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  1. Enjoying one late drive in south western Ontario
  2. These guys, our grandchildren, have already decided who gets which car , which has our children wondering what they think they should have! But the main thing is that they are interested, love to ride in them and will polish brass and shine tires like real pros.
  3. Thank you! The crowd this year was asking questions, looking at the cars. Couldn’t get away to do my own looking! Lots of families with kids wanting to know how things worked.
  4. We wanted a tire pump for the 1906 Cadillac and we found a Kellogg one patented 1904. We then found there was a pressure gauge patented at the same time, with a leather holder. We found the holder. At last we found the gauge. Then we had to find out if it all worked the way it was advertised. The gauge screws onto the pump fitting and then the base of the gauge goes on the valve stem and you pump away and the gauge is reading the tire pressure. And it does! Pretty cool!
  5. Dave can you post a picture and is it a low or high tension mag? Pete
  6. David first off what type of mag is the Elmore running? Cheers pete
  7. All bearings can be cross referenced between manufacturers . If you have contacted Timken themselves and drawn a blank, try a different manufacturer and see if they can help. Our 1909 EMF required a new Timken numbered pinion bearing. It was cross referenced to an in stock SKF bearing
  8. In response to the OP,s question How much difference does the speed at which you turn the crank have to do with whether the motor starts? It depends entirely on what type of ignition system the car has.Single cylinder Cadillac with battery and buzz coil just ease crank over TDC and it will start.Low tension mag pulling from 7 o’clock position to 12 o’clock moderately will start. High tension mag ie DU4 from the 7 to 12 position give it all you have and then some,with high tension mags speed is important in order to produce spark.The Bosch manual states that you must advance the timing in order to start by hand cranking,what this does is opens the points when the armature is cutting the lines of magnetic force at the optimum position whereby the most electrical current is produced at low rpm. Magnetos are something that you have to study and read up on to get the full understanding.I do have cars that have these 3 types of systems and the high tension mag can be the trickiest to start sometimes.Bosch went with the dual DU4 to overcome problems with starting at low rpm such as hand cranking. I never spin the crank when starting only 7 to 12 .Hope this answers your question,Dykes’ encyclopedia has very good reading on this subject,the 1918 issue I find is the best cheers pete
  9. We generally have one person at least stay in sight of whatever we have at the show- ever since we came back to find a mother with her child on the fender of our 30 Chev changing its diaper. You can't make this stuff up
  10. And the sad thing is the people at the back had parked as far away as they could so they WOULDN’T have to listen to it
  11. A little Googling shows the first photo is of a car for sale at Classic Auto Mall in Pennsylvania. They have it in their sold section now so don’t know whether that was their listing or someone lifted the photo
  12. I use snap on ratchets,wrenches and flex sockets.The 3/8 and 1/4 drive chrome sockets are a mixture of SK and Mac tool,all my impact sockets are Mac tool . Don't bother getting chrome 1/2 drive go with impact sockets and get a snap on swivel in the impact drive to get into difficult spots, no need to buy swivel impact sockets. Hope this helps. Cheers pete
  13. Up here in Canada we have companies that will repair that sort of damage. The one I use is called Fibrenew. They will repair vinyl leather etc .Do a google Seahawks in your area. Cheers pete