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  1. Not much to know there - pedal to the metal & turn left.
  2. Anyone near Iron Mountain or Iron River, WI? It’s way up in northern WI. I have a car I’m interested in, but don’t want to go on a wild goose chase.
  3. I did a search for “how to change spark plugs in an old 350 Chevrolet engine”. There are a number of links showing & explaining the process. If I was your son, I would go to a local car show or cruise-in (they are popping up now, even with covid), and look for someone with an older Chevy truck or car, then just ask for help. Most guys would be glad a young kid has the interest and would want to help.
  4. I seriously doubt any truck heads were aluminum, if this is the original engine. I believe Chevrolet put aluminum heads only on some BBC’s.
  5. You’re all wrong on the Mercury plural. It’s Jupiter.
  6. Don’t know about the plural, but the boss of Pullman is Mrs. Pullman.
  7. To all those replying on this thread: Those of you who called a Vehicle Identification Number a VIN, thank you. Those of you who referred to it as a VIN number, there is no such thing. Learn the difference. VIN is the “Vehicle Identification Number.” VIN is a Vehicle Identification Number number. What is that?
  8. 1940 Plymouth. The '39 grill is different & the '39 headlights are more squarish. See photo.
  9. I will disagree slightly with your comment. Yes, auction prices may help, but auction prices may be inflated by the fact that more than 1 person is interested in buying a particular car at a specific point in time. If you plan to put the cars up for auction, then perhaps ONLY look at auction prices. If you plan on listing them on a for sale site with a fixed price, then NADA & OCPG may be of some help. I wouldn't be surprised if all of the overpriced cars we see posted in the For Sale forum here were priced according to auction prices of cars sold in the past ie. OVERPRICED.
  10. I looked up NADA values for some of your cars. The guide only goes back to 1926, so all your cars aren't listed. -1931 Chrysler Deluxe 8 Coupe Average Retail $16200 High Retail $28000 -1917 Ford Model T Touring Not Listed -1928 Dodge Victory Six Coupe Average Retail $6975 High Retail $10350 -1933 Plymouth Model PC 4 Dr Average Retail $6225 High Retail $9600 -1925 Chrysler B-70 Phaeton Not Listed -1909 Maxwell Model A, Runabout Not Listed This may help give you some idea.
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