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  1. Just read Bhigdog's initial post, LMAO, we have an 18 Grand Cherokee (yep, used, all of 2,400 miles when we picked it last winter) we experienced much the same!! That said, honestly this is a wee built unit! My wife's really, and at 5'2" the first order of business was to install step bars, so I even got to work on it. Outside in February! 😁
  2. It just looked British! 😁
  3. Bob's year clearly revolves around Hershey! 😁
  4. Bernie what is the car behind the little blue stool?
  5. People do that? I sometimes wonder what they may say to each other late in the evening... 😁
  6. Every hobbyist should have a vette at least once. My 71 was a little ratty but then again so was I back in the day. 🙂 I would cross shop against C3s myself. If hp is your priority go C4, styling, preference but I think the C3 is more stylish in general. I think the 73 can be had for same money as 74 - 77 and you get steel bumpers out back. Still a lot of these cars out there for short money.
  7. I think I will let Bernie and Ron fight it out over this one and take a pass. No neighbors I want to piss off that badly... 😁
  8. This very cool Z made me re-look at these 70-73 Camaros again, finally seeing them get their due in the market.
  9. Strictly preference, as noted, not a rule of thumb for others to follow. 🙂
  10. No idea but could you let me know if you got my PM Bob, seeing if your interested in a prewar event he in CT later this month.
  11. As a general rule of thumb if its 34 or back I prefer BW, 35 up, WW more often than not. Like Matt I agree they add a little pizzaz to some cars like the 40 Pontiac, he has just listed, for example. Definately a BW guy on Model As, but WWW on a traditional Av8 or such. Less trinkets are almost always better in general.
  12. Also true with traditional hot rods. Radials, bw, ww and even the better ones kill the mood. Still fun to press that button. West is worse, admittedly...
  13. I think AJ has actually researched outlawing whitewalls...