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  1. I own a 1910 Model 20 and they’re fun cars. I’ve also owned two 1911 Model 20’s, bought so I could take some parts off them and resell cars. Both cars were unrestored, one a real project that sold for 9K and one that was more original but needed a lot for 11K. Neither was a running car. The 17k range foe the car on HCCA is very my opinion.....
  2. The bracket headlights on a Pierce Arrow were simply a factory option, had nothing to do with New York State laws, nor any laws for that matter. Then, as now, there were people who wanted a Pierce but didn't like the looks of fender mounted headlights. This is a case of something being retold so often it becomes accepted as fact, when it’s not....
  3. This is an old post, a question was asked of me, I tongue in cheek answered, a couple of years later....
  4. I'm well along on the restoration of this truck, but too many other things to do in my life so offer for sale. I have a LOT more in this truck than the asking price, we've all been there. Frame blasted and painted, and built up with all new parts from there. Circa 1961 six cylinder engine, runs great, new battery, shocks, exhaust, gas tank, radiator, clutch, water pump, brakes, brake lines, ...the list of new stuff is long. Nice wheels with older but serviceable tires. Excellent five window cab, has been blasted and primed, and has only very minor corrosion, probably better than 95% of the early cabs out there. Doors blasted and primed, and are just about perfect. New hood. Glass, seat, and the parts you see in the pictures are what I have. May have a few small pieces not shown but not much more. Before we put the body on, and did some additional work on the truck, it "sold" on Ebay for $6200. Buyer never paid, second bidder backed out after agreeing to purchase. After that experience I really don't like Ebay as a selling place, although it does get a wide audience. I'm at $6500 firm. Truck will be able to be driven into/onto your trailer, or if sold within a 150 miles or so could possibly deliver for expenses. Truck in heated storage in Winchester , Virginia, clean title with matching data plate, 1953. If you're looking for just sheet metal (probably for your hot rod frame), I have someone who'd buy the chassis, but to separate would need $5500 for body, doors, hood, and related parts (seat, glass, etc.) David Coco 540-5332885
  5. Yep, pictures can be deceptive. Hope it works out well. The side panels are not rectangles, by the way. You have to wrap the fabric around the sides, mark to top panel accordingly, if anything they are elongated triangles, otherwise they won’t wrap around to rear bow correctly. As with any upholstery work, easy to show in person, hard to describe in words.
  6. Better late than never? The book is "Guide to Sewing Techniques", and it's issued by Schmetz, a German manufacturer of sewing needles. Small but 276 pages....
  7. Nice car. I get it. But I don’t get it. I’m trying to get it. I may be too old at 68 to get it. But if it keeps the hobby going, I may get it. Unless I don’t get it. In any case, under 20k doesn’t buy much these days, and that’s a very nice car.... and well presented as always....dc
  8. I must say I don’t quite understand what I’m looking at in your picture. On a touring top, when fabric is laid on a table as you show, there are no continuous straight lines, and the side panels aren’t rectangles in any way, nor will it lay flat. Just don’t understand what you’re showing nor what you’ve done. It also looks like, though hard to tell, you have rounded edge of seam facing toward inside of car, when it should be to outside. Hope I’m wrong and you’ve done it correctly...
  9. Yes, a true series of statements. Deep pockets and rare cars mean replicated cars will appear. There are a lot of high dollar early cars that never left the original factory that are either now in existence, or in the works. Not conjecture, I know of some of them, as some of you do....not a bad thing, necessarily, as it gives the experience to more people. And, as stated, 50 years from now, they’re all real....
  10. Very sorry to hear of his passing, always sad to hear of good car guys leaving us.....
  11. Do your research on the ammonia bending, there are different ways to do it....
  12. And, if you sell 120,000 or so T-shirts at $28, you’ve paid for the car!
  13. On the bending of wood strips or reed, the airplane guys soak it in an ammonia solution. After a certain time, the wood or reed turns “plastic”, and you can bend it to any shape you want.
  14. An interesting car, for sure, but like many custom bodies, it’s an acquired taste. At first it assaults ones senses, then it grows on you, kind of like your plain Jane prom date who shows up at the door with lipstick, fake eyelashes, and a dress split to here...
  15. Yeah, except one gets to drive away with people still gawking!