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  1. The region is not in a vacuum folks, they have to play the cards that have been dealt. On to 2021. In terms of politics, virus is just like an internet wrestling match over politics. Percentage of people's core political beliefs changed from virus or knee deep political posts about pretty much anything hovers around zero. Am I dissapointed, yep we all are. But time to move on to 21 plans !!
  2. Not insensitive to the duck seeker, we have rabbits under the mini barn and our deck. One is molting, wife spotted it and was very upset initially thought it had been attacked. He is fine, but oddly only one losing hair now.
  3. With Hershey week now open, if you hustle you can have the place ready for a good ole open house before the weather turns. 😁
  4. Welcome! Post some pics of your vehicles. The 70s TA has certainly come into its own in recent years. Especially with three pedals. I have always thought 77, 78 nose was super crisp.
  5. I have not been one to complain incessently about the organization of the greatest event in our hobby (guy in space c55 has a set of cragers and an aftermarket tape deck, and a guy in an unauthorized scooter is looking at them. He probably needs the scooter to get by the spaces with only a few token parts out and...) So when I say this it is intended as a positive statement, if the Hershey region is considering any changes or refinements now is a good time to do that. There is NO reason 2021 cannot be as good as anytime in recent memory. Logistics, legal concerns, etc. Make 2020 too risky.
  6. Mine arrived yesterday, 5-28. This is not unusual for me either although CT is not really what most would consider "far flung" this has been typical for years, with various publications. I don't expect any answers but assume its a regional/local issue. 😕
  7. Orrie is a great guy. Car will be fully, honestly described by this young but up and coming dealer. I do wonder what else is in that FL garage..
  8. If your concerned about a flame arrestor you could just run the elbow. I don't use mine and both As I have had seem to prefer it.
  9. I admire the early Z cars and hate them at the same time for killing off the MG and TRs. Not Doing a roadster was a miss for sure, mazda proved that. Wonder if seller has had interest in this one?
  10. Funny I have always thought a car styled exactly like the little Spit but bigger than a TR, with a nice 6 would have been a great looking car.
  11. Well Jeff, these are US made Bratton delicious which come pre sealed, supposedly for life. I suspect Stipe makes them as they look machined vs. Stamped, and how many people can be making these things, right? I hope to be bolting things back up tomorrow and Saturday, and take a shakedown ride sometime this weekend. 🙂
  12. Yes I had a TR-6 years ago. Minor rust but still a great, very under rated car. Sold it locally in 91 for around $4k, guy must have put 10k in it, only time a buyer ever bothered to "come by when I finish it". I like the earlier TRs but never got back around to one. I have seen several here in CT with sound frames and toast for a body, MG is worse though being essentially a unibody. AACA I would think would have a class this would fit into, seems more interesting, historically significant to me than a later factory replicar which are now recognized.
  13. Very cool for a TR owner whose got a rusty body but solid frame