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  1. Casting number on the bottom, 342 indicates that is a Carter WDO 480S or 503S carburetor for Oldsmobile 8-cyl. E41, J41, L41 (1941), 68,78,98 (1942) & 78,98 (1946/1947)
  2. Yes there’s a pull knob cable under the dash if equipped with OD. The body tag doesn’t give any option clues though. I had a 57 Hudson Hornet Custom with 3-speed OD. At that time I believe only 6 were known remaining out of 125 or so equipped.
  3. The AMC 327 V-8 installed in the Hudson’s was a hot motor. They came with a factory Carter 4-barrel carburetor and dual exhausts. This one appears to have power steering and may have power brakes too. I wonder if this one has the rare overdrive option.
  4. Agree with Edinmass. For the floor of my enclosed trailer I primed it and used oil-base concrete floor paint with sand. Two coats of each. For the ramp and skirt, two coats of truck bed liner and two coats of the same floor paint. Another reason not to use epoxy is you can’t just recoat it as you can with paint, it has to stripped off. Add a coin rubber mat secured to the floor and you’re good to go. I also have a couple of “cookie sheet” drip pans secured to the floor as well I installed a winch and flush battery box too
  5. And eBay will also be sending you (and the IRS) a 1099 tax form too yet another reason to flee flea-bay
  6. Here’s a pic of the odometer. 94K miles These engines typically are due for a rebuild at 60K to 70K. If the oil pan has not been dropped and cleaned as well as removing and inspecting the water jacket and block it will certainly need a full rebuild.
  7. I’ve been in contact with the owner, hers my observations. Body appears solid, repaint that looks ok. Has not run in two to three years due to his cancer. Upholstery has been redone. The dash faux wood grain looks superb. No overdrive and without a true mileage, the condition of the mechanical engine is a pig in a poke. The pics of the engine compartment show tons of cobwebs, so it’s definitely been sitting awhile. overall thoughts: will need oil pan dropped and cleaned, check the bearing (rods & mains) spec may need clutch service radiator flush and possible service drop gas tank and clean/possibly repair and seal check brake system. May need wheel & master cylinder repair/replacement. All in all, possibly a nice car needing very little to get on the road. Or a money pit needing Potential engine rebuild depending on mileage (unknown). I’ve had several 46/47 Hudson’s (all coupes) including a 46 Super 8 coupe with rebuilt engine and overdrive, California car running, driving. Sold it 4 or 5 years ago for $11K. My personal opinion is this is at best, a $6500 to $7500 vehicle with all the unknowns. That could change after viewing it in person, but not significantly. this is my humble opinion, your mileage may vary. 🙂 todd harrington winchester, va
  8. Yes. He did the rear shade for my 1934 Terraplane earlier this year. Excellent workmanship
  9. https://www.heritageaai.com/shade-restoration.html
  10. Unfortunately that’s a lot of money for that camera with no plate holders. Without them, you’ll be unable to use it.
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