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  1. Both national clubs recognize it, I think it's been around for a few years now at least 5. It is not linked to any major show or gathering. I think the idea is to get them out on the road. I am finally done for a while on the underside! Didn't think to take pics. Maybe we will extend it a day and take a pic or two tomorrow...
  2. Not car for car AJ, and you reference parts car so assume it was rough. Explains price as i just saw a list of results with a pic and number. Thought maybe because it was green...
  3. I see Stutz is on dollies, would be interesting to see it on the ground. You've got a trained eye, surely it sits lower. That said, big wheelbase gives a low effect on Caddy. Kind of related, Walter Miller cars included a very modestly priced Stutz sedan and Chrysler roadster went for a lot less than he was asking prior to his passing. Goes back to related discussions about choices..
  4. Or, half the length on my A bumper to bumper with a few whiskers to spare! 😁
  5. So bust 'em out and take a drive or do a project. I plan on installing rear shocks and fine tuning new brakes tomorrow, and of course a drive in the afternoon!!
  6. Profile doesn't look all that different if one imagined the quarter window closed AJ. Great colors, blackwalls, nice lines even in 4 door form. Caddy expertise right here starting with Ed, Carl, etc.
  7. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/cto/d/scottsdale-1929-cadillac-4-door-sedan/7198166452.html https://www.facebook.com/groups/7846724972/permalink/10159045364954973/
  8. One of my HS pals replaced his 70 SS 396 with a 79 Z. Graphics! We were double parked once when an older gent asked if he would kindly move his "228"... 😁
  9. What Ed said on that one... on a quiet night I swear I could hear that 73 Monte Carlo rusting. Ran horrible compared to the 350 4 bbl Olds 88, actually a pretty good car. I think we sold and should have kept that one at least for a while longer...
  10. Yes this Buick has been on this site before. It is a cool car. Lots to choose from in the 25 ish range. Saw a 36 Ford phaeton here in CT at 26k today, and have seen a couple 35 Ford phaetons this summer for just a little more. Just a couple examples...
  11. Wow... Nice. Only it might like living in CT better... 😁
  12. Yep we put up with several rusty late model GM rides in those days. Kept 73 monte carlo off my car list, not a collectible but, the distinction of worst car I ever owned in every way... 😨
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