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  1. Been there, your car instantly reminded me of my 56 Chevy, waited months for a local guy who was known to be an ace with body & paint. He primed the car and did nothing for months. Took it to a real shop who re-did the hack job and got it done. Such is life.. Nice bodystyle on the Buick, looking forward to seeing it done.
  2. Always enjoyable to read Keiser's posts and the pics of him as a young guy with his car never get old. 😁👍
  3. Someone mentioned you last week suggesting you might be interested, but you must have missed it. You can't "tag" people here to draw attention to a post, or at least I don't know how to do it. Next year!
  4. I am not sure, I do know whitewalls were discarded. Tom Laferriere could answer some questions on this one though.
  5. Saw this one at Belltown car corral yesterday (consisting of this car, a 55 or 56 Pontiac and three Model As. 😁). Definately looked like a nice car in person. Pretty upscale interior on these. I believe he is now at $28k.
  6. Some pics from yesterday's show, a great day, we even beat the rain and got the topless A back inside abput 30 minutes before it hit... 😁👍 1932 (Unrestored!!)Packard & 1910 Mitchell (have never seen one of these, it was huge!) Followed by Packard Rollston body & a bunch o' open As including ours.
  7. Nice part of the state. Time Machines show in Sept. In Brooklyn usually pulls in a couple CCCA cars.
  8. Nice coupe! Bob and Flivver. If either of you are at Belltown tomorrow say hi!
  9. Gettin' ready for runcto the Belltown show tomorrow, way too nice for the garage today! 😊
  10. Now unfortunately I have to issue you a warning ticket for the infraction of mid summer and you have not dropped that top on your car!! 😁😁😁 Or maybe you have since writing, we need a full report...
  11. Nice pic and letter in the latest issue of the Antique Automobile, Eric! 👍
  12. Seems this one has been for sale before, but don't recall price. Top seems to fit ok, so maybe not a hack job like you see sometimes where they don't even bother with a top...
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