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  1. Great motivation John. Guy who was supposed to do my car did a lot of fancy stuff, flip flop painted ribbons etc. I was cinnected by a classmate, what a dissapointment and waste. "Oh just pay for materials used so far" Ya think, you wasted months of my time pal... Well. You will be excited upon completion I am sure. Love these vintage Buicks.
  2. So true Flivver! Belltown was so good over the years they survived the two moves, plus current location is ideal. The last minute, poorly publicized cancellation of Southbury/Roaring 20s & subsequent moves in a short time span killed that show, formerly a Hershey warm up... Glastonbury fell off as well, mainly due to a decent size club with only a few "doers", I am one less, but it was really that the guy who used to carry the show finally got fed up... But yes, the alternative, stay home, nah, see you in Belltown in 22 sir. 😊 Other good stuff in CT still! Klingberg, Brooklyn, Goshen, Dragone's doing a fall event, others I am sure.
  3. Steve, admittedly attendance was off a bit this year, but still fairly strong. Belltown puts brass, nickel, Model As, and Full Classics in one field that has overflowed in some years, and everything else, 30s through 80s in another field, by classes. But yes, if the number next year looks like this year, spacing them out would make a lot of sense. I love being early enough to grab better shots as cars fill in. The swap this year was off as well, no shortage of model cars and car cleaner, tool guys. But only about a dozen, maybe fifteen guys w good parts or real gas & oil stuff. We bought a tag topper & a hot rod novel type book geared towards teenagers published in 62, I collect those and try to buy everyone I can. I did have higher expectations for the swap to be honest, as I figured a lot of folks would be rearin' to go after this year...
  4. Another shot of open 30, 31s and this guy, while he may not be stock, what a period perfect Ford, at Belltown they stick hot rods in a field across from the main show, even thpugh I know the car, this one was worth the walk! 😉
  5. Been there, your car instantly reminded me of my 56 Chevy, waited months for a local guy who was known to be an ace with body & paint. He primed the car and did nothing for months. Took it to a real shop who re-did the hack job and got it done. Such is life.. Nice bodystyle on the Buick, looking forward to seeing it done.
  6. Always enjoyable to read Keiser's posts and the pics of him as a young guy with his car never get old. 😁👍
  7. Someone mentioned you last week suggesting you might be interested, but you must have missed it. You can't "tag" people here to draw attention to a post, or at least I don't know how to do it. Next year!
  8. I am not sure, I do know whitewalls were discarded. Tom Laferriere could answer some questions on this one though.
  9. Saw this one at Belltown car corral yesterday (consisting of this car, a 55 or 56 Pontiac and three Model As. 😁). Definately looked like a nice car in person. Pretty upscale interior on these. I believe he is now at $28k.
  10. Some pics from yesterday's show, a great day, we even beat the rain and got the topless A back inside abput 30 minutes before it hit... 😁👍 1932 (Unrestored!!)Packard & 1910 Mitchell (have never seen one of these, it was huge!) Followed by Packard Rollston body & a bunch o' open As including ours.
  11. Nice part of the state. Time Machines show in Sept. In Brooklyn usually pulls in a couple CCCA cars.
  12. Nice coupe! Bob and Flivver. If either of you are at Belltown tomorrow say hi!
  13. Gettin' ready for runcto the Belltown show tomorrow, way too nice for the garage today! 😊
  14. Now unfortunately I have to issue you a warning ticket for the infraction of mid summer and you have not dropped that top on your car!! 😁😁😁 Or maybe you have since writing, we need a full report...
  15. Nice pic and letter in the latest issue of the Antique Automobile, Eric! 👍
  16. Seems this one has been for sale before, but don't recall price. Top seems to fit ok, so maybe not a hack job like you see sometimes where they don't even bother with a top...
  17. This topic surfaces now and then. We name them for fun but today I was thinking about HS cars, and nicknames for them. School bus - 57 Chevy sedan, yellow with 60s style pinstripes and supposedly a corvette 327, it did run ok and had the vette valvecovers... Punch Bucket- 69 Chevelle a pal had got nickname for his nailing it from every stop. I bought it after he snuffed the nose, never put it back together... Disco car - kids 80 TA (we secretly all wanted!!) Eisenhower - 70 Chrysler huge, for obvious reasons. Gray ghost - faded silver olds 67-ish wagon handed down to a lucky classmate in need of wheels, a cool tradition that went through 3 kids IIRC. "Valvecover" reference to the straight 6 in pal's 68 or 69 Nova. Any junky car was a "roach". Others...
  18. So original paint, I would be very surprised if that doesn't make color change a firm "no way" for 90% of your respondents, and more importantly based on your stated concern, 90% of your potential market. The only other comment I might make is, if it is an original car, the only way to make it less desirable in the eyes of many collectors will be a halfway paint job. Even a well done job, might seem odd to mess with an original that presumably doesn't need paint, and do half the job. A quality repaint itself cannot be undone if deep originality is a key feature on your potential car, a color change and partial paint imho, has no resale upside and you cannot even correct it like a restored car, damage to original state is done. In any event, you know what they say about opinions, but you did ask. Hope it works out how you want it too, that is most important but you are smart not to ignore future marketability on a fairly expensive car. Someone above wisely mentioned an exit plan. Good luck and do share your secret brand x when time is right.
  19. Tom has or has access to more great sh** than Bruce Wayne.
  20. I would argue some merit in what it is, Corvette guys, for example will beat you with a hickory stick for vocalizing the thought. Model A guys are generally fine if it is a correct color. I have lived in both worlds so those two camps come to mind. But absent a little more info, worst case is paint it back at some point, the decision driven by what's cheaper, correction or value deduction.
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