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  1. Actually my most memorable ride was in 1967 in the back of a 1966 Cadillac Ambulance at speed with lights and siren.
  2. She's being delivered by rollback this morning. 100 miles from DC. We paid too much for our aluminum trailer to see it crushed like an old beer can.
  3. We delivered an ALF Speedster to a client yesterday. We know it weighs 6000 lbs. He wanted us to take his '24 Pumper/Hose truck back to the shop for some mechanical work. Glad we didn't winch it onto our virtually new all aluminum closed trailer. We could have pulled it with our Ram Diesel Dually but I'm afraid the trailer might have objected. Our guess on the weight was 10-12k.
  4. Thanks! Exactly the info I was looking for
  5. Trying to find the approximate weight of a '23 6 cylinder pumper. Any ideas?
  6. Brings back memories. The second car we restored professionally in 1979 was a '31 Chev 4 door. Color was Cigarette Cream with Cellini Green wheels, both original colors. Turned out the Cellini Green was the same as the green used on '68 Volkswagens.
  7. Excruciatingly expensive and difficult to restore. We have had 5 of them in the shop for one reason or another and not anxious to see another. Beautiful cars but electrical nightmares.
  8. My wife has often been criticized for seeing possibilities in ME.
  9. I had a Craftsman radial arm saw. Burned out the motor 3 times and 3 times they gave me a new motor, no questions asked. Of course this was in the 1980"s.
  10. I actually met Buckminster Fuller at the University of Pa in 1973 or so. He was a guest speaker.
  11. Then it would be shown in the appropriate "Production" class.
  12. Wish we could find one or two 26 year olds with the talent and desire to restore cars who wanted a job.
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