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  1. Honestly, those are exact quotes. Our actual final prices for crash repair work usually run about 100% more than the appraiser's evaluation due to scarcity of parts and hidden damage. Happily the insurance companies have never seriously questioned our repair bills. They are generally just happy to settle the claim and move on. We are a Hagerty approved shop but have worked with various other insurance companies on the handful of crash repairs we have done.
  2. Bear in mind regardless of which insurance you have the appraiser who shows up to value your damage will likely have zero or very little experience with antique vehicles. All Insurance companies farm out their inspection and appraisal work to which ever appraiser is in the area of the vehicle. We have done quite a few insurance repairs and not once has the appraiser had any useful knowledge about antique cars. On the bright side we have never had any problems with insurance companies once we educate the appraiser to the facts. Appraiser "well, can't you just buy a new bumper for that '29 Pierce. No reason we should pay to repair and replate this badly damaged one". Different appraiser "What would a new front fender for this '32 Packard cost?" "Have you tried calling a junk yard ?"
  3. Some folks might be waiting to see if they get their Senior at Charlotte before registering for the GN. Might jinx the car to register before actually getting the Senior.
  4. Anyone wanting to give away any decent condition pre-war cars because they will be worthless in the near future can contact me. I'll take them.
  5. Carbide chips go in the lower container. The upper container drips water onto the carbide, generating acetylene. The water only needs to drip. Be careful, acetylene is unstable and is powerful. Make sure your headlight doors are open before you start generating gas and light them quickly. In effect you want to produce gas only as needed. You do not want to be storing it.
  6. I don't know. I guess I just have a different perspective on the hobby/business. Lots of antique cars are coming on the market but I have yet to see anyone giving significant cars away. Most eventually find new owners, perhaps at reduced prices. The folks who buy these cars presumably did not buy them to destroy them. Unless they intend to just squirrel away these cars they will eventually need service and/or restoration. I will say this again as I have in the past. Our customer base has gotten younger over the last few years with folks in their 40's and 50's committing to full restorations, usually of vehicles where there is no hope of ever recouping their costs. I think there might be a flowering of the hobby as more cars come on the market at more affordable prices. In any case, we're here for the long haul and hopefully there will be work for my 35 year old Son, the current owner of the biz, well into the future. At the moment we are up to our ears in restoration work.
  7. I have been very worried about Lebaron Bonney for several years. Fewer products in stock. I assumed the end might be near a few weeks ago when I tried to order door cardboard and was told they no longer stock it.
  8. Dave Entler is fully retired and is not doing any wood work. He claims he burned all his patterns in his wood stove.
  9. We just sent a similar multi disc clutch from an ALF to Fort Wayne Clutch for relining.
  10. Restorer32

    Model A

    We are south of York, PA about 45 miles SW of Hershey. I'll try to find some pics.
  11. Same shop we recommended to rebuild your starter and generator. They also reline brakes. By the way, your engine will soon be finished. Going out for align boring of the main bearings this week. Those bearings were a challenge.
  12. Restorer32

    Model A

    How about a '30 Two door Sedan ? Running, almost totally original never messed with. Clear PA title. Asking $6500.