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  1. Chris Bamford

    Greetings, and a value estimation..

    Welcome to the forum. IMO it's basically worthless unless as a parts car for a particular project. It also looks to be a very long ways from running. What is is your interest in this car, and what do you think you might do to/with it?
  2. Chris Bamford

    Vintage dealership buildings that are still around

    My '24 T Speedster behind a Ford & Fordson dealer building in Odessa WA, 2015 photo. This is the alley view — if I recall correctly, there was no indication of Ford heritage remaining on the front.
  3. Chris Bamford

    1932 GM Canada Sales Exhortation

    DIscovered this AM in a folder of photos taken in Quebec or New Brunswick in Sept 2011.
  4. Chris Bamford

    Suchion Cup marks and Haze on New Windshield

    That could very well do the trick BUT be careful — I damaged some interior plastics years ago with lacquer thinner ('90s Impala)
  5. Chris Bamford


    Martin, I am confident that there is a way for you to obtain coverage for driving in the US. We have good friends in Cornwall who drove their Austin 7 Chummy, below, from Baltimore to Alaska and then down to Argentina. This was about 2012. If you send me a PM with your contact info, I'll get you both connected with them to communicate directly.
  6. Chris Bamford

    Portawalls question

    Hey, why not -- after all, you obviously have money to spare and certainly haven't heard anything negative from anybody with any actual experience. ?
  7. Chris Bamford

    Working visible gas pump anywhere?

    I'm a little fuzzy now on how it worked. Perhaps rather than a fill-up we ordered up a set number of gallons (litres, actually) and that quantity was pumped up into the glass and drained to the tank.
  8. Chris Bamford

    Working visible gas pump anywhere?

    In August 2014 we were driving the '24 Model T Speedster from Edmonton AB to Dayton, WA for an NWVS Speedster Run. We made a point of gassing up at the General Store in Trout Lake, BC where they still use visible gas pumps. I asked the proprietor how long she planned to keep them going. Her reply was "as long as they keep inspecting them (ie certifying for use), I'll keep using them". And at roughly $8.00 per Imperial Gallon, who could blame her? Side note: We hankered after a snack around this time and the only thing in the store that appealed was a package of frozen bagels. Well, frozen for the first few miles anyway...
  9. Chris Bamford

    1942 Woody value

    I expect it improves the flow and tone of the event. The cars are shut off during the bidding of course, and there would certainly be some reluctant to re-start after the sale. This would be a negative to not only the buyers of those lots but also plant seeds of doubt about other offerings. OTOH, the silent, white-gloved "Pusher" teams add to the cachet of the whole event.
  10. Chris Bamford

    Suggestions for polishing plastic cigarette lighter?

    Thanks again for your suggestions, and I'll give it a go this week.
  11. Chris Bamford

    1942 Woody value

    They were pushing the '50 off the stage as they did with every lot (except, IIRC, the Yellowstone Bus). Every lot was driven onto the stage except the horse drawns, a Stanley, and an Orient Buckboard.
  12. Chris Bamford

    Suggestions for polishing plastic cigarette lighter?

    Thanks Auburn, much appreciated — would you use a power wheel for this, or buff by hand, or...? I occasionally shine up brass bits with a cloth wheel in a bench grinder and either red or white "compound sticks". It would be handy if I could simply use that wheel with some of the Mother's polish.
  13. The one on the left is the original unit... reasonably shiny but overheat-damaged where the black meets the base. The replacement unit in the middle is a lucky $3 find at the Red Deer AB swap meet on Friday... identical but kind of scuffed and dull. The treasure at right is a freebie throw-in with the middle unit and intended for practice polishing. Looking for suggestions on how to polish the black plastic knob on the replacement unit to roughly equal the appearance of the original. Thanks in advance!
  14. Chris Bamford

    1942 Woody value

    Here are a couple Plymouth Woodies to think about... 1950 sold for $18K US (no reserve) at the RM/Sothebys Hershey auction in October 2017. 1940 in the Hershey 2017 Car Corral, unsold on the Friday at $80K asking.
  15. Chris Bamford

    Peep mirrors....luv 'em or hate them?

    I didn't recognize the term either but Google seems to know...