added the Curator at the Dreihaus Collection and Graham Kozak from RMSothebys along with AACA Senior Master Judges. We ended up with 10 judges in total and each judge judges the entire car independently and scores it accordingly. Simple math at that point. I know pretty well how well it works as I am the chief judge for this event.
  7. Info on the cars in the "First Annual International Cycle Car race" I posted above. The cars are supposed to be:3 Twomblys, 2 Saginaws, 2 Vixens, Princess, Coey, Detroit, Morgan, Downing, Bebe Puegeot, Mercury, Malcolm, and Zip. I am amazed at all you super astute guys that you did not at least instantly recognize the Malcolm!
  8. I have had no timeto be on here but could not resist this gem uncover from the Philadelphia Library goodies now owned by us. This picture was filthy and is very, very cool although the caption says cycle car race in 1911 and most of the cars do not seem to fit a typical cycle car to me. Picture is waaaaay cool though. Swanson, I bet you are drooling!
  9. You guys must have a very boring life to be obsessed with my sport coat! Actually, I tried NOT to buy it but Rachel threatened me with my life if I did not. Feeling that I have a least a couple good years left I took the cowards way out and bought it. Very interesting that the guy taking the picture and trying to make fun of me now owns a new sport coat. Guess the color? I also can tell you at the reception I attended wearing that coat it was a big hit with the women. So, should I please a bunch of old farts or the women. That one is easy for me! Oh and Ed, you are quickly working on your next $100! This is going to get expensive for you...
  10. The AACA Eastern Fall Meet (Hershey) car show, car corral and flea market are back in business this year... barring any catastrophe! There are still some flea market, car corral and car show spots open. If you need car corral or flea market info call Sue at 717-534-1910 and she will send it to you. The deadline is August 15th. Car show info may also be mailed to you or go to our home page and register online. AACA Eastern Fall Meet Brochure in PDF RM Auctions will also be conducting their traditional 2-day auction at the Hershey Lodge as well! --- There are irresponsible, malicious and totally uninformed comments being made that are damaging to vendors, sellers, the region and AACA. Please help dispel the rumors that the fall event is leaving Hershey... it is NOT!
  11. Not great pictures of the Julian that Harrah restored but better ones are out there and the car is featured in the book about the collection. If memory serves me right the interior has a wild brocade upholstery...awesome car.
  12. I just want to interject what we are hearing from some of the parts suppliers. We have been told this directly. At the beginning of the pandemic there was a massive fear that their businesses would suffer a huge hit. However, the opposite happened to those we talked to...business was up as much as 25% for them indicating maybe that folks staying at home and not allowed to freely venture out ended up working on their cars. These suppliers are well established and have always run a quality business as far as this office knows so that is good news but naturally we do not wish to see harm come to any business that supports the hobby. Just apparently was not all doom and gloom last year.
  13. Whatever, my room was free as I was serving as a judge there for their charity event which also benefitted AACA.
  14. Ed, our address which is plastered everywhere is 800 W. Hersheypark Drive. Hershey, PA 17033 While I was talked into buying the coat, I can tell you that at Greenbrier the women loved it and said I looked good in it. Let's see, should I accept the compliments of the ladies or worry about guys who where jeans and t-shirts to semi-formal affairs? Easy choice on my part, if I am able to provide a moment of mirth for you then it is all good especially if I can get $100 about of your wallet. However, having my attire judged by you and some of those folks on Facebook who never met two plaids they did not like, wouldn't be caught dead in a sport coat or never have once looked at a men's fashion magazine is quite humorous to me. I may start snapping some pictures myself...sort of like the "Men of Walmart" if you get my drift.
  15. The sanction number number is listed for the entire race.
  16. Mr. Ed, by the way, poor TV show....we have an extensive Indy collection, pretty strong NASCAR collection and a lot of great photos plus lots of other stuff. We expect to have a lot of other material here in the coming years...this ain't your fathers AACA Library, this is America's Automotive Library! Come to Hershey, I can get you one of those pink coats!
  17. So I see that #25 was driven by Anthony Gulotta, the entrant was the Studebaker Corp. and of course the car was called the Studebaker Special. It lists the no of cyls, bore, stroke and piston displacement but no program number. There is a sanction number of 2700. The interesting thing is that the entries page is duplicated. You could contact the library at 717-534-2082 and they could send you a digital copy of the entire program for a fee.
  18. I will bet AACA does and in fact Ed we also respond to people's needs!! We also have the 32 Program and it is in my hands now. Trying to find the info Gary is looking for...peoploe, you are on the AACA site, we have 3,000,000 documents and now 5 people working in the library. Contact us! Back to you soon Gary.
  19. Glenn, have you seen the amount of gray hair on my head? At the point in life that new cars are not in the cards.
  20. Rusty, thanks...learn something every day. I have never heard of the F designation or in my old age just forgot! There were some guys who experienced broken crankshafts years ago but many who rebuilt their engines went to Moldex and had new better quality ones made. I am sorry I never kept one of these V-8s but the restoration on my 1908 dictated the need to let something go.
  21. Now you are talking!!! Great.....We just had a fabulous meet up north in Auburn and that car would have been a huge hit.
  22. I think the car you are looking at is a 47-T. The T refers to it being a 5 passenger touring. They did not make an F in 1921. That being said they are an interesting car but be sure the engine is solid. I have owned several V-8 Oldsmobiles of this vintage and the two main bearings always scared the hell out of me. Not a lot of demand for these basic cars but of course I love them, If you are just looking to flip the car be careful as it might be a tougher sell than you think.
  23. Then please get active! We need new blood. If we meet sometime I will tell you a story about my last encounter with my life long love for Oldsmobiles and a situation that happened at an Olds event. Soured me big time.
  24. I am reminded of Bill almost every day of the week as he was the benefactor for our elevator in the new building. Matt's words were wonderful and many others have expressed what to me is the un-expressible. At least for me. I want my next column in the September issue to be about Bill but not sure I will find the right words. I may quote a few of you with your permission! I know what Ed meant by old school but I think it much more than that...it was the right school. In a world that has become very casual whether it is in places of worship, restaurants, etc. Bill stood out always as someone who exhibited respect to all those around him. There are so many lessons we all could have learned from him. He left us way too early.
  25. John, our judging manual describes the program and is on our home page at aaca.org. However, give me a day to get settled from Auburn and call me if you wish 717-534-1910 and I will explain.
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