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  1. A question for the Model 20 Brigade..... my 1910 needs a new set of king pins and bushes as the ones on the car are the originals and are approaching the end of their serviceable life. Can anyone recommend a supplier. I am happy to have a few sets made if this would help others. Cheers, Peter
  2. Hi Simon, These look great. I have sent you a personal message . Regards Peter
  3. Thanks Trimacar, Appreciate your thoughts on this topic. The 1910 instruction handbook does seem to point to the plug switch. Maybe others have some ideas? Peter
  4. Would appreciate any feedback from 1909/early 1910 owners regarding the type of ignition switch fitted to the dash board of their car. My car (build number 1994) has a "General Plug Switch" made by the General Sales Co of Detroit (see first photo). This square shaped unit is made from bakelite, with brass internal contact blades and an etched brass cover. Its one moving part is a brass pin that slides from left to right. The center section of this pin is bare brass and the ends are insulated with bakelite. I initially thought this was incorrect for the car but on reading the Instruction Book f
  5. Have purchased one of Jerry Deck's beautiful reproduction magneto switches for the Model 20. I don't have a reference for where this switch and/or the manufacturers plate should be located on the dash board. Hoping someone might be able to provide a reference photo. Thanks, Peter
  6. Rick, Drop me a line at kezandpete AT gmail.com and we can discuss. As luck would have it, I now have acquired two of these units (remarkable... looked for over a year and couldn't find one in restorable condition). I am happy to sell one on for the same price I paid. cheers, Peter
  7. PMac

    Model 20 Fuel Leak

    Phil, yes the central tube does protrude up into the fuel tank by about an inch or so. This is a simple fuel reserve indicator. When the petcock is set (in my case) to the downward position, fuel is only drawn through the smaller raised tube, thereby giving the driver a warning when there is circa one gallon of fuel left in the tank (I don't have an owners manual, it may make reference to the precise volume of reserve fuel?). The petcock is then set to the middle position to draw fuel through the main pipe which is largely flush with the bottom of the tank. The tapered petcock valve pin has tw
  8. PMac

    Model 20 Fuel Leak

    Here are some pictures of my petcock unit. Note the screen is much finer. Cheers. Peter
  9. PMac

    Model 20 Fuel Leak

    This is an identical unit to that which is fitted to my car. Peter
  10. PMac

    Model 20 Fuel Leak

    Thanks Both. Phil, I will likely pull the tank off over the weekend and will post some pictures of the fuel valve/strainer. Cheers, Peter
  11. My 1910 has what I understand to be the original brass petcock (combination petcock/brass gauze fuel strainer/reserve fuel level indicator) piece fitted below the fuel tank. The petcock has three settings, one for off, reserve level and fully on. While I have managed to seal the various threads on this unit, despite my best efforts to seat the tapered petcock barrel, it continues to weep fuel. Any suggestions for a fix welcome. Cheers, Peter
  12. Hi Ben, Have sent you a PM re the carbide generator. Regards, Peter
  13. PMac

    Model 20 Parts

    Hi all, Looking for the following 1909-11 Model 20 parts: Magneto switch (there appear to have been a few types fitted between the years of production?) Front apron for 1909-1910 (sits below the radiator) - any condition welcome Brass radiator cap Steering wheel spider Bosch DU4 points Cap for the engine oil filling/breather tubes Hubcaps - brass or alloy Owners instruction book Hoping someone may have these on their spare parts shelf in the garage. Cheers, Peter
  14. Thanks George and David.
  15. One for the Model 20 team.... in filling the diff with oil, which of the two bungs represents the correct fill height? My diff pumpkin has two square bungs at the rear, one being slightly higher than the other. I am guessing it is the lower one but want to be sure. Thanks, Peter
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