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  1. I need a radiator cap for my truck- can be plain- but needs to be 3 inches diameter inside with female threads. Let me know if you have something. Evan
  2. I’m curious to know how many farm-o-roads are on the registry? Accounted for?
  3. Several years ago when we visited the Lemay collection at Marymount there was a Pierce roadster with conventional headlights. Whether true or not- the tour guide told us it was a California law that required those headlights.
  4. Awesome article! I was at the pre-42 event with my daughter and enjoyed the Cole gathering- not only on display- but being driven around the grounds!
  5. I got these fenders out of Storage yesterday- Dad has had them for over 50 years. They are NOS- and have a part number on each- 17-N-9107-RH 17-N-9108-LH He was told years ago that they might be early Buick- can anyone help?
  6. Was a great display to see today
  7. Doesn’t appear to be a standard cab- most likely built by the apparatus supplier.
  8. Not all Pierce-arrows had fender lights- they were illegal in some areas because the headlights were so far apart I believe.