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  1. Nick8086. What ever that car is with what looks like a real nifty visor..it appears to be parked below some massive out cropping wall of rock at a cliffs base. Odd place to for someone to build an out house. Nice pic B.K. Old family pics with cars are great to show..Thats why there were tooken(or is that taken?) and saved for the future.
  2. Those all great shots...I'm fond of thoze pop up trailers ..I helped a friend convert one to a huge dump run trailer when he moved in the 90s. Gezz! And impulse buy of a 1934 is really something when your son has a rope for a belt..😎 Then we have a young Romeo juggling 3 young girls. But I think the first one on the left finally figured out your game. I wonder what was that car Terry B.? With no shame here Iz me Flivverking again..circa 1966 changing my first tire on a 1962?3 Plymouth Valant...It was standard shift with a red interior and the fake spare tire stamped on the trunk. Keep them coming .empty those shoe boxes full of kodakchrome or brownie black and whites of your or family/ friends old rides or tin sitting on the street you took notice of to snap a pic. back in the day.
  3. I don't think this gizmo is any type of vibration damper as these engines are pretty well balanced. It (is) more of a stablizer thing to reduce the twisting torque effect of the engine being solidly mounted very low and the tall block having then a high center of gravity thus reducing strain on it's mounts. Just an arm chair pitch.. Take one off and realy hammer on the gas and see if the clutch .brake pedal and shifter rock under excelleration.😨
  4. B.Kingsley ,The wagon reminds of the Brady Bunch wagon...Dig those plastic wood sides.. A friend had a Caviler..I sware they are or were the Model A Ford of the modern era. We have them all over till this day . Not many I knew had a school bus..Hearses yes..school buses no. You got more pics of the past let'um rip. Georgie Cole the Stovebolt kid! We had a '53 4 door...we named it the "Green Hornet" ran it till '67. It had a habit of tossing it's air cleaner every now and then. lost the brakes on "Heart attack hill" in '66.. Here I am again at 13.5. First complete car.."The Beauty Winner Of 1936"Dodge. $50 from Roy's Transmission. 1974.
  5. 33 Ponty Finished.. This car was a car club presidents ride.Took many a first award and was a local favorite..My claim to fame at that time..Still looks good I hear. Binks No.7 gun..I still use it.
  6. Start off. This handsome 24 y.o. 6 foot greaser (Me) spraying genuine nitro on the 1933 Pontiac 8 , rumbled coupe in 1985. On frame resto with a hand cleaned detailed chassis.The stainless repro radiator cap indian head in ring was $300 in '85. The motor job....we won't talk about $,$$$...quiet smooth driving car at 55.
  7. Vintage repro Overland motometer face plate. Chrome raised letters and circle with satinish black background of minor wrinkle finish texture.Backside chrome had lots of scuffing..Face chrome has minor scratches and a few paint nicks..Will send better pics if you require..Probably aluminum base metal?Minor back ding doesn't show on front...Presentable.2-3/4" O.D. $12.00 total I send it to you in a padded small envolope first class. .
  8. DFeeney, I have a Chrysler 70 G shift lever and tower being sent me as I write so I'm O.K with that. You mentioned "PLATE" as in the floor trim? That is intact on my car but do recall some one here was in need Thanks for thanking the time to address my needs . Thank you! David. a.k.a Flivverking.
  9. 45 years ago as a young teenager ,myself a friend and his talented ,crafty dad and mom made a number of novelty tire covers to fit Model T and A Fords . We used the silk screen process and it worked very well..The silk screen process is well discribed on the net in 2020.The sizing and sewing up of a tire cover and making it snap,elastic or string tie was more challenging in the end. Very fun ,and we boys sold them at local meets and club events , being up and coming Model A'rs at 13-14. I recall a few logos of "This car climbed Mount Washingon 1930-Twice!" "This car is equiped with Four Wheel Brakes" And stole from a 1965" My Mother the Car" epesiode. "STOP ON A DIME BRAKES -STOPS ON A DIME ,EVERY TIME" See your dealer" It was tricky getting the connections for the right coated canvas. Black,Tan and White I think it was aquired from a boat yard marina supply outlet.
