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  1. McVey's https://mcveys.com/collections/fresh-air-duct-hose
  2. Quick translation, Hello I have a 1918 PACKARD truck His restoration is almost complete I would like to get in touch with connoisseurs Sincerely Jean NOHARET FRANCE
  3. 1994 Dodge diesel..595,000 and counting
  4. Hey Jake..if it wasn't for "hoarders" like Bernie, all of this stuff would be gone a long time ago. Bernie ran a wrecking yard for many years and bought up parts and vehicles from other wrecking yards when they shut down.
  5. These are the California only Stablites. Cheers,Pat
  6. I wouldn't let the timing chain issue stop me..TONS of room around the engine for access. Cheers,Pat
  7. New Packard and GMC trucks in front of Wentworth and Irwin in Portland,Oregon
  8. NorEaster, Congrats on getting the truck..did you ever find out how it ended up there? Post more pics of it when you get a chance. Cheers,Pat
  9. Solid rubber tires could support some serious weight.
  10. Great pictures. Looks like some kind of enclosed chain drive on those commers. Your Grandfather looks like a man used to heavy work all his life. Cheers,Pat
  11. I had a 79 with the Olds 350..nice car. Pull the 4.1 and put a 4.9 in and you would have a keeper.
  12. I like to change my tires every 70 years..whether they need it or not
  13. You might consider old leather coats from a thrift shop..or a big old leather couch for the "aged" material. Cheers,Pat
  14. Yes, That is the same Cadillac. The owner drives the car on a regular basis. There is at least one more 58 Biarritz lurking in a garage in Victoria.There has been two 53 Eldorado's..a 55 and a number of 56,7,8 and 59s here as well. Two 59 Bairritz convertibles were sold new here. Cheers,Pat
  15. all the stuff there to convert a roadster into a four door ! I'll see myself out.