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  1. Mercury Grand Marquis- mid 80s
  2. I am curious to know if anyone knows of one of these whose history traces to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan in the 80s. When I was younger there was a model t coupe with a removable pillar in a local collection that sold at auction in the mid-late 80s
  3. Perhaps , because the vehicle was originally mechanical brakes, he was looking for something like “upgraded to manual hydraulic(juice) brakes” or something like that. Your ad is awesome and descriptive- this is an example of someone with no intention of buying, just sent you a message to impress upon you how much smarter he is than you or any of the rest of us.
  4. I agree - first car is an earlier Franklin- 1922-23 sedan- 3rd pic is not the franklin in the second pic- front fender and bumper totally different- It’s some kind of touring car, 1925-26? But beyond that I have no idea
  5. I agree with the Studebaker identification- 1923 Big Six would be my guess- are there any other existing pics?
  6. I am absolutely LOVING that Studebaker tow vehicle!
  7. I have pics of both of those Tatras- the silver one and the black one from a car show in Ladner in 2005.
  8. Most likely a reference to three-speed manual column-shift- because of the similarity of its movement to a bolt-action rifle
  9. That fellow is Harold Aamundsen- my neighbour. He still has and shows the car. He is the fellow driving the car in the top pic of Oldtech’s 3 pics. I’m sure I have a pic of the car from last summer.
  10. I need a radiator cap for my truck- can be plain- but needs to be 3 inches diameter inside with female threads. Let me know if you have something. Evan
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