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  1. I think that we will contonue to see these resurface as long time owners age out, or even second generation owners age out. A lot of cars it seems stay with an owner or in an owner's family for decades. I also wonder how many of these are out there. We know someone, decades ago took the time to remove the body and paint our 30 A roadster. It looks to have been a thorough job at one time. We also know it deteriorated in a barn for decades as well. Storage conditions make a big difference.
  2. These cars are incredibly well supported by several online communities. With several parts suppliers and the MB classic center out there and a healthy supply of parts cars keeping one of these on the road is not that hard. At least 4 good books on these have been written in the last 5 or 6 years. If a forum member buys pm me and I will cut your learning curve dramatically.
  3. 41 Lincoln, 209 inches, just 17 feet. 5 inches, assume later models through 48 may be a tad longer. I am actually a little surprised as I did not think these look as long as they actually are.
  4. My neighbor had a 65 vette that was a touch too long for his shed/barn so he built a 18 or 24 inch bump out on the back. A very handy guy, it served it's purpose till he built an addition to the barn for another three cars. Sadly, he and his collection moved down south, new people use this beautiful structure for..nothing these days!
  5. End of an era. I think I have been reading his ads in hmn as long as,I can remember. Seemed to have a very solid reputation.
  6. One more shot of Stella who enjoys riding more than working in the garage!!
  7. Supervisor want to remind me I have some cleanup to do! 🐕💖😁
  8. We got out for a nice afternoon run to the shore and back today as CT hit mid 70s, so chores got put aside. Not too much foliage left but what's now on the ground! 😁
  9. Neighbor has a 66 or 67 chevelle vert. Been under a car cover on the side of his garage the entire cover is moss and grass. Gotta snap another pic, I did a while ago. We are taking dog walking but it is pitch black out there now... In terms of a fool's errand I see you and raise.. 😁
  10. Boy, in looking back over past couple weeks Frank, you painted your body it seems as late as humanly possible here in CT. We may see some 60s later this week but it sure got wet and cold fast.
  11. Billy my 31 year old remembers the day at age 7 one of these tooled into town and set up behind a local grocery store. It was a fun day!
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