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  1. Hello, I am looking to buy the Cast Shiftter Gate Box that the gear shift lever rides in. Also the two large special washers that lock the front axle wheel hub nut in place. I need 2 ea. Can you help? thanks, Don in central Ohio. 740-816-4284
  2. Hello, I you want to use non factory hood props the street rod people sell a universal hood prop kit for about $35. I have them on 3 of my early Mopar cars. They are easy to install with no holes. You can find them in their catalogs or online
  3. Hello, I have a nice chrome front straight bumper that was on my 33 Ply when I bought it in 1985. I put the V bumper on it . If interested I could send pictures, Don 740-816-4284
  4. Hello, First let me thank you for the time and effort you have given to get these parts back on the early cars. Your father would be proud of you. I am looking for Kelsey bolts. Attached is a picture. There is a square shoulder under the head. The head has two flat sides 180 degrees apart. The thread is 7/16 fine and the bolt length is 3 1/4 from under the head to the end of the bolt. If you have any of these I would like to purchase them. Thanking you again. Don in central Ohio 740-816-4284
  5. Hello, I believe this bed to be commercially made. It is 40 inches wide across the tail gate. 55 inches long with a height of 10 inches. It has a rustic "Back in the Day" charm. $300. Pick up only but I can deliver to Hershey. Don in central Ohio 740-816-4284
  6. What are the numbers on your case. I have some 31 transmissions. Don
  7. Hello, I believe this bed to be commercially made. It is 40 " wide across the tail gate. 55" long and has a height of 10" It has a rustic "Back in the Day" charm. $300. Pick up only but I can deliver to Hershey. Don in central Ohio. 740-816-4284
  8. Hello, This sheet metal is in excellent shape and should be on someones car. It measures 22 1/2" across the back and 26 " across the front. 9" high at the back , 5" at the front. I have had this many years and never knew what it fit. I am thanking all the experts for their expertise.
  9. Hello again, Thanks again for your time. I spoke to Andy Ott last month and he did not have a extra hood. If you are going to the National Studebaker meet in Mansfield Ohio in Sept. look me up. About 3 weeks ago near Mansfield I saw a collection of early cars and a 1915 Studebaker 4 touring was there that was for sale. thanks Don
  10. Attached is the 1922 Studebaker Big 6 dirt track racer
  11. Hello, Thank you for your interest and help. I am a 74 yr old retired mechanic on a limited budget. I have just finished a 1922 Studebaker Big 6 racer which I built from a car that was beyond restoration. It is all Studebaker. I tinker the Ohio winter away in the heated workshop and starting a new project. I am building a Vanderbuilt racer style car from as many period pieces as I can find. I have a good start. I'm using a 1914 Cadillac chassis with RH steering. I've had a Studebaker radiator shell for many years hanging on the wall and decided to use it. It has the early look. From the pictures you can see it was marked REO or Studebaker. You can see where the Studebaker emblem was on it. It is 25 1/4 x 25 1/4 outside to outside and top to bottom. I found out a early Studebaker 6 hood was 40 inches wide. My mock up wood/cardboard hood is 40 inches wide. I was hoping to find a hood which fits the radiator shell. Would you be able date the radiator shell. Another thought would be to purchase a hood and radiator shell from the same car. A 6 cylinder hood would be wider than a 4 and set the cowl back as my example shows. I am trying to find something before fall Hershey. If I can't I will look for something there. thanks again , Don Feeney
  12. Hello. I am selling my lot of 30's Mopar radio parts. It has taken me many years to acquire them. They include 8 excellent knobs. 4 radio heads/cables I have seen vendors sell the knobs for $40.ea. The radio units are complete. I have never powered them up but would be surprised if they work. $500. This will be a heavy package and I can deliver them to Hershey. thanks Don in central Ohio 740-816-4284
  13. Hello, Up for sale are a pair of tail lights. The metal is excellent. They include both sockets, one lens and one bezel . $125. Don in central Ohio 740-816-4284
  14. Hello, I am looking to buy a 1915 hood. I think 15/16/17 were the all the same. If I am wrong would you let me know. I could pick it up at Hershey. thanks, Don in central Ohio 740-816-4284
  15. Hello Rusty ,Check out the attached pictures. I turned the exhaust manifold upside down which let me bring the exhaust out to the header below the intake manifold. I then added 2 carbs to the intake. I turned them 90 degrees so the float bowls were not above the exhaust manifold. I am not the first person to do this. The carbs bolted right on. Life is good, Don