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  1. Glad what I did receive got out the door, it arrived Saturday and while not the full order I guess better than nothing. Talk about skin of the teeth...
  2. Thd atty representing LB is posted on Fordbarn today. I am going to take a crack at putting in a claim but not expecting much. Agree with all others who place no blame on original owners or craftspeople involved. But I sure woulx like to see the fellow who took my order at Hershey again..
  3. I see no corrolation that would dissuade me from buying that car, there by happenstance only. Years ago a friend bought a parts car, 39 Chevy from an estate of a well known crime victim here in CT in the late 70s. The car was stored at the scene of the murders. He got it home, cleaned it up, got it running, took some parts for his restoration car and drove it for a couple years. It was not haunted...
  4. Correct. I understand the company has actually changed owners a couple of times since i'ts founding. I know more about LB history now than about the history of some of my relatives, but that won't get my order filled properly or get me my money back. The good news for early Ford folk is another vendor has quickly earned a reputation for quality and service. He was well on his way before this. My mistake was buying a name and not being open minded enough to listen to the collective experience of other A people. Another lesson learned!!
  5. One thing about As, unlike other cars sedans are in demand by a lot of A people. You can take a few friends on tour or to the parade, they ride nice and interiors are cool. Just saying i would not overlook a sedan, tudor or fordor.
  6. Hey, I am restoring a Model A Bob! Or at least trying to!!😆😉
  7. Not answering phones, emails and I have owners direct line which is also going unanswered. They got us for a few hundred, and instead of a fully upholstered seat on new springs I received a partial kit that appears to have been packed by a third grader, probably so they could report as a completed order to close things out. Glad it was not big dollars and hope no one here is in that situation..
  8. Seems like a very reasonable price, attractive A. Sorry about health concerns but glws!
  9. Well, something is up. Placed an order and it had some issues, no one has responded. We are likely out a few bucks, which is obviously not someyhing I am happy about, but sad still...
  10. Blue roadster seems like a rockin deal, its a Standard though, by looks of the top frame with a deluxe interior. Nicer cosmetically than ours but not a points car for sure. I actually thought about it but dont need two. 😆
  11. our top dogs were my buddy's 70 ss396 chevelle, a $5 k car in 79 or 80. Another kid had a bbc 67 or 68 Camaro. 3 of us had 70 73 Camaros, red, white and my blue one. 😊 An upper classman had a nice midyear vette for summer and a new dodge van w murals, smoked glass and sidepipes for everyday. Bastard....
  12. Touche Jack!! 😆 Back to the subject vehicle. I believe there is a place for everything in the hobby from an immobile project car to a driver toured extensively or a perfect trailer queen. Seller I think has same philosophy. End Buyer should collect some trophys before wearing out those tires....
  13. Guy has a great reputation here for sure. This is a buy for a smart T person or super reasonable entre into brass touring.
  14. No, much more fun to collectively b**** about it, don't you think? 😆😉