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  1. If you see me at a jock event call 911 someone has a 1911 Colt in my back. Bob
  2. IF the T shirts & hats are a REAL Mecum deal, they had to be designed and manufactured BEFORE the auction, unless the clothing business moves at light speed. Bob
  3. The Bullitt swag just defies logic, $28.00 bucks for a Tshirt celebrating a car you didn't buy or sell. Bob
  4. Its all part of the Post War car drivel, try to impress others with factory option and sales brochure hype. I notice the color differences, displacement and axle ratios are meaningless as is the other tid bits of info. Bob
  5. I never had any problems working on them, or admiring them on the lawn at Pebble Beach. You buy your ticket and walk in, no net worth questions or car ownership required. Bob
  6. I've had a goal to drive a Mini Cooper ever since the new ones came out, if I had the funds I'd buy one. A Crew Cab Ford Pickup would be the most practical thing to own, buy the cost is SO far and away from the balance on my mortgage it is just laughable. Bob
  7. Wonder if there are any race car related bits, Philadelphia was a hub for high end AAA racing in the 1920's. Bob
  8. Not being a boat guy I have to ask why that extra back piece is there? Bob
  9. Odd Lincoln, can't say I ever saw one before, many cars sold for the cost of the paint job. Bob
  10. PLEASE tell be that coffin nose Cord never came from the factory with side mounts. Bob
  11. Nice item with family history, not many people can claim that. Bob