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  1. Hard to get a good coloured tree right by the road. It’s supposed to rain through the week and that will bring the leaves down. Will miss our yearly drive through the mountains seeing the fall colours on the way to Hershey
  2. I think no 2 is the 1907 Kiblinger high wheeler. Their displays are locally produced cars, I think
  3. Our 1906 Cadillac was all registered and correct, 6 digit VIN no accepted. Yearly renewals went ok until suddenly we were told there was a problem. Apparently it was stolen. It was sitting in the garage where it had been all winter but we were stuck. It took a fair amount of digging and some very helpful MOT clerks and provincial police to discover that a riding lawn mower in another province had been stolen with the same VIN that we had created for the Caddy. They knew me by name in the MOT office by the time this was sorted out. Just saying that this was a problem with a VIN that we would ne
  4. I was service manager at a Volvo dealership that also sold Lada’s They were junk to say the least. The dealership was about a mile from the university so a lot of the faculty drove Volvo’s,however they did get Russian professors that came to Canada for whatever and they would fill up at the parts dept with Lada parts , camshafts and replacement Weber carbs were big movers. I remember asking one fellow what it was like living there,he told me don’t move,walked around to make sure nobody else was around and said things were pretty rough,could not get any spare parts. The factory supplied speci
  5. 30 odd years ago I drove my friend and his bride in my 1930 Chev. When their daughter got married she asked if it was possible that I would drive the same car at her wedding. I never realized that she had always looked at her parents wedding photos and pictured herself in the same way on her own wedding day. We even managed to recreate one of their wedding photos at the same country church
  6. No, Linus, it was empty. The cover is that horrible red stuff that leaves dye on your fingers or marks if you accidentally put a cup on it, but the album and cover are like new. Someone very carefully labelled the back spine and that was it. What we aim to do is take some photos, get them to look 1906 ish and make up the album. The trouble is you can’t exactly do the grand tour in a 1906 Model K Cadillac. Maybe the cows down the road or a quaint church.
  7. There isn’t always receipts. It’s called doing things under the table. It also doesn’t mean it’s a bad job
  8. And then you display the photos in this - my latest prize off ebay. We have a 1906 Cadillac. That mark on the back cover says “KODAK”
  9. We have a saying. “Right now, we have the money and the seller has the problems. If we buy the item, he has the money and we have the problems.” It’s a good thing to remember whatever you are buying
  10. Thank you all for the help Dating the cars helps anchor a lot else in a history
  11. Thanks all for the help. My niece has just been told she is expecting twins so I think this project will be shelved for a while
  12. The file was getting too big for one post so these are the other photos. I don’t think I posted the same shot twice!
  13. So my niece had just a few more pics that she would appreciate help with identifying years and makes of cars. These haven’t all aged very well- one is spotty and one is either really bad or they really are shovelling snow off a roof in a storm. She was really grateful for the help the forum gave her before.
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