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  1. Why are there window regulators in the trunk? Is there an issue with the windows? Also, I thought all the nailheads were that turquoise/green color, not red.
  2. I beg to differ. 1935 or 36. The 34 had a more squared off roof.
  3. Next you’ll tell us that the dumbasses who stick their hand in a snowblower or lawnmower are just innocents with a momentary lapse and we should have compassion for them. You ever seen Forrest Gump? Stupid is as stupid does.
  5. Looks similar to a Corvette wheel (C3), but it isn't. Judging from all the holes, I wonder if it's aftermarket universal. Try searching for mid to late 60's optional GM wheels. Maybe it's from a BOP.
  6. Hey, don't apologize & don't worry about it. I merely made an observation. I'm fully aware of threads going off on a tangent. With this particular one, I thought there would have been more about the cars from people who knew them or the owner.
  7. I think this thread has been hijacked X2.
  8. Kinda thought the same thing. Sounds like he's just starting out & he's going to flip the first one he sees.
  9. My comment was made in jest. That's kinda what the little smiley face means.
  10. Ed, Greg beat me to it. Nobody is nitpicking. Just stating what a CE block is and how it ends up in a car such as this Corvette. When potential buyers understand this, I believe it makes the car more saleable to them. The next best thing to original is the warranty CE replacement block/engine. I'm sure Matt doesn't need help selling this car, but people following the thread may want to know about the CE block. That's where I was going with my reply.
  11. It's ok as long as you pm me with contact info of the owner so I can buy them.😁