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  1. George Smolinski

    1920 Elgin Six Touring

    Not mine. Thought someone here may be interested. A VERY RARE 1920 Elgin Touring Car. $28,900/OBO. Almost 100 years old and still runs!!! Straight Six engine. The car was known as the car of the hour or built like a watch since the founders were out of the Elgin pocket watches. Through my research I believe this to be the ONLY 1920 Elgin still drivable and running with no other Elgin out there being a 1920 and none having the disc wheels like it has. Very rare Elgin cars come up for sale infrequently and only less than 10 running cars out there I could find. Beautiful car and comes with a California car cover. I have had it for three years and selling it because I don't have time to show it like it should be shown. I love this car. Appraised in 2015 for $28,000-$32,000. Along with the car, a ton of very rare memorabilia including an EXTREMELY rare operators manual and parts manual, stock certificates, photos, Elgin pin, Elgin pocket watch medallions, stock owner update magazine, marketing material, and a 1920 Elgin pocket watch. This is probably one of the most collected items in one spot for an Elgin. See YouTube video of it here except it runs as the battery is in it....
  2. George Smolinski

    My dad’s Car

    Looking at Google images of 1960 Plymouth Savoy, I agree. That's what you have. Now that you know what it is, do the car a favor and put wheels and tires on it so you can put it inside somewhere out of the elements.
  3. George Smolinski

    ALMOST New Mustang sells for $500,000.00

    I know of someone who bought some cars through BJ. In that forum, you buy high & sell low. I know of 2 he sold at far less than he paid for them at BJ. I believe the people buying cars there are more about who has a bigger pair than really wanting or needing the car they're bidding on.
  4. George Smolinski

    Can you sell this?

    Nick, Remind me never to visit your shop/garage, wherever you store your cans.......toxic waste, potential bombs.....
  5. George Smolinski

    seafoam vs stabil

    From talking with 2 mechanics in my family & a small engine shop I use, they all agree on Seafoam. I've never had issues with non-ethanol gas that is in the cars over the winter. I did top off the tank when first driving them in spring.
  6. George Smolinski

    Sorry to see Dick’s Classic Car Museum Near Austin Close

    Nice link. I went to it & in about 2 seconds you get a freakin pop up ad.
  7. George Smolinski

    1954 Dodge Royal Coupe with 9,872 miles

    It would be nice to see before & after photos of how you got it, all dusty/dirty, & then cleaned up.
  8. George Smolinski

    Just retired - need some advice

    23Hack, I like your fishing comment so much that I am offering a personal invitation to you ONLY. I plan a fishing trip every year to northern Minnesota in late September. At that time of year, if the weather cooperates, you can see why they call it God's country. You are welcome to join us on this trip. Approximately 12 to 20 guys come from around the country for a long weekend. PM me for details, or we may end up hijacking this thread. George
  9. George Smolinski

    1954 Dodge Royal Coupe with 9,872 miles

    Jeff, Now that you have the car, when can we expect photos?
  10. George Smolinski

    Need help w/looking at a car for sale.

    Mark, About 30 years newer. It's a '68
  11. Is there anyone in or near Myrtle Beach, SC that could look at a car I'm interested in? I'm in MN and that's a little too far to drive and look at it. I could pay you something for your time. DON'T NEED HELP ANYMORE. Thanks to those that offered.
  12. George Smolinski

    1949 Chevrolet Styleline Deluxe

    $6399 Buy It Now. Not bad for a car that books at $3000 or less.
  13. Not mine. Maybe someone here would want it. 3rd Generation heirloom - Barn find!! Sleeping classic prewar 1923 Maxwell (Touring). She's a beauty just waiting for you to get her running and drive in a parade or car club perhaps?? ☛ Engine manually cranks easily and has been turned manually on a regular basis ☛ Have letter written by my grandfather including his wishes, with photos of him and my mother ☛ Have a classic advertisement poster ☛ Original parts including tire tools, glass, even the original wood floors ☛ In incredibly well preserved original state ☛ Slight surface rust only ☛ Extra original crank lever ☛ Needs new tires (rubber) which run around $200 a piece. Negotiable on how we might handle the tire situation. I know of one particular brand which is commonly used but felt I should give the buyer a choice, as I am no expert. (503) 901-8333
  14. George Smolinski

    1954 Chrysler New Yorker Town & Country

    I would disagree slightly with this step. Rather than squirt WD40 into each cylinder, I get a funnel with a small hose attached, stick the hose in the sparkplug hole & pour the WD40 in (more is better in this case). Let it sit a week & do it again. Then try turning the engine over by hand. Drain the oil/WD40 & add fresh oil & filter. Doing it this way may free up any frozen rings. BTW, if you drop the oil pan to clean up sludge, then don't put in fresh oil until you've gone through the above process
  15. George Smolinski

    what motor do i have please help

    The J198 may be for 1978, not 1968. I believe the 010 block was cast/used through 1979 & I think there is a KS suffix code is 1979 also except it would be CKS.