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  1. Running when parked. The pistons look to be aluminum, is that a modern upgrade? I'll always remember running with you on the way back from Dartmouth on a Brass & Gas tour. Bob
  2. Wow! With those numbers I guess the CEO will do ok with his retirement package, or will some investment advising company pick him up as an board member? Bob
  3. If you can't flair brake line what else do you cut corners on?????????????????
  4. I've always wondered what it was like to survive the Civil War and live a healthy life afterwards and witness the invention of the cross country railroad, telephone, electrical things, automobile, and airplane. Bob
  5. What a wonderful story, to go with a great looking car. Not many cars go to chosen caretakers, that must be a great friendship to have all these years. Bob
  6. Spooky, But it takes all kinds. Bob
  7. Too old to relate to that asking price, I could buy 2-3 cars in my interest range for that money. Bob
  8. Nice aftermarket body on a 1930 Ford commercial chassis. The cowl is the same as a Roadster but has a different top and no lower windshield station brackets. You can just see the cutout for the upper Roadster door hinge above the spare tire, A pillar back is all aftermarket body. Bob
  9. I set a record driving to Boston with cash and an empty van to buy a 1913 Baby Peugeot, the one designed by Bugatti. This was before computers and there was no photo in the Hemmings ad. Why the Doctor thought the Austin Seven was a Peugeot I don't know, just glad I didn't need any medical work. Bob
  10. Step one is to become a knowledgeable buyer, know more about the car than the seller, know what is right and wrong, know what areas go bad, know what parts break, buy a plane ticket and arrange a car rental. Bob
  11. Think it is an Austro Daimler, this turned up on a Google search. Bob
  12. Great find! Looked at the first photo and thought that looks like it was in Pennsylvania. Funny how some cars/trucks just have that look. Glad it will keep that as found look. Bob
  13. Women and children first...…………..
  14. Some day one of these will turn up in my garage. Bob
  15. Not anything I'd worry about, not like wiring a car and parking it inside my garage. Bob
  16. Steve, what happens to collections that the AACA Library buys, the good stuff that is added to the main collection. Is there a note on every piece to let the reader know it was once part of a great former collection and credit for saving it goes to them? Bob
  17. I just think of the three file cabinets of stuff I have, many items are related to untold/unpublished stories and histories of cars. If I don't organize it and rough out the stories it is all pre 1932 history lost. The first person stories I listened to years ago are all in my memories. Bob
  18. Just how long have you been "Sheltering at Home" ?
  19. Too new for me, a 1929 or so President Roadster or any INDY 500 car up to 1934. Bob
  20. Good luck, personally I'd consider the sources Steve mentioned above over a new unknown. I think literature is left to known libraries as a thank you for services done in the past. Bob
  21. Hope you find a side view of this car. Bob