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  1. I'll take the XK-120 thank you. Bob
  2. Neat plate, Bridgeport was a beehive of machine shop activity all during WWII and after into the early 1960's. They built everything there. Bob
  3. To me this will always be the Don Carlson REGAL Underslung, first saw it some time around 1964 when I was looking for my first Model T at the age of 13. I don't think Don ever had it on the road, and it went through a lot of "car people" in the last 10 years. Finally got to see it drive by at Pebble Beach on the Thursday Tour. It won Best Unrestored and is now in a fine collection in Europe. Bob
  4. Just outside LA last year on the way up the coast to Pebble Beach. Spotted it in a motel parking lot in Monterey the next day. Bob
  5. https://www.skythrills.com/ I think this is a warm up for next years first skydiving adventure. Bob
  6. This year will be our third trip out there and it really is a fun week, I wonder how different it must be having a car entered in the event. It is fun to see a car from the past with a fresh restoration or one you worked on years ago. Bob
  7. Just found out I'm getting a flight in a WACO Biplane before we arrive for Pebble Beach week, life is good. Are there any updates on projects or related events? Bob
  8. I'll be 69 in December so I guess age has it advantages, joining the hobby when I was 10 also helped. . Bob
  9. Back in the late 1950's a friend won a $50.00 bet when he bought two 1903 Cadillacs, he got both of them on a rack bodied truck and they made the trip home safely. Bob
  10. Is that an aftermarket or special order grille, never seen one down here. Bob
  11. I always like looking at piles of literature and parts from buy outs, was the seller a vendor that just cashed out or a collector that never organized things? Bob
  12. Studebaker was a good car to race on the board tracks back in the late 1920's, back when stock cars were really stock cars. Bob
  13. If it sells what does he plan to replace it with?
  14. Most older people can ID a Lozier, Thomas Flyer, and MERCER at a quick glance, not so with late models.What is this blue car?