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  1. Great photo! Really like it when there is a great background behind the cars. Like Ed, we missed not having a week in Carmel/ Monterey. 2021 can't get here fast enough. Bob
  2. Thank you to everyone that has made this possible! Guess everyone can still claim "Perfect attendance" at Hershey since the first one you went to now that there isn't a 2020 event. Bob
  3. Sedan with a window in each door and blank quarter window area is Steelback or Blind Back. I personally use Steeback when discussing that style body. Bob
  4. One of her INDY 500 cars is restored and was on the Hershey show field a few years ago. Bob
  5. Got to find the 1919 Connecticut registration book I have, a family in town had two of them, consecutively numbered if my memory is correct. Bob
  6. This one was at the Greenwich concourse 4-5 years ago, unrestored or a very old restoration. If memory is correct the owner was the keeper of the Brewster Automobile registry, very nice guy to chat with. The car may have changed hands in the last few years. Bob
  7. Very sorry to hear of your loss, first year without my Dad was 1983. They are all a bit different after but I think of him every day. Prayers going out for him and the family. Bob
  8. I gave up on trying to understand how to rewire a car, so a full electric is nothing I'll have to worry about in my lifetime. Bob
  9. Glad I'm not alone! I never really understood how some people will hop in a friends Vintage Car and drive it like a POS work truck. On and off a trailer is fine with me, never want to be behind the wheel when it brakes. Driving them does nothing for their looks. Bob
  10. I've been told an L29 Cord Cabriolet is a lot slower than it looks, so the sedan must get stuck behind a good running Model A Ford, Sidemounts sure mess up the lines, so a rear spare is a must. I like the Town Car, the horn would look a lot nicer on its way off a cliff. Bob
  11. My arms are tired just thinking of block sanding them. I'll find some photos to post. Bob
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