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  1. Nice photo Terry, that may be the first spare tyre on the one out front. Bob
  2. NEVER in a thousand years would I have thought that horrid color was correct. Bob
  3. Orient built one in the USA. De Deion Bouton in France built most of them.
  4. Google Forecar and some things will pop up, there were a lot of different manufacturers that produced them, and they all look somewhat alike. Bob
  5. Can someone photoshop this in black & white ......…………...PLEASE!
  6. Social Distancing...…………..... unknown to The Greatest Generation.
  7. Lots of cars got totaled in the first year of ownership, had no positive value on the vehicle.
  8. Nice car, really like that Cadillac Script. Do the buildings in the background all predate the car? Bob
  9. What are these "Tour Books"? My 1912 T was on the 1950 Gildden, maybe I need one. Bob
  10. What does that depreciation thump cost when you cross the dealership lot in a new car? Bob
  11. Could she walk there in the same time, looks healthy enough?
  12. Thanks! I often wonder why 1912 Ford Touring cars can win National First Prizes in AACA WITH OUT front doors and everything else up till 1999 gets a full deduction if BOTH doors are missing. Bob
  13. I've always liked this Stevens - Duryea photo. Bob
  14. It had an even coat of rust all over it, saw it later four rows over with a price tag double of what I got for it. 🙄 Bob
  15. Found one of these the day before Hershey, and sold it there. Bob
  16. Wayne, While we are talking "1913" Model T is the above photo of the green car "correct", "authentic"? I think the photo is 20+ years old first used in Automobile Quarterly, I like it a lot, would the Roadster carry the same color? Bob
  17. Link to the more famous So Cal Plating tow car and the history behind them. Bob https://www.customcarchronicle.com/early-custom-cars/socalif-plating-truck/#.XrxVyUBFyow
  18. Think that may be an AA Truck chassis under the Coupe body. A close up of the wheels would be nice. Bob
  19. Has anyone ever put on a Brass Car Coupe tour in the Fall early Spring?
  20. This may be the gathering point for the Thank You drive by for Walt starting this thread. Bob
  21. What is the reason for the "Private Not For Hire" I see on some trailers? Bob
  22. I'd look at Hudson photos based on the reversed hinged style front door. Photo is a different style body . Bob