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  1. John, I hope the book is progressing, sure enjoyed the visit. I remember seeing the photos of the Cunningham Duesenberg when Gus did the first repaint, also saw it sell at Pebble Beach for record money. Bob
  2. We will never know if the Von Dutch "Flying Eyeball" was inspired by the Citroen Winged Lemon. Bob
  3. DO NOT post a color photo of that if you have one. Bob
  4. Hope you got to see the special display at the Mullin Collection, best overall display I'd ever seen. Bob
  5. 70 is just months away and I'll die without ever understanding how to wire a car, and there isn't a living human that can explain how to do it. Rebuilding and finishing body panels is pure joy, a Second place Ferrari at Pebble Beach was my best yet. Bob
  6. If they turn out being affordable I'll take a set. Bob
  7. The New York to Paris Thomas on the show field Pebble Beach 2019
  8. Ed, Just an observation, but ever since I looked inside the first J interior in the early 1960's the first thing I noticed were the parking brake lever and shift lever. Do you really need all that leverage. Knuckles ever smash into the dash? Bob
  9. I'll always wonder what the two J's looked like that survived WWII storage at Branchville Motors, Jim Hoe bought the pair for $750.00
  10. B-400's went for $99,000. and $118,000. Great coverage with photos on the HAMB. Bob
  11. ^^^^^^ Wonder if the J is still with us, what coachwork is on it? Bob
  12. Looks like there are a lot of happy buyers, some 32's brought good money. Bob
  13. I've been following the Model B story , but never know which one is which, can you give each one a name or number? Bob
  14. 70 is just around the corner, it might be fun to have a big pile of money to cover finishing EVERY project I've started in my lifetime. That would keep a lot of people gainfully employed. I've had my eye on a piece of property for my dream garage/barn to house things in, so there is another gang of craftsmen employed for a year or so. Bob
  15. THANK YOU! It would be nice to confirm the provenance of the Renault, I think it is the former Jimmy Melton car that he bought from someone here in Ridgefield in 1943. I recognize some of the MILLER race cars in the above photos. So nice to know Mr. Price has a desire to own some of the finest cars out there. Bob
  16. Wayne, Some museum in Utah has the MILLER convertible, and one of the 1907 Renault G. P. cars, if I win the Lottery tonight it would be nice to know. I'll let you drive both of them if things work out. Bob
  17. Have you mixed up Bill Smiths collection in Lincoln, Nebraska with a smaller collection in Utah? Bob https://www.museumofamericanspeed.com/
  18. Could be a Zoning deal, that may be a two story garage with a central lift designed to fit into the neighborhood. There is a concealed car barn under construction here in town that will look like a house from the outside with room for 25+ cars. Bob
  19. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ Somebody really knew how to install a top!
  20. I've found that once someone posts petty unrelated stuff to the cars they are clueless about I just BLOCK all future posts from them. Life is short, don't let them bother you. Bob
  21. I check the GENREAL FORUM several times a day, actually have friends there and enjoy the topics discussed. I have a 1911 Hupmobile project, check in once or twice A MONTH on the Hupmobile Forum .......................Ghost Town.
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