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  1. This all fine if you actually DID buy another car. If you didn't and you're lying just to beat the seller down, that just ain't right. IMHO
  2. Brings to mind - Make me an offer. OK a hundred bucks, now make me a counter offer.
  3. Nice looking car. What explanation can you give that it was owned by a museum in Maine, then purchased by you & registered in Rhode Island & yet no one bothered to transfer the Florida title so it can be legally sold? I'm not positive, but I do think most states require the title to be in the seller's name in order for the seller to sell the car.
  4. If you mean the white line marking the shoulder & if they are driving normally & not weaving, it may be to avoid all the freaking potholes that are in the normal driving lane.
  5. You do know that you can call b-----it on that show even though it may be enjoyable to watch. All those "finds" are orchestrated ahead of time. If you think about it, they go into someone's house or barn loaded with all kinds of re-saleable items and they NEVER offer to buy the lot even though the "business" they're allegedly in is buying and selling antiques and old junk. (The real business is selling their bs to their tv audience). It would be like going into an old dealership for one of us, we'll say Chevy, and instead of buying several hundred NOS pieces all from the 60's, we say we only want to buy stuff for a '64 Impala. Again, the show may be entertaining, but it's not of the real world.
  6. I can't say for sure what period of years for the golden age, but I can tell you when it ended - right about the time the "investors", re-sellers of nice original or restored cars, & the likes of BJ got involved. It no longer was a hobby.
  7. Not mine & don't remember if it was posted here before. I'm selling a 1930 Hudson Essex for $13.000 with 30.000 original miles runs and drives like a new car, if interested call 715-497-7141 ask for Charlie.
  8. I would say it's worth the $5500 if they throw in the one next to it.
  9. I suppose they may be the same. The photo is of the correct decal for a 396 car. The number 6421213 denoted the application. I need a decal that looks exactly like the one in the photo except the number has to be 6421777.
  10. Walt, Well said. Thank you to those that replied with information and/or companies that may help me. I'll follow up with them.
  11. Like most of those places, they only have the popular ones & offer no help for any of the little used/known ones.