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  1. Up for sale are 5 extra nice wood wheels. The fact that paint/pin striping are still on them speaks of their condition. no sign of Rot. Only one wheel is shown. I can attached the others to a interested party. $500. for the set of 5. Stay Safe. Don in central Ohio 740-816-4284
  2. Up for sale are 5 extra nice 17" wood wheels. The fact that the paint/pin striping are still on the wheels speak of their condition. No sign of Rot. Only one wheel is shown. I can attach the others to a interested party. $500. for the set of 5. Stay Safe. Don in central Ohio 740-816-4284
  3. Hello Jack M. I would be interested in your lens. Thanks , Don Feeney F5415F@aol.com zip code 43334 central Ohio
  4. These parts are from a 1914 Cadillac, The left part is the handbrake bottom and the center part is the shifter box and the right part is the shifter handle bottom. $150.buys all 3. Don in Ohio 740-816-4284
  5. Early 20's Studebaker used similar fans
  6. Hello Al, We exchanged E-mail in 3/19 when I started looking for parts to build a Vanderbuilt style early car. I am now almost finished and looking for a new project. Please notice I edited the picture I posted of the shifter parts. I am looking to get $150 for all 3 pieces. My project was built on a 1914 Cadillac chassis I bought it from a local person who has quite a few extra parts. My project is powered by a 36 volt golf cart rear axle and is chain drive. The radiator shell is 1916 Studebaker, hood 1924 Hudson and the cowl is 1928 Plymouth. All the sheet metal was reformed to
  7. Hello, I am downsizing while I'm still alive. ( much easier) Attached are shifter parts from a 1914 Cadillac . The left lever is the handbrake. The yellow parts came together and are the shifter gate and arm. Life is Good. Don in Ohio
  8. If your new location does not work out there are a few beds open at the Order I have been staying with. St. Mattress of the Springs, Ask for Father Pillow.
  9. Do you have a Soda Blast shop in your area.? I have had some things done and was Happy with the results.
  10. It looks to me like a early Town and Country Chrysler
  11. The oil pan looks like my 1928 Plymouth, however the large screen removal drain plug is a little different. The oil pressure relief valve was on the center main bearing and after removing the drain plug there was enough room to adjust the valve. Is your pan for sale? Don
  12. Hello, Please note that you have to oil the distributor drive gears. These are in the housing that bolt to the front of the camshaft and turns the drive direction 90 degrees. There should be a oil cup showing that you flood with oil. The oil drops down into the sump the gears run in. This is the only way the gears get oil. Do it twice a year. Failure to do so will result in ruined gears.
  13. Good used one's can still be found. You can advertise for free in their magazine if you are a member of the Plymouth club. Money well spent to join.
  14. I have seen this wheel on several different makes in the 1926-28 age range, including my 1928 Plymouth
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