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  1. I do hate it when a supposed buyer asks “what’s the least you will take”. What a self destructive, insulting question. Title question aside, I’d be inclined to go look at car and see if it’s a “deal”. One never knows. I have a similar, 5 hour, trip planned in the next two weeks to look at a Full Classic priced at give away price, in the very low four figures. Guy came to my space at Hershey and he wants it gone. He says his lawyer can get a title. Even if not, parts worth way more than price. One never knows until you’re in front of car, though…
  2. Not quite the case, coal fired power plants around the world average 33% efficiency, and most modern ICE cars are at or above that number. The point is that pollution still occurs either way, unless it’s a “clean” energy source. Even some clean power can do damage to the environment, windmills need a lot of oil and kill tens of thousands of birds, for example.
  3. Haartz cloth and Stayfast are the same thing these days. Not confusing….
  4. I inquired about the car, his asking price is 65K. Great car but that sounds like some sentimental money is tacked on. He did say it was negotiable.
  5. To the original post, what color Stayfast are you looking for?
  6. Of course it’s debatable, as all things are..but we’ve missed the opportunity to have more nuclear energy….Look at France as a model, the large majority of that country’s power comes from nuclear. Cleaner than any fossil fuel and more economical than most other sources. The US has infrastructure problems, the electrical grid included. Until that infrastructure is upgraded, all electric cars is a pipe dream.
  7. Great story. We’ve been blessed to have some outstanding people in our hobby, and recognizing that fact is well warranted.
  8. I was told today that “common” Model A size tires aren’t to be had…..interesting…
  9. The other side of the coin, feel sorry for those guys riding around in their carts. The real way you find treasures and make new friends is to step into spaces and really LOOK, and ask questions, and meet people. I saw a lot of guys just riding around talking to their buddy, not even looking, just riding down the row so they could tell people later “I was there”… One can do that at home on one’s porch, I feel sorry for those guys, saying they went to Hershey but not really experiencing it… Anyone who walks to my space, I say hi and what kind of cars are you interested in? Amazing the replies and the friends you make. I appreciate the Hershey region and all they do, but bicycles and scooters and others…they’re out of control….
  10. I say that people who think electric cars is the “solution” can’t see behind the wall. Yes, nice clean electric, just plug it into the wall socket. But, that power has to come from some generating facility. Coal, gas, nuclear, hydroelectric. Sure, solar and windmills, but those two are insignificant in the overall power production. Both of those have operating costs and depreciation/ life of asset/ payback that are not favorable. In the end, the use of electric vehicles doesn’t help the environment near as much as some would preach to you….
  11. Shortages of upholstery material is getting to be a real problem. Even “common” materials can’t be bought. Never dreamed it would come to this. A lot of companies suffering staffing shortages, woolen mills closing, a general ain’t going to work for low wages because the rich get it all. Interesting times we live in. From a trimmer’s perspective, buy the material you need now, if you can find it, lots of common stuff even now not in stock…
  12. Just think, next year a 1997 Econoline could be on the show field, heart be still!
  13. Yes, absolutely, he’s a fine gentleman indeed. As the old saying goes, what he doesn’t know about Mercers isn’t worth knowing. He knows other cars too of course, but Mercer is his specialty.
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