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  1. Hey starfireelvis, I used to live in Hinckley and Canton back in the 70's. Got to really like that Ghoul.
  2. Thanks, that was what I was hoping to hear. We're looking forward to it.
  3. This will be my 3rd year going to Hershey and even though the wife and I don't live far away we're going to stay over and do two days this time. In the event of extremely bad weather what should we expect? I imagine a percentage of venders will always be there but what changes will we see? Thanks.
  4. Hello Per. Nice looking Essex you have there. In my case I just got an a proper sized brass elbow fitting and used it instead. The engine vacuum pulls the gas from the gas tank to the vacuum tank very well. I still don't understand how that original fitting was supposed to work (as it was) because you can see right through the hole marked by the arrow to the other side where the line attaches from the intake. That would make the intake vacuum line open to the air. Good luck with your project.
  5. If that Marvel carburetor is original it probably has a cork float that was sealed with shellac. I believe modern gasoline will dissolve the shellac and permeate the cork causing the carburetor to flood. Same problem on our 30 Essex with the Marvel carb. We had to go to a urethane foam float. Might be part of your problem.
  6. Still looking for one of these if anyone has one.
  7. Thanks for the reply Mark. I went ahead and cut some paper gaskets from material I got from McMaster-Carr and used a thin coat of non-hardening sealer. Then tightened the nuts like I would a head bolts and so far so good, although I've only had the car out once since then.
  8. I'm preparing to put the water outlet manifold back on my '30 Essex thermosiphon motor and need to know if there is a certain tightening sequence for the nuts. There are six separate risers on the manifold that attach on the top of the head and I want to avoid any cracking issues when it heats and cools. Would it be like head bolts and start inside and work out? Thanks.
  9. Hmm..., you're in California and I'm in Pennsylvania and this is what I get when I open you're YouTube link:
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