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  1. Restorer32

    Base Coat / Clear Coat

    At least twice I have overheard Dad's telling their Sons "Now that's what a good lacquer paint job looks like" when I knew for certain that they were looking at a base/clear job. Virtually all those folks who say they can tell what kind of paint is on a car just by looking at it can't really. The degree of shine is more a function of the wet sanding and buffing out process than it is of the type paint used.
  2. Restorer32

    Trying to identify Schebler carb

    Harold Sharon was an amazing man. Enjoyed his Do it Yourself seminars at the annual meetings for a number of years.
  3. Restorer32

    Aluminum Trim with Insert

    TACO MARINE unless you want endless recipes for tacos.
  4. Restorer32

    Aluminum Trim with Insert

    Chris, check with TACO, sellers of boat moldings. Also check with EAGLE EXTRUSIONS.
  5. Restorer32

    Field Find, what is it?

    For comparison I have an all original, rust free, driveable and road worthy '29 Tudor I would be happy to get $6500 for. I think $500-$750 would be a fair price. You can spend a lot of money restoring an A, $10 at a time.
  6. Restorer32

    New trimmer in the works

    My Mother managed sewing factories and made samples for 35 years and in that time she sewed her finger 5 times. My Grandmother was totally blind yet sewed all her own clothes and blankets etc. She never sewed her finger.
  7. Restorer32

    Trying to identify Schebler carb

    Seeing as how we are hoping to use this on a 1 cylinder 3 litre engine with a bore of 5 1/8" and a stroke of 10" I doubt it would idle smoothly no matter what carb was used.
  8. At first I thought the fire was part of the act but quickly realized it wasn't.
  9. Latest Patent date is 1907. This is a big heavy bronze carb. Only marking is LX334 stamped (rather than cast) into the air inlet bowl. Where is CarbKing when we need him? Not for sale. Hoping to use it on a very obscure car if appropriate. Patent dating is perfect.
  10. Restorer32

    What's Going On in Macungie?

    Yep, truck show.
  11. Restorer32

    New trimmer in the works

    We just bought an older double needle machine and it has the servo motor which allows the speed to be controlled from very, very slow, to quick but not uncontrollable.
  12. Regardless who you use for cast pistons the ultimate source is likely the same. We needed pistons for a '27 Kissel. Egge could not supply them, saying they had had a fire and their pattern for our particular size piston was destroyed. We then called one of the other suppliers of pistons and got the same story. They had had a fire. Called yet a third supplier and you guessed it, they had a fire. We finally had to buy a very expensive set of forged pistons, way overkill for the low compression Kissel engine.
  13. Yea, I just noticed the Packard emblem on the steering wheel.
  14. Restorer32

    1929 Ford Model A

    Not a whole lot of actual Model A there.
  15. Here's a joke told to me by an Amish man. "What would the Amish man do if he won a million dollars in the lottery?" Answer... "He would keep farming 'til that was gone".