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  1. Thank for the ID, That DeSoto grille is one of the nicest ever to grace an automobile. Bob
  2. I don't care what the experts say, the L29 Cord is a great looking car in any body style, 99.9% of the time is spent looking at cars, don't care about the driving time. . Bob
  3. Steve, Take a close look at the pile of parts, The engine may have seen the inside of the Springfield factory, but everything else looks like freshly fabricated parts. Not that it is the first one ever made out of a gas tank cap. Bob
  4. The post holes were on the sides of the Daniels touring hood I saw at the Bennington, Vt. meet 25 or so years ago. Car was a pale green or gray, Photos are long ago buried. Bob
  5. The L29 is still on my wish list. Dad got to drive one from NYC up here to Ridgefield around 1932 when he was 15 years old without a license. Being the chauffeurs son had its perks. Bob
  6. All the Daniels I've seen had port holes in the hoods, the one feature that stands out in my memory. Bob
  7. Is the L29 totally manual shift? Bob
  8. That was my reaction, IF it was a factory racer, and not a clone that seams to be a low entry level bike. if it was a twin someone else would own it by now. Bob
  9. Funny, nobody "Asked the Man Who Worked on One" Bob
  10. That is a great-looking Kissel, really like the green wheels. The Boyertown Daniels and the one in Vermont are the only ones I've seen. Bob
  11. Was there any PRE auction notice or website? Bob
  12. There are a few cars that can be parted out for more money than the whole car, lot of work, and in some cases a lot of unsalable left over iron. Bob
  13. I read somewhere that you have to be an electrician to restore one of these. Bob
  14. I collect early automotive related bottles & tins, they only have value to me if there is an automobile illustration on the label. I don't have anything with the Hurston's brand. Bob
  15. If you are happy that is all that counts, I just can't stand to look at adjustable spoke wheels with the powder gobbed around the adjustment nipples. Bob
  16. There is another thread about wheel restoration and it made me wonder, are there arguments between owners and restorers as to who has the best powder coater for their wire wheels, or do some of the cars still have painted wire wheels? Bob
  17. Spell check didn't catch that. Bob
  18. Turned up on the Vintage photo thread on the HAMB today. Bob
  19. First off THANK YOU! Glad the whole world hasn't gone power coat crazy, if you like the look of fake things PC is your thing, real men paint things. I made a fixture 40+ years ago out of old Model A & T parts to hold the wheel while I turned it by hand. Painting the back of the spokes first is the key to full coverage. Practice with primer, red primer works best on blasted parts, it allows you to see what is covered. Bob
  20. NOBODY has the money to afford the purchase of a Top Shelf Historic Hot Rod, much less the desire to make it stock again. Bob
  21. If you like it buy it, keep the hood closed if the BBC bothers you. Bob
  22. I keep reading bits about the cathedral's history, I don't know if the exterior looked as it did in 1330 when the construction was finished, or if that was upgraded over the years. The building was 162 years old when Columbus discovered America, wonder how many people gave that a thought. Bob