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  1. Good use of parts that would never be used in a restoration. I do question the price/value of them. Bob
  2. Wonder what the GMC tailgate staircase adds to the cost of the truck? The floor of the box is way too high, NO NEED for the 12inch clearance from top of tire to wheel well. Bob
  3. Yes that hood is unusual, it isn't a common car. Bob
  4. Funny that 100 years ago just about every guy knew how to hitch up horses to a wagon, and a car was costly. Today few people have ever ridden or driven a horse & carriage. I think I could figure out how to ride a horse a lot faster that using an !Phone. Bob
  5. While we are on the topic of radios why are the clearest stations NOT in English? Bob
  6. Do you share a car or truck with a wife, girlfriend or coworker? I can understand a height difference but the bolt upright deal just drives me nuts as I adjust things to fit my form of comfort. Bob
  7. When was the last car built with a ON OFF knob for the radio and another knob you turned to find a station you wanted? Even if I had the money, there is no desire to own a new vehicle. Bob
  8. Thank you Hershey Region and everyone in AACA that made Hershey 2019 such a great time. This was 50 in a row for me, they all sort of blend in, but some events stand out and you can put a year on it. For me the four airplanes doing fly overs with smoke trails was the highlight of 2019. Who are these guys, we want them back in 2020. Bob
  9. An old comfortable one that doesn't move as fast as it once did. Bob
  10. This will be my 50th post Hershey lie list. Get Organized Throw away stuff, starting with the stuff in the trailer List more crap one eBay, goal is to have 2,000 items listed by Halloween Organize the car projects, all related parts in one area ( maybe label things) Buy a TIG welder Clean up the yard, make it look like no car guy lives here Finish the inside of the garage...…………...paint it some day Throw out every piece of unwanted crap in the attic Store good stuff in the garage attic Get heat in the garage Get the two cars in the garage running Get them registered & insured Spend less time on the internet car forums Amass a "Car Fund" Pebble Beach is 10 months away. Bob
  11. I would have bought something more exotic for that money. Still happy I sold my 1928 Packard 443 Roadster and spent the money buying my 1912 Ford. Bob
  12. What section of the car show were you in????????????
  13. Question for the dealers & informed. That Chrysler looks nice in the photo, but the trunk could be left on the curb. If this had been a 3, or 4 1/2 liter Bentley four door that had a touring body added would there be any complaint? Bob
  14. There are too many cars out there, just look at the Billions of dollars of inventory sitting on dealership lots. Every Vintage car dealership has hanger queens that have been there for years. The ugly and overpriced will be around forever. Bob