  10. Less then 24 hours success! Right passenger wheel I gave up on this morning as I was begining to get to heavy handed..Switch to left driver side and just with cranking down on the push bolt and heavy two foot bar I just I just pretended I was in my ripped 30s and 40s and the hub pulled. Back to the right hub I just did 3 cycles of simple and careful propane torch heating, within in a couple of hours I was able to muscle that hub off too with no more hammer blows All the brake hydraulics should be stripped off and shipped off hopefully early next week. Do I hear cash register bells? 😨
  11. Sounds like you have practically a one stop ignition shop ! I will be making my inquiries .
  12. This business card was included with a part I had ordered,( non ignition related )that I just recieved in the mail. I haven't come across this particular dealer info on the web. within the past month of researching early ignition parts for vintage cars ( there are a few ). He maybe well known already or not? If known to some it never hurts to keep suppliers refreshed in our minds once on a while. Just passing it along. Cheers!
  13. Puller arrives this afternoon while my 88 years young friend and Model A Ford passionist came to inspect the 1927 Chrysler 70 and bring his box of 250 old keys to try the spare tire lock.Nothing. On to Mc Murtry puller. The puller is well pack in solid foam sheets and instructions and paper. work It fit perfectly and sinched up well and I"m not rushing..I've seen enough( and most of you veterans too) bashed up pullers ,bolt heads ,plus ruined axle ends from abusive impatients. I have good tension on it now and have and will be giving the pressure bolt a few hard square wacks with a 4 pounder off and on and applying a bit more bolt pressure as we go. Usually the hub pulls for me either right away or over night does it This one probably and over nighter. Now! on to he familar process of working with old cars and the expected unexpected. My 88 year year old friend and I go for lunch just when mail comes with the puller. Great! We will try the puller for fit and maybe get them ,(or is is those? ), wheels off after returning from lunch. And thats what we did,return from lunch and proceed to install the puller only to discover I do not have a jumbo 1-7/16" socket for the big Chrysler axle nut. ( the unexpected no. 1). I only go up to 1/2"drive ratchet and 1-1/4" socket so a 3/4" drive breaker or ratchet is needed for a jumbo 1-7/16" socket is to be aquired . We have no more Sears tools around here and as I supected the local Homedepot and auto parts stores didn't have the individual socket or 1/2 wrench handle or set on hand and I am not familar with large truck or steam locomotive repair centers to investigate ,but I was familar with the local Harbor Frieght store and had just seen thier assorment of sockets and wrenches last week. They offered a jumbo socket set of 20 pieces of slightly better then dubious quality I recalled. So now we are off to buy (unexpextedly no.2) a complete jumbo socket set for one socket and one huge wrench just so I can use my new wheel puller TODAY, with my 88 year old visiter. But it wasn't a complete over buy because I used the new sets jumbo 3/4" , 1-1/8" socket instead of my 1/2" drive ,1-1/8" socket on the new hub puller's pressure bolt. I feel good about that,I think? 😬🍸🍸🍸🍸 3 hours ago and three tries the hub has not budged..when 36 hours go by with no movement I will then add a few more pounds to the hammer blows and a double the reps! For now I'll let some good healthy pressure ,moderate heavy shock try to release the hubs over some time. I subcribe to the unproven notion that the over night temperture swing adds to the hub release under pressure ..It just sounds good?. My 88 years young friend really wanted to see if the hub puller would break thinking it's contruction was basically just pipe stock threaded on the inside and a steel end plate for pressure bolt and it's threads etc. simply being welded to the pipe end. He was impressed that the puller body is machine from a solid hunk of steel .The I.D. .bored out and treaded and the O.D turned or ground down. Even the outer nut to crank on and off the puller is machined ,not welding on.Only the pinch bolt lugs are welded on. .
  14. http://www.chrysler300club/tech/fluid/brakefluid.html About all numbers of fluid and older systems.
  15. http://www.britcycle.com/Manuals/DOT5.htm Try the ink....if it works? Dot 5 issues..causes..flushing etc.