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  1. Is the Glidden Napier still touring or lost in time? Bob
  2. 1937hd45

    What is this car?

    I'm leaning toward MARMON, note the fact there are NO Louvers in the hood, a major clue. Bob
  3. Who is the current caretaker of the Glidden Trophy? Bob
  4. 1937hd45

    My "new" lathe - Input?

    You got me motivated to get my South Bend up and running! Thanks. Bob
  5. 1937hd45

    My "new" lathe - Input?

    I've got a twin to it I need to get back in running condition, many times I wish it was up & running for some simple tasks. Thanks for all the links guys! Bob
  6. I first saw the Remington Pope in an early Floyd Clymer book. It may have been the same white Pope the McGee brothers repainted black, very sharp looking car. Bob
  7. 1937hd45

    How old is this?

    I've got a can of Bondo with a '65 Mustang on the front, did any car rust quicker? Bob
  8. 1937hd45

    The next generation and keeping it in the family

    I got into Antique cars when I was 10 years old, that was 58 years ago. Having a love for old cars AND finding a career that funds them and life in general would my advice. Look at all the Great Collections, they were funded by careers that paid very well. Bob
  9. 1937hd45

    electrical thoughts

    No two people will give the same answer to any electrical question, it is best to just forget about it and enjoy looking at your car. Bob
  10. 1937hd45

    The next generation and keeping it in the family

    My oldest grandson driving the 1912 Ford when he was four, just stand on that pedal and steer. He LOVES Hershey, started a hub cap collection (pre 1930) and license plate collection this year. Won a pedal tractor pulling contest this past year as well. Bob
  11. It would take a lot of work but would be nice to track down every car from that meet and get a photo of them today. Eighty years in the hobby that sure makes them special. Bob
  12. I always find it odd that people think you have to drive the wheels of a car to "enjoy" it . The above mentioned Chrysler owner may be having a great time rolling the car off the trailer, his car, to do what he wants with it. Were is the fun when a connecting rod pops out the side of the oil pan? Bob
  13. Nice find! It may be a hubcap center, what does the back side look like? Bob
  14. If the car was 36 years old I guess the photo dates to around 1946. What is it, were was ,it and who has it now? Bob
  15. WOW! What a great quality film, and in color! I'll dig out the program so we can ID the cars & owners. Bob