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  1. Thanks Walt! The whole Gang is happy! Bob
  2. I don't have a cellphone, has anyone clicked on the "NEW" eBay Motors App? What is it all about? Bob
  3. I feel so sorry for eBay buyers overseas that get screwed using eBay Global shipping. I'm happy to sell and mail overseas man to man for whatever the upcharge /difference is on postage. Bob
  4. A hydraulic bollard in the home driveway parking area between the axles should keep it there. Bob
  5. The more I read about electricity the less I understand, it is like the snake house at the zoo. Hate snakes, but have to walk through the place. Bob
  6. You would think that with all the free time at home eBay sales would be up, I try to cover a vast area of things, not just automotive but sales are dead flat. Guess that 5-10 buck item would by food and that is more important. Bob
  7. FREE Postage & Handling in the USA saves all that gibberish, just tack on what coast to coast postage might be to your asking price. Bob.
  8. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ If that is the same car I like the updated fenders. The side windows just give me the wrong first reaction. Bob
  9. The LESS value something has the MORE demanding the buyer is! Sold a First Day Cover, that is an envelope with a postage stamp that they used to mail out and people collect them. I have a box of them, and it is an effort to get $1.55 with FREE postage, hoped to make a few bucks on volume. Sold one last week with a request for a cardboard backer for "Protection". Sure, I'm Mr. Nice Guy, how the 55 cent letter is now a package and cost more than the total sale. Guess who is bitching? YES, post office hasn't delivered it yet. I explained there is something called the Corona virus going around and maybe that had some effect, did he want a FULL REFUND? Idiots won't ever catch that Corona deal. Speaking of idiots, did we ever figure out who at eBay enabled the "fits" option? Nothing dumber than searching 1904 Oldsmobile and finding turbo chargers, floormats and girlie shift lever knobs that also "fit" Bob
  10. Another great car that was at the Ridgefield Meet back in 1965, it couldn't have a better caretaker today. I've seen photos of it in Gus Reuters shop in the Bronx getting that paint job. Unforgettable sound when Peter Helck arrived at Ridgefield. Bob
  11. Steve, Thank you very much for that link, what a great way to start the week. I'll post more early stuff. Bob
  12. 58L-Y8, Thank you, that photo answers my question about the top on J446. Bob
  13. OK, Can I pick a car based on the odd/funny sounding name? They look like they would be fun to drive, know NOTHING about value or mechanical problems. Iso Grifo or Iso Rivolta
  14. What is this body style called, and could we see a photo with the top up? I'm thinking 20,000, but always thought that car had a fixed top. Bob
  15. Right then, I'm sure that all of you here enjoy the unusual, so I'd thought I'd pose this question. What is the one car that you absolutely love and would love to own, but most of the world disagrees? I'm talking about the misfits, the ones that for whatever odd reason have very bad reputations. Go on then, spill the beans. This'll be fun! ==================================================================================================== I keep trying to come up with an answer, maybe I just don't want a crappy automobile or truck. Bob
  16. Were the trophies for racing or the show display? Bob
  17. Almost makes you forget about steam. Bob
  18. I've seen that photo before, here or another website. I believe we decided it was a Berliet, the French car that supplied parts to build the ALCO in Rhode Island. Bob
  19. That one photo of the interior of the J Duesenberg was worth the sale price alone if you were restoring the car and had nothing to go by. The sewing machine prices looked nuts to me, but I don't sew or collect sewing machines. Bob
  20. I agree, I'm laughing thinking how pampered that truck is inside a trailer. What would Pete Wing say? 🙄 Bob