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  1. Another nice car, in same market space as the very nice '49 Packard Convertible listed here at $49K.
  2. I've enjoyed seeing the public sale of these badges, watched about 175 change hands so far, many I have never seen and may never again see, and it would indeed be disappointing if some are unstated reproductions or substantially 'restored" without seller acknowledgment (assuming he even would know). I am also aware of the classic mea culpa called " these aren't mine, I'm selling for someone else" etc. Are their authoritative sources for such rare items, a sort of collector's bible that includes enough pictures/info to guide a more novice buyer? I don't know anyone within 1000 miles of me who ever heard of a 1913/14 Howard Motor Car, let alone would be able to advise on what the original Badge should look like. Mind you, if paying $50 for one who cares. But paying $400 for one you better know what your buying. Not familiar with the "Pulfer" reference, will check it out on Google.
  3. Photo of the Howard badge, sorry, did not copy well from internet, but you get the picture.
  4. UPDATE: Here is 3rd page of Badges this gentleman is selling/has sold this past month or so. Today he posted a very rare Badge, a 1913/14 Howard, a product of the Howard Motor Car Company who operated out of Connersville Ind in that year only, and who were a successor of the Lexington Car Company. Some interesting recent sales include a 1916 Thomas Jeffrey? at $323, a '28 Graham Paige at $340, and '28 GMC Truck at $311. BTW, I have no connection to this seller, he lives on the other side of Canada from me! Happy Shopping and check your inventory! 1929 Oakland-Canada 100? 1930 Oakland-Canada 114 1931 Oakland-Canada 100? 1926 REO Speedwagon 192 1927 REO Speedwagon 138 1928 REO Speedwagon 191 1930’s Plymouth 72 1934 Pontiac 8 wng’d 315 1934/35 McL-Buick Can 205 1920’s? Jordan 163 1933 Pontiac 8 768 1913 Saxon 152 1921 Saxon 114 1920 Saxon 80 1932 Chev Mpl Lf Truk 293 1929 Graham Paige 86 1928 REO Fly Cloud 82 1928/30 GMC Truck 311 1916 Grant 6 172 1928 Grant 6 191 1934 Pierce 8 165 1933/35 Pierce 12 212 1930 Graham 37 1930 Hupmobile 76 29/30 Oakland 57 28 Willys Knight 56 1938 Plymouth 61 Diamond T 81 1928 Chevrolet 51 1936 Dodge 44 Mack Truck 31 1957 Monarch 22 1946 Hudson 46 1931 Plymouth 29 1938 Graham Paige 30 1931 Dodge 48 1919 Studebaker 22 1947 Pontiac 49 1933 Plymouth 114 1931 Cadillac V8 193 1916 Thom Jeffry 323 1928 GMC 128 1936 Cord 122 1935 Chrysler 77 1940 Chrysler 45 J.I. Case 306 1936 Desoto 142 1931 Plymouth 21 1928 Graham Paige 340 1930 Graham 158 1930 Nash 8 81 1928 Maple Leaf Truck 172 1917 Chalmers MC 114 1917-21 Allen MC 19? Fargo Truck 1932 Pontiac 6 1931 Pontiac 1918 Gray Dort Can. 1938 Hudson 1926 Peerless 1913 Howard (Lextn?)
  5. The book "70 years of Chrysler" by Dammann pg 149, says for mid-year 1928, Chrysler introduced the "Series 62 Business Coupe, a 2 place car with a rather large trunk space". 3,142 were built. The regular Series 62 Coupe came with a rumble seat.
  6. I see a second copy of this magazine on eBay today, $14.95USD "buy it now". It is interesting this issue has a 1 page introduction to the general public about who WPC is and suggests more is to follow about the man on Dec 15 1923? So good luck with your search.
  7. What great fun one could have refurbishing this and having it in driver condition. But asking price may doom it to those with big bucks ready to restore it and re-offer at $500K. Nice Car.
  8. Hi Greg, there is a complete copy of the SEP for Dec 08 1923 on eBay currently, item #202622782666. Only starting at $9.99, good luck.
  9. Surprised there is no reaction to this great looking rare car. Perhaps my favorite car from the big 3 in that era, sleek styling, not too much cosmetics, and a nice convertible. While I'm not a fan of the "Deluxe Hood Ornament" as I think it distracts from the otherwise clean lines of the car, I think this car is a stunner. I watched 25 years ago as a tow truck was hauling a very similar '50/'51 blue Ford convertible from the bushes of a friend I knew, had never noticed the old car sitting hidden for years. Not sure what happened to it.
  10. BTW, for anyone following this thread, I have since bought a '31 CD8 Sedan donor car, and realize the means of securing the body to the chassis is much like Taylormade illustrated on 1st page. The Roadsters used a compound curved 2 piece angle iron sub sill as shown here, sitting right on frame (1/8" pads here and there) bolted onto side of frame thru Rb aprons etc. Cowl and tub weld to angle iron and entire complete body/tub assembly can be lifted on or off. I've made the sub sills which are ready to go in place probably in summer 2019
  11. Hmmm... no sign of any message from you in my inbox, regardless, I'm not ready to part with any of this stuff. The old rear quarters have been invaluable in helping me figure out what is missing/messed with/or otherwise wrong for my rear tub/fenders etc. This photo shows me using them as a framework for modifying a pair of decent sedan fenders to suit the Roadster (fenders for which are impossible to find), would have been impossible to get close without these quarters. I'm anticipating I will use some of the rear quarter sheet metal (and in particular the beading adjacent the fenders) as new replacement, as mine have been cut and filled with Bondo many years ago. A couple of years from now, if you are still looking, drop me a line. Cheers
  12. A cross between Ransom E Olds and Pinocchio. I'm not sure just where one could go from there, moving backwards might be best plan, shorten hood, get back to at least a normal looking roadster of some sort.
  13. I'm currently rebuilding one of these CD8 Roadsters, was in much worse shape than the one on C/L, labor of love, but I've got sentimental reasons for doing it. Found a usable engine with a CD8 Sedan donor car, but still a ton of work and parts are tough to find. If it wasn't on the other side of the continent I'd buy this one today. Imagine having 2 of them! Would be such a shame to see this car rodded, only a few of them left.
  14. These and a small number of other prestige make Roadsters/Convertibles marked the near end of the era of classic American made 2 seater non-streamlined cars. Would be hard to choose among a select few others like Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg, Cadillac, Lincoln and Chrysler/Imperial from 1930-36, not to mention Pierce Arrow and a few smaller makers. Every car lover should have just one!