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  1. Does this mean Car Week is on in Monterey in August?
  2. Just seams so wrong, thinking of 1950's European cars and Chrysler HEMI's, never thought they would be under one corporate roof.
  3. What is it? Can someone post a photo of a restored one?
  4. Hope you can find someone to post the photos and whatever info is on the back. Lost race car info is always great to see. Bob
  5. Steve, This is the ex Ira Vail 1919 INDY 500 Hudson when H.D. Carpenter owned it. We will never know if that is Mr. Carpenter or one of his drivers in the photo. I have all the related paperwork on the car while it was in Philadelphia. The car is in South Korea today in the Samsung collection, I lost my chance of owning it when the Harrah collection sold it for around $24,000. Bob
  6. Thanks Steve! I got this shot off a Google search for Ira Vail Hudson, may be the same car in your photo. Not the Hudson he raced at INDY in 1919 and later spent its life in Philadelphia until D. Cameron Peck found it on a used car lot. Bob
  7. What happens to a dead Tesla in the same spot today?
  8. I think everyone who wants a Smokey & The Bandit Trans Am clone has one, this must be the next addition to the collection.
  9. Have fun with the jerk, ask him some Dodge Brothers questions. Bob
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