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  1. Hello, Just to cover all bases I would take the generator to a shop to see what it's output is. My local shop does it for free.The more information you have will help in solving your problem.
  2. Hello, I have some early Chrysler spares. Send me your transmission case number if you need parts.
  3. Hello , Plymouth in 38 changed their headlight mounting brackets mid year. The new bracket lowered the headlight 2" and moved them rearward 2". If you look at several 38's you can see both styles. I also have a 38 factory radio set up I will be putting up for sale shortly.
  4. Hello, Here is my 2 cents worth of knowledge. Then and Now Automotive in MA can bond new linings to your old shoes. I have always been happy with there results.
  5. Hello, Please note I am not a expert on Mustang parts. Up for sale is what I bought many years ago. I have been told they are 68 Mustang. The heater has pipes for the AC. There are a lot of small pieces and ducts and controls. The seller told me he stripped a wrecked car. They are heavy. All for $100. Don in central Ohio 740-816-4284
  6. Hello, Over the years I have acquired several 28 Plymouth parts cars and have many parts. Remember the Q engine was from the Maxwell family. Good Luck
  7. Hello, I believe the shaft the knob goes on is hollow and on the back side a bulb comes on with bright beams which sends light down the hollow tube to light up the knob so you know the bright lights are on.
  8. I believe this horn ring to be a factory option for a 1938 Plymouth. I bought it many years ago at Hershey. It is in excellent condition. It is # 681498 . $150. Don in central Ohio , 740-816-4284
  9. I removed these bumpers from a 1938 Plymouth 4 dr parts car many years ago The front bumper is very straight and the irons are not bent. $300. The rear bumper is also very straight but have no mounting irons. $200. Both bumpers will need to be re-chromed. They might fit a 37. Don in central Ohio 740-816-4284
  10. Hello, I at one time was looking for this transmission. I believe the 32 Dodge 6 & 8 used the same transmission with the exception of the speedometer drive gear. Good Luck in your search.
  11. Hello, Do you know Les Pesavento from Mich who has a good collection of 29/30 De Soto parts/ 586-945-5105.
  12. It looks like the set in my 1928 Plymouth, I would suspect it was used across the Chrysler/De Soto/ Plymouth line.
  13. Hello again, If you look at a 33 Plymouth water pump it has a one piece body with no outlet or threaded mating surface for the water pump by pass neck which came in 34.
  14. Hello, Please note that a 33 Plymouth did not have a by pass. It was added in 34.
  15. Look at 35-36 Plymouth wheels and see if they match.