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  1. Make one. This is what I did. Peter
  2. I bought some rods that were been demonstrated at Hershey a few years ago,great stuff the demonstrator could do anything from coke cans,which by the way we’re supposed to be the hardest thing to weld to solid stock. I bought some,needed to repair an aluminum part,could not do it. But I could weld beer or pop cans no problem All day long.
  3. It would have been nearer for most people if it had left in Florida It’s up around Sudbury now
  4. Use a bead of RTV silcone and let dry for at least 12hours. Worked at a Volvo dealership in the early 80,s and the center cap on the alloys where always getting lost. Gasket sealer to the rescue cheers pete
  5. Actually a Canadian dollar buys a normal amount in Canada. It buys different amounts when exchanged into a foreign currency
  6. Ok I googled it and came up empty.What is a Bobcat RA4 ? Thanks pete
  7. I see 2 different engines.Whats with that,more info please. Cheers pete
  8. Old Blue point wrench that goes on tours with me. Small enough to fit in your pocket and at 1/2 and 9/16 does most nuts/bolts that may loosen when driving cheers pete
  9. Ed. I think the 5- 10% are vulnerable and not necessarily venerable.
  10. Brass is Best. Help me out here. There’s mostly chrome in that garage. How did you choose your signature name?
  11. So our solution was a 20 x 40 “storage garage “. It has lights and power, fits the old cars fine. The house garage is three bay with just two doors, so that the third bay is my workshop and it is actually 25 x 35. I put shelving and wall cupboards in the maintenance room and that is my parts department With that amount of space, my wife figures she can use some when she wants!
  12. As right now, there are no flea markets or car shows, I thought we could share crazy memories of ones we attended in years gone by. Many years ago, we were across the pond at the right time to go to the biggest Autojumble. Apparently there was a strict start time and everyone lined up nicely to buy tickets and found that we then corralled in the restaurant where it was hoped we would buy an expensive breakfast. We sat at a table watching the clock slowly move ahead and grumbling with a group of other car fanatics. Looking around, someone realized that the windows were floor to ceiling and had a latch. The group looked at each other and said” I’m game, if you go through so will we” No sooner said than done and we all rushed across the field. My wife looked back and everyone who was in the restaurant was leaping out of the window while the staff vainly cried “No, no! “ I couldn’t help but think of Hershey where you wander on and off the field when you will.