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  1. My Buick isn’t presentable so I’ll have to use the F-1.
  2. Would you mind describing your break in procedure? I realize that’s as bad as showing up in a firearms forum and asking AR or AK, but with any luck I’m a month away from breaking in a 57 364 and I’ll take all the experienced advice I can get.
  3. Well no luck today. Closest was what they claimed was a 1927 Graham. Lots of interesting bits and pieces.
  4. There’s one close by to me but anything that old has been picked over pretty thoroughly, mostly just rusty old bones. I’ll be out there tomorrow if you’d like to check for something. A1 Johnson Auto Wrecking in Billings MT
  5. Angelfish


  6. I know they don’t fit a 1957 Buick Special, since that’s what they came with. Also curious about the square piece.
  7. That’s funny, scraping the old grease off old parts is one of my favorite things. It’s like sculpting for the untalented; just scape with a putty knife and before long a beautiful old engine emerges.
  8. 1997: 2019, setting up for my niece's homecoming parade: