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  1. We had a 150S Roadster that we sold in 1976 for $3500. Wish we had kept it.
  2. I drove a 140 DHC as my daily and only driver for over a year in the 1960's. They are a young person's car. The 120 even more so. No foot room, cramped cockpit, difficult to get into or out of and they are dump trucks to drive until you get up a little speed then they are awesome. Only car I can say I ever drove over 100 mph.
  3. Late customer of ours was not allowed to put the car he was driving on the show field at one of the early Hershey meets because it was "too new". Did I mention he was driving a '36 Auburn Speedster? Some time in the early 1980's we were asked by the Hershey region to remove a sign from our flea market stand advertising '64 XKE parts because they were too new. Time marches on.
  4. Never mix brands. It can only lead to heart break.
  5. So the 17 illegals in the car can breathe ?
  6. We have used Red Kote for years with never a problem.
  7. Check your timing. Ever slightly too much retard will cause over heating.
  8. Reminds me of an elementary school joke. How do you make a Venetian Blind? Poke him in the eye.
  9. Like most resto shops we get random calls from folks needing to sell an old car. Yesterday we had a call from a fellow needing to sell a '36 Nash Lafayette 2 door sedan. It was his Dad;s restoration project and is disassembled but supposedly all there and in good shape. He has a very realistic idea of its low value and needs it gone. Anyone interested PM me for phone #. Car is in Northern PA and has a good title.
  10. I believe the '10 Touring was the only "real" Pullman in the auction. The others were scratch built from Pullman chassis'. All the Pullman oil items, while interesting, actually have nothing to do with the Pullman Automobile Company. I am curious as to how high the '10 was bid. We restored an '08 and a '10 Pullman. They were sold at auction within the last 2-3 years and brought good money. I'm surprised this '10 did not sell.
  11. Do you want a check or will you bill us? I was betting you would respond. Ours is missing the drive gear.
  12. Ours is missing parts. We need a rebuildable pump.
  13. Any particular car ?
  14. We need a rebuilt or rebuildable unit. Ours is missing parts.