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  1. Up for sale is one used distributor ISG # 4103 A. The shaft turns, less cap $ 100. Don in central Ohio 740-816-4284 Please note I do not text.
  2. Up for sale is one good used Dodge truck distributor, less cap. IGS # 4103A The shaft rotates. $100. Don in central Ohio. 740-816-4284 Please note I do not text.
  3. I was worried with the same problem with a Plymouth engine and had the Rod rebabbitted. This was several years ago and a local Babbitt guy did it for $115. as I remember.
  4. I am posting this car for a friend. His contact information is attached if you have any Questions. Gas tank boiled out, new fuel lines, new wiring harness, new brake lines, rebuilt brake shoes and wheel cylinders. New cloth upholstery and head liner. Vinyl upholstery in rumble seat . All tan in color. The only rust is on the springs. body and fenders solid with no rust or holes. Maroon paint has some small chips. Speedometer not working. I was told the engine was rebuilt just before I purchased it. 4 cylinder engine and the car is a good driver. Mileage is 88,685. Car is located near Buffalo N.Y. call Bob 716-418-9269
  5. I would guess it was used to work metal. It does not appear to show much wear. As stout as it is I'm surprised the handle is not longer to help hold it after a heavy blow.
  6. Hello Marcio, If you scroll down the forum sites you will see Graham-Paige has it own page. I would post this question there. Also I would try to buy a owners manual. The information should be in there. Joining the Graham-Page club will help you locate parts and save you money. Good Luck.
  7. Those of us old enough to remember" Back in the day," could always tell when a MoPar product was cranking over,. by the sound of the starter. It didn't matter if it was a 6 cylinder Plymouth Savoy or the High end Imperial Le Baron.They all sounded the same. woop-woop-woop-woop-woop. "Those were the days "
  8. I'm surprised you haven't mention a drive shaft or U-joint possibility for your vibration.
  9. You might inspect all 4 ends of your battery cables to make sure they are clean, When they heat up perhaps a bad connection causes a voltage drop. This happened to me once. It does not cost anything.
  10. Hello, I am looking for a good used or new inner wheel bearing for a 1913 Cadillac front wheel, If someone knows the part# it could help. Also I am looking for the hub assembly that the wheel bearing go into. I need the metal parts and a wheel with rotted spokes would work. I also need the locking ring that threads into the hub and holds the inner wheel bearing in place. Please note I live in the old world and do not text. Thanks in advance for any help you could send my way. Life is Good. Don Feeney 740-816-4284 Central Ohio
  11. I would say the tool in question is a early jack handle with a tire spoon on each end.
  12. I would leave the parts out of the wheel cylinder to see if fluid comes in from the brake line inlet port. If it does the problem is in the wheel cylinder parts or as mentioned wrong length brake shoe rod driving the piston back over the port. This is not Rocket Science.
  13. Hello , Attached are pictures of a Speedster project I have just finished. It was a fun , low cost endeavor I started with a 1913 Cadillac frame and used reformed period body parts. It is dual rear chain drive and powered by a 32 vt Golf cart axle. It is the ideal small town parade car. No clutch, won't over heat and just creeps along. The man I bought the frame from by Cleveland OH has a lot of early Cadillac parts if you are still consider a project. Go For It. Life is Good Don
  14. Hello Roger, I agree, The seat covers look good and are period correct. I am searching for a 1940-1950 324 cu in Chrysler straight 8 engine and trans for a project if you know of one for sale. I live in the old world and do not text. thanks, Don Feeney in central Ohio. 740-816-4284
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