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  1. For those you might be interested there is an inexpensive way to acquire a copy of Solidworks. The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) has a deal with Dassault and EAA members can get a copy of the software for the price of membership. I think the membership is about $40.00 year. This is a full featured copy of Solidworks and the only restriction is that it for personal use only. Plus you get a neat magazine several times a year. I spent a lot of years in the aerospace industry and have an extensive background in 3D modeling and have used solid modeling a great deal i
  2. The tire size on the roadsters was increased to 40 x 4 (32 inches) in 1909. The scanned photo is of a 1910 roadster and it also featured a 40 x 4 tire. The closest modern equivalent tire is 41 x 4-1/2 (32 inches). The modern tires have a significantly larger cross section. The 09 and 10 Travelers originally used a 40 x 4 tire. The 09 and 10 Deemer Travelers currently have 41 x 4-1/2 tires on them. In his article about the restoration of the Deemer Travelers Seely talks of the challenges of getting tires for the cars. Apparently at the time the only 32 inch tire molds in exis
  3. The 1908 American Tourist that has a conventional chassis has a higher motor number than the three 50 hp roadsters. The 1910 American sales brochure still listed the conventional chassis cars for sale. The 1907 roadster is one of the 50 hp cars. Per Seely F. C. Deemer purchased four American Underslungs: 1907 Roadster - Red Honeymoon car that burned in a barn fire 1908 Roadster - Green Honeymoon replacement car 1909 Traveler 1910 Traveler All four cars Deemer purchased were 50 hp Americans. And to me it is interesting that American was buildi
  4. Guys, Sorry I am late to today's conversation. I have been off at the Skonk Works machining shock absorber brackets for my American. Y'all have pretty much got the story of the Deemer roadsters correct. The first car (red) burned on Deemer's honeymoon and he bought a similar car (green) to replace it. And just to clarify there are three American 50 hp roadsters the still exist. No 30 hp roadsters (Type 32) are known to exist. The American Underslung Scouts were all roadsters and seven still exits according to my notes. One six cylinder roadster exists (Type 642).
  5. Thanks AJ. That is a better scan of that photo of the existing 1908 Roadster. The photo below is mine and was taken at the Amelia Island Concours in 2014. That was the year they featured Underslung's. Alan
  6. Another observation on the Blood/Indy American. The tag is from Maine. I can't read the year. It is three digits so it may be pretty early. Do the early tag records from Maine still exist? It might be a clue to the original or previous owner of the car. That is also a good observation about Buck Boudeman. He was a serious collector of early race cars and may have traded the American to the museum. The car was offered to a gentleman I know prior to its acquisition by the museum and the price was higher than he was willing to pay. Of course the asking price was a fraction o
  7. Coburn Benson told me about an American Underslung that Rod Blood owned. I believe Coburn was a teenager at the time Rod Blood owned the car and he didn't remember much about it. One thing he did remember was it had electric lights. I have tried to figure out which car that it was. Thanks so much for posting the photo and providing the historical link to that car. It looks a set of tires and rims and a bit of work and it would be ready to hit the road. BTW the car is 1913 Type 54 American. It is the short chassis, four cylinder, five passenger version of the 50 hp America
  8. Another 1909 Traveler that has a problem. Alan
  9. The car in the photo with the glider is a 1909 Traveler. It is the same type of car as the one with a load of passengers in the photo in front of the Colonial theater. The 1909 Traveler had no rear doors and was more of a double roadster arrangement. The photo below also shows a 1909 American Traveler. Alan
  10. Bet you didn't know that Doble had an American connection. The photo shows Abner Doble's first steam. It was built on American chassis in 1912. The chassis is probably from a 1910 or 11 American 50 hp car. One of my other car interests is steam cars and I also own a condenser Stanley which has been campaigned on a lot of steam car tours over the years. Several years ago a friend from the steam car community restored one of the existing Doble's for the then owner. When he finished up the car he called me and some other friends and invited us to come and drive it so I got on an
  11. Good photo. I believe someone posted a side view of this car in an earlier comment on this thread. The car is a 1909 American Traveler. One of the Deemer cars that Walter Seely restored was a 1909 Traveler and it is currently in the Simone Museum. Alan
  12. A bit of early Christmas! This photo came in the mail this week. Thanks to Stanley Register for pointing out this item for sale that was included with an original 1910 American Underslung catalog. The photo is of a factory American Underslung racing car. A couple of details worth noting are the large fuel tank and the exhaust stacks protruding from the hood. The race cars had a bigger 70 hp engine and the cylinders are rotated 180 degrees to put the exhaust on the opposite side. The 50 hp engines had intake and exhaust on the right hand side. This the best photo I have seen of a factory r
  13. The spelling is wrong. His surname is Teetor of the family that produced the engines for the American Underslung. Teetor was blind from a young age but went on to the work in the family business and was later the President of Perfect Circle. After Teetor-Hartley sold their engine business they focused on the development and manufacture of piston rings. Teetor was also the inventor of the automobile cruise control. He also owned what was one of the last Americans built, a Type 666 touring. http://theexasperatedhistorian.com/the-mens-list/99-ralph-teetor/ Alan
  14. A couple of period photos of an American Underslung Tourist Type 34. This was the intermediate sized 4 cylinder car. The car is probably 1912 year model (note the gas lights). Some the early Americans with gas headlights had electric side lights.
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