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  1. To my eye, these ones look like big-box store machine screws. Not saying that this sign isn't an original, but these fasteners are not old. If the sign is a restored original, I wonder what trauma the original machine screws suffered such that they had to be replaced...
  2. Hard to tell in the last photo, but those look like modern machine screws with the combination flat and square drive heads.
  3. I would like to see a photo of that rig 🙂
  4. I use my oldies a lot and for everyday purposes, so they're often parked at our neighbourhood Safeway. A couple years ago a younger mom pushing a stroller walked by, stopped, and peered a moment at the running board luggage rack on my '26 Ford. "Can I ask you a question?" says she. "Sure" was my reply, expecting the usual something about vintage, spare parts, etc. "Why do you have a baby gate on the running board?" In fairness to her, the suitcase was not in its usual spot behind the baby gate. And, had I had my wits about me I would have pointed out that th
  5. With the flat windshield, it could be 1934 Chevy Master or 1935 Standard. There are likely additional ways to differentiate the two.
  6. -23C / -9 F here in Edmonton, AB last weekend. These cars didn’t particularly mind the weather. Maybe your car is a bit of a wuss? 🙂
  7. I’m a ‘55 model and my newest oldie is a ‘47.... here’s hoping!
  8. Now that is the kind of information request that folks are inclined to help with!
  9. This fine '26 Studebaker is in our local club. I doubt the owner is a forum member — I've sent him a link.
  10. A long read but worth it nonetheless. The reader comments are particularly interesting — posters aren't holding back on their first-hand experience. Kudos to prewarcar.com! https://www.prewarcar.com/the-crooks-of-coys-a-truly-new-beginning
  11. And better yet, who can use it? Free to a good home.
  12. Better be careful — keep on publicizing this thing and someone’s going to buy it out from under you.
  13. Several original members of the Edmonton Antique Car Club in 1962 are still with us — founding member Bob England is not only still with us at 96 years young, but also still sharp, still driving, and as of 11:00 this morning, still falling prey to the mighty Model T. Bob has owned and/or restored a number of Ts over the years, but the last one was probably 30+ years ago. Another club member was advertising his recently-restored '26 RPU and apparently Bob figured now was the time to jump back in water. He knew I was familiar with the car and called me for some background info, and as he expl
  14. Tidying up a storage shelf I found this odd cable. Any suggestions what it might be?
  15. Well, that is very cool. Thank you Walt. Just for fun, who noticed the repeated typo typo?
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