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  1. Restorer32

    Terne metal

    We are looking to make a set of spring gaiters for a 1932 Packard. They were originally made from Terne metal ASTM 308, which is a lead/tin coated steel. Anyone know of a source for this steel? Our local steel provider can't find it. We have used it in years past but no luck this time.
  2. If you find 2 guys who need it the value could be considerable. Rare piece.
  3. I still kick myself in the arse for selling the all original and extremely solid '34 90 series Club Sedan I had years ago. But heh I needed money and the 6 grand I got for it made life a bit easier for awhile.
  4. Hmmmm...I grew up in Dad's recapping shop. Maybe there is a market for recapping vintage tires....
  5. We are about to begin restoration of a 1923 Milburn Electric. Electric made sense 100 years ago, maybe it will again. I am surprised to see how many electrics actually use the 5 Tesla charging stations recently installed at a local convenience store.
  6. Yesterday I was told by a veteran Mecum auction seller who was there that it was not a real sale but who knows really. I did not see the sale but did the TV cameras pan to the happy buyer like they often do?
  7. I have never seen a brush painted vehicle where you could not tell it was brush (or roller) painted. Brush painting is appropriate in some circumstances but don't expect it to compete cosmetically with sprayed paint. Also, having painted a 26 ft boat I do not believe there is any difference between good quality automotive paint and marine paint. Different marketing, yes.
  8. I know where there is a "restored" 1931 Cadillac tow/service truck that is for sale privately. No pics at this time but if anyone is interested I could ask the owner for pics and more info. As I remember it had a professional looking body with the chrome rails.
  9. I have already exceeded my yearly quota of watching Chevelle and Camaro restomods cross the block.
  10. I find it amusing that folks can on the one hand extol the beauty and value of patina while doing their best to stop the process that created that patina. Patina doesn't "get worse". The process of slow but inevitable decay that we call "patina" if and when it pleases us just continues. "Patina" sounds better than "rust" or "decay" but don't pretend it is anything but. Just like "barn find" the concept of "patina" makes it easier to sell cars with obvious deterioration than using words like "surface rust" or "paint failure". Yes there are many cars that should be preserved in their "as found" condition but they are only representative of a particular point in time and represent what conditions they were stored under rather better than their original factory condition.
  11. There is a Spohn bodied car tucked away in a building about 25 miles from our shop. Guy has maybe 200 cars jammed cheek by jowl in several buildings. Never sells anything, never seems to work on any of his cars. I could not get close enough to the Spohn to determine what it actually was but it obviously was a Spohn.
  12. Snyders does beautiful work with springs. Expensive but beautiful. They have made maybe a dozen Packard springs for us using our originals as patterns.
  13. A local dentist back in the 1980's had a 1931 Packard Coupe that had been converted into a convertible. He knew it was converted when he bought it but slowly convinced himself it was real. He located the elderly daughter of the original owner of the coupe and after seeing pics of the now convertible with a little prompting she told him stories of pleasant sunny afternoons riding with the top down. A local newspaper even published a photo of the elderly lady along with her tales. Documentation is easy to manufacture when necessary.
  14. Very true Ed. I voiced the same to my Son before he took over the business. Happily he does have the passion, having grown up in the hobby/business.
  15. Bill Hirsch was a hobbyist as well as a business man and I wonder with his passing if the company still has that passion. Lots easier ways to make a living than catering to the antique car hobby crowd.