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  1. DFeeney

    Vanderbilt Cup 1908 winner Old 16 information

    Hello Alan, I was wondering about your age and location. I do have some extra Studebaker disc wheels. They take 33 x 5 tires and have a very large bolt pattern. They have 6 lugs and about a 7" bolt circle. Keep a eye out for me on a early chassis. thanks, Don Feeney
  2. DFeeney

    Who made this 20's 4 cyl engine?

    This is a Chrysler Product engine. Notice the oil pump mounted outside on the passenger side of the block. The oil pan does not have a sump but looks like a baking pan. The Carb has a one piece body which makes it a pre 29. The exhaust manifold exits to the rear of the engine by the firewall which says it has a good chance of being a 28 Plymouth engine which was from the Maxwell family. On the drivers side of the engine toward the front on the side of the block is the stamped serial #. This will tell you what it is. A 28 Plymouth engine starts with a Q.
  3. Hello I am new to the Locomobile world. My next project is to build a Vanderbilt Cup type racer out of period parts. I am using Old 16 as a Standard. Would someone be kind enough to tell me how wide the frame is on a 1907/08 Locomobile. I am guessing somewhere around 40". Also how wide and tall is the Radiator shell. Are any front Axle parts for sale? Thanks in advance for your help. Don Feeney in central Ohio.
  4. Hello, I am starting a new project and looking for a T-Head engine/clutch/transmission, I am also looking for a early chassis, probably between 1905-15. I would like a clean frame with 4 springs and spring shackles and front axle. A wheel base of somewhere around 110". I can pick it up in Chickasha thanks, Don in central Ohio 740-816-4284
  5. DFeeney

    1933 Chrysler speedster

    Hello Dave, Life is Good and a lot of fun left to be had.
  6. Hello, I am starting a new project and looking to buy a chain drive rear differential assembly , Thanks, Don in central Ohio 740-816-4284
  7. DFeeney

    1933 Chrysler speedster

    This car was advertised a short time ago in Hemmings Motor News. I have the ad if you are interested to see it.
  8. Hello , I am starting a new project and looking for a 6 cylinder T-head Wisconson or similar engine, clutch assembly and transmission. Any information you might have will get me started on my Quest. Thanks, Don Feeney in central Ohio 740-816-4284
  9. DFeeney

    1930 Plymouth U (196Cid) Need Connecting Rod

    i have a 30-u used short block. All I know is the crank turns.
  10. DFeeney

    Pressure Plate for 1929 Plymouth U

    Hello, Are you still looking for a 29 pressure plate? I have one
  11. DFeeney

    car body rotisserie- cheap

    Here is a nice addition to your shop. I am downsizing and no longer need it. I bought this from a welder at the plant who made it. All the joints are saw cut and the weld is excellent. A GTX and Camaro was done on it. It is made from 2" pipe with a 3/16 wall and is quite strong.It consist of 6 pcs. The two A-frames are 52" tall and 60" wide. There are two connector pipes to hold the A-frames together and the two connector brackets which hold the body to the A-frame. You can make your own connector pieces to mount a ladder type frame with the body on the frame. This is a win/win. You can buy this and use it for your project and when finished you could paint it and sell it for more than you paid for it. The price is $300. Please note you could not buy the 6 industrial wheels and material for this price. Local pick up only. Thanks, Don in central Ohio 740-816-4284
  12. DFeeney

    1933 Plymouth PD Instrument Cluster

    Hello Steve, Thanks for your response. I will consider the cluster sold to you. I do not have a Pay Pal account but sell things the old fashion way. Your check will work. Send me your address and I will stop by UPS for a shipping quote. I realize this is the Holiday season and we will both be busy for a few days. Attached is my 33 PD 4-dr. thanks, Don
  13. This cluster has a very nice face and patina. The temperature gauge tube has been cut but a temperature gauge repair shop can install a new one. $100. Don in central Ohio 740-816-4284
  14. DFeeney

    1932 Plymouth PB Radiator

    Hello, I bought the drive train and radiator from a car that was made into a street rod. The engine/trans/ axles were very clean of road dirt. The owner said he had no heating problems. $300. Don in central Ohio 740-816-4284