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  1. Going, going, gone! Towed to a crusher yesterday. Too bad, as a lot of the parts, pieces, and trim were unique to the Chevy/GMC tilt cabs. Would have liked to keep the curved windshield glass panels and the remainder of the glass as they were perfect and I know there must be someone out there needing them, but I have no place to store them so they're now gone. I do still have a brand new curved passenger-side windshield in the attic, which I found on-line and bought several years ago thinking I might need it someday. Eventually I'll drag it down and scrap it as well. Without engine, transmission, etc, it still weighed 9700 lbs. Deducting 750 lbs for tires, The crusher gave me a walloping $494. for it...and it cost me $300 for the tow.
  2. The only thing missing is kids riding in the boat.
  3. I've bought 2 new enclosed trailers from MAXX Cargo, a dealer in central GA, and towed them back to FL. Both times they put a 30-day temp tag on the trailer.
  4. Yes, but I think those are special permitted transports for oversize, overweight, etc. I'm referring to Joe Blow motoring down the highway with multiple cars or trailers in tow. I also wonder if these drivers have licenses or green cards.
  5. Yes, I see them in many places as well.
  6. Seems like whenever I travel anymore through AL, MS, LA, and TX, I see strings cars being towed by a single car or mini-pickup. Or there's multiple trailers being towed by a single SUV, Van, or Minivan. And it's not uncommon to see multiple tows on I-95. Here's two 16-ft trailers being towed by a Chevy van in NC. It was early morning, just starting to break daylight...and raining. Neither trailer had license plates and because the front trailer was 8.5-ft wide, I couldn't tell what state license plate the towing van had. Likewise with the strings of cars, only the towing car has plates. I give them a wide berth and try to pass them as quickly as possible. I thought this crap was supposed to be illegal.
  7. Typo. The donor truck was an F350. Too many thumbs on the keyboard, I guess.
  8. I would like to sell my Aluminum 16-ft rollback body. I don't know the make as the donor vehicle had extensive undercarriage rust, so all labels and tags were gone. I removed it from a 1993 F650(?) which had been purchased from a NY estate sale. It has a hydraulic winch although I never tested it so can't verify it's condition. All hydraulic cylinders and hoses are included. It also has a stinger to carry a car behind the truck. The stinger cylinder is sticking out the back of the deck and the actual wheel carrier for the stinger is on top of the deck. The deck could be installed as designed, or modified to be used as the bed of a ramp truck. I paid $2400 for it 3 years ago, not including the expense of spending several days in PA removing it from the truck and bringing it to FL. It includes the hydraulic pump, but not the PTO unit, as they are transmission-unique. I didn't take the PTO from the donor Ford, as I wasn't prepared to drain the transmission. I have a PTO unit on a 5-speed Spicer transmission, for an extra fee, as I'll have to make a block-off plate if I remove it from the transmission. Or I would not be adverse to selling the whole tranny if the buyer wants that as well. The pump could also be powered from an electric drive unit. It comes with a new hydraulic tank as the one with it was rusted very badly. The hydraulic controls are all there and serviceable, but the control boxes are badly rusted and not salvageable. There were 2 plastic blocks, about 6-in square,) which the deck slid back and forth on. Unfortunately they were lost in transport, although I suspect they could be easily reproduced or might even be available if one determines the manufacturer of the deck. The first 2 pictures show it installed on the truck as I bought it. The second two pictures show it loaded on my car trailer ready to bring home. No, the tow dolly or trailer do not go with it. I'd like to get $2000 out of it but am open to offers. Please, no $100 low-ball offers...scrap value of the aluminum deck probably exceeds what I am asking for the whole thing. It is presently in central-FL and still on my car trailer, although within the next month or so I could deliver anywhere up the east coast for trip expenses. Full payment would have to be in advance of transport. PM me directly for more pictures or additional information.
  9. I hate to say it but she's probably lucky she survived racing for as long as she did. I'm surprised one of those good 'ole boys who were shamed by her on the track in the '50s and '60s didn't put her over a wall or through a barricade. As the cars were no where near as safe as they are today, and with no safety barriers or walls, she could have been seriously injured or killed. I'm humbled by her accomplishments and spirit. May she rest in peace.
  10. The best, most comprehensive single-source advice I've heard here to date.
  11. Most likely still under negotiations, so they are not at liberty to discuss.
  12. The '48 belonged to one grandfather. The '52 was my parents. The '53 belonged to the other grandfather. My blood's not red, it's Chevy Orange. And there's no 'i' in George.
  13. Please post the pictures. I'm sure there are many like me who would like to see them. Like it or not, it is a part of history that should never be forgotten.
  14. Me standing on the fender of a 1948 Chevy, on the hood of a 1952 Chevy, and on the hood of a 1953 Chevy.