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  1. That's the one. They have something I may want to buy.
  2. I'm in need of someone to go look at a car for me at a dealer in MD. If you can help, I would gladly pay something for your time & trouble. Post a reply or PM me to get further details.
  3. Photos, price, & location would be very helpful. A little better description wouldn't hurt either.
  4. The 402 in the Monte Carlo could be mated to a 4 speed.
  5. I read it twice & still am wondering what it means. Seems like sentences on 2 or 3 subjects all jumbled together.
  6. When all else fails, read the directions.
  7. Try switching to a non-ethanol gas. I've had those problems before, & I'm pretty sure it's the ethanol. I went to non-ethanol & my troubles disappeared.
  8. Not mine. Thought someone here may be interested. contact name: jim call or text: (641) 715-4280 I'm selling my 1931 Graham 3 Window Coupe, this vintage Graham is a Classic Car collectors dream car. the car is a correct number matching vehicle, and it's title matches up perfect to the body vin plate and the engine numbers to the correct serial numbers for the 1931 model year production sequence. The previous owners who had owned this wonderful car for the last twenty five years invested an additional $25,000.00 more then their purchase price in seeing their dream car was professionally restored. They were registered and proud members of the Graham International Club and toured many Graham meets nationwide. This fine car runs fine and drive good for a car 88 years old. It's not perfect but a classic car you will be very proud to call your own. This particular car came factory equipped with 4 wheel hydraulic brakes, it's a true example of a rare Vintage Automobile Manufacturer proud accomplishments. You may e-mail me or text message anytime for more pictures and additional details of this fine vintage automobile. I only was able to purchased this car several months ago as their health was deteriorating. Transportation can be arranged along with a professional appraisal secured.
  9. Can you please tell us what the "stupid" is when you figure it out? Regarding a shop, there is a little hole in the wall shop called John's Place in Elkhart, IN. It's about 1.5 - 2 hours away. He's a grumpy old SOB that grew up in that era. Knows most of the mechanics of the cars back then. He may be able to help & then you don't have to haul it back to Ohio.
  10. It's ok to call him out on posting a price, just do it this way: Hey, Pontiac 1932, post a price as the rules state so we don't have to guess.
  11. Great that the seller has so many photos to help you get an idea of what the car is like.
  12. You are correct. Slip of the tongue.
  13. I ran across a Ladawri for sale recently & I'm wondering if anyone here has any knowledge of them. I can find & have found some history on them on Google. I'm interested in what you think about the cars regarding roadworthiness, engineering issues, service issues, etc. Are they worth buying for a fun little car or are you buying a headache/nightmare? This particular model has a VW chassis with disc brake conversion, independent rear suspension, front ball joint suspension, and a 145hp injected Corvair V6 in it.
  14. "Would need some interior work." Slightly understated. "Custom ordered automatic." As in whoever bought it new either bought it off the floor of the dealer or was too stupid & uncoordinated to drive a stick. This looks like an old man's 442. He wanted a cool car like the young guys, but didn't want to give up any creature comforts like he had in his Olds 98. Nothing turns me off more with a muscle car than a column shift. If you had to have an automatic, you could at least have the decency to get it with buckets & console.