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  1. I think fb now has a Shay group, might be worth posting as I see people who cannot drive an authetic A asking about them from time to time.
  2. Sold. Not surprised it certainly looked like a decent car, lose the trippes maybe sell 'em and put money towards tires, oh, and that battery... 😁
  3. I like these cars a lot with stick and in some of the interesting colors, willow green, but black over red is nice as well. I don't mind www on them but might pass on wires.
  4. I can say this, seller is a friend but more importantly a long time AACA & CCCA member whose stuff is always interesting. He has had some great cars and at least two forum members here have bought cars from him. An honest, knowledgeable and reasonable hobbyist.
  5. Graduated in 81. We had 3 70-73 F body Camaros, mine included in red, white and blue. Then one kid worked his a$$ off at a bakery and second half of Sr. Year he bought a black 79 TA. He was king fir a while! Kid a couple years ahead of us had an 80 4 speed Z he shattered the clutch after a few months. After beating that poor car into the ground he replaced it with a C3 vette. My favorite story on these cars though, is a buddy that bought his a year or two out of HS, complete with red graphics on black body. we were double parked and an older gent says "can you guy
  6. You should show an underhood pic AJ, that is the best part on this one!
  7. I would add well made. The Plymouth I had clearly had at least 100k miles on it. It started and ran smoothly all the time, and didn't leak anything, fluids, exhaust, nothing. The flathead six I think was a pretty good little engine.
  8. While not CCCA cars I thought of this thread yesterday as our gun club had several guys show up in new supercars yesterday, lined up with hoods up. My wife (who is pretty knowledgeable about cars in general) asks, are they having some sort of display? No dear, they are just getting gear, those are actually all trunks, they are all rear engine vehicles!! 😁😁
  9. Meanwhile, an hour and a half to the south, I worked dad enough to let me drag my 41 Plymouth home with an odometer reading of around 9,000 or so, the only question was once or twice around. Inspired by my pal doing a nut and bolt restoration on his 39 Chevy I had visions of the same. While that never happened we did get this prior dog house running and roadworthy. Not being of driving age I did a lot of testing up and down the driveway and... A great time till I decided to join the herd and seek out a decent 60s, 70s car. Love this one but what are your alternative
  10. I have learned enough about these over years here and through a couple pals, enough for trepidation. 10 years on with an MB R107, arguably some complexity but no where near as scary as the Lincoln. My point being after tackling a cpuple complex trouble spots myself and farming a big job out, I finally feel I am close to expert level with those cars. I wonder how long the learning curve is on a Lincoln. Certainly busted the "well, an American car from the 60s, how complicated can it be" myth a while ago...
  11. Closer now AJ, can't go anywhere till snow is gone anyway, right?
  12. Nice, one of the best looking color combos and paint schemes of the era, IMHO. Wonder how far off subject car is from this one...
  13. Thanks NC! I see you can display the link, sorry folks: https://images.craigslist.org/00D0D_br1McHvnxyzz_0CI0t2_1200x900.jpg
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