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  1. My 63 Vette coupe has worn the same 'tramp stamp' for over 25 years....LKT SPLT.
  2. This was the first thread opened in the Museum forum it was opened in March. I posted several pictures above, including of the only remaining 1904 Simplicity which George Albright donated to the museum. Thanks again George.
  3. It would be a shame to part it out. Even needing complete floors, it seems like it would be worth the effort and expense to save it, as a really decent driver.
  4. The Canadian-U.S. border is scheduled to reopen on 9 August. With the auction closing on 24 July, there would be no way for U.S. residents to preview. Terms state 'miscellaneous items' must be removed within 7 days (i.e., 31 July)....again, an issue fur us Yanks as the border does not open for another 10 days after that date. If they were smart, knowing the border was scheduled to reopen soon, they'd delay the auction to take advantage of additional potential bidders/buyers. But that hasn't happened. https://www.ktoo.org/2021/07/19/canada-announces-border-to-open-aug-9-for-vaccinated-americans/
  5. The CL ad has been deleted, so it most likely sold.
  6. What are you planning to do today? How about changing the plugs in a 48 cylinder Kawasaki motorcycle. Actually, there's 49 plugs as there's a separate 75cc pony engine to start the 4.2 liter main engine. Kinda tough to trace an intermittent miss. Owned by Roger Dudding in the UK.
  7. A new museum just opened in Clearwater Florida called the Collections on Palmetto. It's the personal collection of Marvin Feldman. He has 24 cars on display, along with about a dozen steam, traction, and hit-and-miss engines. Public access is by reservation only, but very easy to do from their website. Marvin gave my group of 3 a personal 2-hour tour of his cars. Other than his brother, sister-in-law, and niece, (who all work with him maintaining the museum,) we were the only ones there at the time. He was extremely knowledgeable of each car. He said he still does maintenance on them all with his grandson. They were behind ropes, but only to keep kids from climbing all over them when school groups came through. He took ropes down as we walked through. He had one car (1917 Dodge touring car,) set up as a car for kids to sit in for pictures, etc. He said practically all are operable and he drives them as much as possible. About 3/4 of the cars are Brass era. With one exception (1952 Allard,) the remainder are pre-war, with the newest being a 1927 Pierce Arrow and a 1928 Aherns fire engine. Six of the cars were steam powered along with a lone electric-powered Pope-Waverly. His 2014 Lamborghini was parked in with the collection as well, although he said that was only for protection from the non-hurricane which passed through several days ago. He opened the museum to encourage school groups and tours to learn about the development of the automotive industry. Here's what was on display: 1886 Benz Motor Wagon (repro), 1901 Curved Dash Olds, 1902 Locomobile Stanhope B, 1904 Cadillac Model B, 1904 Pope Waverly Electric, 1906 Winton Model K, 1906 White Steamer, 1907 Northern, 1908 Schacht High Wheeler, 1908 Locomobile Model E, 1909 Stanley Steamer Model 70, 1910 Stanley Steamer Model 85, 1911 White (gasoline powered), 1913 Stanley Steamer Model 64, 1913 Cole Roadster, 1913 Pierce Arrow, 1914 Ford Model T, 1914 Fiat, 1915 Peerless, 1917 Dodge touring car, 1918 Creators Popcorn Wagon (steam powered), 1925 Stanley Steamer sedan, 1927 Pierce Arrow, 1928 Ahrens Pumper fire engine, 1952 Allard J2-X. Even though it was almost a 3 hour drive each way, it was well worth it, and we intend to return with others as opportunities arise. I would strongly recommend anyone near or visiting the Tampa area to make a reservation and plan on spending a couple of hours there...and at $10 admission (free for Veterans, half-price for senior and kids,) even the most miserly should be able to afford it. https://collectiononpalmetto.com/
  8. Anyone thinking of replacing a trailer better check prices. The price of a new ones has increased 50-100% in less than a year...which will drive up prices of used ones as well. I guess part of it is costs of materials have increased...a sheet of 3/4-inch plywood is now approaching $100.
  9. 1895 Duryea Ad 1896 Winton Ad 1897 Haynes Ad 1898 Winton Ad 1899 Autocar Ad
  10. Ed, FL DMV will accept a serial number check done by a DMV rep, dealer, or cop in another state. At least they did for me with a bike I purchased in MN. And in reverse, PA accepted a serial number verification by a Cocoa Beach cop to clear up a title problem with a car I bought there and had already brought to FL. But again, this is all in Breeeevard County where our DMV reps seem to be more cooperative than what you're dealing with.
  11. The ads I've found are in hard copy books of vintage advertisements, published within the past 20 years or so. All have copywrite protection statements. One says: "All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced or used in any forms by any means - graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying or storage and retrieval systems - without written permission from the copywrite holder." That's enough for me to believe I should not be wantonly copying them here from that source. Regards, George
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