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  1. Some random" used " metal moulding pieces 1/2"x1/8" low crow that maybe of usefull to a low buck, not show car inclined hobbiest as floorboard trim or deck trim on a speedster project or early car/truck body seam covering etc. Trunk/tool box or wood edge trimming? Aluminum solid core, appox 1/2"x 1/8" One long piece has a tweaked end. 10 pcs. -29-7/8 9 pcs.-23-7/8" Nickeled brass over wood .465 wide- approx. 2 pcs.-29-7/8" 2 pcs.-23-7/8" Some core wood splits at nail holes. Chrome?over steel -hollow core .485-.490 ish wide.
  2. Are you sure the carburetor is adjusted properly? Learn up on the proper adjustmet before condemning that carburetor.
  3. First of all ,you have to figure out exactly what year /model/ Victory you have. These cars can very quit a bit ,even in the same year model with early and later series.. From hoods an inch shorter to shorter doors etc. Advice is to NOT invest any amount of time or money untill you aquire that door. Be prepared to having to buy a pair or even a hole set of doors to get one.
  4. One change in our time that really didn't take hold as much as they (who every they was?) thought it would ,was the complete conversion over to the metric system.. It's very funny,it was a big annoying deal . Now what,are we 20 or 25% diluted with it after 45 years?
  5. I think there is a place "JB's engine and machine" in Balitmore that restores antiques and everything else...call them and ask them what they can do or not?
  6. Why not look up babbit bearings in Maryland.. Fusion Babbitting! Servicing Maryland. You do not have to be a pure specialized vintage car engine rebuilder who also does babbitt work..to do very fine babbitt work..
  7. I got a message too, from this scammer a few days ago !
  8. Purple lenses. I had been told by various sources through the years it has something to do with "lead"content in the glass mix. There is manufacture window of time where it is usually seen in some aged automobile lenses.. Like 1915-1923 ..rarely if at all after 1925.. Like low number license plates..some folks get all giddy about purple lenses...Break one from a pair...good luck finding a match .unless its a Model T.
  9. I'm old school..If I really like it,I go look at it only once. I either buy or leave it and don't look back. It's all one shot, now or never. None of the wussy thinking about over night or comming back for a second look or making an offer the seller needs to think about. I bring the maximum cash I think I'll pay..and there it is..he takes or not.,right then and there.. If not I walk away. Move on. Of its a go! there are no deposits..I pay for it right then(the power of cash makes the buy) and get the car's paper work and their personal info and plan the pick
  10. Most all adult folks did get dressed up when going out in public ,but that started to end 50 years or more ago. But the final straw I think was when fake fleece was invented in the 80's , it was all casual comfort when not working and before that, polyester jumpsuits for men ...eek! .
  11. Some basic daily life changes . The end of the paper boy jobs, boys lawn businesses and just about anything else of that sort that got young girls and boys of 10 years plus out of the house to learn and earn a few dollars on their own ,and be a bit independant . No more hanging out a your friend's dad's or uncle's gas station while he was helping out after school pumping gas ,then you too,eventually getting paid and picking up many skills. There are not that many real starter jobs left for younger teens and priced accordingly for the skill level. Once t
  12. For Sale one hard to find,extremely rare,(unless you go looking) Parkhard rear tail light,not to be confused with the more common front tail light! I believe it is for a 1929,by that I meen 1930 or 1931, and off higher end model,in contrast to something lesser. Offered as removed from a lowly 1928 Hups-Mobile some time in the past.How dare they! It has the perfect patina dings right where you want them most..One right on top on maker stamp and the perfect dig on the face bezel to the right of the red center lense,which is genuine red,not the fake stuff!
  13. The usual, Chicken bones,corn cobs,acorn and walnut shells,grungy cotton stuffing,seeds and intact mouse skeletons. I've seen a couple of 20's southern cars with straw cased ,unlabled booze bottles wedged behind the rear seat cushions .
  14. VALVE COVER?. watch the Jay video I belive the wheels Leno's ,Owen/Owen's Magnetic are to too small ,non original to his car. Jest don't look or fit right?
  15. If you can make it out or some one else doesn't post info..let me l know and I can make hard copies to send you. Page2
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