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  1. I have started a frame off restoration on my ‘34 Dodge which has been comprehensive and detailed including epoxy priming of the fame and chassis, complete chassis and body repairs/welding, powder coated wheels, and professionally repaired/painted fenders, wheel covers, and hood in progress. Interior is in tact but needs a redo .. The car is complete. The 1949 Plymouth P18 engine runs well with professionally reconditioned carb, new 12 alternator, and period correct coil. A 1934 dodge engine is also available for $225 Too many new parts and purchases to list including 4 Lester tires, rechromed rear bumper, new windshield, front windows, recovered running boards with trim, new door sills, excellent Ram hood ornament, recored radiator, $1200 YnZ wire harness and many powder coated parts etc. ... too much to list. At present the body is attached to the frame with oak supports and requires minimal body work before painting. The fenders and wheel covers are being painted black as we speak It is ready to go to the final stages .. assembly and body paint. Please note the brakes have not been touched. I have $28,000 in the car including a $6500 purchase price. I am asking for the best offer over $15000 ... or $20000. If interested please contact me for a thorough review of the car.
  2. I have one .. can you pm please .. les
  3. I have a leaking core on my ‘34 dodge Sedan. and need a replacement radiator ... please contact Les at 408-201-3829
  4. Ian .. did you use aftermarket splash aprons on the front fenders ?? They look great! les 1934 Dodge Sedan
  5. Good used for the rear would be adequate .. the fronts are decent enough to keep tx! Les
  6. Dave .. I’m interested in ‘34 dodge door sills if you have any .. les
  7. Dave .. I’m interested in ‘34 dodge door sills if you have any .. les
  8. Nice pair of dent free headlights with good reflectors and wiring .. one lens has a small defect/crack. Mounts are solid. $550 Give me call at 408-201-3829 .. les
  9. Hi Handleman: i need a 1934 dodge front bumper .. has the cup in it .. I may see one in the pics .. not sure ?! czll or text at 408-201-3829 or email to lescor2000@gmail.com tx .. Les