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  1. Yes, a big THANK YOU to everyone in the AACA that has worked tirelessly to manage the club and its events during these terribly confusing times. We appreciate everything you do.
  2. YES!!!! I believe only two of these exists today-the car pictured here and the one owned by the CCCA Museum at Hickory Corners. A true, high performance, luxury sports car.
  3. Most prewar cars are sold with a 50/50 warranty. 50 feet or 50 minutes from the time or location of sale-whichever comes first. If you are buying a legitimate old car and expect a warranty, you probably should change your hobby to stamp collecting.
  4. Gorgeous car. There are a lot of Early Ford V-8s for sale, but very, very few great ones. This is a great one. And the price is extremely fair.
  5. Here ya' go: https://hymanltd.com/vehicles/6481-1909-peerless-model-25-raceabout/
  6. Early Brewsters are really neat cars. I believe they were all powered by four cylinder, Knight sleeve-valve engines. The earlier Brewster town cars had leather fenders much like carriages. They are very well built and high quality.
  7. I like this one, but having spent over 20,000 miles behind its steering wheel, I am rather biased....
  8. That is a fabulous car with wonderful design from front to rear. I would get it running and use it as-is. A very worthwhile project.
  9. Carl- I am not sure about how much travel horse horsepower provides. Interesting question, however. It is amazing how many of the design cues seen in this and other Brewster carriages were carried over onto Brewster automobile bodies. Here are partial copies of the original Brewster build sheet for this coach.
  10. My tastes in cars really hasn't changed at all since I first got interested at 10 years old. My first exposure to vintage cars was from a neighbor who restored brass cars and was a former HCCA national president. He was of the mind set that anything built after 1915 was a used car. Now that I am 54 years old, my favorites are still brass cars, followed nickel era high performance, followed by pre-1932 Classics and pre-1935 Fords. I do like some period built (pre-WWII) hotrods. As a kid I got real involved with pre-1932 era speed equipment and I sill like collecting these items.
  11. For Sale: 1892 Brewster Park Drag Carriage Number 19407 Having been established in New Haven, Connecticut, in 1810, the Brewster Carriage Company predated the automobile by eight decades. The Brewster company quickly positioned itself as the leading carriage builder to America’s finest families prior to being one of the foremost automobile coachbuilding firms at the turn of the 20th century. The name Brewster became synonymous with American luxury and would later be immortalized by Cole Porter in his lyrics “You’re the top, you’re a Brewster body”. The Park Drag present
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