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  1. Well said, Matt. As to the Japanese, my brother was in the Navy, in 1965 was in Japan. The Japanese taxi cabs would not stop nor give a ride to an American serviceman.... We’ll get through this, I think that someone mentioned a virtual Hershey on the Forum....spread out your goodies, take a picture, sell!
  2. A really tough decision, I'd guess mostly driven by the fact that a lot of volunteer workers were skeptical of being exposed. Not the end of the world, a big event, but in the big picture a year hiatus won't affect us in any lasting way. See you in 2021! I really will miss seeing a lot of friends …. cars and parts are secondary at this point, it's the smiles and handshakes I'll miss most....
  3. Wow, huge ramifications that will resound through our hobby for the next year...I received an email, unless it's a joke, not happening this year..... I'll miss seeing old and new friends....David Coco Winchester Va.
  4. I'm going to call it as a 1928 Chrysler. It's either a convertible coupe (Dodge made the first one in 1927 so Chrysler could have followed suit), or a coupe that's had the top cut off. The heavy windshield frame and visor were not standard on a roadster. My thought is that it's a car that's been chopped and modified for airport use, including the addition of the spotlight. Very interesting picture, there has to be a story behind it which we may never know...
  5. So this is one of those "ran great until it didn't" cars...Yeah, that might be a hard sell at that price point....
  6. I don't see anything "crybaby" about Joe's posts, and for someone trying to sell something at a premium price, that's a poor comment to make. He was actually trying to help you, so that other people wouldn't waste your or their time trying to make an offer in what they considered an affordable range. Posting the price eliminates all that uncertainty. I'm not conversant with value of the part, so will make no comment on asking price.
  7. ....and, coincidently, I was behind this transport heading to the Interstate, drizzly rainy day....not good on a car at all.....
  8. Yes, a good mark of Grammes is authentic. Foss Hughes had a relationship with Pierce that was lucrative early on...lots of early tie-ins....
  9. Fascinating car, post, and response. It has to get a lot more obscure than this to stump the experts....
  10. There are numerous Pierce Arrow fobs out there, most of them fake. As you mention, there should be a nice maker's mark on the back, or the name of the dealership that gave them away.... Plain backed, or very faint makers mark, Pierce fobs are fake ones, made by the hundreds in the 1960's and 1970's. The far left in pictures below is the fake. The others are real....
  11. Great driving cars, Packard went to a center point steering arrangement and they are delightful going down the road. I owned a 1603 sedan like this one (sans side mounts), a 1604 club sedan, and still own a 1604 convertible coupe. Good luck with sale!
  12. I’ve called buyers too, telling them that the transport wasn’t appropriate. Never been listened to. 1902 Olds on an open trailer, 1911 Hupmobile on a rollback, sheesh...
  13. Yes, Caldwell showed how tough life could be... and if a beet on the seat was all you had to eat, then it’s best to meet someone who had food more complete...but that was a feat ....
  14. My comment is that one should add another 2 to 3 yards to the estimate, even if you don't need it, that first person who drops a beet on your seat you'll wish you had it! But shame on you for letting them eat beets in your car, sheesh.... Seriously, the cost of a yard or two extra is insignificant when compared with labor cost to upholster a car....