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  1. Novice to Brit cars thinks the GT6 has side curtains.
  2. Like 1932, 1939 was a great year for design, agree especially so for GM. Love the Caddys and mini-cad look of Chevy for 39 as well as Buick. Really a zenith for art deco design in cars.
  3. The AACA library might be able to help as well. Members get an hour of research free, if I remember correctly. The library is really an overlooked benefit, imo for many members. Mr. Boyd we met at a show in LI a few years back and had a nice visit. I think the venue was called Westbury. A nice day, no one was more surprised than me to place with our well traveled but still clean 560SL. 😊
  4. "Arthur dear, the man down at the shop informs me the brakes are gone on the Rolls. "Oh well Darling, lets go order a new one straight away" $10k on the shadow chassis. Of course, failing to stop is worse than failing to proceed!! 😉
  5. Regarding Kongman's comment on removing the body for easier mechanical servicing, exactly what period repair manuals suggest on early Fords. I imagine others as well.
  6. Sorry AJ but I have had to adopt it! BTW the A Roadster at 50, 55 feels like 75! 😆
  7. You can have as much fun with a Model A as a Model J! Well, almost anyway. 😉
  8. We recently sokd a T speedster project but in the time I was working on it, networking with other speedster builders, etc. 2/3 of them were on younger side. Youth interest is there along with other pockets of the hobby. Terr B, thanks for sharing these great pics!
  9. A lot of guys like closed cars here in NE cause they are cozy in late fall and winter if roads are dry. Fordors tend to have a solid feel to them as well. But you will likely fall behind me on a long grade! 😆
  10. Saw this one yesterday as well. If one is not set on a CCCA accepted car, this seems like a nice little Packard. Lot's of Packard guys with big iron say the six is really stout, many have one kicking around as well.
  11. Also try facebook sites. Our T speedster project sold in 24 hours, Easter weekend. I placed ad Friday, car was gone Saturday afternoon. Serious buyers are out there. Your price is reasonable, give it a little time.
  12. Common error installing one of these is overtightening the cable at the distributor base, it will ground out and can be hard to figure out for a novice model A-er. PM me if that is not clear, if i can help virtually, great.
  13. Yeah on the healthy respect part I would only add if your 14, working on a 41 plymouth with the batt under the hood, and your testing for spark while your elbow comes into contact with the ground side of the battery, you learn RESPECT really fast! All good advice above mrcvs!
  14. Sometimes an A will throw off coolant till it finds the "right" level in the radiator. If it was filled to the point of coolant in the nech where the rad cap sits it could be that minor.