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  1. Ian .. any suggestions about removing the front shocks .. and .. doing a rebuild .. ? my car is shaping up .. turning my attention the the brakes and suspension hood all is ok .. les
  2. Ian: how did you approach the restoration of the “rubber” frame around the rear quarter windows .?? like most, mine is damaged and needs some repairs ., les
  3. That’s a KC not a KCl. . Thx
  4. Starting a ‘35 humpback restoration and could use a better frame thx ., les
  5. Starting a restoration of a ‘35 Humpback and could use a better frame .. thanx .. les
  6. Starting a restoration of a ‘35 Humpback and could use a better frame .. thanx .. les
  7. Are these parts still available ? interested ... les 408-201-3829
  8. Are you selling this ?? interested .. les 1934 dodge dr 4-door
  9. overdrive for ‘35 dodge sought.. tx ..les
  10. FRONT fender (sidemount) installation: looks as if I may do this solo .. can you provide as my advice as to a safe and good fitting? ... I may have to do this alone .. so wanna be careful my radiator shell is chromed and painted and the grill is ready to install maybe a few pointers ! tx .. les
  11. Ian .. thx for the excellent pics .. they confirm my understanding .. and .. that I will need to chrome the windshield hinge brackets nice job on those thx .. les
  12. Ian .. after hours of looking i finally figured out the exact mounts .. and was fortunate to find someone who had them .. very lucky !
  13. looking for a pair of windshield mounting brackets (and hinges) for my 1934 Dodge sedan ... please look at pictures thx! les
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