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  1. Just got a reply from the seller, the engine is all he has, no other Hup parts. Looks like a good deal if someone had a broken engine in need of parts. Does anyone have Hup 20 Headlamp forks? Bob
  2. Wayne, Please add this photo to the collection. It was in the H.D.Carpenter scrapbook, fifteen years later he would own a 122 MILLER in the INDY 500. Bob
  3. The original black paint on my 1911 Hup rear fender is still glossy. Looks like the fender and bracket were painted separately, then riveted together. Odd way of producing things. Bob
  4. Thanks Wayne, I always enjoy your history lessons. I'll always wonder if that red bucket seat above was in a Kulick car, it did come out of the Henry Ford in an auction years ago. Bob
  5. Far better initial post, actually took the time to to explain his thoughts. .
  6. Can I ask for some close up photos & dimensions of your tall headlamp brackets? Areas were the rods mate to the mounting pads and the crossbar? Are the uprights the same diameter top to bottom or a gentile taper? Thanks! Bob
  7. One of my best eBay deals from auburnseeker! Bob
  8. I agree 100% the TOPIC is totally meaningless, just the OP'er having a problem with people that that can produce quality work and the ones that honor it. Bob
  9. ^^^^^^ That restored blue #4 is a huge car, there was a magazine feature on it back in the 1970's with a cut a way drawing. Based on former INDY 500 car it was rebuilt in the mid 1930's with that body. I remember it had a Bugatti GP car rear axle. Just spent some more time with Google, here is the history on the car. Bob 1930 Fred Frame Duesenberg | Revs Institute
  10. Howard, I think the "Air Cooled Douglas" in the above link may have been a Ranger aircraft engine. It was common to turn them 180 degrees with the cylinders on top and power race cars with them. Bob
  11. THANKS HOWARD! This car is restored and well, saw in in the Briggs Cunningham collection back around 1975. I hope it is in the Collins Collection now. There was a photo of it on a trailer behind a tow car with a lot of debris around it during the hurricane of 1938 somewhere in New England. Now I have to find some of her cars that Bob Swanson drove for her. Best wishes for 2021! Bob The car today in the Revs Institute in Florida, Fred Frame once owned the car.
  12. Just an observation, from what I've read about eBay on this site there must be several different "eBay accounts" you can have based on your volume of listings. Mine works fine for me, without any fancy bells and whistles, list, sell, get paid, pack and mail. NOT rocket science. Bob
  13. Speed is the only change. If you had your PayPal account linked to a debit card, just get a card linked to your bank account, you will be using with eBay. List the item, sell the item, you get your money in 1-2 days in stead of hours with the PayPal system. I don't know what time of the day they decide to mail a "Payout" put it is the first thing I look for in my eBay PM's. I'm happy with the new deal. Bob
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