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  1. History/value aside the cabriolet on the bottom would be my pick of a keeper. Bob
  2. Any idea what my commission would be for selling these four?
  3. If we all add six photos this evening what will the new page count be?
  4. Glad it is back, think we are glad we didn't say anything. Bob
  5. Where is the other Harrah K? Think Bill Lasiter had it in Florida for a while. Bob
  6. Glad you picked that up. Yes he did have a two cylinder A and did the London to Brighton, think it was a 1904. Someone will confirm he had a four cylinder Model B that came out of Pennsylvania as well. Long before the Model K Tim was into rare bodied Model A Fords 1928-31 Town Cars and Town Car Deliveries, Deluxe Pickup trucks both A & AA. Really nice guy that we lost far too soon. Bob
  7. Guess this is a topic that isn't mentioned often, "Parts Cars". The remains get sold off, then someone decides to "Hot Rod" the pile and is crucified for their actions. Bob
  8. Thank you 29StudiePreZ, no matter what Pre 1932 brand, I just love reading the known history of cars that has been collected. I'm sure it took years to compile this info, thank you for sharing it. Bob
  9. One of those auctions had a coffin nose CORD or two, don't know if the selling price was good or bad. Bob
  10. The Antique Automobile had a great K feature 3 issues back with the red roadster on the cover. Tim Kelley lived two towns over and he really enjoyed the cars he had, I think the K was his favorite non Model A. Bob
  11. There must be "Sleepers" buried in those auctions for edinmass to be a buyer. Who would have thought. Bob
  12. Wayne, The Tim Kelly Model K was restored when it was part of the Bill Harrah collection, before that it was the Elmer Bemis K, (he had the Roadster & this Touring). It may have belonged to Henry Austin Clark at one time or on display in his collection. My 1912 T was the first car in the Bemis collection, and still has its 1950 restoration. I think it is special since it got his collection started, and was the very first old car I ever got a ride in. Bob
  13. Thanks for the reminder, I have a copy of that book, I'll find it tomorrow. Here is a section of #8 connecting rod from the Type 59 Bugatti Rene drove. It broke in the late 1970s. The Type 59 on the Pebble Beach Tour 2019. Bob
  14. Have to get that book on Rene Dreyfus,. Hope it goes into the details of how driving in the Indy 500 saved his life and his family. Bob
  15. Front & back views of the White Triplex LSR car.
  16. This all started while looking at this photo of the Elmer Bemius Model K on the Anglo American tour in 1954. Figured that left front horn was bent after the run in with something. Also figured it was a way to ID the car today in the Fountainhead collection. Bob
  17. Maybe my eyes are going but every Model K Ford photo I look at has bent or mismatched front frame hornes. Bob
  18. Pulled this original off a carriage house wall were it had been since new. Bob
  19. That belt line is the focal point, boa constrictor after dinner look just doesn't look right to me. Bob
  20. https://www.vanderbrinkauctions.com/auction/collector-cars-parts-the-marple-collection/ There goes another 60 seconds of everyones life on earth. Bob
  21. Is there a link to the auction listings? Vanderbrink quality listings are not in the same league of RM or Gooding auctions. Should be interesting to see what happens with this end of the hobby. Bob