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  1. Most good engine enamels are very suitable for chassis stuff and are fairly gas proof ( if advertised as such) once very well cured..like several weeks or more before exposed to fuels .But you never really know.? They usually can be sprayed over other paint if they are real enamel based.You will have to test..Every brand is different with various combinations of many solvents..gurrrrr! . Typical true enamels need plenty of time to hardened up beyound dry to be handled to take any abuse. Before regulations kicked in 40 years ago..many common enamel spray paints were
  2. I love the truck converted early cars when done with reasonable care and thought. Whether a Rolls Royce, old Nash or Plymouth.. They all have such distinct earthy personalities and if you look hard enough..there is some warmth in there that the regular stock cars ,no matter how nice and fancy jest don't seem to have... For me anyway.
  3. As mentioned by others any front end looseness (coupled with out of true wheels )can really set things in to scary motion.. Not a fix ..but I have stalled off or reduce the accurance and severity of death wabble on teased out old cars(1920s)TEMPORARILY ,caused by very bad king pins and shot tie rod bushings by refitting / mounting the demountable rim and tire on the spoke rim for better trueness and then slightly widen or open the toe -in from specs so you plow down and grip the road a bit which may cause a bit of wander effect to a degree but atleast you don't have to stop the car comple
  4. My '27 G series 70 with dum lamps I discovered has incorrect headlamp lenses.. They were flipped inside out so the inside flat glass edge was against the trim ring for the prisum side was to large a diameter to fit the bezel I.D. Very funny..They say Twilite Chevorlet!!! 9-9/32 x 8-3/4" If they fit properly I'd leave'um for history ..Ha! My head lamp bezel inside diameter is a hair under 8-1/2" Anyone know what maker type and sizes is required?
  5. Here's one of many Model A's that had been cut down for farm use. My own personal daily driver from 1980-1985 ,seen here at the purchase site preparatory to being readed to fired up to drive home after 16 year rest. 5 foot bed of aftermarket origin and wider then a stock Model A pickup made it extremely useful. The extra seat room with original folding bucket seats were great. It was slowly improved cosmetically. Ran sweet ...35.000 miles I racked up on it with 2 valve jobs tossed in plus one set of tires.
  6. Very funny! I avoided the 3x as it is sooo closely associated with the model "A " anyone who knows old cars upon seeing them in a 09 Buick will say " Oh! He has Model A plugs in there" 😝 They would give the best overall appearance in such an early machine. Note:I believe if running just a mag in that old Buick the plug gap would be far smaller then the Model A ford specs.of .032 -.035 range.. ..025 (possibly less) has been mentioned or written about in old manuals..
  7. I've seen mentioned for a 1910 model 10. Originally used the AC-1 plug.( take a part) Known then in the trade as " the Buick plug" 7/8 thread 1-1/8 hex "Long plug with the 1/2" reach" Later on an improved "Titan" (one piece design plug over the earler 2 piece crappy leaky one )used in 1915-25 Buicks were AC 78 long or 78LT Today a common replacement is the Autolite 3076 or 3077( 3077 a step hotter) Champion W18 , W89, 518 have worked o.k for some (I've read) You can find cross referances between these common plugs an go from t
  8. Tell us the type of car and maybe there is a local club or organization to contact members near and dig some one up for an expection. Look up car clubs in St. Louis. Contact them even if not your car make .
  9. Trying to blow the pictures for reading.
  10. From " Look" Oct. 26, 1937 An Indiana Fair dare-devil! Looks like a 2 rear wheel brake, 4 banger car by the size. .At 55 mph to air born off the ramp it must have been flat out for a 1/4 mile.
  11. Original Massachusetts Ford dealer receipt for a new 11A Ford Super Deluxe coach with trade in of a '40 Ford.. Good condition with folds. 9.5 x8 inches $10.00 - mailing included.
  12. From Popular Mechanics, How to Restore a Model T Ford. 3 installments from Feb,March,April 1953.
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