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  1. My 94 year old Aunt lives in a nursing home in Lancaster, PA. 20 of her fellow residents have died from the virus. She dodged a bullet. She had the virus but survived. She's tough and lucky. She also recovered from polio in the 1940's. Hope I have some of her genes.
  2. Extremely unlikely that anyone makes a kit for your car . You will need to send the car to a specialist or do it yourself. We have rewooded maybe 35 cars over the years but never a '29 Chrysler Roadster. Your wood needs to be accurate within 3/16" if you want the doors to close properly. Where are you located?
  3. We have patterns for phaeton irons and bows from '30 thru '34. I would need to research whether '29 is the same. We have made maybe 30 sets of these over the years in polished stainless.
  4. I thought Preparation H could only be used on rear ends?
  5. Maybe it was one of those Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles practicing his Ninja skills.
  6. Person stopped in the shop this morning and gave us a tip. She said she waxes her car with Vicks Vapo Rub. It keeps the bees away and helps with her asthma. She then proceeded to make enough irrational statements that we thought it prudent to call our local police just in case she was a missing person, maybe from a long term care facility. She eventually drove off but we did get her name and plate number. Anyone ever use Vicks to wax a car?
  7. We can make you top irons in stainless as well as bows steam bent as original if needed.
  8. Exactly what we have done more than once. Weld up the worn teeth and file them back into shape.
  9. Martin Parry was located in York, PA. The building still stands and has been turned into low income housing I believe. Just passed it Yesterday.
  10. Don't you have anything fancier? We restored and showed a 1958 Cadillac Eureka Flower Car. It was in terrible shape but you could see where Eureka cut the original rocker panels with a torch and installed new longer panels as part of their build.
  11. I was crossing the Hudson on the Tappenzee bridge. A barge was passing under the bridge below me. It was struck by a massive bolt of lightning that looked like it was about 6 inches in diameter. Only time I actually witnessed a strike.