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  1. And mine claimed they wouldn't start if the sun went behind a cloud. Dads...
  2. I've been asked that question re my '47 Dodge and '26 Ford (which would put me at -8 and -29 years old at birth, respectively). Anyhow, the original owner of my '26 T is no longer has his license, but still enjoys the ride:
  3. Thanks all for your replies. This gives me two more avenues to pursue.
  4. Posted this yesterday downstairs in the Chevrolet forum — no replies yet and hoping the many eyeballs here can help. I came across this transmission while tidying the parts shed and need to find it a new home. it might have been salvaged from a ‘28 Chev motor I bought years ago for the head. If not that, I have no idea...
  5. My first time down here in the Chev forum, usually up in the General Discussion and occasionally on Speedsters. I've just finished overhauling a storage shed and am looking to re-home a stray transmission and identify some hubcaps. I suspect the transmission is 1928 Chev, as many years ago I purchased and parted a '28 Chev engine to get the OHV head for a possible T Speedster upgrade. The vintage of these hubcaps is a bit of a mystery, although they may date back to a 1963 Bel-Air I owned many years ago. Overall diameter is 9-1/2", clip diameter is 7-1/2"
  6. Since J Lucas has become a sub-topic... Lucas: inventor of the intermittent windscreen wiper. Lucas Vacuum cleaners: their only product that didn’t suck.
  7. First time I've heard that term, and I like it. Perfectly explains what what happened with my otherwise totally awesome son 🙂
  8. Cruising north along a 60 km/hr arterial in the '12 KisselKar about 15 years ago, I felt the RF corner lurch down and the wheel and saw the tire go bounding off another block in the curb lane. Culprit was a failed, ancient weld repair to the RF hub. I bought this car as a project that had been parked, untouched, since probably the late '40s so the welding would have been circa WWII or earlier. Anyway, that explained why we hadn't been able to sort out a slight wobble in that one wheel. The RF kingpin nut lost 1/3 of it's height as it plowed a dandy furrow in the blacktop. A local club member
  9. Burned out taillight on a friend’s Lincoln MKX cost him over $20,000 to rectify. The dealer’s quote to replace the bulb was $700... friend was so annoyed he drove the Lincoln to another-brand dealer and traded it in on a new SUV.
  10. I had exactly the same thing happen years ago with my '63 Bel Air.
  11. By good fortune I had that exact book on the shelf...
  12. Jeff: IMO, your best course of action is to take those cans of Rustoleum outdoors and empty them into the wind (or to whatever facility in your area accepts unwanted paint for disposal). You keep asking if they should be used. People much smarter than me keep saying no. Listen up! Getting those damned cans out of your life TODAY will help you to plan ahead with a clearer mind. — — — — — — — — — — — It sounds like this project has been occupying your space, time and worry for 20 years. Time to move ahead — with big steps — while y
  13. Glued, riveted and soaking overnight in Neatsfoot oil...
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