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  1. Found some cool accessories while picking up a car on Friday
  2. That is perhaps the coolest automotive light i have ever seen!!
  3. I’m hoping you guys can help me- and I’ll preface this by saying I have not seen the transaxle and don’t have pics. A local guy says he has a transmission/differential assembly he believes is from an early car. It has a 10 bolt rear cover on the diff, it has a torque tube, and has two levers, attached to two control rods going to what appears were two shift levers that went up through the floor in the centre of the car. It has R11 102137 stamped into the differential housing. I know several early vehicles used a transaxle, Studebaker being one, but the two shift levers makes me pause. If anyone has ideas, and possibly some pics- I’ll try to get over there this week and have a look. Thanks in advance.
  4. Mercury Grand Marquis- mid 80s
  5. I am curious to know if anyone knows of one of these whose history traces to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan in the 80s. When I was younger there was a model t coupe with a removable pillar in a local collection that sold at auction in the mid-late 80s
  6. Perhaps , because the vehicle was originally mechanical brakes, he was looking for something like “upgraded to manual hydraulic(juice) brakes” or something like that. Your ad is awesome and descriptive- this is an example of someone with no intention of buying, just sent you a message to impress upon you how much smarter he is than you or any of the rest of us.
  7. I agree - first car is an earlier Franklin- 1922-23 sedan- 3rd pic is not the franklin in the second pic- front fender and bumper totally different- It’s some kind of touring car, 1925-26? But beyond that I have no idea
  8. I agree with the Studebaker identification- 1923 Big Six would be my guess- are there any other existing pics?
  9. I am absolutely LOVING that Studebaker tow vehicle!
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