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  1. Does my '55 Jag qualify as a barn find ? I did indeed pull it out of a barn but I was actually the one who drove it into the barn about 30 years earlier.
  2. In 42 years of rewooding cars, everything from a 1910 Schatt to a 1949 Bentley, we have always used ash. If you want a glass like finish on exterior wood, apply 3 Coats of West System epoxy, carefully sanded between coats. We recently did a 1949 Olds woodie and did the final finish using automotive clear tinted to mimic varnish. Came put beautifully
  3. Guy came into Dad's tire shop in 1968 or so complaining of an out of balance tire on the rear of his Caddy. After trying unsuccessfully to balance the tire I dismounted it and found a 14" crescent wrench between the tube and tire.
  4. I have waited 30 years for All Creatures to return to TV. While I was initially a bit disappointed that the current offering is a remake I thought the installment I saw was well done and maintained the atmosphere of the original.
  5. Some Marmons have 2 vents. We rewooded a '28 that we referred to as a "Dual Cowl Vent Phaeton".
  6. How common were brass radiator scripts on early brass cars? I mean the large cutout scripts that were fastened to the radiator core and proclaimed the make of car. I know they were commonly available repro in the 1960s, still are I believe, but how common were they back in the day?
  7. I am an elected Councilman here in a small town in PA. Every year we receive "Liquid Fuels Tax Money" from the state to use to plow or otherwise maintain our streets. We have less than 5 miles of streets and roads in our small down and we receive about $38k each year.
  8. What about road use taxes? Road construction, repair and maintenance is now funded by taxes on every gallon of gasoline you buy. How will this tax be calculated and collected on EVs?
  9. Amazing technology and I'm sure it has a place but I would like someone to come on here and give us the actual cost to have a one off piece made. Not "My nephew does CAD so he did it as a fun project for free" and not a "guesstimate" but the actual cost if one had to pay professionals the full cost from scanning to a useable part. Then we would have something to actually compare.
  10. Why not just use the original pieces as foundry patterns? Shrink would be negligible on such a small part. We do things like this regularly with no problems. Those 2 pieces in silicon bronze might cost less than $15 each. A bit of machining and you're done. For a bit more money, but still less than the cost of having them 3-D printed, they could be lost wax cast, which would require little if any machining. Just being the Devil's advocate here. As the president of one of the largest 3-D printing firms said, 3-D printing is primarily useful in making parts that cannot be made in any other
  11. My question is why would a "rust free 20,000 mile barn find" car have been repainted ?
  12. We use Librandi in Harrisburg, PA pretty much exclusively though we have used Paul's in the past and had excellent results.
  13. We had an employee who graduated from McPherson. He seemed to have a good grasp of the basics. He left to live and work closer to home as his wife demanded. We also recently had a Penn Tech graduate. Nice kid but not well trained, even in the basics, unfortunately. I would suggest you get a job in a resto shop, sweeping floors if necessary. You will learn more there in 6 months than you would at a tech school. My belief is that mechanical ability, as with musical ability and art ability, is something you are either born with or you're not. Can you look at a mechanical system and quickly
  14. I sold Packard parts to someone posing as Fran's Son who told me he now owned the shop. This was maybe 3-5 years ago. Hoax?
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