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  1. Hey Dave,Just checked on my 37 and your pic is correct.
  2. Looks like a pretty correct car to me. You gotta love that Columbia 2 speed and whens the last time you saw a 37 Zephyr coupe?Great colors,fit and finish look great, whats not to like.Polished aluminum heads????
  3. Hey MK,Absolutely legal in New York.I have had my 28' tri axle car hauling trailer registered in Maine for the last couple of years.I don't have the paperwork in front of me but i know it's saving me a bunch of:D dough:D.The place that handled the paperwork for me said the ONLY issue anyone from New York ever had was SOMETIMES the NY State Police would make a point of:eek: CLOSELY:eek: examining your rig cause they were aware of you circumventing the usual registration process and :eek:not willingly:eek: filling Albanys coffers.My advise to you is get it done and make SURE your tow rig is ALWA
  4. Hey,ALL good advise,please include eye protection and an old pair of coveralls.diz
  5. Hey Phil,THANKS for the laff.diz
  6. Hey Wayne,Usually towed the race trailer at least 70mph,NEVER an issue always used Michelin radials,checked tire pressure daily.That was 15 years ago.diz
  7. Dear John,ANY chance Bill Hirsch in N.J. sells em?diz
  8. Dear Bruiser,GREAT car,ALWAYS liked em.Thanks for sharing.diz
  9. Dear Wildcat,Interesting pic........NOW ABOUT the blond with the sunglasses in the front row on the left................diz
  10. Dear Lamar,Can I play the part of CLEM....YOU know,the farm hand who keeps the girls occupied while POPS runs for parts.Oh yeah.......My buddy Scooter wants to know if he can run the video camera????PLEASE ADVISE.diz
  11. I have successfully removed factory paint in the quarter car wash.My intentions were to ONLY remove the dirt.YES it was in the early 90s when EVERYONE had delamination problems,i guess what i am trying to say IS how about a pressure washer.diz
  12. Dear Chacheska,You asked in your post if you were insane.I would think by the time you were done using ANY of these methods to remove the finish on the ENTIRE car,the answer to your question would be YES,YES and YES.IMHO.diz
  13. DizzyDale


    Dear Tom,VERY nice car,I did not think they were that expensive in 62.diz
  14. DizzyDale


    Dear Marks,SUPER car,love that grille shell and the 2-tone.THANKS for sharin.diz
  15. Dear Ken,UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!Thanks for sharin.diz
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