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  1. motoringicons

    just finishing up my 1915 shell gas station

    I can think of a few, great 1915 vehicles that would look great parked at this station!!! Congratulations on its completion. It's superb.
  2. motoringicons

    1913 Reo Roadster(barn fresh)

    That's a great looking car. The Reo The Fifths with the F-head engines make great touring vehicles.
  3. Yes, it was a well known collection that got broken up nearly a half a century ago. The old timers in this hobby knew the collection and its cars well. The museum's name was inspired by Ken Purdy's epic automotive book "Kings of the Road" Some of the cars ended up at Harrah's. During the 1950s, 1960s and early 1970s old car "museums" were a common roadside attraction across America. Modern interstate highways that bypassed small towns contributed to the demise of roadside attractions and small tourist-supported businesses. Is there a specific car you are trying to find information about? The big touring car on the left of the photo is the famous Death Valley Scotty's 1906 National. It is now in a private, east coast collection. Here is the car today. It's a magnificent monster with a wonderful history. A great article was written about this National on The Old Motor. It is a wonderful read:
  4. motoringicons

    1928 Model A "AR" Phaeton

    It's nice to see a right hand drive Model A that has NOT been converted over to left hand drive. Years ago, when these RHD cars were being brought over to the states by the boat loads, most of them got hastily converted over to LHD. What people don't realize is that these original RHD cars have A LOT of differences from their LHD counterparts. I find that now days, people are beginning to appreciate these correct RHD cars and preserving them for what they are. This is a neat Model A. The fact that it is a phaeton and an AR makes it even better. It is certainly priced fairly..
  5. Thanks, cahartley. When I think of a "bubble top" I think of some of the great custom show cars of the 1960s, not a production car.
  6. motoringicons

    1930 Ford Model A Tudor

    It is always great to see a Model A that has been properly restored and not all "blinged" out. This will make someone a great car.