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  1. Hello, Can anyone tell me what size drive chain was used on the Locomobile Vanderbuilt racers such as Locomobile Old 16 which is in the Henry Ford museum . Also would you know the number of teeth on the drive/driven sprockets, Did they use a standard Locomobile rear hub and would you have any information about the hubs. I am starting to build a Vanderbuilt era racer using as many period parts as I can find. Life is Good. Don Feeney in Ohio 740-816-4284
  2. Hello again, I found a guy in Indiana that has 4 finished 25" wheels,spoke wood wheels and tires. He has these on a 1910 Maxwell. He said they are Cadillac wheels. He has 26 Stanweld 'wire wheels ordered and they should be finished in about 2 months. At that time his 25" wheels will be for sale. He is asking $1500. i have heard that the next spring Chickasha meet will be the last. yours Don
  3. Hello George, I am looking for 4 Kelsey wood wheels for my new project using a 1914 Cadillac chassis. I would like to end up with 24 or 25 inch wheels. Can you help or point me to a source? thanking you, Don Feeney in Ohio 740-816-4284
  4. Hello, I am looking to install 4 25 inch Kelsey wood wheels on my Cadillac chassis and need all the parts. Can you help? thanks, Don in Ohio 740-816-4284
  5. Hello, I am looking for all the parts to install 4 25 " wood wheels on my 1914 Cadillac chassis. This is not the stock wheel. Can you help? thanks, Don in Ohio 740-816-4284
  6. Hello, I am looking for a pair of front springs for a 1914 Cadillac. Also 4 25" Cadillac wood spoke wheel/tire assembly's . Can you help? thanks, Don
  7. Hello, I have a set of 6 20" Chrysler/Plymouth wire wheels for this car with lock rings for sale $600 U.S. Dollars I also have a Q touring, thanks, Don in Ohio USA
  8. Hello again, I should have mentioned the 32 restoration was outstanding, It was done in a one man shop, yours , Don
  9. Hello Bill, The flat washers were used on the outside of the disc pack under the bolt heads.
  10. These washers are used in the early Chrysler products fiber disc universal joints, A large number were needed ,maybe as many as 30. For example the 1928/29 Plymouth used 5 disc. Two disc were used on the transmission end of the driveshaft and 3 disc were used on the rear of the driveshaft. Each disc had 6 holes and they were stacked together. The washers were used on each hole between the disc and made the group of disc thicker and flexible. This was the method that was used in place of a slip joint. I believe this was still in use in the early 30 U but was then changed to a real universal/slip joint. Many 20's cars used the fiber disc joints and I think Chrysler carried it over from the Maxwell.
  11. Hello, I am looking for a pair of front springs and the drag link for a RH steering 1914 Cadillac, By chance would you have any?, thanks, Don
  12. Hello, I am holding a ash tray in my hand just like the one pictured. I 've had a 1933 Plymouth many year and have bought several parts cars of the same year. I have 4 ash trays. 3 are different in that they do not have the flats but have a rounded body. All 4 are the same physical size and could be swapped My guess would be early 30's Mopar. I would guess they bought their ash trays from different vendors and hence the slight difference.
  13. Hello, I am starting a new project and looking for a early chassis. The frame should be clean and non pitted. Made somewhere between 1905-1917. It should be around 110 inch wheelbase. I am looking for the frame, 4 leaf springs and shackles and maybe the front axle. I can pick it up at the Chickasha meet or use your shipper, thanks, Don in central Ohio, 740-816-4284
  14. Hello, I am starting a new project and looking for a chassis made between about 1905-1918. I am looking for a clean, non pitted frame with about a 110" wheelbase, four leaf springs and shackles and perhaps the front axle. I can pick it up at the upcoming Chickasha meet. thanks, Don in central Ohio 740-816-4284
  15. Hello, I was at Hershey a number of years ago and bought 8 of these from a vendor who had a 30 gallon paper drum full of these for $1. ea. They did fit my 22 Studebaker but I agree they are probably after market.