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  1. Beautiful country..some of those roads though..lots of switchbacks and steep hills. Makes you wonder how some of that stuff got up there!
  2. Hi Peter, That car was purchased by Lou Holker..I had a invite to copy the photos of the extraction of the car but Brian (lou's son) passed suddenly before I could visit him. Cheers,Pat
  3. I am happy to report that Mark has recovered the Brooks engine..I know Mark but I had no idea he owned a Brooks! Mark and a friend opened the engine up to check for damage ...everything looked good so they lubricated it and buttoned back up and had it running on compressed air! Thanks for all the interesting discussion on steam powered vehicles.. Cheers,Pat
  4. I can't believe the guy did 90 MPH...the tires don't look "speed rated" for one thing....nuts!
  5. Nice digging Terry! Cheers,Pat
  6. The story that I am getting is that the car was a Doble and the owner couldn't afford to do repairs so he pulled the boiler/engine and installed a conventional ICE...I am trying to get more info but it is coming through four different people. Cheers,Pat
  7. I have what I am told are the remains of a Doble Any Doble experts out there? Cheers,Pat
  8. Maybe one of those sturdy Russian women will help you with your switches..
  9. You never know what is hiding in old chicken shacks...
  10. A good way to weld them together is to use a power tool . Cheers,Pat
  11. Give Bruce Thomas a call..he helped move the trucks from Woodland to Reno..775 972 7033
  12. A few more photos of Oldfield's creation.. Barney lived in a round house that was mounted in such a way that it could be rotated without disturbing the plumbing and electrical...if he got tired of the view he just rotated the house.
  13. Fernwood ESSO (2320 Fernwood Road) in Victoria was owned by Eric Foster..I stopped in there recently to confirm this with Robb Warren who owns the station now. Mr. Warren said that the station was a racing hub in the thirties and forties...he went to say that a man in his late eighties had dropped in the shop sometime in the early 2000's and handed him some photos that he had taken as a teenager working there. He stated that Eric was always working on race cars of one sort or another...occasionally there would be visitors from the U.S. that would bring their cars up and Eric would set up a race. They would all drive across open fields down to a dirt track oval near willows beach...hard to imagine because there are no open fields between Fernwood and Willows today!
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