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  1. That size sounds about right, yes....
  2. The correct muffler for you car is not a "one piece" muffler. It should have cast ends, with a small pipe at the back that bends down almost immediately out of the muffler. There are internal baffles, the whole thing held together with through rods. My car is not accessible right now to take a picture. The attached picture shows one end of the muffler, a new casting, and you can see the places where the internal ridge ends and those were the two through bolt holes. I had a few new end casting made a few years ago, all gone now. Oh, I found pictures of intake and exhaust. Note how one end of muffler (rear I think) has a set screw for holding small pipe, other end has a cast housing that's sawed though horizontally and vertically, with a bolt to clamp intake pipe.
  3. My first thought was that the 812 convertible coupe isn't as rare, but I don't think that's the case...there are a lot of "phaetons" (really convertible sedans) but not many convertible coupes. Interesting question, though, had that been a speedster in comparable condition it would have been creeping up the six figure ladder pretty quickly...
  4. Asking price was 83k, reasonable for a driver, and the car looked nice from 20 feet, but close inspection showed quite a few issues. Older so-so restoration, good bit of body work apparent. Interior OK with some defects, top needed replacement. Running on electric fuel pump, original pump missing. Paint so-so, chipping off in places. Would be a nice driver, although as Matt mentioned, "hanging up in gear" is scary on a Cord. My comment to my buddy there was that it would cost the same to me to restore that car as it would cost to restore my solid original standard phaeton. I have card from dealer if anyone wants phone number, Scott C's Auto Group,
  5. There was a fellow at Hershey with a big case of "marque" pocket watches. Didn't hear his spiel to see if he was claiming original or not. I collect Pierce Arrow memorabilia, early on bought a few "PIERCE" pocket watches. They're all fake, I mean, they're real pocket watches, but the Pierce face has been added. I'd say 99.5% of the marque watches out there are fakes. I have one pocket watch with "CORD" on it, the only reason I think it might be original is that the typeface is so small, hard to think one would counterfeit and put a little bitty CORD on it. But, it may well be fake, too.
  6. Matt said it well. If you have a car and don't love it, you'll probably be disappointed when you go to sell it. If you enjoy the car, and you enjoy the people you meet and the places you go because of the hobby, then the money is immaterial. I'll probably sell all my cars but one or two in the next ten years. One will be with me until the day I die, I've known it too long. Will it be worth anything to my kids to keep or sell? I could not care less. It's for me, for my enjoyment now, it's not my job to guarantee my kids a bunch of money or assets when I die, and when I'm gone, I REALLY won't care. I think it's already well established that there are no car garages either in the northern or southern territory of the afterlife. This topic has really been beaten to death on this forum. Is the market changing? Yes. Everything changes. Do we have to discuss it twice a week? Oh well...
  7. Two distributors for sale. Delco Remy 663L, 1937 Packard Super Eight 1500-1501-1502 Autolite IGT 4006, 1938 Packard Super Eight 1603-1604, maybe 1605? Pictures attached, 4006 is one with silver paint on it. $300 each, postpaid in continental US For more information or pictures PM or email thanks
  8. The round tube front axle with the dip and the rounded cowl both say to me it's a Model 10 Buick...Google same and compare features...
  9. I hung out my shingle, casually, to do upholstery when I retired from my "real" career. I've found out that, if people like your work, you're busy "for the rest of your life" and then some!
  10. McPherson College in Kansas has an Automotive Restoration curriculum.... The other option is to find a restoration shop that will either let you start sweeping floors, or will offer you an apprenticeship....on the job training. That's how I got really good at trim work, I was self taught for a number of years, then spent two years at White Post Restorations working with a Master Trimmer (Sig Nurstheimer, my spelling may be wrong). If you do apprentice, you need to be humble. It took two months for Sig to warm up to me and realize I was eager to learn and wouldn't let my ego get in the way, and that I'd really listen to his methodologies and do my best to emulate his style. Wow, too many big words, not sure I used them all correctly. Good luck, the restoration business is an interesting one....
  11. Nice torpedo! I've always wanted one of those body styles, but am happy having the little runabout. Your car looks great, thanks for sharing photo...
  12. Yes, agreed, the naysayers can criticize if they wish, and I've done my share on different aspects, but overall this is a great event that's handled with dignity and is well organized. What a huge undertaking, and what a great show (and weather) it was! I had a friend with me this year who'd never been to Hershey. At 8 am, he was talking as the National Anthem started, and I almost had to punch him. When it concluded I told him, no exceptions, hand over heart and at attention, no kneeling at Hershey! Great job, thanks to the Region and the AACA in general...
  13. Always great to find a set of originals to use as a reference. Note I said reference and not "pattern", a lot of times upholstery guys try to use old upholstery as a direct pattern, and the results rarely are high quality. A lot of work to do a set of side curtains, I've done sets that took as much time as putting on a whole top. Have fun!
  14. Well, I am a rube. As I get older, I follow the rules of the road closer, because I don't want to have lived such a great life and end up a highway statistic. I look both ways on green lights, drive slower than a lot of people, and am constantly checking mirrors and on ramps and other lanes for fools, or as the song goes, gunners, who think anyone in their way is a fool...ever been passed on the right, while being in the right lane, at an exit? I don't give a flying flip if he endangers his own life, but when it comes to endangering me and my family, I get really pissed. I had a fellow tailgate me, and he was so mad he followed me into my subdivision. There's a T where I could make a U-turn, did so, stopped him and said what's the problem? He said you're impeding my progress, you're breaking the law. I said I was going speed limit. He said I don't care, I wanted to go faster and you were in my way , I should call the cops. Please do, I begged.....