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  1. I'd have remembered the color on the Thunderbolt when I was there, so would Stevie Wonder, Mr. Stern had a different one I believe. Bob
  2. TWELVE YEAR OLD thread... still enjoy the HAMB, everything I enjoy in the hobby is there, and NO POST 1965 stuff
  3. Just got a note from an eBay member that asked about combining postage on three items that will fit in the same box, sure no problem. Newest note asked when he should pay? Hope this isn't the first of eBay Managed Payments........... Bob
  4. Crochet, that is what they call it. Had to type in crochet table cloth, there are pages of crochet swim suits & tops. Bob
  5. I don't think that interior feature is cane work, looks like something Aunt Helen would stitch up, I'll try to find the name for it. Bob
  6. Twenty two years ago eBay made you feel like you were a welcomed member of a club, now they just add unwanted features and accounting bells & whistles. Try doing "eBay Math", there total of your sales vs. reality. Seller Rating is some system nobody there can explain every sale is valued the same and effects your rating. That $7.00 LP record the buyer found fault with and got a FULL refund on is no different than a $40,000. automobile sale. I don't view things that way. Only show in town, wonder if I'll ever collect on sales with the new payment system somebodies kid in need of something to do setup. Bob
  7. Auction or Fixed Price with the Accept Offer option, that is a hard call, most of my stuff is listed at Fixed with the Offer option, rarely is an offer refused these days. I'll list things at an an auction if I've found that others sold for way more than I thought the item was worth, I'm all out of oil cans now. I wonder if the listing fees differ on the two? Start out with 25-50 dollar items that are easy to mail, build up your feedback rating, and future bidder confidence. Bob
  8. As luck would have it mine doesn't have 14. Bob
  9. So, are were sure the original photo I posted is an AJAX? The top does look nice and tight, wonder if it is a fixed "California" top? Bob
  10. Same here it was an Allard sales brochure with a Ford V8 with ARDUN heads, nice piece. Bob
  11. Two AJAX photo from Google, also read the company history interesting about the badge switch at the end. Bob
  12. 99.9% of eBay buyers are fine, don't let the .1% IDIOT FACTOR bother you. You have the option as a seller to choose the time it will take to mail or ship something. If you relist something for over a year there is a chance it got misplaced in 12 months. Let the buyer know if you can't find it in 2 to 3 days of searching, I don't need the $5.00 that badly and a FULL Refund is in order, not that it prevents them posting a negative feedback because they were "Upset"( that really happened!). FAR more good stories than bad, but the IDIOTS make a lasting memory. Bob
  13. Did a Google search and came up with these photos, 99.9% sure they are the Paul Stern car. We stopped to see the collection on a Sunday after Hershey in the early 1970's. Bill Oexle was a good friend of Mr. Stern and would restore 4 Chryslers for him here in Ridgefield. I spent time on all of them when I worked there part time, all his restorations won Hershey. The cainwork on this car was done by John Kurtzman, a local sign writer and pin striper. The cainwook is not done with a brush, a cake decorating like tube applied the paint so it is a lot thicker than pinstripes. John would later go on to caine several cars in the Neathercutt collection. Bob
  14. Good luck, it isn't 2005, and Meg Whitman sadly isn't the CEO of eBay. They just finished dumping PayPal for some eBay Managed Payment deal. Find 6 items you plan to list. Do a SOLD search of similar items so you know what they bring. FREE postage works well for me, so do Flat Rate boxes from the Post Office. You will misjudge on shipping costs once in a while, I eat the loss rather than argue with buyers. The goal should be to get rid of the stuff, if you make a buck that is OK too. Bob
  15. The 1910 STEARNS that was once in the Bill Harrah collection. Bob
  16. Can you ID this car? Four lugs is an odd feature on a mid 1920's car. Thanks! Bob
  17. If they made a 3/8 - 14 I'd agree. Bob
  18. When you find time, look at your spring U Bolts. Guess all of mine were a bit longer than needed and they were trimmed with a bolt cutter once the nuts were tightened. This buggered the nuts when they were removed. Odd 3/8 x 14 on the back ones, have to order the tap and die to chase the threads. Bob
  19. I got hooked on this car at 10 years of age, Quality, Good Looks, Workmanship are timeless. No need to the cheap shot to the owners of these fine pieces of timeless art. Bob
  20. YES! I took it, the very first car photo using a Brownie camera I got with Triple S Blue stamps. Bob
  21. Wonder if it is the same one I took this photo of in 1961 at the First Ridgefield Meet. The first "Old Car" photo I ever took at age 10. Bob
  22. Rob, I just sent you a PM, look forward to getting a copy of your Kulick research. Bob
  23. MILLER Dynasty by Mark Dees pages 323 & 324
  24. Running when parked. The pistons look to be aluminum, is that a modern upgrade? I'll always remember running with you on the way back from Dartmouth on a Brass & Gas tour. Bob