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  1. Apologies for the double post. Tried editing but it didn't work, likely due to ignorance on my part.
  2. No, we did that ourselves. To be fair it is fairly simple. The Sharps upholstered a '21 Ghost we did a lot of work on and the work was as close to perfect as I've seen. The Ghost we did was the center piece at the unveiling of the new Rolls Royce models at the Four Seasons in NY in about 1966 or so. Prince Philip was the MC and sat in the car. Dick Prizer, the owner, sat in the car with the Prince and said "He's just a regular guy". No, we did that ourselves but to be fair that was fairly simple upholstery. The Sharps upholstered a '21 RR Ghost Touring we did and the work was as close
  3. I would have to take my shoes off to count all the '32-'34 Packard Coupe Roadsters that I know started life as Coupes. To be fair, if you found a '32-'34 Packard Coupe body skin with the roof removed and the data plate missing it is virtually impossible to tell if that skin was from a coupe or a Coupe Roadster. Would you restore it as a coupe or as a Coupe Roadster?
  4. The entire chassis is intact and has never been taken apart. It ran when it came here about 15 years ago. Clear title. Some rust in rockers but all in all a very solid chassis. All the wood is disassembled and piled on the chassis in my small garage. We reproduced a complete set of wood for another car using our wood as patterns. We intended to make 2 sets, one for our customer's car and one for mine but other projects intervened after we had maybe 1/4-1/2 of the second set of wood. None of the original wood is useable except as patterns but a good bit of it has already been made. To di
  5. Only those who have been in this hobby since the 1960's truly know how many cars have been rebodied or turned into convertibles. Many more than most think.
  6. No discussion of exquisite but expensive upholstery would be complete without mentioning the Sharp brothers of Elyria, Ohio.
  7. Lief was going to do a 1932 Packard Coupe for us until our client realized what it would cost. As Trimacar says if you want perfection you have to pay for perfection. By the hour he was likely no more expensive than most good upholsterers. He just took as much time as needed to achieve perfection.
  8. Is/was he from the Philly area before moving South?
  9. Diesel trucks now use a urea derivative to somehow reduce emissions. The kid was before his time!
  10. New price. Now asking $12500 OBO. Great and profitable project for a talented wood worker. I have done the wood for 2 woodies and would do this one but my age has caught up with me.
  11. I would test this theory but I'm busy getting all my stored batteries off concrete. After which I need to break off every other fin on my water pumps so they don't move coolant too fast.
  12. Regardless, it rocks! It's a three on the tree limb I believe. And overdrive is a rope wrapped around Fred's...uh...never mind.
  13. Also where the name FIRE STONE originated. The original tubeless tire.
  14. This car eventually evolved into the FLINT. They dropped the "stone" so as not to confuse folks. I believe the car shown is the AbbaDabbaDu model.
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