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  1. I would rather look at a car that was not perfect BUT had been restored by the owner to the best of his ability,then a perfect car restored by the owner’s cheque book.
  2. Very simply. You can take the photo of the part with your phone. It will go into your photo album along with the photos of the dog and the grandkids. Create your post - for sale whatever but do the writing now. See the underlined choose files. Click on that and it will give you some choices. Hit photo library and it will open your album. Hit the photo you want and it should get a blue tick and the word done top right. Hit that and it should attach to your post. I am not an expert and people are welcome to say how they do it Erica
  3. I guess my library is more of a collection of early reference books
  4. Have you tried doing force quit on safari? There’s something out there that tags on safari and loads all sort of advertising pages? If I force quit I can open in Oracle which doesn’t have the same problems
  5. Bloo that brought back memories. Our dealership always got a couple that were I think called Dusty Rose and they would fail to sell. Guess who got to drive them as demo’s,they referred to the colour as rooster dink pink ’
  6. No it is a portal. I was the service manager at a Chrysler and drove many of these as demo,s. Get car
  7. A Model K that had been owned by a Herb Bloom of Arlington Texas was sold through Bonhams in 2018 according to Google
  8. My wife has just commented that she has no fresh supply of shopping bags or pens. No Hershey affects everyone!
  9. The colours in Ontario are fantastic this year
  10. Hard to get a good coloured tree right by the road. It’s supposed to rain through the week and that will bring the leaves down. Will miss our yearly drive through the mountains seeing the fall colours on the way to Hershey
  11. I think no 2 is the 1907 Kiblinger high wheeler. Their displays are locally produced cars, I think
  12. Our 1906 Cadillac was all registered and correct, 6 digit VIN no accepted. Yearly renewals went ok until suddenly we were told there was a problem. Apparently it was stolen. It was sitting in the garage where it had been all winter but we were stuck. It took a fair amount of digging and some very helpful MOT clerks and provincial police to discover that a riding lawn mower in another province had been stolen with the same VIN that we had created for the Caddy. They knew me by name in the MOT office by the time this was sorted out. Just saying that this was a problem with a VIN that we would ne
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