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  1. Just think what that jerk would look like if he had done that at a Low Rider show? Bob
  2. Think it was 20 years ago when eBay really started moving things I dug up parts I had buried in a low spot in the side yard. Accurately described most things will sell if priced right. Bob
  3. I worked at several shops over the years, always liked to see the customer stop by every month or so. Perfect match was a guy that really loved his car, and who could keep up with the monthly bill. Nothing worse than rolling along and being told to stop, put the car in storage, and pick up a few months later. Picking a shop that knows Packards is a plus, you don't want to be financing some ones education. Bob
  4. I received the parts from a truck & heavy equipment parts room cleanout. They were scooped up with a bucket loader and dumped in a dump truck, them dumped in my driveway. Had no problem in selling any of it. Bob
  5. If you know what they fit they may find a home, good luck. Walked past lots of that stuff at Hershey. Bob
  6. Thanks for the info and photos! The headlights & top are two features that really make this car stand out . Bob
  7. Congratulations, we hit 41 in June, she never sets foot in the garage. Bob
  8. Thank you Vila! I called it a flyover during or right after we watched them. Bob
  9. Thought Bill Pollock had the only two. Bob
  10. "Mixed Era" would be as kind as I can get. Bob
  11. Could you please tell us how bad the "eBay Global" shipping deal is? I'm very happy selling overseas, but like doing the man to man postage, eBay doesn't need another cut on the sale. Bob
  12. You could sell the axle and wheels and buy a period correct bicycle and be on the road quicker. Bob
  13. That hose clamp was used to attach it to the steering column for easy access to the driver. Bob
  14. Any time I see a $100.00 item priced at $10.00 I grab it, fun shopping with my 7 year old grandson and passing along tips like that. Bob
  15. eBay has changed the hobby, most of the stuff I bought at Hershey got flipped with in days of listing it. Bob
  16. Clayton drove his T from Washington to the Bonneville Salt Flats. Bob https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=MrModel+T+Bonneville&&view=detail&mid=F053A749A15FDA7F04E2F053A749A15FDA7F04E2&rvsmid=DF223B2BF1E41DFF214EDF223B2BF1E41DFF214E&FORM=VDQVAP
  17. Good use of parts that would never be used in a restoration. I do question the price/value of them. Bob
  18. Wonder what the GMC tailgate staircase adds to the cost of the truck? The floor of the box is way too high, NO NEED for the 12inch clearance from top of tire to wheel well. Bob
  19. Yes that hood is unusual, it isn't a common car. Bob
  20. Funny that 100 years ago just about every guy knew how to hitch up horses to a wagon, and a car was costly. Today few people have ever ridden or driven a horse & carriage. I think I could figure out how to ride a horse a lot faster that using an !Phone. Bob
  21. While we are on the topic of radios why are the clearest stations NOT in English? Bob
  22. Do you share a car or truck with a wife, girlfriend or coworker? I can understand a height difference but the bolt upright deal just drives me nuts as I adjust things to fit my form of comfort. Bob
  23. When was the last car built with a ON OFF knob for the radio and another knob you turned to find a station you wanted? Even if I had the money, there is no desire to own a new vehicle. Bob
  24. Thank you Hershey Region and everyone in AACA that made Hershey 2019 such a great time. This was 50 in a row for me, they all sort of blend in, but some events stand out and you can put a year on it. For me the four airplanes doing fly overs with smoke trails was the highlight of 2019. Who are these guys, we want them back in 2020. Bob