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  1. Another pic of it, I'm glad you asked. (:
  2. Thanks very much! I'll check in with Jim. This Cord is a fairly recent acquisition for me. An L29 cabriolet has been on my bucket list for years, and in March I found one by accident when I wasn't actually searching. I'm sure some of you have seen it before, displayed by the previous owner.
  3. Thanks Mark. So it looks like I need a new one.
  4. Hi, on my 1929 Cord L29, the radiator shutters open too late. I see what appears to be a thermostat on the back of the radiator. There is a square headed screw protruding from the middle of it. Is that perhaps a means of adjustment that could make them open sooner? THanks, Joel Nystrom
  5. Thanks for the help, Ronabi. I had checked with C&E a few years ago, but I should check again. You never know. On the Ebay items, they are close, but I would prefer to get the exact one. Thanks again! Joel
  6. Hi, Does anyone have a door pull handle like this that they would be willing to part with? My car is missing one. It is on a Duesenberg Murphy convertible coupe. Perhaps other makes used the same part, I'm not sure. The best way to get a hold of me if you have one is via email. hemi67gtx@yahoo.com. Please include my name in the subject line to get past my spam filter. Thanks, Joel
  7. That sounds like a really cool cruise! I like the Duesenberg driving thing, most people don't drive them much. I have the motor out of mine now for an overhaul, but when it's done, I'll be racking up the miles.
  8. That tour has an amazing group of Duesenbergs! Is this an annual event? Who organizes it and what is it called? Thanks, Joel
  9. Here is the very interesting story of the Sturkin Duesey hot rod:
  10. I just reviewed some correspondence between buyer and seller from when my Maytag changed hands in 1957. It the buyer had inquired as to whether there was a name on the windshield, and the seller replied that their was no name. So I would have to match it up from pictures and measurements.
  11. Today, I heard that Homer had a top and windshield assembly for a 1910 Maytag. I would assume that they were included in the auction. I could use those, does anyone know who may have got them? Thanks, Joel
  12. Great story KFLE! Ladies want to look good and have fun. A pink metro is perfect for that, good job. My wife had a very slight desire to get involved. She liked the white T-bird that Suzzane Sommers drove in American Graffiti, and I think that the mystery and desirability that was woven into that story was appealing to her. So she asked for a 2 seater T bird. I ended up finding a deal on a red and white 62 'Vette for her, and she is very happy with that, probably more so than a T-bird. She is still not too involved in the hobby, but she understands it better, and she loves the attention she gets with her Corvette.
  13. Hi, I have the top and silencer/filter from a Johnson model R carb. What were these used on? thanks, Joel