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  1. I would say what op is trying to say is make 3 right turns to go left
  2. Reading this through. Our EMF is a Pollard car. It has his name stamped on the frame, well covered with paint. We got the impression that if Barney had to prove it was one of his cars he knew where to find his name.
  3. Were there noticeably less spectators and the cars more spaced? Just wondering how the guide lines on the website actually played out?
  4. I loved “ checked the car ate pizza and crashed for the night.” Maybe that was why it started over’eating ? Erica
  5. So in 25 years time people will totally rave about my 2021 Chevy Equinox when I bring it to a car show?
  6. Myth busters did a show on this,results sugar does nothing.Google to find out more. Ethanol gas will give a white residue in fuel systems that can be mistaken for sugar
  7. Just make sure that whoever has care of it in Texas until you can move it north looks after it for you.
  8. On the old cars I use waterless car wash and a micro towel,wax with Meguiars number 26 and of course a adult beverage pete
  9. No not hand buffing,you have to power buff to get a good depth of shine and to be able to remove fine scratches. Pete
  10. I can remember being bemused at a specific car placing first in a class and watching the speedometer swivel fall off as it was fired up to collect the trophy. It was owned by a major sponsor of the show. I think some shows are judged by people who painstakingly try to be fair, and others by people who are influenced by other considerations. It’s best to not get too emotionally involved.
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