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  1. These are the type that screw into the brake line fitting+ and have two posts for wires. I have two old ones and one new one that I have hooked up an ohm meter to and then manually pushed in a plunger where hydralic fluid enters the switch. No ohmns when plunger is in or out. I know all 3 are not bad, what might I be doing wrong?
  2. I am converting a 51 pacemaker over to a 6v alternator, thus eliminating the external inner fender mounted voltage regulator. Can someone tell me where now to hook up the OD relay wire that went from od relay #3 post to the generator regulator ARM post on the regulator?
  3. I have an nos 1951 Hudson ivory steering wheel. It smells so bad one can hardly stand it. Dont know what type of plastic it is made of. I'm wondering if I can safely scuff and clear coat with urethane clear to "lock" the smell in ?
  4. I'm working on a couple of stepdown Hudson's, a 51 and 52. There is a signal light/jewel that is in the left side of the dash. It is very small. Does anyone know of a casting company that would re-cast the little red jewel? This would be the little red opalescent plastic part that mounts in the small holder.
  5. Rally America wheels is now run by the original owners son, Jimmy. I had them make from scratch a set of wire wheels for a customer's 57 Golden Hawk. Within the first year rust started on them. I called to see if something could be done and nothing. Now about 3 years later, while doing some work with it on a lift, I noticed some of the welds on the inner hub were not properly welded and were starting to separate in a few areas on all but one rim. Shipped them back to RallyAmerica in October 2018 I just now got them back. March 15, 2019. Same issue with the welds, welds are too cold and not "dug in" to the base metal in all areas. Based on this experience, I can not recommend this company as the weld issue is a safety issue. I so much wanted to do business with them and am disappointed in the outcome.
  6. I called several times and get a message that it has been disconnected.
  7. Does anyone know if they are still in business? I had them re-plate some really rough Hudson bumpers in 2016 and they did a great job at a reasonable price. Their website is down and their contact numbers are disconnected.
  8. There were a whole row of 10 or so right next to the corvette area on the west side. At 10:00 am Saturday they were filled to the brim. Anyway, the meet was enjoyable. Only saw one Hudson, a 53 Hornet sedan. I have a 52 Wasp sedan on the rotisserie in my shop and am doing work on a 51 Pacemaker now. Just finished installing a wire harness in a 57 Studebaker Golden Hawk for a 92 year old friend.
  9. Colorbond paint https://www.colorbondpaint.com/pages/paint-selector
  10. Didn't have anything to show and wife and I went saturday as spectators. Great place for the meet! Parking was handled professionally, great job. Very much enjoyed looking at the cars/trucks/motorcycles and talking with their owners. Porta potties sucked.
  11. Anyone have a place you send and recommend for stewart warner gas guages rebuilding/restoring? Studebaker Hawk guages from 57-61
  12. Anybody want the rest of the parts? How about 50.00 and shipping for all.
  13. Apparently, they are for a mid 20's Essex. Just shipped them out to Hans.
  14. Thanks everyone! I just want to get the items into hands of someone that can use them. I'm not a dealer.
  15. I obtained these when I helped with an estate that was getting rid of Hudson parts. I've already seen that the Hudson stuff went to a good home. The fellow also had some GM parts and this hood ornament was among them. I think maybe late 30's Pontiac ?
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