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  1. Now back in the habit of checking in daily. Great thread guys.
  2. Steve_Mack_CT

    Reo Royale

    My guess is the spotlight up front wont be duplicated though... 😆
  3. Steve_Mack_CT

    34 Hup

    Pretty attractive and unique prewar car for the money...
  4. Steve_Mack_CT

    Protective mud

    Ahh, shades of my first car in 77, 78, 1941 Plymouth with 35 years of grime underneath. I spent two days with a couple putty knives cleaning the underside. A good use of time for a 14 year old! ?
  5. Steve_Mack_CT

    1928 Chrysler Model 72 Roadster For Sale $34,500

    Good one, Matt! This car, on the other hand, seems like a seriously fair deal. Looks like a quality car based on trim, etc and pretty big also. Thzt girl will build up some aem strength if she drives it at all... ?
  6. Steve_Mack_CT

    1938 Packard again...

    Hope GregLA sees post #5, which seems like a sound enough deal to me.
  7. Steve_Mack_CT

    Free is good, right?

    Ha, might well have been a bb chevy. Same guy invited me in for a drink one day, and had a 318 mopar block on end in his kitchen. We grew up together. He can also show how to get 7 cars into a 4 car garage. Things you can do when single I guess...
  8. Steve_Mack_CT

    Free is good, right?

    Back in the 80s, a friend cut up a schoolbus because he wanted the engine. He disposed of a lot of it by putting parts out for weekly trash collection. In those days they took virtually anything. They no longer provide that level of service in my hometown!!
  9. Steve_Mack_CT

    Packard - History of the motorcar and company

    Same book. Not sure of value, a purchased a new copy 8 or 9 years ago for $55, and think, but no gaurantee its still available new.
  10. Steve_Mack_CT

    Show me your Foliage!

    Attended an event here in CT yesderday, a little cool but otherwise perfect. Took this overview shot, we have some color on the trees now. The immaculate Bear Cat was driven in, albeit a relatively short drive. 90% prewar, 75% of that brass era stuff. A fun day.
  11. Steve_Mack_CT

    Hershey pictures?

    The Mercer was super cool, rains over by about 10:30. Overcast, but dry the rest of the day, at least till we left a little before 2:00. Another..
  12. Steve_Mack_CT

    What did you buy at Hershey this year?

    Actually while it was cool to meet Jay, while he signed a few dozen autographs I had a nice chat with Rand Ema, who was with Jay and slipping by largely unrecognized!
  13. Steve_Mack_CT

    What did you buy at Hershey this year?

    Oh, this guy wanted to get a quick pic so I obliged... ?
  14. Steve_Mack_CT

    What did you buy at Hershey this year?

    Still nice to catch up AJ! Almost drafted you for help but I have an able bodied helper here! Before anyone gets too excited, i did not make her carry both fenders a mile to the car!! ?
  15. Steve_Mack_CT

    What did you buy at Hershey this year?

    Great Hershey this year. Five very good wheels, excellent rear fenders to replace my decent ones, a few of the original tools including a nice set of Ford script pliers, a nice set of shock links, solid motor mounts, some other A smalls and some autmobilia. My wife bought a cool Esso oil drop figurine bank - a tough negotiator, she got the guy to come down three times!! ?? We also ordered a new seat from Lebaron, should come complete with springs (ours are saggy, feels like you could fall into the road!) Ready to drop in. Something to look forward to as winter sets in. Saw lots of friends, spent Thursday doing non car stuff in Lancaster PA Dutch country. Show was great as well!!