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  1. 1937hd45

    Replace window glass with what?

    The sheet of glass only has one as I understand things. Ford V8 guys acid etch the original style logos in every piece. Model A guys are into date stamps on generator covers and Corvette guys like yellow weather stripping adhesive smeared on doors. Some of us are just swept away by the shear beauty of Pebble Beach cars. Bob
  2. 1937hd45

    Replace window glass with what?

    Find a glass guy that understands how to use a ruler or tape measure, ask him to demonstrate how he reads it. Bob
  3. Joe, That is sad and wonderful at the same time, I'm sure he has enjoyed the cars just as he has chosen to. Bob
  4. Carl, I'll second your motion about a visit to the Mullin. We were there last January, I didn't know the Bugatti collection would be rolled out and replaced with Citroen, but is was very educational. Bumped into a friend from the next town over I hadn't seen in years. I always like those small world travel 3,000 miles to meet some one deals. Bob
  5. 1937hd45

    Shipping/Postage costs

    I can't remember exactly how things went, maybe the overseas buyer asked before he bid and I removed the global. I do remember the first Global go round a 45.00 book a lady bought was going to cost over $20.00 as I recall in postage. Same with an envelope & letterhead a while back, $3.00 vs $23.00. There is some FedEx deal that an Australian worked out to ship a crankcase for half the asking price of everyone else, worked out very well. Bob
  6. No, it was just a hand out to all cars entered in 1975, there is no mention of it being the 40 anniversary of AACA, I just thought it neat to get it. It is some were up in the attic now. Bob
  7. If you have been looking for two years whatever you paid was what it was finally worth. Mine was free when I entered and later won my class back in 1975. Bob
  8. Spring in the box $12.00 Free Postage USA PayPal works well with me. Bob
  9. 1937hd45

    1941-48 OLDSMOBILE Fuel Pump

    Looks rebuilt part of a shop clean out. $25.00 Free Postage in the USA PayPal works fine with me.
  10. 1937hd45

    Shipping/Postage costs

    So, if I DON'T check off accept Global Shipping I'm not chasing away potential buyers overseas? I have had overseas buyers ask about items, and once I know they are interested I'll remove the Global ripoff and mail man to man. I always feel bad about the cost of things to Australia and New Zealand. Bob
  11. They fit Type 35,37,40, 44, 49 maybe others. Two nice reproduction plugs, I don't have any more. Free postage in the USA. PayPal works well with me $35.00. Merry Christmas! Bob
  12. Box lot of leftovers from Gus Reuter's Shop cleanout. Fill a card table in front of your Blue Bird at Hershey with some classy parts. I'm fairly sure those steel brackets were once on the Mercedes that won Pebble Beach around 2012. Gus did the first restoration around 1983. PayPal works fine with me $100.00 plus a flat $20.00 postage & handling in the USA. Bob
  13. I really like the front of the L29, not so much the Coffin Nose, is there a front view of this car? Bob
  14. 1937hd45

    Shipping/Postage costs

    A LARGE Flat Rate box will allow you to mail eight EMPTY oil cans. Bob
  15. 1937hd45

    grill stone guard

    Years ago you couldn't say stone guard without thinking of Henry Yeska, great to hear his grandson is still in the business. Bob