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  1. Chevrolet used alphanumeric date codes. I believe the C206 would be March 20, 1926 and A257 would be January 25, 1927.
  2. Don't know if anyone mentioned it, but the absolute worst (like squeaky chalk on a blackboard) is when someone says or types V.I.N. number. It drives me insane like I wanna punch the moron. Even some of the so called experts here call it that. For the record: A V.I.N. is a Vehicle Identification Number. So what the hell is a Vehicle Identification Number number?
  3. Manuel transmission is one made in Mexico. Duel exhaust is two cars side by side or a_send to a_send revving the engines to see who has better sounding pipes. Convertables are well known in the bond market.
  4. Is this discussion in relation to having a car for "sell?" It prolly is. (I've heard of lolly, folly & even by golly, but I have no clue what a prolly is.
  5. Why would you be storing this car outside? Or is the cover just for when it's outside for the day & then you put it back in the garage?
  6. It's only $179,950. Go for it.
  7. Not mine. It's on FB Marketplace. Batmobile Replica, Incredible workmanship. All accessories are included. This is one of the finest we have ever seen! Afterburner works great, starts and drives as it should. This incredible machine is a must for anyone's collection. If you are a Batman fan you will absolutely love this car. Be the hit at any car show, parade or party. Start your crime fighting career in style. Ellingson Motorcars 2,263 people like this Page 4.9 Rated 4.9 out of 5 Based on the opinion of 22 people See 22 more reviews 20950 Rogers Dr Rogers, MN 55374 Get Directions (763) 428-7337
  8. It's hard to get the perfumey smell out of the car when you use them, and contrary to popular belief, THEY DON'T WORK to keep mice out. I bought a car that was stored over 1 winter & I found a giant mouse nest under the back seat made of dryer sheets.
  9. I heartily disagree. Take a look at what's going on around the country with the Corona.