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  1. Just to keep the Historical Record straight the the FIRST 24 hours of Le Mans was run in 1923......................Jimmy Murphy won the 1921 French Grand Prix in a Duesenberg. Bob
  2. The Martin Wasp came with a factory installed St. Christopher medal. Bob
  3. Check early 1950's Studebaker, and you may find out it is really Left Hand steering, really. Bob
  4. Good for you, glad you moved along quickly with little investment. Bob
  5. It would be interesting to know how these diverse and totally different vehicles can be judged equally. Bob
  6. Twenty minutes from my house, I never knew about the above stated history. Von Dutch owned it at one time.
  7. Were the Chevrolet truck grilles Stainless or really good chrome?
  8. Buy a Come a Long and cut some 12 inch lengths of 4x4 to use as wheel chocks as you toll it off on a flat surface.
  9. When did AACA start the Zenith Award? Some history would be helpful, looks like a fruit salad of 25+ year old vehicles. Bob
  10. Scare tactic, thought Pebble Beach had a problem. Bob
  11. How many monthly Tesla payments cover the cost?
  12. How much of my back yard needs to be covered in solar panels to run the coffee maker and toaster? Will the cars stored under them be negatively effected? Bob
  13. How is that electrical grid deal going to work after they ban fuel oil heat in your home and garage?
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