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  1. I still have a few bottles left!
  2. The 25 year rule is getting stupid. Most of the families in my small town drive Dodge Caravans that are eligible as being pre 1995. There needs to be a sensible cut off year and no rolling over past this date. No club, whatever area it covers, can be everything to everybody. That includes gardening, churches, fishing, reading - you name it. Bonsai fanatics don’t join the orchid club. I am a member
  3. So you are saying that instead of griping about being charged to enter car shows I should be demanding to know if there is a 501 eligible beneficiary and claiming all those pesky fees and costs as a deduction? Of course, it’s probably different in Canada
  4. Out of curiosity could you please let us know about your epoxy floor coating. How many square feet you are doing, as the floor is not new and fresh what prep work you will have to do, what system do you plan to use and maybe an idea of the cost? I didn’t do my floors when we moved in and am interested in a “retro” finish.
  5. I believe that is a Vauxhall Victor my parents had one
  6. Gentleman I would suggest you stay away from brass era cars if you don't like those very cheap prices quoted above. Rims,spokes,flaps,tubes,valve stems ,dust caps,rim nut for stem and tires for a 36 x 4 1/2 will set you back the price of a decent daily driver. Don't' tell my wife LOL. Pete
  7. No .I would have to disagree . I also have been in the trade since 1974.
  8. Just thought I would give a update.Speedster has been off the road for 5 years,bought a 06 Cadillac and took the speedster apart to fit in the family room due to storage space,however we moved to larger space and the speedster is going back together.Just waiting for some AC brakes to arrive that have been ordered. Cheers pete
  9. Glad you found a mechanic . Technician's with their blue gloves really rot my socks. Need I say more.
  10. I like it. But the front end needs lowering a bit and the rear end needs raising. Not a fan of tail draggers .
  11. Call Sharon Gooding 626-287-4222 executive secretary . Sharon was most likely the person who took your info at Hershey. Knows her stuff and a great person !
  12. Actually, there is a good shot of Charles and Camilla in the car. He seems to be sitting quite comfortably. There is also a shot of him helping her out of the car. The car is owned and was restored by a Cuban resident who was asked to let Charles drive it. It is a British 1953 MG. I think Charles favourite car is his Aston Martin. Just because in official photos people are chauffeur driven, doesn’t mean that the next day they don’t leap in the driver seat of their other car. Erica