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  1. I can't wait for Duesenbergs to get cheap. I've always wanted one.
  2. The collapse of prices should thrill those who constantly chant that "money is ruining the hobby".
  3. Was saddened not to see Mr Singe in his space in the Red Field for his 66th Hershey. Anyone know? Is he well?
  4. Reporting live from the world's largest golf cart and handicapped scooter exposition, flea market and antique car show. Warm. Cloudless skies and a slight breeze. More of the same expected for tomorrow.
  5. Well we're here! Cloudy but the sun is starting to peek thru. Hershey # 52. Can't wait for tomorrow.
  6. Local Hershey forecast is looking better and better. Chance of a shower tomorrow then partly cloudy with slight chance of a shower thru Saturday.
  7. And you pick up your packet that you pre-registered for on your way onto the show field.
  8. Type D 12879. Application? Asking for a friend. I have not seen this unit.
  9. Sure, we are at RWO 8-17. Be nice to see you.
  10. Dad sold thousands and thousands of recaps especially winter tires. I even ran Dad's recaps on my Jag (they were free).
  11. Back in the 1960s when Dad was running his tire shop recaps were very popular. About 1 out of 100 or so tires he recapped would develop these bubbles, usually 1 or 2. We called them "Maypops". Dad would take an icepick and let the air out then sell them as farm trailer tires. Certainly not safe to drive on.
  12. We have a '31 Cadillac V-16 Limo in the shop now. It has 9900 miles on it and still has the original tires under the sidemount covers. Surprisingly they are double whitewalls. Unusual I would think for such a formal car in 1931.
  13. Type D S&L # 12879. Any idea what it fits?