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  1. Anyone have a place you send and recommend for stewart warner gas guages rebuilding/restoring? Studebaker Hawk guages from 57-61
  2. kdancy

    Parts unknown in parts lot

    Anybody want the rest of the parts? How about 50.00 and shipping for all.
  3. kdancy

    Parts unknown in parts lot

    Apparently, they are for a mid 20's Essex. Just shipped them out to Hans.
  4. kdancy

    Parts unknown in parts lot

    Thanks everyone! I just want to get the items into hands of someone that can use them. I'm not a dealer.
  5. I obtained these when I helped with an estate that was getting rid of Hudson parts. I've already seen that the Hudson stuff went to a good home. The fellow also had some GM parts and this hood ornament was among them. I think maybe late 30's Pontiac ?
  6. kdancy


    https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/california/articles/2019-02-04/tesla-buys-battery-technology-company I don't think Tesla is going away -- interesting battery tech https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-vons7xbdo Battery Technology advancing rapidly https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbestechcouncil/2018/07/09/seven-ways-advancements-in-technology-will-change-the-near-future/#31a52b2c268d
  7. Chistech, I tried calling and then sent them an e-mail. Thanks!
  8. Could not get a reply back from them. I had LarkWorks build the harness. Installing it now.
  9. Any recommendations? Williamsons used to do it but according to a Studebaker vendor I just talked with, they no longer do the SW gauges.
  10. I just called RIWire and was told that the owner of Narragansett passed away a few weeks ago. His son is now running the business. Looks like we will have to put a stop on payment and order from someone else. RI wiring can't build the harness we need for a 57 Studebaker GH. Lark Works specializes in Studebaker Harnesses so I'll give them a shout.
  11. I can not get anyone on the phone (after multiple calls) and can not get their website mail to work.
  12. kdancy

    Buick straight 8 and trans for sale

    All gm parts sold and gone.
  13. kdancy

    1939 Buick Eight deck lid emblems

    35.00 plus shipping should be fair. I don't need them.
  14. I found these items in a box that was marked Hudson. Obviously it is for a Buick, 1939 I think. Looks like a deck lid emblem assembly. Make offer plus shipping priority mail.
  15. You would have to also change the flywheel for a dry clutch to work, the oil clutch flywheels are very thin to dissipate heat. They were and are very good clutches but you do need to check and change the oil every few years. Hudson vendors carry the oil as well as the club store. Many owners use type F automatic transmission fluid. It only takes a few ounces.