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  1. Wouldnt doubt it, all I have access to are public records, you're privy to the "stratosphere" of the car collecting world! Lucky dog! i think a lot of car collecting is "pride of ownership", just as it would be with paintings. I recently had an offer for my '37 Cord phaeton. I don't use the car much, as I end up driving my Pierce more often than not. However, my thought process was "OK, I wake up tomorrow morning and DON'T own a Cord, how do I feel?" I turned down the offer, and it was a generous one that was four times what I have in the car....thus pride of ownership, not use, swayed me....
  2. trimacar

    1937 Packard Sedan to Roadster Conversion

    A compound curve is always a complex curve, but a complex curve is not always a compound curve.....that's my story and I' know.... Actually, complex literally means made up of different parts, so I visualize a complex curve as something like a Countach, lots of funny angles....
  3. Great stuff, thanks for all the far as the paintings go, with the right paintings it wouldn't take long to get to a billion! 450 million paid for Salvatore Mundi by da Vinci. The most expensive car car is now at 70 million, I believe, Ferrari. it will be interesting to see what cars surface in the next few years.....
  4. Wow, went to put up a few Christmas decorations, made a turkey and sausage gumbo, and come back with all these responses! thanks, guys, very interesting. I've discussed before a Duesenberg sedan that's not on current radars, I 'be talked to owner before and believe it exists. It's a big country with lots of hiding places!...
  5. Was just sitting around thinking that there are occasionally some very fine "lost" Full Classics that are being found. A Pierce coupe show car, for example, that had fallen off the radar for years. What are some of the missing Full Classics that might still be out there? I'm thinking pre-World War 2, and American Classics. Any thoughts on missing ones? In addition, I'm talking rare or one-offs, not along the lines of "there might be another '34 Packard sedan out there"......
  6. trimacar

    Getting the perfect shot ain't easy

    I think it's a great shot, and photoshopped in the spirit of Christmas! Only thing I'd do different is take the paper descriptions off the rear windows, but I would guess that you're so used to seeing these that you didn't even see them!!
  7. trimacar

    36 Auburn speedster on ebay

    Well, understood.....I was thinking more along the lines of a few well placed phone calls, this is one of those cars that might sell quickly with just word of mouth....
  8. trimacar

    36 Auburn speedster on ebay

    Yes, beautiful car, worth some money, but put it on Ebay? When there are so many better ways to market such a car? I realize Ebay exposes car to a lot of people, it just doesn't seem like the correct venue for such a car. These cars have gone up in "value" astoundingly over the last few years.....
  9. trimacar

    WTB early 1950's Chevrolet truck cab, five window

    That is a really nice GMC cab, as Marty says. I've always kind of wanted an old GMC truck, because those are my wife's initials! My requirement was for a 5 window cab, though, I really like those little quarter windows, and that's what I found. That cab will find a buyer I'm sure, as solid as it is.
  10. trimacar

    WTB early 1950's Chevrolet truck cab, five window

    Those are nice! My "new" cab originally came from out west. I used to work in Colorado, and it was amazing to see the condition of cars found sitting outside for years, virtually no rust and chrome in excellent condition. Could you PM or email me his name and contact information? I have a friend here who rebuilds early 50's Chevy trucks and is always looking for parts. Thanks!
  11. trimacar

    WTB early 1950's Chevrolet truck cab, five window

    Yes I did, bought a really nice five window cab with great doors, no rust through at all, a super solid cab. why do you ask, do you have one for sale? I'm going to list the rusty cab on the local Craigslist and see if someone wants it....thanks...
  12. trimacar

    Markup In The Automobile Business

    I come from a family of writers, and if you want some honest feedback, I'll give it. Your topic is interesting, as is much of the content, but it rambles. I'm reading along about car pricing and all of a sudden I'm in a grocery store. With the length of what you've written, I believe it would serve you well to come up with some "chapters", so to speak. Then, organize each "chapter" with the material that's relevant. Have a professional edit your work. A lot of your sentences, aren't, they're just phrases. Use of semi-colons and dashes should also be reviewed. There's an age-old rule that, when you try to explain something to somebody, you 1)tell them what you're going to tell them, 2) tell them, then 3) tell them what you've told them. I'd say you need to start out with explaining WHAT you're trying to explain, as the first couple of pages jumps back and forth from personal experience (which probably should be it's own "chapter") to describing the angst of other people regarding the car buying experience. Even the title (an old used car saying) is vague and doesn't really let the reader know what's coming. In fact, it's not the focus of the article at all. I also agree that it's not correct to criticize a dealership trying to "make money", that's the purpose of a business. One can criticize if unethical methods are used, but not the making money itself. Also, I think some mention of types of buyers should be included. Yes, there are a lot of buyers who look at pricing and invoices and factory price and so forth. However, there are also a HUGE number of people who go into a dealership and say something like "I can spend $500 a month, what'll that get me". Dealerships adore those kind of people, because games can be played with financing to make just about any payment work. Lastly, I can tell you for a fact that at a lot of dealerships, the best day to buy a car is the last day of that dealership's fiscal month. It's not always the last DAY of the month, though, as sometimes the month is extended if the last day falls on a Sunday or holiday. That's the day that the sales manager has looked at the books, knows he has to sell X number of cars that month to get the per unit bonus, and if he's a few shy, will give great deals to make the quota. Investigate it yourself, don't attach my name to it. Fun stuff....
  13. trimacar

    1939 Buick 41-C convertible sedan for sale

    This is a great car, but as has been discussed before, the Forum isn't the best place to sell a car. I don't think the lack of response is because of the quality nor rarity of the car, but rather the nature of the Forum itself.
  14. trimacar

    1935 Super Charged Auburn

    I've met him, been to his warehouses, and STILL couldn't find the jar of magic pixie dust that enables Mr. H. to ask, and get, prices that he does....good for him...he sources fabulous cars and gets primo prices...