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  1. Spot on John. Esp fb comments, you and i both know younger prewar folk hanging out there! Op getting some activity at least... 🙂
  2. Part of the issue is buyers at this end, 20k plus or minus, usually only have 1 or 2 cars. I personally love this car at 20, 22k but have no more space and just committed to a lot of resto work on another car. To Ed's point, younger buyers need to step up. A much more interesting car to me than any number of me too 60s, 70s, 80s cars for the right buyer.
  3. Guessing no issue w modern clear ciats but older paint might be a concern. Interesting..
  4. Ed, John P held onto his Lebaron Barrelside when he sold the tourster (imho Lebaron has much better colors, and ran well) which by numbers I think should be the lesser car but your comments on value are really interesting. Also roadster vs. DCP, exactly my point, kind of a head scratcher, but it is what it is, for now!
  5. Nice paint on Caddy, wonder if wrap helps preserve or ruin it?
  6. Adfitional testiment to the fact these are undervalued. Both really nice looking cars. Also a great example of how subtle color adjustments make or break it.
  7. Re two Tourster sales, That would seem to set market lower than some more common ody styles, thinking roadsters here. This is pretty complex market for sure. Not sure about a random rebody but a Roxas or Billings car seems respected. I would love the subject car but would be much more concerned about the head than the rebody.
  8. Thanks AJ. On Billings cars, some old guy gave me the history a long time ago. I thought the price on the Pascucci car was pretty low. Old restoration but it was not ratty at least last time I saw it. That said, it was shown locally in not running condition at that time. It was pushed into place and back into its trailer. It later got put into running shape on Chasing Classic cars, he did a few more shows prior to auction. Undertaking a resto on it would be $$$, I wonder what new owner did with it. I would think their is a big value difference between a rebodied complete car otherwise and a bitsa as we like to say in the Model A world! 🙂
  9. Does anyone recall the sale price for the Pascucci Tourster? Older restoration, color maybe not the best, but deep history and I believe the "buck" for the Billings cars. Seems like it sold for not too much more than this one, 5 or 6 years back.
  10. Makes me remember HS pal who progressed from a 70 Chevelle SS, 79 & 82 Z28, and then a brandy new Supra like this one which we both agreed was a better ride than the gen 3 Camaro that came out in 83. He bought Supra new, it had a revolutionary accesory, a CD player!!! 😁😁
  11. Bernie, we have exact same situation here. New stuff (mine anyway) outside. I would argue WE are a special breed also!! 😁
  12. My point exactly Zeph - 35 Pack articulated my point better than I could. My thought not so much investment but if I am looking at a new F type vs. an older car, for same buy in purchase price, ins., prop tax & lower depreciation make the antique generally a better proposition financially, but not an investment in either scenario.
  13. No different than any other specialty club. I was a CCCA member but never thought of pressing for inclusion of cars like our mass produced mid-range Jr. Packard anymore than I would think of bringing our SL to a traditional hot rod meet. OP I think was looking to get motors running here... I never get why CCCA gets bashed but other niches don't, could it be reverse snobbery? 🤔