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  1. Years ago Joe Gemsa in El Monte, Ca. used the Gallivan patterns to cast heads and the related parts he had his name cast in the cam covers. Bob
  2. Walt, is this the Lincoln you and Austie took into NYC? Great looking car. Why I can remember that card being in that box that has been on my shelf for 58 years is a mystery.
  3. rcr, Thank you for all that information. I judge all automobiles by their appearance, and that car just has the "Look", short body and room for four people. Mechanically were 1926 Lincolns interchangeable with other years, and did they all have the same wheelbase chassis?
  4. Free roaming the internet it looks like the photo that started it all is a 1926 Brunn bodied Sport Touring. Is there a Lincoln vs Packard rivalry like the Ford vs Chevrolet deal?
  5. Funny how just one photo can catch your attention and cause your mind to wander. Think I'll start collecting some Lincoln advertising material and books. Bob
  6. Thanks for all the info so far, can you all agree on a year that car was manufactured? Would those wheels be stock or an accessory? The five lug style are the ones I've seen on more Lincolns of this era. Bob
  7. The Gallivan was one of the more developed or advanced heads for the Model T Ford block. Bob
  8. Is it a new trend, or have I just noticed more and more top end cars being RErestored after a 10-15 year run? Bob
  9. This is the only LINCOLN I ever got to drive from that era, totally original and unrestored. The original owner Mrs. Stein didn't like the 1929 front fenders and had 1928's installed before accepting the car. Bob
  10. The other side of some of these stories are the true facts about some cars that you just can't bare to share with the current owner. You may know, but telling the owner won't help matters. Bob
  11. This gem just turned up on the HAMB, who was the coach builder and wheel supplier? Bob
  12. I tracked down and found a car I wanted, took 40 years. It is in a large collection and money can't buy it, there have to be hundreds of these stories. Bob
  13. I like to see the battens match each window, glad you like detail work too. Bob
  14. Yes, check the FORD BARN Forum for info on the Model A multi disk clutch. There are several ways to rebuild them, some people use Harley Davidson disks in the overhaul. Bob